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Armageddon is a level 30 skill from the Druid's Elemental Skill Tree.



Casting Delay: 6 Seconds

Required Level: 30
Prerequisites: Firestorm, Molten Boulder, Arctic Blast, Fissure, Cyclone Armor, Twister, Tornado, Volcano, Hurricane
Synergies: Armageddon is boosted by points in the following skills:

Details:: A bit like Volcano crossed with Hurricane, Armageddon is focused on the Druid and follows him around the screen, raining down fiery damage.

The radius of 5.3 yards refers to how far out the damage goes. The Druid is always the center of the radius, so from him out to 5.3 yards there are meteors crashing down erratically. This skill is hard to use since you can't really aim it. You want to cast it and move around the target (so you don't get hit), but while keeping any targets within the relatively limited radius of effect.

As hard as this is to hit things with accurately, and with it requiring more pre-reqs than any other skill in the game, the actual effectiveness of it is surprisingly low.

  • This is the only elemental skill that can be cast while in either of the Druid's fur forms.

Mana Cost: 35
Duration: 10 Seconds
Radius: 5.3 Yards
Skill Level Progression [e]
Slvl Fire Damage

Slvl Fire Damage

Slvl Fire Damage

Slvl Fire Damage

1 25-75 6 100-155 11 190-253 16 290-363
2 40-91 7 115-171 12 210-275 17 315-390
3 55-107 8 130-187 13 230-297 18 340-417
4 70-123 9 150-209 14 250-319 19 365-444
5 85-139 10 170-231 15 270-341 20 390-471