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Charms are small items that, when identified and placed in a character's inventory, provide a steady, passive benefit. Charms boost things like resistance, hit points, hit recovery time, damage, accuracy, magic find, and grand charms can even give +1 to entire skill trees. Charms are only magical, or unique. There are no rare, set, or crafted charms.


How much inventory space a player devotes to their charms depends on their goals. PVPers entirely fill their inventories with charms, since they want every bit of bonus and aren't picking up any loot. Magic finders use a lot of charms, but must save some space to retrieve their finds. Players leveling up normally use the good charms they find, and replace them as their characters grow in strength and levels.

  • See the Charm Affixes page for a listing of every prefix and suffix found on charms.
  • See the Charms Guide for much more detailed strategic discussions of the pros and cons of every type of charm prefixes and suffix, along with charm hunting tips and much more.