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Trading in Diablo 4 will function in much the same way as previous games where two players will meet and trade goods via a trade window.

How do you trade?

  • Players will invite the player they wish to trade with into their party which will bring the players into the same "world state".
  • Once in the party, an invite to trade is sent and accepted by the player you wish to trade with.
  • Once accepted, a trade window will open.
  • Players will need to have the items they wish to trade in their inventory and not in their stash.
  • The agreed items to trade are placed in the trade window and the trade is locked in.
  • Should an item be changed at this point, the window becomes unlocked and the trade will not proceed. Both have to be locked in and then accepted by each player.

What can you trade in Diablo 4?

Tradeable Not Tradable
Common Items Legendary Items
Magic Items Aspects
Rare items Unique Items
Gold Enchanted items
Gems Quest Items
Elixers Red Dust
Murmuring Obols

Where do you find trade partners?

Battle.Net Chat

  • Trade partners can be found using the in-game trade channel to either post items to trade or to fins items via other players messages in the channel.
  • Once you have contacted and individual who has either posted something to trade or had a response to your trade you will need to meet that person in game

PureDiablo Marketplace

  • PureDiablo has a long history in the Diablo trading scene and has a vibrant trading community on the Trading Marketplace
  • Players can post trades, place offers for items, and leave feedback on individual trades.
  • There is also a trusted trader badge which can be earned by reliable solid traders based on the feedback they have received.
  • The Marketplace is also well moderated by experienced mods and trade experts.

The trading community evolves over time and it's not known exactly how Diablo 4 trading will evolve depending on what currencies other than gold will be available to players.

What are the Trading Currencies in Diablo 4?

Gold will be a tradeable currency and can benefit players for respecs, repairs, and item upgrading.

It remains to be seen whether other objects will play a part in the economy much like Runes have done in Diablo 2.

Is there a Diablo 4 Auction House?

It has been confirmed there will be no auction house in Diablo 4.

Archive Notes on Trading

Alpha Test Indicators

During the friends and family Alpha test which started in August 2022, a post appeared[1] revealing that there will be restrictions on what items can be traded.

The poster stated that Unique, Set, Legendary, or gold will not be tradeable by players.

This, however, has not been confirmed by Blizzard, and if correct, could change at any point during development.

2021 Blizzard Comments

During the BlizzCon Online Q&A[2], Blizzard stated that trading between players will be encouraged but they were still figuring out their limitations.

The trading system proposed included direct player-to-player and a clan bank.

2019 Blizzard Comments

In 2019, Joe Shelly outlined their plans [3]adding:

We haven't settled on a trading system yet. We have a philosophy. The idea is the predominant source of items in Diablo 4 should be killing monsters. The same reasoning we removed the auction house in Diablo 3. However, we want to integrate trading more closely in Diablo 4. So, we're exploring several different possible systems.

The one that we are currently leaning towards, one where there would be three types of items.

Items that are tradable all the time, consumables crafting mat, certain items, certain armor perhaps.

There will also be items that can be traded once and then become bound.

And then, some set of items that can never be traded and become bound when equipped. Likely the most powerful items.

In terms of where those three categories we have a lot of flexibility.

Previous Diablo Games

Diablo 2

In Diablo 2, trading was not limited in any way. Players could trade any item with any other player.

Diablo 3

Diablo 3's trading system changed over time. The game launched with the DIablo 3 auction house. The auction house proved to be problematic and was removed from the game on March, 18 2014 just prior to the release of what was dubbed the loot 2.0 update.

Grimiku: Removing the Auction House would fix the problem it created, but that would also create new problems, like chat spam (WTS/WTB [item link]) all day long. That’s definitely not ideal, either. One of the ideas driving Loot 2.0 is that players should not feel that they need to use the Auction House. We don’t mind if players use it, but targeted drops, reduced trash items, better stat ranges, new Legendary effects, and the Mystic should help players feel empowered by the item hunt, and not forced to use the Auction House.

In Diablo 3, any dropped items you see are yours to keep. Preventing others taking it upon the death.

On the launch of Loot 2.0, items such as Legendary and set items became account bound. The Reaper of Souls release also added "Smart Loot" where loot would drop that was more tailored to the class you were playing. This did not effect all loot drops, players would still get items for other classes, just less of them.