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Purveyor of Curiosities

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The Purveyor of Curiosities is the gambling vendor in Diablo 4 and can be found in major towns. In exchange for Murmuring Obols that you collect completing tasks they will give you a particular unidentified piece of level-appropriate gear which could be normal, magic, rare or legendary.

How to get Murmuring Obols

Murmuring Obols are an account-bound currency that is mostly used for gambling but can also be used to buy Whispering Keys which are used to open Silent Chests.

Murmuring Obols are acquired by:

  • Completing World Events
  • Cleansing cursed chests
  • Cleansing cursed shrines
  • Drops in Dungeons (as a Mumuring Cache automatically placed in your inventory)
  • Completing Legion Events
  • Chests in Helltides

How to increase your Max Carrying Capacity

Like gold, Obols do not take up an inventory slot, they are collected virtually in the inventory along with gold. You can see the amount you have when you expand your inventory screen.

Murmuring Obols inventory
Murmuring Obols in inventory

To begin with, the maximum number of Obols you can carry in your inventory is 500, however, this can be increased by earning Renown and visiting certain Altars of Lilith. Doing so will increase the Obol carrying capacity by 5 for each Altar and as there are 20 Altars that adds 100 more capacity. Below is a map showing all the Altars with that reward and the closest Waypoints to help you quickly navigate between them.

Altars of Lilith - Obols Carrying Capacity
Altars of Lilith that reward max Obol carrying capacity and the nearest Waypoint to reach them

You can add a further 400 to your max carrying capacity by achieving 500 Renown points in each of the 5 zones of Sanctuary (80 Max Obols each).

When you open any Murmuring Caches the Obols will be added to your total however, if you're at or near your Max you can leave the Caches in your Bag/Stash and open them later. If you have reached your maximum capacity and are rewarded some Obols as loot in an Event you can return to town to spend some of your Obols and the Obols on the ground at the Event location will be there waiting for you to pick up. Be quick though, they do disappear.

Uses for Murmuring Obols

How to Target Farm Gambling

Gambling will reward you with either Normal, Magic, Rare and Legendary items so it's a long shot you'll get the exact Legendary Aspect you are looking for. However, you can improve your chances by focusing your gambling on the cheapest item type that Aspect can appear on. For example, the Aspect of Hardened Bones can only appear on a Helm, Chest, Pants, Shield and Amulet. All of those items cost 40 Obols but to gamble on an amulet would cost 60 so you wouldn't choose that item.

You'll see on each Legendary Aspect entry which items the Aspect can be found on in white text. Pick the cheapest by using the table below.

Aspect of Hardened Bones
Defensive Your Minions gain 15 - 20% increased Damage Reduction.

Helm, Chest, Pants, Shield, Amulet (+50%)

N/A Extraction Necromancer


The Purveyor of Curiosities also sells Whispering Keys which are used to open Silent Chests which can be found all around Sanctuary. When purchased they are stored in the Consumables tab of your inventory. Simply click on the chest and you will automatically use one of your keys to unlock it.

Gambling Costs

Every item has a cost and it's the same as each Purveyor. You can not gamble for things that your class can not use, for example, a Barbarian can not gamble for a Scyth or a Shield and a Necromancer can not gamble for a bow.

Item Obols Item Obols
Amulet 60 Polearm 75
Axe 50 Ring 60
Axe (2-handed) 75 Scyth 50
Boots 40 Shield 40
Bow 75 Staff 75
Cap 40 Sword 50
Crossbow 75 Sword (2-handed) 75
Focus 40 Totem 40
Gloves 40 Tunic 40
Hammer (2-handed) 75 Wand 50
Mace 50 Whispering Key 20
Pants 40

760 Obols gambled on 19 caps, 5 of which were Legendary meaning around 26% success rate on this particular stint.

Gambling 760 Murmuring Obols
760 Obols Gambled

Trading Obols

Murmuring Obols cannot be traded between players.

Locations of Purveyors of Curiosity