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Plants are used to craft Elixirs, Incense and upgrade your health potions at the Alchemist.

Plants can be found anywhere in the world. They are usually found at the roadside or the edge of a mound or clump of trees, rarely growing in the middle of open areas.

A strange feature but plants can be crafted into different plants at the Alchemist.

Type Quality Description Found in Cost to Craft
Gallowvine Magic A herb used in the crafting of potions, elixirs & incense. Can appear nearly everywhere.

Considered foundational to the study of alchemy, Gallowvine serves to bond and enhance other elixirs.

Anywhere 1 Biteberry or
1 Blightshade or
1 Howler Moss or
1 Lifesbane or
1 Reddamine

200 Gold