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Honor, made from Amn, El, Ith, Tir, and Sol, in that order. This works in five socket melee weapons. Possible in v1.08 and above.

This runeword is the only known fan tattoo'ed runeword. Why Honor? Unknown. Probably more for the name than the utility/stats.

Honor on an axe.
Honor on an arm.

You'll think twice about calling yourself a "real" Diablo II fan after seeing this, won't you?

RunewordStatsCommentsActive In

Amn (11) + El (1) + Ith (6) + Tir (3) + Sol (12)
All Melee Weapons {5}
Clvl Required: 27

+1 to all skills

+160% Enhanced Damage
+9 to Minimum Damage
+9 to Maximum Damage
+250 Attack Rating
7% Life Stolen per Hit
25% Deadly Strike
+10 to Strength
Replenish life +10
+2 to Mana after each Kill
+1 to Light Radius

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