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Lionheart, made from Hel, Lum, and Fal, in that order. This works in 3 socket armor of all types. Possible in v 1.08 and above.

One of the most useful runeword armors before the item inflation kicked in with the v1.10 and v1.11 super runewords. Great defensive bonuses from mid level runes.


Runeword Stats Comments Active In
v1.11+ v1.10 v1.09

Hel (15) + Lum (17) + Fal (19)
Armor {3}
Clvl Required: 41

+20% Enhanced Damage

+25 To Strength
+15 To Dexterity
+20 To Vitality
+10 To Energy
+50 To Life
All Resistances +30
Requirements -15%

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