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Bundled Herbs

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Bundled Herbs is the collective name for herbs such as Gallowine, Biteberry, Blightshade, Lifesbane, Howler Moss and Reddamine which can be gathered from the sides of roads, pathways and the foot of hills. They can drop as rewards in Legion Events and from chests in Helltides and Tree of Whispers Caches.

Bundled Herbs are used at the Alchemist to craft Elixirs and Incense and upgrade your Health Potions.

Type Quality Description Found in
Bundled Herbs
A clipping of herbs used in upgrading of potions or crafting of elixirs and incense. Collected from Gallowvine, Biteberry, Blightshade, Lifesbane, Howler Moss and Reddamine. Anywhere. Tree of Whispers Caches.