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Halls of Vaught

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The Halls of Vaught level is the third dungeon level of Nihlathak's Temple in Act V.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Halls of Vaught.jpg
Halls of Vaught
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl # # #
Ice Spawn (Nihlathak only in nightmare and hell), Slayer (guest), Wretched Defiler, Menace Worm, Prowling Dead (guest), Hell Temptress, Night Marauder (guest), Tomb Viper (guest), Ghost (guest), Arach (guest), Returned Archer (guest), Flayer (guest), Flayer Shaman (guest)
5 # #
Fill out Fill out Fill out
mlvl 68
mlvl 73
mlvl 95
Gold-chest Fill out
Waypoint No
Halls of Pain
Quests Betrayal of Harrogath
The red portal from Harrogath.

These halls make up the third level of Nihlathak's Temple and is where you'll find Nihlathak himself. Looking at the interior of these halls, it seems likely Nihlathak has been in the service of demons for a long time.

There are four points to the Halls of Vaught, and in one of these points you can find Nihlathak. You'll find him, on a raised dais surrounded by Minions. They charge and aren't hard to slaughter, but things become quite interesting once a few Ice Minions go down since Nihlathak then unleashes his Corpse Explosion skill, which can be deadly. Nihlathak himself isn't hard to kill, once you get a bead on him, though he can Teleport which might slow the proceedings a bit.

Tip: Extreme caution was recommended on this quest prior to v1.09, since Nihlathak's corpse explosion was absurdly deadly on hell difficulty; capable of dealing well over 1000 damage with a radius larger than the visible screen. In those early days of D2X, the skill scaled up just like the Necromancer's did, based on the hit points of the monsters Nihlathak was blowing up.

Nihlathak's Temple is basically just one dungeon with levels, but instead of just being named "Level X", they have their own names:

Nihlathak, destroyed by corruption.

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