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Find Item

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Find Item


Required Level: 12

Prerequisites: Find Potion
Details: "Target corpses to find hidden treasures". Operates like Find Potion but will harvest an item of some sort from a corpse. An extremely powerful skill, especially with good Magic Find on the Barbarian, and half a dozen or more points in this skill. Due to the sound it makes, this skill is often referred to as "Hork". Plus it's fun to say, "Pindleskin just horked up an Eaglehorn!"

Find Item works just like killing the monster again. They re-roll what they can drop, and if you are successful, they'll cough up a full item drop. This is especially good on Bosses and Champions, who have a much higher chance of dropping something magical or better. Find Item finds potions, as well as gold and every type of item. Uniques, Runes, Jewels, etc, if a monster can drop it, Find Item can find it.

This skill does not work on Act Bosses, some SuperUniques (Shenk) or monsters that don't leave a corpse, such as ones that die frozen, or Frozen Horrors in Act Five's Ice Caves. Also bodies can only have one corpse skill used on them, so you'll be competing with the Druid's Vines, Necromancer skills, Paladins with Redemption, and more. Fire Enchanted bosses can be Horked upon just fine, even though they are just a puddle of blood.

Find Item should be used on all dead bosses and champions, especially if you have a good MF% and/or GF%. The gold from champions can be quite huge, doubled. It's very useful when in parties, since you can stop a few seconds to use this, recharge your BO and other warcries at the same time, and still get exp as the others in your party keep killing.

It's easiest to Hork a lot of targets by holding down the right click while pointing at nothing, then keeping it down as the Barbarian runs around. He'll stop and hork any corpse he encounters, usually doing the animation twice per corpse, though only the first one checks to drop anything. It's easier to keep it depressed than clicking every single monster individually, and often it's hard to even see a target, with so many items on the ground. You can keep the "show items" button depressed as you Hork, so if anything good pops up you'll snatch it quickly, though you need to not point at the hover tag of anything, or you'll stop Horking. Often on big mobs you'll have to run around and pick up all of the gold, or even all of the potions (and drink them) to see all of the items, there will be so much stuff.

Horking in bigger games gets more drops, though your % Find Item is factored in. Playing solo you can get many more items with Hork than you can killing the monsters in the first place, if you have a good % in the skill. On big mobs you'll often run out of mana doing this, but you should hork up quite a few blue and purple potions, so it's easy to drink a purple to refill. Or you can Hork a pack, kill the next and leech full, hork them, etc. Corpses left too long or ones you leave the screen or level from often vanish, so it needs to be done quickly.

The greedy Barbarian will have around 11 (44%) points in this, though diminishing returns hit hard after Slvl 4 or 6. It's not hard to add 5 or 8 to all of your Warcries though, especially with an Echoing sword, to get this to a useful level. If you are looking for big Find Item, a three-socket (Topaz) Barbarian helm with +3 Find Item is a great hat for riches. Many Barbs add points to this once they have good points in Natural Resistance, and have maxed out their weapon mastery, WW, and BO, which comes around Clvl 70-75.

  • Drop odds depend on the skill level, not the number of players in the game. (As the odds of an initial drop do.)
  • Item quality is determined just as usual, with the Barbarian's Magic Find factored in. It's therefore ideal to cast Find Item after weapon switching to higher MF% equipment.
  • Find Item works on all corpses except for Act Bosses and a few SuperUniques. Regular boss monsters, champions, and other bonus types are the best targets, for their higher quality drops. When a second drop is triggered, it acts just like the first drop: i.e. bosses drop 4 potions and an item, champions usually drop 2 potions and a large stack of gold, etc.
  • Find Item can not be used on monsters that shatter and leave no corpse.
  • Once Find Potion has been used on a corpse, no other corpse skills will work on it, including Find Item or Corpse Explosion. Monster shamans will not be able to resurrect it either.

Synergies: None

Mana Cost: 7
Skill Level Progression [e]
Slvl Chance to Find +X%

Slvl Chance to Find +X%

Slvl Chance to Find +X%

Slvl Chance to Find +X%

1 13% 6 35% 11 44% 16 49%
2 19% 7 37% 12 45% 17 49%
3 24% 8 39% 13 46% 18 50%
4 29% 9 41% 14 47% 19 50%
5 32% 10 42% 15 47% 20 51%