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Character Customization

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Unlike previous Diablo games, Diablo 4 character customization allows players to build their own character appearance. Previously it was only gear that defined how your character looked.

On selecting a class, players are presented with a character customization screen prior to entering the game.

What can be customized?

The first customization option is the skin tones, face and eye color, facial hair and body and then hair and other feature changes such as markings and other accessories.

Colors on these options can be changed to suit.

Face and Body

Three are four face variations at minimum with multiple variations on skin tone from light to dark. The face expressions can also be changed by selecting one of the eight facial options.

The basic body shape cannot be tweaked, they are set to type. For example Druids and Barbarians always have a sturdy build.

Diablo 4 face customization
Diablo 4 face customization


Hair styles and facial hair color can be changed via the hair options tab. There's a minumum of 11 hair style option to choose from and 11 facial hair styles dependent on class.

Diablo 4 Hair customizations
Hair Customization


Accessories include:

  • Make-up (13 options)
  • Tattoo markings (32 markings)
  • Jewelry (33 options)
Accessories customization
Accessories customization

Getting the right look

Messing around with the character creator can be time consuming but there is a randomize option to help find a look quickly or to build from to create your own look.

Once a character is complete and you're happy with it, you can finalize it before heading into the game.


The videos below take you through the customization process.

Beyond the Customization Screen

Players can customize the look of the gear they are using through the Wardrobe and transmogrification system in the game.