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Frozen River

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The Frozen River is a small extra level to the Crystalline Passage in Act V. Here you'll find Anya for the Prison of Ice quest.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Frozen River.jpg
Frozen River
Area lvl###
Abominable (normal), Snow Drifter (guest), Frozen Abyss (minion), Frozen Terror (minion, normal), Frozen Creeper (guest), Rot Walker, Blood Temptress (normal), Succubus (guest), Siren (guest), Death Slasher (minion, normal), Moon Lord (normal, minion), Bone Mage (guest), Claw Viper (guest), Dark Lancer (guest), Gloam (guest)
Fill outFill outFill out
Fill outFill outFill out
Gold-chestFill out
Crystalline Passage
QuestsPrison of Ice

In the Frozen River you will finally find Anya for the Prison of Ice quest. She is frozen into a block of ice and she tells you that Nihlathak did this to her, and to tell Malah what's happened to her. When you return to Harrogath, Malah is eager to talk and she gives you a Thawing Potion she's prepared.

You return to Anya and click on her, and when you do a huge plume of blueish-white smoke rises up like a geyser. After a few seconds Anya walks out the left of the smoke, and shortly after it vanishes. She casts a town portal (that you can't use) and vanishes back to town.

When you return to town you should talk to both Malah and Anya. Both give you very good rewards for your actions, so this is an essential quest to complete for the rewards, even if you don't need to do it to finish the Act.


Be sure you find the Waypoint in the Crystalline Passage, or even go on and find the Frozen Tundra Waypoint, before you enter the red portal Anya opens for the Betrayal of Harrogath quest. There is no waypoint in the Frozen River, and if you don't find the Crystalline Passage WP before you go down, you will probably go right back to Harrogath and on to Quest Four, and when you portal back from the Quest Four dungeon, you'll have a long walk all the way from the Arreat Plateau waypoint through the Crystalline Passageway back to where you were.

Think of it like Act One. You need to find the Waypoint in the Dark Wood before you go back to town with the Scroll of Inifuss, since you'll then go to the Stony Field and Tristram, and probably end up having to run all the way from the Field through the Underground Passage to get back to the Dark Woods. If you do this in the next game you'll have to clear it as you go, which is annoying.

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