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Razortail is an exceptional Unique Belt with an item level of 39 and a Character Level requirement of 32.



While belts provide some additional Armor Class, and also potential magical modifiers, their greatest benefit are the additional slots they provide for quick access to drinking potions and scrolls. A character without a belt has one row of four slots; all belts provide additional rows, up to a maximum of four rows (16 slots).

  • In 1.10 of the Expansion the odds of gambling a Unique is 1 in 2000.
  • Exceptional Uniques are found only in the Diablo II Expansion, not in Diablo II Classic.


  • Item Level: Chests and monsters must be at least this level to drop the item. Ilvl is used in gambling, sales and other calculations as well.
  • Clvl Req: Your character must be this level or higher to equip the item. No Uniques had Clvl requirements prior to v1.07 D2.

v1.09+ Stats

Image Name Properties Special Properties
Sharkskin Belt
96-107 Defense
14 Durability
20 Str Required
Item Level: 39
Clvl Req: 32
Attacker Takes Damage of 1 per Clvl
+15 to Dexterity
+33% Chance of Hit Piercing Target
+15 Defense
+120-150% Enhanced Defense
+10 Maximum Damage

Prior Stats

  • v1.08: Had Attacker Takes Damage of 1 per Clvl, +5 Strength, +1% Chance of Hit Piercing Target, and +25 Defense.