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Orphan's Call

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General Notes

Orphan's Call is one of the lower-level item sets added in the expansion. It isn't specifically designed for any character, although melee chars will probably get the most benefit from the shield, helm, belt and gloves in the set. The shield has very high blocking, and the gloves are popular for their 20% IAS.

  • Item level (ilvl): Used in many in-game calculations. Monsters must be of this level to drop the item.
  • Character level (clvl): The character level you need to be to be able to wear or equip the item.
  • Hidden bonuses stack together. For instance, if an item has a bonus for two items and a bonus for three items, and three items are worn, both the bonus for two items and for three items will become active.
  • It is possible to gamble Set and Unique items in v1.09+. The odds are roughly 1/1000 for Set items and 1/2000 for Unique items.
  • Items with Rarity are expressed as a chance out of 1000. IE 78/1000 would mean that out of every 1000 set items of that base item that drop, 78 of them will be this particular one.

Shield Notes

  • Shield Blocking information can be found on the shields page.
  • Smite damage is for the Paladin only.
  • Weight: All shields are light, medium, or heavy. In Diablo II this only matters for tower shields, which slow your running speed and increase stamina drain 10%. In D2X it will probably effect blocking speed as well as running speed.
  • shael rune doesn't improve blocking ability


This is an Expansion-only set.

Item Item Name Attributes Special Properties
X-o-whitstans-guard.gif Whitstan's Guard
Round Shield
(Small Shield)
129-154 Defense
64 Durability
53 Str Required
67 Blocking
7-14 Smite Damage
Weight: Light
Clvl Req: 29
Item Level: 41
+175% Enhanced Defense
Fastest Blocking (40)
+55 Chance to Block
Half Freeze Duration
+5 Light Radius
X-o-guillaumes-face.gif Guillaume's Face
Winged Helm
(Great Helm)
187-245 Defense
40 Durability
115 Str Required
Clvl Req: 34
Item Level: 41
+120% Enhanced Defense
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
+35% Chance of Crushing Blow
+15% Chance of Deadly Strike
+15 Strength
X-o-wilhelms-pride.gif Wilhelm's Pride
Battle Belt
(Heavy Belt)
64-75 Defense
18 Durability
88 Str Required
16 Slots
Clvl Req: 42
Item Level: 41
+75% Enhanced Defense
+5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
+10% Cold Resistance
+5% Life Stolen Per Hit
X-o-magnus-skin.gif Magnus' Skin
Sharkskin Gloves
(Heavy Gloves)
49-60 Defense
14 Durability
20 Str Required
Clvl Req: 37
Item Level: 41
+50% Enhanced Defense
+15% Fire Resistance
+20% Increased Attack Speed
+3 Light Radius
+100 to Attack Rating

Set Bonuses

Partial set bonuses stack. If you are wearing three items, then you will get the bonus for wearing two items as well as the bonus for wearing three items. Full set bonuses stack on top of the partial bonuses, so if there is a partial bonus of +40 Life, and a full bonus of +40 Mana, with the complete set, you would receive both +40 life and +40 mana.

Set Attributes/Bonus Item Slots Used Item Slots Free
  • Partial Set Bonuses:
    • +35 Life (Any 2 items)
    • Attacker takes 5 damage (Any 3 items)
  • Full Set Bonus
    • +85 Life
    • +10 Dexterity
    • +20 Strength
    • +100 Defense
    • +15% Resistance To All
    • +80% Magic Find
    • Attacker takes 5 damage
One-handed Weapon