The John Constantine Halloween Mafia Game (Game Over, Town Win Day 6)

Mar 14, 2020
Washington D.C.
One last thought for you DC, I do feel a bit of "take my ball and go home" honestly. Can you imagine, taking your ball to the park, and there's 9 kids, and you get voted to sit out so the game can be 4 on 4, fair? Like, no, that's my ball. I want to play.

You took my ball away. It wasn't a game for me, it was a movie. Glad you had fun though!
Like I said, I get you didnt like my play. But, this wasnt you not being selected. This was us playing a tournament, and you leaving once you were "eliminated" (which you still havent been..).


Active member
May 11, 2020
I mean, I love the concept though, one scum team that have an overall goal, but then separate wincons for each member of the team which ultimately would require them to cross eachother to reach the solo victory. Its kind of like a "go for the safe win" or "risk it all to be the best (i.e. scummiest) player ever." Kinda jealous, but look at it this way logout, if you and I were switched D2DC would have crossed me day 1, so feel comfort in that.