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Bloody Foothills

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The Bloody Foothills level starts right outside the gates of Harrogath in Act V, and represents the demonic siege on the town.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Bloody Foothills.jpg
Bloody Foothills
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl 24 58 80
Death Mauler, Enslaved, Fanatic Enslaved, Overseer (guest), Catapult, Demon Imp (guest), Demon Gremlin (minion), Burning Dead Archer (guest), Carrion Bird (guest), Foul Crow (guest), Quill Rat (guest), Slinger (guest), Thorned Hulk (guest)
# # #
Fill out Fill out Fill out
Shenk the Overseer, mlvl 36 Shenk the Overseer, mlvl 61 Shenk the Overseer, mlvl 83
Gold-chest Fill out
Waypoint No
Harrogath, Frigid Highlands
Quests Stop the Siege

As soon as the player exits the gate and portcullis of Harrogath, he or she is brought in to a battlefield of proportions not seen before in the game. Since the player is likely to have grabbed the Stop the Siege quest, you'll find your target, Shenk the Overseer, at the far end of the siege field (big surprise). If you already had the waypoint in Frigid Highlands and want to go right to Shenk, you could just take that waypoint, and then run back into the Bloody Foothills, and Shenk would be right there.

There isn't any great strategy needed to kill Shenk, he's just a bigger, stronger Overseer. The first of his kind you see, but you'll see dozens more in the levels to come. He is surrounded by a few dozen minions, and he will lash several of them each time into an explosive rage, but with the ledges around him and the narrow stairs, you can take them on one or two at a time, or get to a corner and devastate them with any ranged attack. Sorceresses and Bowazons love the Bloody Foothills. Shenk has a decent amount of hit points, but doesn't hit that hard, so you shouldn't have too much trouble on any difficulty level if you can avoid the charging explosive minions.

Upon Shenk's death, dozens of catapult shots rain down on the area. This doesn't do anything in terms of damage to you, but it's colorful and fun to see, if it doesn't cause you incredible machine lag, especially if Shenk spawns with the multiple shots modifier (only applicable in Nightmare and Hell difficulty).

After Shenk is dead, when you next return to town the blacksmith Larzuk will offer to add a socket(s) to an item, and will discount his prices to you. The socketing quest is just like the imbue quest in Act I, you can wait and do it as much later as you want to, and it will remain an option when you click Larzuk until you use it.

The quest adds the maximum number of sockets possible to the item you choose to socket. You can only use this quest reward once on a given item.


The Bloody Foothills is also excellent for experience runs, since it's packed with monsters pretty close to each other, and with relatively high mlvl.

The Frigid Highlands (and all the other early surface areas of Act V) is about as large as the first two surface areas of Act IV put together.

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