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Arreat Plateau

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The Arreat Plateau level is found right after the Frigid Highlands of Act V, and leads to the Crystalline Passage. It contains the small mini-hell level Pit of Acheron.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Arreat Plateau.jpg
Arreat Plateau
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl # # #
Lasher (normal), Hell Whip (guest), Slayer (normal), Berserker Slayer (normal), Fire Boar (guest), Consumed Fire Boar (guest), Hell Spawn, Frenzied Hell Spawn (guest), Death Slasher (guest), Barricade, Barricaded Tower, Barricaded Door, Catapult, Demon Imp, Demon Gremlin, Evil Demon Hut, Blood Bringer (minion only in normal), Carver (guest), Carver Shaman (guest), Returned Mage, Night Clan (guest), Slinger (guest)
# # #
Fill out Fill out Fill out
Fill out Fill out Fill out
Gold-chest Fill out
Waypoint No
Frigid Highlands, Pit of Acheron, Crystalline Passage
Quests Prison of Ice (starting)

Upon entering the Arreat Plateau, the Prison of Ice quest starts, even though it's not solved here.

Somewhere in the level, there is a portal to one of the mini-hells here: the Pit of Acheron.

You will also find a waypoint on this level, so don't miss it! It can be very handy later on.

Level Information

Notable Characters

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