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Frozen Tundra

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Frozen Tundra is reached after the Glacial Trail of Act V and continues on to the Ancients' Way. A little mini-hell named the Infernal Pit can be reached from the Tundra.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Frozen Tundra.jpg
Frozen Tundra
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl # # #
Demon Trickster (normal), Demon Rascal, Crush Beast, Hell Spawn (guest), Blood Temptress, Death Berserker (guest), Catapult, Barricade, Barricaded Tower, Barricaded Door, Bone Archer (guest), Returned Mage (guest), Carrion Bird (guest), Death Clan (guest), Saber Cat (guest)
6 # #
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Gold-chest Fill out
Waypoint Yes
Glacial Trail, Infernal Pit, Ancients' Way
Quests None

Leaving the Glacial Trail, and entering the Frozen Tundra, you can again breath fresh mountain air. The next stop is the Ancients' Way, but you can stop here to find the local waypoint and the little mini-hell named the Infernal Pit which is full of monsters and treasure.

This is really just one of the levels you need to get through to reach the fifth quest, Rite of Passage, and later on, entry to the Worldstone Keep.

Level Information

Notable Characters

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