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Gold Find

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While not as popular as Magic Find, gold find can still be quite valuable. Just like Magic Find, Gold Find boosts the amount of gold dropped by monsters and objects of all types. Unlike MF, GF suffers no diminishing returns, and since gold drops much more often than items, the quantities of gold obtained with high %GF can be very impressive.

The most GF possible is 3890% in D2X v1.10+. This is only possible by using legacy items, various magic items (amulet, boots, belt, rings) that could spawn with more GF than can be found on those types of items in v1.07+. (See below for a full list.) In D2X v1.10+ it's possible to obtain upwards of 3500%.

How Gold Find Works

The % gold find on a character (+ that on the merc, if the merc makes the kill) multiplies the gold that the monster/chest/barrel/etc would otherwise have dropped. 100% gold find means that gold drops are doubled: a 100 gold drop would turn into 200 gold. 500% gold would make that 100 into 600 gold. (Not 500, which is where most players go wrong on their calculations. Remember that the base amount is modified. So 900% gold find = 10x the usual gold.)

What use is gold?

Gold finding isn't as valuable long term as magic finding, but is useful to gamble, it's amusing for players who like some variety, and can be done very well in non-uber monster areas.

Gold doesn't have much use in the end game of Diablo II. Most repairs aren't very expensive and there are seldom any items worth buying, which leaves gambling as the only real gold sink. Gambling can be rewarding, but it takes a long time and has very low odds to produce any quality Elite gear, plus it can't provide any runes or items useful for runewords, which is why most players place "obtaining gold" fairly low on their to-do list. Gambling can provide very good rare jewelry, and has a very low % chance to score sets and uniques as well, including unique elite items.

Gold Find Strategy

The Barbarian is the king of gold find, thanks to the Find Item skill, which can give every corpse a better than 50% chance to drop twice. Merc kills add their GF to the player's, but it's not generally worth it to wait for them for the small increased %, you could simply kill more monsters in that time, which would yield more total gold.

Any hell area that can be killed in quickly, especially in a large game, is a great gold find area.

  • More players in the game greatly increase the gold drops.
  • Bosses and champions drop much larger gold stacks than regular monsters.
  • Travincal is the best area for gold find, thanks to all of the high council and their minions, who all drop like champions.

Gold Find Values

The Lem rune is the easiest way to increase gold find; it grants 50% GF when socketed in helms/armor/shields and 75% in weapons.

The following item values were assembled by Tempus.[1]



  • Goldskin: 100% GF, 35% resistance to all: +Lem (150%)
  • Wealth: 300% GF, 100% MF
  • 1-4 socket armor: 50-200% GF


  • 230% GF (jewelers/artisan's of greed tiara/diadem) 80% + 3 lems
  • 180% rare/magic Circlet with Greed mod (80% + 2 lems)
  • 150% Crown of Thieves (100% + lem)
  • 150% 3 socket helm, barb/druid helm with +skills (3 lems)
  • 140% IK helm (40% +2 lems)
  • 125% Tarn (75% + lem)
  • 50% shako (lem)
  • 50% any helm + lem


  • 1-4 socketed helm. 50%-200%
  • Rhyme: 50% GF 25% MF
  • Splendor 50% GF 20% MF


Chance Guards 200% GF 40% MF rare, magic, crafted with 80%


  • v1.06 and older could have up to 120%
  • v1.10 magic, rare, crafted 80%
  • Goldwrap 80% GF 30% MF



  • v1.06 and older could have up to 120%
  • v1.10+ 80% is maximum on rare, magic, or crafted amulets.


  • Dwarfstar v1.09+: 100% GF
  • v1.08 Dwarfstar 70%
  • v1.06 and older, magic rings, more then 50%
  • v1.10 40%


Lem rune: 50% in armor/helm/shield, 75% in weapons. Jewels: up to 30% in any item.


The best combination is 1 Gheed's Fortune, + 9 40% grand charms, + 10 10% small charms = 160 + 9x40 + 10x10 = 620% GF.

  • Small charms: 5-10% GF
  • Large charms: 5-22% GF
  • Grand charms: 10-40% GF
  • Gheed's Fortune Unique Grand Charm: Max 160% GF, 40% MF

Note that large charms can yield more GF per inventory space than small charms, making GF one of the rare modifiers where large charms can potentially come out ahead of small charms. However, since grand charms beat large and small, and it's impossible to hold any large charms with 10 grand charms, the best possible total does not include any large charms. Two large would get you to 44%, while a grand and a small can yield 50%.

Maximum Gold Find

The most gold possible has changed in different versions of the game. How much various prefixes and suffixes spawned with was tweaked from patch to patch, so a different calculation would have to be made each patch. Items spawned in earlier patches are still usable in later ones, and their stats will not morph. So the most possible gold find in D2X involves using some perfect seed items from D2C, along with lots of new, D2X-only items.

In v1.10+

The most gold find possible, in v1.10+, is 3890%. (Only reachable by using D2C magical and rare items with GF amounts that can't be found in later patches.) That's almost 40x the gold you would get with 0% gold find. At that level a monster that usually dropped 500 gold would drop 19,850 gold.

This is a vastly higher number than was possible in D2C thanks to charms, Lem rune sockets, new item types, new modifiers, and more.

In D2C

The most possible

The maximum possible in Diablo 2 Classic, v1.00-1.07: (Source.)


  • prefix:
    • fortuitous: 10%-15% mf
  • suffix:
    • of greed: 40%-60% gold
    • of wealth: 80%-120% gold (amulets/belts/boots)
    • of chance: 10%-19% mf
    • of fortune: 20%-35% mf


  • Tarnhelm: 75% gf 25%-50% mf (bug: couldnt get a 50%)
  • Chance Guards: 24%mf 200% gf
  • Goldwrap: 30% mf
  • Gull: 50% mf
  • Nagelring: 15% mf

(All uniqs have no level requirement in D2C.)


  • Angelic full set: 40% mf
  • Milabrega's Orb: 20% mf
  • Tancred's full set: 75% gf

In D2Classic v1.10

  • max mf: 535% (barb using 2 gulls)
  • max gf: 1055% (NL barb using 2 Patriarchs & pre LOD rare boots/belt/amulet)


  • Felicitous: 5%-10% mf rings/amulets (rare/magic)
  • Fortuitous: 11%-15% mf rings/amulets (magic)


  • Greed: 25%-40% gold
  • Wealth: 41%-80% gold
  • Chance: 5%-15% mf amulets/boots/gloves/rings (rare/magic)
  • Fortune: 16%-25% mf amulets/boots/gloves (rare/magic) rings (magic)
  • Luck: 26%-35% mf amulets/boots (magic)


  • Angelic Raiment: full set 40%mf
    • ring: 50%mf (need 3 parts)
  • Arcanna's Tricks:
    • amulet: 50% mf (need 2 parts)
  • Arctic Gear:
    • belt: 40% mf (need 2 parts)
  • Cathan's Traps:
    • amulet: 25% (need 3 parts)
  • Sigon's Complete Steel:
    • boots: 50% mf (need 3 parts)
  • Tancred's Battlegear: full set 75%gf
    • amulet: 78% mf (need 2 parts)
  • Vidala's Rig:
    • amulet: 50% mf (need 2 parts)
  • Milabrega's Regalia:
    • shield: 20% mf


  • Nagelring: 15-30%mf
  • Tarnhelm: 25-50%mf 75%gf
  • Goldskin: 100%gf
  • Chance Guards: 25-40%mf 200%gf
  • Goldwrap: 30%mf 50-80%gf
  • Gull: 100%mf
  • The Patriarch: 100%gf

Other Junk:

3 p topaz helm: 72%mf 1 p topaz in rare plate: 24%mf 1 p topaz in rare helm: 24%mf