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Arreat Summit

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Were you looking for the Blizzard Entertainment site on known as "The Arreat Summit?

Arreat Summit is a summit high up on Mount Arreat in Act V. Here resides the Barbarian people's Ancients, guarding the way in to the Worldstone Keep.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Arreat Summit.jpg
Arreat Summit
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl # # #
Fill out
# # #
Fill out Fill out Fill out
Madawc mlvl 40

Korlic mlvl 40

Talic mlvl 40
Madawc mlvl 71

Korlic mlvl 71

Talic mlvl 71
Madawc mlvl 90

Korlic mlvl 90

Talic mlvl 90
Gold-chest Fill out
Waypoint No
Ancients' Way, Worldstone Keep
Quests Rite of Passage
Madawc: Throwing Axes, ranged attacker.

This is one of few levels without any sub-levels, and has the important Rite of Passage right here.

Aside from the quest, the Arreat Summit is probably the most impressive area in the entire game. The screenshots don't do it justice, the amazing part is walking along the edge with the landscape far far below. It's awesome with perspective mode, which the game automatically turns on there, your 3D card permitting (the option for it in the Options menu is grayed out at this point) for the ground moves much slower than the edge of the cliff you are walking along giving a nice illusion of depth. It has to be seen in motion to be appreciated.

Korlic: Melee and Leap Attack, huge axe weapon.
Talic: Sword and shield, melee and Whirlwind.
Ancients in combat.

The Summit is a small area, not much larger than two screens end to end in 800x600 mode. The center is the raised circle with the three statues, and there are pillars around it in a large circle with some open snowy ground outside of that, with cliffs bounding the area on all sides and a barred stairway to the far right. In the center on the dais you see these three statues, each with a unique name and stats.

Click to see more about the Ancients: Madawc, Korlic, and Talic.

This boss fight is the trickiest one in the game, and you can read more about it on the Rite of Passage quest page.

When the Ancients have been initiated and defeated, the heroes are welcome to enter into the Worldstone Keep, regardless if you have talked to Qual-Kehk or not.


Huge experience bonus! 1.4m on normal, 20m on Nightmare, and 40m on Hell. There is a Clvl requirement to get the reward though, you must be Clvl 20 on Normal, 40 on Nightmare, and 60 on Hell to get it. So no partying with bigger characters to get there quickly and get a huge bonus.

The bonus experience is not cut by your Clvl exp penalty if you are over Clvl 75, so it's best to save the quest reward on Hell as long as possible. Skip past the Ancients with a portal to the Worldstone Keep level 2 waypoint, and never do them for the quest until level 98, if you can wait that long.

The huge 40m exp bonus gets more valuable the longer you wait, since it's easy to earn 40m exp at lvl 70 or 75, or 80. By 90 it takes longer, by 95 the monsters are hardly yielding any experience at all, and by the high 90s, when it takes multiple Baal runs to budge the exp bar, 40m is more than you can earn in many hours of monster killing.

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