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Scattered Prism

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Scattered Prisms are used by the Jeweler to add sockets to items.

Type Quality Description Found in
Scattered Prism
Scattered Prism
Legendary Scattered Prisms are used exclusively in adding Sockets into items at the Jeweler. Most often dropped from World Bosses, regular bosses and Elites. Less often they can be looted from Treasure Goblins or salvaged from Legendary items.

Changes to Scattered Prism

Patch 1.4.1, May 28, 2024

The drop rates for Scattered Prisms have been increased from multiple sources.

  • Treasure goblins now drop Scattered Prisms more often.
    • 15% Chance in World Tiers I and II
    • 25% Chance in World Tier III
    • 30% Chance in World Tier IV
  • World Bosses now always drop Scattered Prisms, and the amount they drop increases by World Tier.
    • World Tiers I and II: 1 Scattered Prism
    • World Tier III: 2 Scattered Prisms
    • World Tier IV: 3 Scattered Prisms
  • The Butcher will always drop a Scattered Prism on defeat.

Patch 1.3.0, January 23, 2024

  • The chance for Scattered Prisms to drop when defeating an Elite Monster has been reduced.
  • Scattered Prisms can now be acquired from Legion Event Chests.