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Avoiding PKs 101

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This guide was written by Hal in 1997, during Diablo I's heyday. It discusses ways to play on without running afoul of antisocial players and PKs. The tips and information in this guide are largely irrelevant now, more than ten years later with D1 players on basically nonexistent, but it's preserved here for archival and nostalgic value. This guide has not been altered from its original form, other than some grammatical and formatting fixes.

Avoiding PKs

It's really a shame that I have to send this post. PK's and cheaters have ruined for many such as yourself. Cheating PK's are particularly despicable, and the worst part is that there is nothing you can do to protect yourself short of cheating. In any case, here are some pretty standard guidelines, though I do not follow them all as I refuse to let PK's and cheats make me paranoid or ruin my fun.

Don't argue.

Just remember, simple ear collectors are annoying but reasonably harmless. You don't have to get angry, or start abusing a guy who just runs in to take your ear, with the intention of leaving. I believe in this not because it is right to harass people, but entering an argument will only get the real you worked up and stressed, which is not worth your trouble. Just laugh it off.

I have had many an amicable conversation with PK's who really do believe that they are achieving something or merely roleplaying. There may be misguidance in their actions, but there is no true malice. The following set of guidelines is to avoid truly malicious people who are trying to cause you grief (kill, res, kill, res, etc.) or steal your stuff through Monster Kill (MK)(kill, res near monster, killed by monster, drop stuff).

Tips to Avoid PKs

1) Password protected game. This entails you actually meeting people through games who you trust, playing with your real-life friends, or...

2) ...joining a guild. This gives you access to people who you can trust to a reasonable degree. This is pretty restrictive in my view, and most guilds are rife with cheaters, PK's and fakes anyway. Myself and many other prefer the challenge of the open

3) If you decide to play the open, never send a portal to people who enter and immediately demand one without much introduction. Wait, and see their reaction, as most PK's are in a hurry and will leave to find other prey.

4) If a character enters the game and asks where you are, you tell them and they don't speak again, they may be trying to hunt you. This usually happens if you are level 13. So if they know where you are and maintain radio silence, be on the lookout.

5) Don't send TP's while monsters are around. You can give a PK an avenue to become an MK.

6) If you are PK'ed with monsters around, hit Esc and exit the game, or hit Alt F4 before he resurrects you and lets you get killed by monsters so you drop all your stuff.

7) Don't trust people who constantly rave about being PK killers or vigilantes, or have threatening names. They might decide that you are another abhorrent criminal, and give you a dose of 'righteous' wrath...

8) If you enter a game, and there are two people in the game co-oping, there is little chance that one is a PK. However, I *have* been killed by PK tandems before, but they generally work alone.

9) If you enter a game, do not go down a proffered TP without your best defensive equipment setup, and with at least two of: Mana Shield, Teleport, Town Portal and some offensive spell ready in Player Attack mode. Be a bit paranoid. It may help against the *occasional* legit PK or MK.

10) Do not trust people who upon you entering a game, constantly call for help upon your arrival, or ask for resurrection via their conveniently placed Town Portal. It may be a Monster killer trap. Especially if they don't describe their circumstances, or won't give a reason why they can't restart in town.

11) Don't play with cheaters i.e. characters who have really high hit points (ALOT more than you) or use incredibly good spells for Warriors. They might not be PK's but where is the fun in having some Warrior kill every thing with Apocalypse?

12) Play as a naked mage. Probably for later, when you are more experienced. Requires nothing but your naked mage butt and some skill, but is a lot of fun and PK/MK proof (in a way...). You will never have to worry about losing equipment again.

There are probably a few more rules, but I don't want to make you paranoid. Just remember, dropping your ear and some gold is nothing to get worked up about. Don't get mad, just don't care. Most of the people on just want to co-op, and if you are careful, it is well worth toughing out the occasional death. I mean, you do have unlimited lives (and ears)....