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Rimescar Cavern

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Rimescar Cavern
Rimescar Cavern
Zone Location: Fractured Peaks
Aspect reward: Aspect of The Void
Aspect Class Suitability Necromancer

The Rimescar Cavern dungeon is located in Fractured Peaks and the aspect reward is Aspect of The Void.

"The first body found impaled in the ice was thought to have been an accident. It is now known not to enter the Rimescar."


This Dungeon is inside the Malnok stronghold which must be liberated before this Dungeon is accessible.

Monsters in Dungeon

  • Bear
  • Bloodthirsty Ice Clan Impaler
  • Bloodthirsty Ice Clan Mauler (Elite)
  • Dreadful Ice Clan Mauler (Elite)
  • Fiery Ice Clan Shaman
  • Logrut Dreadtouch Master Impaler (Elite)
  • Ice Clan Impaler
  • Ice Clan Shaman
  • Ice Clan Marauder
  • Ice Clan Mauler
  • Maggrus Boltcrawler Master Impaler (Elite)
  • Nightmare Bear (Elite)
  • Nuvius Taintspur Master Impaler (Elite)
  • Shambling Corpse
  • Shattering Ice Clan Impaler (Elite)
  • Skeleton
  • Thundering Ice Clan Shaman (Elite)

Video Walkthrough