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The Wardrobe
The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe in Doablo 4 has been designed to allow players to change the look of the hear they are wearing.

This is done by visiting the Wardrobe in towns and selecting hear slots to change the item's look.

What can I change the look of my gear to?

The visuals of an item can only be changed to the visuals of another item if the design has already been salvaged at the Blacksmith. These salvaged designs are stored in the Wardrobe.

The visuals can be changed on all clothing slots and weapons.

Does chnaging he look of an item affect the stats?

No. The Wardrobne function only changes the visuals of an item. The stats on the item do not change.

What else can be changed on the visuals?

The colour of the switched item look can also be changed. There is a seleciton of colour pallete to choose from.

Pigment selection.jpg

Are there specific "Set" looks?

Yes, there are items with specific labels such as Weathered, Killer, Heavy and more. These are designed to look good together.

Saving Apperances

Should you find a particular look you really like, these can be saved in slots to be used at any point. This means you don't have to remember what items you used to Transmog to get that cool look.

Changing Appearance

The Wardrobe also allows players to change some basic elements of the character's appearance including tattoos, makeup, jewelry designs and colours.


Players can select a Headstone that will appear when they die. These have to be purchased in the game's shop and are not free.