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Altar of Extraction

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The Altar of Extraction is tied to the Diablo 4 PvP end-game and can be found in the Fields of Hatred PvP zones.

There are two Fields of Hatred PvP zones, one in Kehjistan and the other in Dry Steppes.

Fields of Hatred Locations
Fields of Hatred Locations

What is the Altar of Extraction?

The Altar of Extraction allows players to convert their Seeds of Hatred to Red Dust which can then be redeemed at the PvP Cosmetic and Mount Vendors for ornamental rewards.

Activation the Altar of Extraction

On clicking the Altar of Extraction, other PvP players will be notified that the extraction ritual has begun and swarms of enemy will need to be held at bay, this includes other players if present.

With other players alerted to the extraction process, the Altar of Extraction is a strategic location. Players will be keeping a close eye on activation making the location highly dangersous.

Altar of Extraction

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