Runefinding Calculator - Countess vs LK vs Travincal vs Cows


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Jan 3, 2019
[reposted from March 12, 2019]

Hi everyone., I really like to do some practical D2 math, and even better if I can get a reusable calculator/spreadsheet from it. @Gripphon 's runefinding guide is one of my favorite posts ever, and I reference it all the time. (Link to guide - If you haven't read this, do so...multiple times) Put these two things together, and out comes my:

Runefinding Calculator (google sheets, click to access)

And here's a screenshot of what it looks like.


With RFL right around the corner, I thought it the perfect time to post this spreadsheet I'd been working on. I would have liked to include a sheet for round 3 as well, but the difficulty in counting monsters minions and bosses, combined with the need to differentiate ghost-types, made it impractical. I'll table that idea, but here we have LK, trav, cows, and ...countess!

I have recalc'd countess's drop rates for 1.13b+ which I haven't seen posted here anywhere. You'll get a peek at these in this sheet, but I figured the tables themselves, as well as description of the calc, deserved their own post. I'll plan to write up that post in a few weeks or whenever, unless someone really wants to see it earlier.

Hope some of you find it useful/enjoyable! And let me know if there is any confusion or suggestions!

[added in an update to the sheet]

After some helpful suggestions (mainly from @ffs , thanks!), I have greatly beefed up my runefinding calculator. It now includes runefinding data for what I considered the relevant round 3 areas: pits (this would also work for tunnels/ mausoleum), chaos sanctuary, and arcane sanctuary. I will include more detail about the new features below.

For people NOT willing to record videos and count monsters:

The first page should still be pretty much the same, and the instructions on the right will describe how to use the sheet. The Round 3 data should be ignored, as it is highly dependent on decent inputs that have to be derived from recording video and counting or another method of counting monsters, such as the longer-term charm and rune counting method that @Gripphon plans to use.

For people willing to record videos and count monsters:

The "OTHER AREAS" page is where the round 3 inputs will be entered. Bosspacks should be nearly irrelevant, and feel free to leave them as zero. I wanted to include them for use cases such as someone running a p1 tunnels sorc wanting to see how long it should take them to find a rune. In a case like that (low psetting, many bosses) the bosses do become relevant. I also included the option to kill or not kill all the arcane and chaos superuniques, as well as diablo. This also makes very little difference, but I liked it for completeness's sake. Made the new version very, let's say "interesting" to calc :p.

Note on cubing math

Note that the "including cubing" math uses the "naive" method to calculate the influence of cubing. This results in cubing being overvalued somewhat. Using a more accurate method is quite computationally intensive and I currently don't have plans to add that in. I still think the numbers presented including cubing are quite useful, and if further information ont he cubing math is desired, please see the discussion of such in my "Updated Countess Rune Drop Chances for 1.13b+" thread.
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