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World Bosses

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Diablo 4 includes World Bosses, huge monsters players have to tackle in large groups. Not to be confused with Uber Bosses who can be target-farmed for Unique items.

Who are the Diablo 4 World Bosses?

At launch there are three world Bosses:

  • Ashava - A large dragon-like monster who first appeared in the beta
  • Avarice - A large world boss who swings around a large treasure chest.
  • Wandering Death - A Skeletal being with attacks such as Bone Prisons, and a large beam.

How often do World Bosses Appear?

Players can only tackle the World Bosses at certain times when they appear in the game world.

Bosses will appear roughly every six hours, or four times a day. It is thought they appear starting at 12AM then every 4 hours thereafter. The timing may be a little later after the hour but this is roughly when they are likely to appear.

(See Boss Timer).

How to Defeat World Bosses

Tactics will vary depending on which boss you are fighting and which class you are playing. Building crowd control against a boss will make that boss stagger which is ideal for getting more hits in as the boss is downed temporarly.

See each World Boss page for more boss-specific tips.

World Boss Rewards

Bosses will generally drop legendary items, gold and gems. Scattered Prisms are also a prized reward from World Bosses.

Changes to World Bosses

Patch 1.4.1, May 28, 2024

  • World Bosses now always drop Scattered Prisms, and the amount they drop increases by World Tier.
    • World Tiers I and II: 1 Scattered Prism
    • World Tier III: 2 Scattered Prisms
    • World Tier IV: 3 Scattered Prisms