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Jarulf's Guide

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Jarulf, AKA Pedro Faria, is an amateur programmer and long time Diablo fan. He rose to prominence in the Diablo community in the days shortly after the game's release due to his contributions to numerous Diablo forums, and his encyclopedic knowledge of the game. Jarulf was one of the pioneers in extracting information directly from the game files, and he shared it freely with other players. Eventually he began compiling his information into a guide, which grew and grew to become the accepted reference guide for Diablo and Hellfire.

The guide is now over 200 pages in Word format, and it contains facts, figures, and formulas for almost everything you could ever want to know about Diablo and Hellfire. Most of the tables, formulas, and figures in this wiki are taken from, or cross-checked with, Jarulf's Guide.

As a measure of his fame in the community, Jarulf was one of the few honored by having his name included in the possible mercenary names in Diablo II.

Drawbacks of the Guide

The sheer size and comprehensiveness of the guide puts some players off. (It's a huge, 4meg, 207+ page Word document.) The guide is not written for beginners; it will do you much more good if you already possess a fairly high level of knowledge about Diablo. You'll also do well to get over any fears you might have of math and formulas, since quite a few of those are presented. The guide can also prove somewhat difficult to navigate since it is, after all, a word document. There aren't internal (or external) hyperlinks, though you can double click items in the table of contents and jump straight to them.

Jarulf's Guide does not contain images, strategies, trivia, external links, or opinions; it's a very encyclopedia-styled document, presented in straight Word format. It's a reference document, one that's best used to check stats or figures or facts. The guide is an invaluable resource, but for everyday use many users prefer websites that present the same (and more) information in a more accessible, paginated, navigable, visual format.

Download the Guide

Jarulf's Guide can be obtained here. The most recent version is v1.62, updated June 8, 2001.