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Item Skill Bonuses

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This page lists every +skill bonus from an item in D2X, as of v1.12. Items can grant skills full time, trigger them when they hit or are hit, when your character levels up or dies, and more. All of those situations are listed here, in neat tables for easy comparison.

This article isn't exactly a FAQ and it's not really a strategy guide either, but credit certain goes to the creator, since putting together all those bits of info must have taken a tremendous amount of work.

Strategy guide info:

  • Version: v1.10+
  • Game type: All
  • Character: All
  • Author: Kijya (Source.)


What character would you make if you where allowed any combination of skills independent of what class they are on? Imagine the fury of a lightning Amazon utilizing a conviction aura and casting lower resist as she wished, the fatal blows of the amplifying barb, or why not the terror brought by a bear shifted sorceress...

This foul scroll of lost knowledge is your guide to the deeps of skill combinations yet to be comprehended among the mortals in the world of sanctuary. It will open your eyes towards the holy and damned arts, each known to but a few chosen and highly trained humans... that you could steal and utilize yourself...


All mods that let a class use a skill, that he/she does not have in any of his/her skill trees. However only those found on unique, runewords or set items. For rare and magic items there are already tables at the arreat summit (Link) and at d2data (Link). Mods found on crafted items are also excluded in this since the can easily be checked using the afflixcalc found on (Link).

  • Note1: Updated for patch 1.11b
  • Note2: Ladder and realm only items are included.

New compared to version 2.0: Fixed some spelling misstakes and corrected trang meteor oskill "number of parts" requirement. Added "Piercing Attack" tables and explenation, and also aura priority laws. Partly rewrote the "Aura When Equipped" explanation to fit in with the aura priority laws.


What are oskills and charges? How do they work with synergies? Is there a difference between chance to cast on striking and on attack? This section of the guide is meant to answer most questions of this kind. I'll try to give a brief explanation of each mod and how they will act in conjunction with other skills, be them natural or item granted.

  • Active skills: Skills that must be used by selecting and casting/using them.
  • Passive skills: Skills that cannot be selected for usage but give their bonuses passively.


Gives the passive or active skill in the same way as if you would place a point in it, apart from not giving any synergy bonuses to other skills. All oskills are capped at +3 for classes who “own” the skill, this cap was made to help balance the game. +All skills will increase the level of oskills.

Aura When Equipped

Gives you, or your mercenary, an active aura of a certain level by just wearing the item. When carrying two items that give you the same kind of aura, they will stack and give you one higher level aura, instead of two lower ones. They do not stack with auras granted in any other way; instead you will only receive the highest level aura, how two auras of the same level act is explained at the end of this post. A feature you might want to take notice of is that the act 2 mercenary who uses a “prayer” aura will give you double healing when equipped with an insight polearm. The explanation is that the prayer aura will act as a synergy to the meditation aura from insight, baking the healing rate into that aura too wile still having prayer active.


Gives you a set number of times to cast/use a skill before you must recharge the item once again. Seeing as “recharging” an item basically means “repairing” it, ethereal items cannot be recharged. As for gaining synergy bonuses, charges will work in the same manner as the “chance to casts” skills described further down in this section.

Fires Explosive arrows or bolts

Fires explosive arrows while, and only while using normal attack. Will not work when equipped on an act 1 mercenary, where it will display but not give any extra fire damage.

Fires Magic arrows or bolts

Fires magic arrows while, and only while using normal attack. Will not work, apart from giving an attack rating bonus, when equipped on an act 1 mercenary, where it will display but not convert any physical damage to magic damage.

Piercing Attack

Allows projectiles, such as arrows, bolts and also throwing weapons, to travel straight through a targeted monster, letting them have a chance to hit whatever is behind. This mod on items does not affect spells or the assassin blade fury skill. Scales directly with the amazon pierce skill. Reanimate As Returned: Raises a skeleton-type minion, who is independent from your party, but still fights for your cause. Will not die when you die and the corpse after raising something with this cannot be used again for anything. Will gain bonuses from party auras, and its life and damage is based on the area level where it was raised.

Chance to Cast

All “Chance to cast” (From now on know as “ctc”) classes have two things in common. Firstly, they will all gain synergies from skill-points in any of the synergies of the skill in question. Secondly, the ctc, measured in percent, will stack when using two items that give the same level spell/curse/whatever, in the same ctc class. If they are in separate classes (like “on attack” and “on striking”), or if they are of different level, then they will never stack, but instead be rolled independently from each other. Curses will work just as if casted by a necromancer, meaning they will override each other, possibly canceling the effect you wanted if you have two ctc curses.

Chance to Cast on Attack

Ctc on Attack: Rolled when attacking, but does not work with whirlwind or ranged attacks such as strafe, throw or blade fury. If the skill is meant to be cast in a direction, then it will be cast in the direction you swing your weapon. These effects do also work with blade shield, but here they will only work in the same manner as “on striking” effects, meaning that the blade shield skill has to make a successful hit for a chance to trigger them.

Chance to Cast on Striking

Ctc on Striking: Rolled when you hit your enemy with a non-spell attack. Does not work with whirlwind but will work with other melee attacks and ranged attacks, including blade fury. Take notice of that multiple shot only receives the ctc on the center two arrows in each “wave”.

Chance to Cast on Kill

Ctc on Kill: Is rolled when you kill an enemy with a non-spell attack. Does not work with whirlwind or blade shield, but works with ranged attacks including blade fury. Note that the “enchant” from Obedience runeword will always be cast on the wielder.

Chance to Cast When Struck

Ctc when Struck: Is rolled when something hits you with a non-spell attack. These skills do not work while in whirlwind-animation.

Chance to Cast on Death

Ctc on Death: Casts a spell, on the place of your corpse, when something kills you. Chain Lightning, in this case, will be cast in the direction of whatever killed you. Remember that all on death chances are already 100 percent, meaning that stacking is useless since having 100% or 200% of a ctc makes no difference. Ctc on Level: Casts a spell when you gain a level on your position/yourself. As stated on ctc on Death, having 100% or 200% of this kind of effect is irrelevant.

Aura Priority Laws

For auras of the same level and same type (example: two fanatism auras)

  1. Merc vs Player: The merc will override player
  2. Player vs Player: The player who activated his/her aura last will override a previously activated aura.
  3. Merc vs Merc: None overrides the other; instead they will keep their own aura.

These laws apply to every situation, regardless of whether the aura was granted by an item or skillpoints. Likewise it doesn't matter if you activate your aura outside of reach from the other source, once you get close to each other these laws will apply.


Oskill bonuses from items.

Auras When Equipped

Auras when equipped from items.

Mercenary Skills

Mercenary Skills.

Fires Explosive Arrows or Bolts

Fires Explosive Arrows or Bolts.

Fires Magic Arrows or Bolts

Fires Magic Arrows or Bolts.

Piercing Attack

Piercing Attack.

Reanimate as Returned

Reanimate as Returned.

Chance to Cast on Attack

Chance to Cast on Attack.

Chance to Cast on Striking

Lots of these; requires 3 images to show the full table listing:


Chance to Cast on Kill

Chance to Cast on Kill.

Chance to Cast when Struck

Chance to cast when struck.

Chance to Cast on Death

Chance to Cast on Death.

Chance to Cast on Level-Up

Chance to Cast on Level-Up.


This large table requires two images to display fully.


Sources and Thanks

Thanks to the Arreat Summit and for providing the basic information. Also thanks to everyone at for giving me enough inspiration and motivation to write this guide/table collection.

Special thanks to: usbserial, thulsa, jgreg7, thegiantturtle, RTB, Baffle, nickedoff, Quietus, SSoG and helvete, for giving feedback, tips and corrections in the three threads (at which lead to this guide.