Do you use all of your Characters?


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Jun 28, 2020
Hey guys,

I assume over the years you have created numerous characters.
Do you actually play with all of them?
Having MF characters usually eliminates the reason to farm with non-mf chars.

For example, I have a MF Javazon.
When I saw how powerful she is I decided to create another Javazon but with the best gear I could get to see her at full potential.
Once I completed what I wanted, I had no reason to play with her since I would always have higher chances of getting better items with my MF Javazon.

Now I have a bunch of characters sitting around with powerful gear bu no real purpose.
So how do you use your characters? What plans do you have for each one?
Mar 14, 2020
Have a look at the tournaments!

There are some niche magic find tournaments for specific characters or areas for twinked play (e.g. have a look at the - concluded - Off the beaten path tournament), so some seldomly used characters might find a use for MFing.

Also, I like doing themed characters with the gear I find - like building a Druid based on Odin or something like that (maxed Raven ftw?!?). But of course that is no answer on what to do with your characters.

You could try doing a lv99 character, maybe even untwinked.

And if you get bored by all this: there are untwinked tournaments where it is about the way and not the end game.

I play almost exlusively single pass untwinked tournaments nowadays and for me it is the most fun I can get out of the game. But yeah, I have lots of guardians sitting around doing nothing 🤷‍♂️ (oftentimes with ridiculous skill setups due to tournament restrictions - Arctic Blast/Hunter Druid anyone?)

I do have 5 MF characters though: One Blizz sorc for AT, one WW Barb for Trav, one LF Zon for Cows, one Lightning sorc for Baal and one Hammerdin for RoF/CS. But I seldom do MF anymore.


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Mar 13, 2020
Fun question! I have been pretty good about making use of all my characters so far, but I usually have a pretty heavy focus on variety. I have one of every class except for having 5 sorcs. I like goals that make use of all of the characters, so when I started my 1k Many Ways thread, I wanted to have an entry from every class. And I have a goal this year to get all my characters to 95. So that insures some use. The sorcs are for tunnels, pits, trav, lower kurast, and then one who doesn't have a specific task. And I don't care too much about saving my LK map, so we'll see if they continue to get used. And after they're up to 95 and have done a 1kmw set, I don't see myself continuing to use my druid or assassin very much. Maybe for cows during rfl? The paladin, sorcs, barb, necro, and zon all have runs I will continue to do somewhat though (chaos, pits/AT, p1 pits. p7 pits, and baal, respectively). Plus sometimes I think it would be nice to have a second character for each of these tasks so you can reroll maps while keeping your current bast one (on the other character), but I haven't quite gotten that intense yet :p. That's most of what I've got on it :).


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Mar 14, 2020
Hard to tell...


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Mar 17, 2020
Hmm, I tend to think about it the other way around (to be fair, I have recently been made aware of how vastly different I view things from the average spfer, so take this as you will)... the reason I do MF runs is so I can have the loot to do the silly, OP, no real purpose chars. I mean, if we are being honest, if MF is the end goal, you really only need a sorc and a barb and a stack of Tokens of Absolution.

That said, I do have a large collection of chars that never get played, haven't been played since a week after mat/pat/guardian, if they even got played all the way through (most have at this point, happily). I enjoyed them all (well, most of them...) but once you played through the game 3 different times with the one char, there really isn't much to do you haven't done... until PvP week, anyway 😈


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Mar 14, 2020
Great post.

This is my third restart, and in this one I completed a 7x7+2, have finished 5 Untwinked 99ers, have two more in progress, have a dozen or so other characters that have knocked/are knocking around.

Almost all of the Mat/Pats are retired, but I have a couple highly geared MF/Rune Finding characters, and my 99ersare still geared for MFO/RFL/ML (memory lane :)) appearances. Plus now some HC characters and plans to do new tourney characters and a new sept.

A mix of play through, area runners, and XP leveling. So, I guess, it varies for me? 😅


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Mar 13, 2020
Being Guardian or Pat/Mat is always a step towards infinity - or at least, the completion of the @D2DC's Murios' project.

Well interesting things have been said so I won't go further, but to summarize my feelings about that, I will just say No, I don't play all my characters nor plan to do so.
On my side,
- some are about classical builds, that will open doors of MFO/RFL participations on a seasonal/regular basis (did I restart with a Sorc?)
- some are for personal achievement, like my Sept of HC characters, and some builds I didn't like would put the character to retirement, like my Necro summoner
- some are for build testing/unorthodox playthrough, so they are mostly a one shot run - like the Wrath bowazon I am planning but still she needs a Ber or Sur rock...
- some are for tournament and shall be forgotten - like my HC Druid in the Random Tournament, what a plague this guy, hope he'll die someday or get his close call surrounded forcing me to quit and free him from his skill limitations
- and I know for sure that some characters can be quested through by some for socketing quests for example, or for tries to complete the game as fast as possible.

I bet there are so many reasons to have unfinished/retired characters, that except for very specific players (@ResTTe ?), I don't see how anyone can answer "Yes I do play all of them".


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Mar 13, 2020
I mix the occasional fun builds/Pats/Mats in, but mostly try to optimize farming characters. But that doesn’t mean just a few characters to use. Here's the different chars that I played either in tournament situations or for similar farming purposes over the last ~1 year:

Sorc: 6 in use – 2x AT Blizzy, 2x Travincal Blizzy, 2x Cow/Pit Nova, 1x Fire Ball (Cows + Andy/Meph/other targets)
Barb: 4 in use – 3x Pit Berserker/Singer, 1x Trav WW
Amazon: 2 in use – Cows, AS, Pit Java
Assassin: 1 in use – Cow DS/FB Trapper
Necro: 2 in use – Cow/Pit PN/CE
Druid: 1 in use – AT Windy
Paladin: 1 in use – CS/RoF Hammerdin

Obviously many more have been made of each and find gameplay occasionally, but the above is what I found myself using regularly. Probably even forgetting 1-2. :)

+1 Druid: Fissure for cows (and P8 Pindle)
+1 Sorc: 200 FCR LK Sorc
Also Pit Barbs gain levels at Baal from time to time with again specific WW gear... list goes on, probably still forgetting others. :D
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Mar 25, 2020
I play chars from time to time if I find them fun. Others are left more or less untouched after pat/mat.

I'm on the same lines as Zemaj. My mf char is a tool, an enabler for the rest. I do like finding stuff but at some point the search becomes a chore. Which it has again a bit. This thread was a good reminder to stay focused: Stop the item hunting as no need just now and play through the few builds lined up with needed gear to execute already aquired.

I'm actually thinking about deleting my Mf char. I'm not really happy with her. I would like to tweak some stats and skills but respecs are used up and I don't really have a good Diablo nor Baal runner for tokens. Might as well remake and get a new roll at Hellforge for some nice rune. When the need for a mfer arises again that is.


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Mar 17, 2020
I so far never replay a character that is guardianed but have been thinking of making a generalist character of each class with no mercenaries to watch over, that might be fun to replay some time. They could try it out at increased player settings perhaps. Since no characters are twinked there is no point in sustained magic finding.


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Mar 18, 2020
The vast majority of my characters are never played again once they reach patriarch/matriarch status; I don't even take them into Moo-moo farm.
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Apr 4, 2020
Besides my tournament characters that I've lost interest in /time to invest, I do play all my SC characters. Some go years in between playing sessions, but I do play them...when inspired to do so. My biggest challenge is finding time to play. I have a crossbow necro summoner with a lot of dust on him, a FO/Hydra sorc that I lack patience to play, and a pitzerker at level 1, lol. I have several classic builds that I just haven't mat/pat just yet (trapsin, poison necro, blizz sorc, FO/CL sorc, pure fire sorc, windy, etc). I might not ever get there, but the game will always be fun when I have the time to play.
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Jun 28, 2020
Thank you all for your feedback!

I personally enjoyed creating new chars and completing the game. It's just that at some point I felt I had so many useless chars that it started to annoy me.
I believe we all dream to create all the possible combinations which wouldn't be hard but it would be impossible with the proper/desired gear.

I recently started improving as much as I can my trash characters but the point is that they will still always remain imperfect.
For example, if I won't get a perfect Death's Fathom to socket a perfect cold facet I will never feel that my Blizz Sorcy is completed,
and realistically speaking this may never happen. I know I may be over exaggerating but this is how it makes me feel!

Trading in SP is helping a lot and providing extra fun and motivation but the activity is low.

I wish there were some kind of events like the Pandemonium where your powerful chars would have a purpose and a better chance to complete it than the MF chars.

the reason I do MF runs is so I can have the loot to do the silly, OP, no real purpose chars.

I believe this sums it all up! :D:ROFLMAO:


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May 1, 2020
Not including the characters I use for running (1x MF MeteOrber, 1x 200FCR CB Sorc, 1x Trav WW Barb, 1x PitZerker), I had around 19 retired characters pre-2010, and another 30 currently..

Annotation 2020-08-29 022926.png

Basically to qualify, they need to complete all quests including Cows (exceptions for those Cow Runners), all waypoints (except Hell HoP), Imbues and Personalizations. Normally I try to level at them to at least L85.
Most have their own gear including their Mercs. Twinked gear are mainly the expensive stuff like Infinity/Dreams/CTA/Beast/Faith (kept to the minimum) as well as charms.

This way, from the get-go, I can revisit them whenever I fancy.. Once in a while I do try to level and "upgrade" their gear.


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Mar 16, 2020
Buenos Aires
Let's see:
2 Barbs (one UT 99 project in progress and one PItzerker/CS seal popper... should make a third one at some point)
4 Sorcs (One LK and one for each skill tree, althought fire and light aren't completed)
1 Pally (Hammers)
1 Zon (Javs)
1 Sin (Traps)
0 Necros (I've been toying with the idea of making one for months but never do)

And my fav char of all: 1 Dudu (lvl 1 gem cubber)


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Mar 19, 2020
Every once in a while I select the character that has fallen to the bottom of the selection screen and run some areas. But generally I would play just the few characters I magic find with.


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Jun 28, 2020
Pretty much, from what I can tell, we are all in the same boat!

For those who have 99lvl chars, do you keep farming with them?
Or do you swap gear to a lower lvl char to level that char too cause that's what I would probably do.


Mar 13, 2020
I pretty much make/made characters to be purpose built. So in as much as I put all my characters to their purpose, I consider them "used," in sort of the same way I would consider a game I finished "played."

I'd say for me the amount of items that don't really have value to me bothers me more than the characters I've had fun playing and then finished to not really be played anymore.
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