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Season 5

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Diablo 4 Season 5 Season icon.png - begins at 10 a.m PST (8 pm GMT) on Tuesday 6th August and runs until 8 October 2024.
Note: These sections are being continually updated

The Season 5 theme is the Infernal Hordes where players dive back into Hell to face the Fell Council.

Unlocking Season 5

In order to start the Season 5 content, player must reach World Tier 3 and complete a questline which begins in Zarbinzet.

On completing the questline, the Infernal Hordes content can be activated by players assumng they have collected an Infernal Compass.

Infernal Hordes Overview

When an Infernal Compass has been activated (there are 8 tiers of Compass), they can enter the gates of Hell where they will be face off against multiple waves of enemies.

At the end of each wave, players are given a choice of theee Boons/.Banes. Once selected, the next wave begins with these modifiers active.

Onve all the waves have compete, players much battle the Fell Council (formerly the HIgh Council in Diablo 2). There are five members of the council but only three of the five appear at the end of each Infernal Horde session. Whicn council members appear is random but there's a possible 10 different combinations.

Conpleting each tier will give players a choice of rewards

  • Gold
  • Materworking Materials
  • One randomly rolled item with a guaranteed Greater Affix, including some new Unique Items.

New Unique Items

Season 5 introduces new unique items to the game for all classes. These uniques can be target farmed from the Infernal Hordes as well as Grigoire.

Target Farming Season 5 Uniques
Unique Item Farming Location Class Type
Axial Conduit Grigoire Sorcerer Pants
Bjornfang's Tusks Grigoire Druid Gloves
Path of Trag'Oul Grigoire Necromancer Boots
Shroud of Khanduras Grigoire Rogue Chest
Unbroken Chain Grigoire Barbarian Amulet
Crown of Lucion Infernal Hordes All Classes Helm
Endurant Faith Infernal Hordes All Classes Gloves
Locran's Talisman Infernal Hordes All Classes Amulet
Rakanoth's Wake Infernal Hordes All Classes Boots
Shard of Verathiel Infernal Hordes All Classes 1H Sword
The Basilisk Infernal Hordes Druid Staff
The Mortacrux Infernal Hordes Necromancer Dagger
The Third Blade Infernal Hordes Barbarian 1H Sword
The Umbracrux Infernal Hordes Rogue Dagger
Vox Omnium Infernal Hordes Sorcerer Staff