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Blood Mist

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Blood Mist is a Necromancer skill from the Corpse & Macabre skill tree. Its features are:

Grants Player Exploits Condition
Physical Dmg N/A

'Creates Condition' means this skill creates this condition i.e it could make a target Vulnerable that other skills can take advantage of. 'Exploits Condition' means this skill takes advantage of a condition, not necessarily of its own making. So for example another skill might Stun and this skill could take advantage of that.

Blood Mist Details and Upgrades

Blood Mist

Blood Mist

Disperse into a bloody mist, becoming Immune for 3 seconds. You periodically deal 2% damage to enemies and heal for 0.5% of your Maximum Life.

Damage: Physical

Cooldown: 24 seconds

Lucky Hit Chance: 9%

Tags: Macabre, Blood


Upgrade Hub
Enhanced Blood Mist

Casting a Skill that Overpowers reduces the cooldown of Blood Mist by 2 seconds.

Upgrade Hub
Ghastly Blood Mist

Blood Mist leaves behind a Corpse every 0.5 second.

Upgrade Hub
Dreadful Blood Mist

You gain +10% Critical Strike Chance for 4 seconds after Blood Mist ends.

Items that work with Blood Mist

The following items either:

  • Grant a bonus when using Blood Mist
  • Create a condition Blood Mist can exploit
  • Exploit a condition Blood Mist creates

Legendary Aspects

Aspect of Explosive Mist
Utility Blood Mist triggers Corpse Explosion on surrounding Corpses. When Blood Mist detonates a Corpse, its Cooldown is reduced by 0.2 - 0.5 seconds.

Helm, Chest, Gloves, Boots, Shield, Amulet (+50%)

N/A Extraction Necromancer
Aspect of Rathma's Chosen
Offensive Whenever your Blood Skills Overpower you gain 20 - 50% Attack Speed for 4 seconds.

Gloves, Offhand, 1H Weapon, 2H Weapon (+100%), Ring, Amulet (+50%)

N/A Extraction Necromancer
Blood-soaked Aspect
Offensive Blood Mist leaves a trail of Desecrated Ground that lasts for 4 seconds and deals 0.24 - 0.31 Shadow damage per second to enemies who stand in it.

Your Movement Speed is no longer reduced while Blood Mist is active.

Gloves, Offhand, 1H Weapon, 2H Weapon (+100%), Ring, Amulet (+50%)

N/A Extraction Necromancer

Unique Items

There are no unique items that work with Blood Mist.

Changes to Blood Mist

Patch 1.2.0, October 17, 2023