Off the Beaten Path Tournament [by Luhkoh]

Mar 19, 2020
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @Luhkoh on Jan 3, 2020.
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The Pit is eerily silent. Denizens of the Ancient Tunnels remain thawed.
Pindleskin shambles toward nothing and no one, and Baal laughs alone on his chair.

We have ventured...Off the Beaten Path!

Feast your eyes on icy caves, on the sepulchers neath the burial grounds!
Plumb the city sewers, and nestle into the narrow tunnels maggots have dug for us!

Well erm...the last couple don't sound as good...but at least it's somewhere new!


Hi everyone, it’s time for the first ever OBP tournament. This stands for Off the Beaten Path (thanks for the name idea @CaseyJones). In this tournament, players will be scored on both rune and set/unique finds. I’ve shamelessly copied much of this formatting and all of the scoring from previous tournaments. So thank you to my predecessors, including but not limited to nulio, fabian, gripphon, PhineasB, and Grape.

Tournament name
: Off the Beaten Path Tournament
Start and end date: 17 January (0:00 local time) - 9 February (23:59 local time)
**Late additions are welcome. Feel free to join on the last day if desired.
Time limitation: 10 hour cap per set; multiple sets allowed
Items scored: Top 5 Elite S/Us & top 5 runes Hel and above
Versions allowed: 1.13b+

Drops will NOT count from the following
  • Act Bosses
  • The Pit
  • Ancient Tunnels
  • Chaos Sanctuary
  • Worldstone Keep
  • Throne of Destruction
  • Durance of Hate lvl 3
  • Lower Kurast
  • Cow Level
  • Travincal
  • Arcane Sanctuary
  • Countess & minions
  • Nihlathak & minions
  • Pindleskin & minions
  • Thresh Socket
  • Eldritch & minions
  • Shenk & minions
  • Hellforge quest reward
Other than that, run any targets you wish, with any characters. Drops for any source not listed above will count, including any poppables and superuniques.

  1. Divide playing time into sets of which each lasts a maximum of 10 hours (when you mule to stash or in ATMA/GoMule, you can pause clock/counter/online stopwatch or whatever you use). You are not allowed to start a new set before you finish the previous one.
  2. You may mix and match targets and/or characters at will, both within and between sets.
  3. Every set is scored individually. You can do as many sets as you want to, but you must choose which set will be scored for you. For example, if in set 1 you did well with runes but poorly with items, and in set 2 you did the opposite, you must decide whether you want the first or second set to be scored for you.
  4. There will be no official prizes or trading associated with this tournament, so no trading profile is required.
  5. Screenshots are not required, but are encouraged.
  6. Do not post your qualifiers when the tournament is still going. You are warmly welcome to discuss your other findings however, and tons and tons of discussion on targets and builds is highly encouraged.
  7. Cubing runes into higher ones is not allowed. In other words don't cube Pul runes into Um to get a higher score.
  8. Versions allowed: 1.13b - 1.14d.
  9. Drops from the sources listed above in the overview section will not count toward your score for this tournament. Any other drop sources will count toward your score, including drops from chests or other poppables and superuniques.
  10. PM me your rune and item scores for the SINGLE set you want scored when you are finished running. If I don’t receive a PM within 72 hours of the tournament's end in EST, your set might not be included in the results.

See the google sheet posted in the “Resources and Thoughts” section below

Each reported set will be scored 2 times: once for items, once for runes. Only the top 5 of each are scored. You then get points if you get are in the top ten of rune or item categories, and those points are added together for your final score. This final score will determine tournament placement. This is described in more detail below.

Top 5 runes in a set will be scored with the following values, based off of their relative rarity in alvl 85 areas, same as is done for RFL round 3 and past combined RF/MF tournaments.
Hel    0.5
Io     0.7
Lum    0.9
Ko     1.3
Fal    1.7
Lem    2.6
Pul    3.4
Mal    5.0
Um     5.1
Gul    7.1
Ist    7.5
Ohm   10.1
Vex   10.6
Sur   13.7
Lo    15.1
Jah   18.3
Ber   20.5
Cham  27.5
Zod   71.8

Elite set and unique items will also be scored based off of their relative rarity in alvl 85 areas, as is done in the alvl 85 category of the MFO.
Aldur's Deception                   3.3
Alma Negra                          9.1
Andariel's Visage                   4.3
Arachnid Mesh                       5.9
Arioc's Needle                      2.3
Arkaine's Valor                     7.8
Astreon's Iron Ward                27.8
Azurewrath                          7.8
Baranar's Star                      3.2
Blackoak Shield                     5.9
Blood Raven's Charge                6.7
Bloodmoon                           3.3
Boneflame                          10.4
Bonehew                             2.3
Boneshade                           7.9
Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge           3.8
Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian         3.8
Cerebus' Bite                      11.0
Cranebeak                           4.3
Credendum                           1.7
Crown of Ages                      10.7
Dangoon's Teaching                  1.3
Dark Adherent                       1.6
Darkforce Spawn                    19.3
Death Cleaver                       9.3
Death's Fathom                     16.8
Death's Web                        27.9
Demon Limb                          2.8
Demon's Arch                        3.3
Demonhorn's Edge                    7.9
Djinn Slayer                        3.2
Doombringer                         5.7
Dracul's Grasp                      5.9
Dragonscale                        14.6
Eaglehorn                           5.7
Earth Shifter                       9.3
Eschuta's Temper                    4.6
Ethereal Edge                       2.5
Executioner's Justice               9.3
Firelizard's Talons                 5.2
Flamebellow                         3.3
Fleshripper                         4.6
Frostwind                           4.6
Gargoyle's Bite                     9.3
Ghostflame                          9.3
Giant Skull                         8.1
Gimmershred                         2.8
Griffon's Eye                      10.7
Griswold's Honor                    9.8
Griswold's Redemption              11.3
Griswold's Valor                    4.3
Gut Siphon                          4.6
Halaberd's Reign                   10.4
Harlequin Crest                     4.1
Head Hunter's Glory                 7.8
Heaven's Light                      9.8
Hellrack                            2.6
Hellslayer                          2.6
Horizon's Tornado                   5.7
Immortal King's Soul Cage           4.3
Immortal King's Stone Crusher       1.0
Jade Talon                          3.0
Lacerator                           4.3
Laying of Hands                     1.4
Leviathan                           5.7
Lightsabre                          2.6
M'avina's Caster                    5.2
M'avina's Embrace                   2.3
M'avina's True Sight                4.3
Mang Song's Lesson                 27.8
Marrowwalk                          5.0
Medusa's Gaze                       5.7
Messerschmidt's Reaver              4.6
Naj's Light Plate                   3.1
Naj's Puzzler                       3.1
Natalya's Mark                      4.3
Natalya's Shadow                    1.7
Nightwing's Veil                    5.7
Nord's Tenderizer                   3.5
Nosferatu's Coil                    6.6
Ondal's Almighty                    2.3
Ondal's Wisdom                      7.8
Ormus' Robes                        3.9
Ravenlore                          14.6
Razor's Edge                        3.6
Rune Master                         3.2
Sandstorm Trek                      3.9
Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer            1.9
Sazabi's Ghost Liberator            3.1
Schaefer's Hammer                  11.6
Shadow Dancer                      10.7
Shadow Killer                       2.4
Soul Drainer                        6.6
Spike Thorn                         6.6
Spirit Keeper                      14.2
Spirit Ward                         8.1
Steel Carapace                      8.1
Steel Pillar                        9.3
Steel Shade                         6.6
Steelrend                          10.7
Stone Crusher                       4.6
Stoneraven                          6.0
Stormlash                          17.0
Stormshield                         5.0
Stormspire                          9.3
Taebaek's Glory                     3.3
Tal Rasha's Guardianship            3.2
Templar's Might                    10.7
The Cranium Basher                  9.3
The Gladiator's Bane                4.9
The Grandfather                     9.3
The Reaper's Toll                   3.3
The Redeemer                        9.8
Thunderstroke                       4.7
Tomb Reaver                         4.3
Trang-Oul's Girth                   3.2
Trang-Oul's Guise                   3.3
Tyrael's Might                     48.2
Veil of Steel                       5.7
Verdungo's Hearty Cord              4.3
Viperfork                           2.6
Warshrike                           5.7
Widowmaker                          4.3
Windforce                           9.3
Windhammer                          2.5
Wizardspike                         2.3
Wolfhowl                            7.3
Wraith Flight                       4.3

First, a placement will be determined with sets according to their rune score. Then a second placement will be determined according to those same set’s item scores. After that, both scoring lists will have assigned points according to placement. Top 10 places get points.
  1. 12 points
  2. 10 points
  3. 8 points
  4. 7 points
  5. 6 points
  6. 5 points
  7. 4 points
  8. 3 points
  9. 2 points
  10. 1 point
Points are combined from both tables to have a final table with final score based on those points, Maximum amount of points a player can have is 24, if they score first in both the rune and item categories.

When you are done running, message me (click my name under my avatar pic and click "Start Conversation") your rune and item scores for the SINGLE set you want scored. An example of a score submittal is below.
Death's Web - 27.9
Mang Song's Lesson - 27.8
Death's Fathom - 16.8
Griffon's Eye - 10.7
Immortal King's Stone Crusher - 1
Total = 84.2

Cham - 27.5
Ber - 20.5
Lo - 15.1
Ist - 7.5
Hel - 0.5
Total = 71.1

Tiebreaker for both scoring tables:
  1. Player with higher scoring item/rune in top 5 wins the placement
  2. Second highest scoring item and so on
  3. If 1 and 2 fail to distinguish players, then they share the placement together
Tiebreaker for final table:
  1. Player who found higher scoring ITEM wins the placement
  2. If highest scoring items are the same for all players, then we check highest scoring RUNE
  3. If runes are also the same, then we check second highest scoring ITEM
  4. If that fails, we check the second highest scoring RUNE and so on...
If you think you have found a way to abuse this scoring system, please bring it to my attention, but know it is quite possible that such abuse will be encouraged :p.

If you think of a target that is not currently disallowed, but seems out of the spirit of this tournament, please bring it to my attention.

Resources and Thoughts

Here is a google sheet I made to help with the tournament scoring.
Click File -> Make a copy to use one for each set if desired.

In that sheet, there is also a chart of immunities, superuniques, and the possible presence of sparkly and super chests in some areas I thought can be interesting. I'll also include the superchest patterns so you can see if you think a particular playersetting makes those chests better. These “encouraged” but not required areas and their alvls are as follows:

Recommended Areas
Act 1
crypt/mausoleum (83/85)

Act 2
maggot lair (84/84/85)

Act 3
kurast sewers (84/85)
any temples (84/84/84/85/85/85)

Act 4
plains of despair/city of the damned/river of flame (83/84/85)

Act 5
glacial trail/icy cellar/drifter cavern (83/83/84)
halls of anguish/pain (83/84)

Alvl vs drops
Alvl 85
Bosses: Can drop all items
Champions: Can drop all items

Alvl 84
Bosses: Can drop all items
Champions: Cannot drop tyraels, azurewrath, or arachs

Alvl 83
Bosses: Cannot drop tyraels, azurewrath, or arachs
Champions: Cannot drop tyraels, azurewrath, arachs, stormlash, tomb reaver, mang songs, or coa

Fire Characters
I know there is interest in running some fire characters in this tournament, which sounds fun for sure. The areas above where a fire character might be used include:
  • No fire immunes: Crypt, Mausoleum, Maggot Lair, Kurast Sewers, Icy Cellar
  • Breakable fire immunes (using infinity): Forgotten Temple, Ruined Fane, Disused Reliquary, Halls of Anguish, Halls of Pain
  • Few Fire Immunes: City of the Damned, River of Flame, Glacial Trail, Drifter Cavern
Some thoughts from me
I plan to mess around with a Javazon and Trapsin, and am most excited about trying out Drifter Cavern runs (hitting bosses in Glacial Trail on the way only), and running the halls of anguish/pain since they have some nice density for rune potential.

Another interesting tactic I’ve seen some people use on twitch, is rolling a Plains of Despair map with a lot of density around Izual, and killing him to get a lot of instant drops, hoping for runes. If anyone wants to mess with that, it could be interesting. Another potential high-yield tactic could be to roll a RoF map with good superchest locations, and farm them as well as any unique packs somewhat close by.

If anyone finds any new and impressive source of riches, whether from popping chests, running superuniques, or actual area running, this is the tournament for it! And again, any and all discussion on builds and target and effectiveness is highly encouraged.

Have fun!!

Edit: Link to results thread HERE

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