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Diablo 4 Rumors

This page covers Diablo 4 rumors and unconfirmed information about Diablo 4 pre-release. This information has come from the community or possibly testers in the Alpha. Remember, none of this page has been confirmed by Blizzard.

Druid Mechanic


From a tester under NDA, the Druid class mechanic is tied to "spirit animals".

The ability to unlock offerings to spirit animals comes after completing quests. Each animal offering can give a passive bonus with give or six to unlock for each animal.

Offerings are only lootable by the Druid class

A "link" between the Druid and the spirit is created but it's not clear what this does.

Spirits can be either offense or defense-oriented [1].

Crafting / Collecting


Plants and "stones" can be collected

Elixers can be crafted to create 30 minute buffs [2].

Release Date Announcement

During the Microsoft showcase in June 2022, Diablo 4 was listed as a 2023 release. It’s listed as the first tile in the 2023 section before Starfield which we know is coming out in the first half of next year.

The game could now be on track for an early 2023 release. The fact that Blizzard has already added an opt-in section for the Diablo 4 beta test indicates they could be ready to start test at the end of 2022.

Trading Limitations

According to a leak from the Friends and Family Alpha test, unique, set, legendary or gold will not be tradeable. [3].