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Worldstone Chamber

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The Worldstone Chamber is the very last level of Act V and the game following the story line. Some special quests can get you elsewhere, but this is otherwise the final destination.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Worldstone Chamber.jpg
Worldstone Chamber
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl # # #
Baal, Festering Appendages
# # #
No No No
mlvl 60
mlvl 75
mlvl 99
Gold-chest No
Waypoint No
Throne of Destruction
Quests Eve of Destruction
The full overview of the Chamber and it's massive Worldstone.

So this is the final level in the game, following the story line. It all boils down to saving the Worldstone from Baal, who already has arrived.

After clearing out the Throne of Destruction, one way or the other, it's time to take on Baal himself. You follow him down and enter a small room with the enormous Worldstone looming in the middle of the area. It's very graphically impressive. Baal is less so, and dies very quickly if there is any Static Field in the area. He doesn't attack that quickly, but does have some interesting spell effects not seen anywhere else in the game, and can even duplicate himself.

Once Baal is down and his death animation, the orbiting spirits light show ends, Tyrael descends from overhead and hovers. And glows, and pontificates in his usual pompous fashion.

I am impressed, mortal. You have overcome the greatest challenge this world has ever faced and defeated the last of the Prime Evils. However we are too late to save the Worldstone. Baal's destructive touch has corrupted it completely. Given enough time, the Worldstone's energies will drain away and the barriers between the worlds will shatter -- the powers of Hell will flood into this...Sanctuary...and eradicate your people and everything you've labored to build. Therefore I must destroy the corrupted Worldstone before the powers of Hell take root. This act will change your world forever -- with consequences even I cannot foresee. However it is the only way to ensure mankind's survival. Go now, mortal. I have opened a portal that will lead you to safety. May the Eternal Light shine upon you and your descendants for what you've done this day. The continued survival of mankind if your legacy. Above all else, you have earned a rest from the endless battle.


Once Tyrael has delivered this rather unsettling message, he opens a red portal. The screen shakes and keeps shaking worse and worse, and chunks of crystal keep spinning by, moving up or down. When you click on the portal you pop to the new Congratulations screen, and after that view the final cinematic.

If you've already killed Baal, Tyrael doesn't appear, and you don't get the red portal.

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In the cinematic, Tyrael does indeed destroy the Worldstone, which came as somewhat of a surprise. Many people suspected from the Act V info during the beta (which did not include the new Cinematics) that it wasn't really Tyrael, and was instead a trick of Baal's, or by one of the other Lesser Evils, such as Belial, to get control of the Worldstone themselves. Apparently the game plot was much more straight-forward than some of us suspected.

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