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Cow King's Leathers

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Cow King's Leathers is not designed for a specific class, but it is probably the most useful to physical classes.


Diablo II Item Info [e]
Diablo II X mini-icon.png
Ilvl: 20
Cow King's Leathers
[Item Set]
Set Pieces:
Cow King's Horns
Cow King's Hide
Cow King's Hooves
Slots Used:
  • Head
  • Chest
  • Feet
Slots Free:
  • Neck
  • Main Hand
  • Off-Hand
  • Waist
  • Hands
  • Ring 1
  • Ring 2

This is a set of items which can only be found in the Secret Cow Level. One special unique monster called the Cow King is created each time a portal is created to the Secret Cow Level, and killing him means the level can no longer be opened up by a character in that difficulty.

Diablo II Item Set

Cow King's Leathers is designed for a low level character. The items aren't geared toward any class in particular, but would be particularly useful for melee fighters with the GIAS full set bonus, as well as casting Static Field and Chain Lightning when being struck by monsters, something which Sorceress' and Necromancers wish to avoid. It is a pity that this set contains boots, otherwise it'd make a nice outfit for a Barbarian mercenary.

Item List

These are the items of the set, listed with all their stats. For more information, visit each individual page.

Item Properties Magical Modifiers
Cow King's Horns
(War Hat)
Ilvl: 20

Cow King's Hide
(Studded Leather)
Ilvl: 20

Cow King's Hooves
(Heavy Boots)
Ilvl: 20



The items are named after parts of the Cow King's body, and this, along with the full set bonuses of extra gold and magic find probably make joking allusions to the greed of players who run this level.