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Pando - The Trembling Giant

Sep 12, 2013
Pando - The Trembling Giant (Quaking Aspen Tree)
from Wikipedia:
Pando (Latin for "I spread out"), also known as the trembling giant, is a clonal colony of an individual male quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) determined to be a single living organism by identical genetic markers and assumed to have one massive underground root system. Pando occupies 43 hectares (106 acres) and is estimated to weigh collectively 6,000,000 kilograms (6,600 short tons), making it the heaviest known organism.

Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Arborista           Sorceress           Fire Spells         27      A4
Silvicultora        Sorceress           Cold Spells         27      A4
Dendróloga          Sorceress           Lite Spells         27      A4
Canopée             Paladin             Combat Skills       27      A4
Fourré              Paladin             Offensive Auras     27      A4
Verdure             Paladin             Defensive Auras     27      A4
Boscus              Necromancer         Summoning           27      A4
Botanicus           Necromancer         Poison n Bone       27      A4
Herbarius           Necromancer         Curses              27      A4
Delienn             Druid               Elemental           27      A4
Gwezenn             Druid               Shape-Shifting      27      A4
Koadeg              Druid               Summoning           27      A4
Baumgruppe          Barbarian           Combat Skills       24      A3
Laubabwerfend       Barbarian           Masteries           24      A3
Waldflache          Barbarian           Warcries            24      A3
Mori                Assassin            Traps               24      A3
Hayashi             Assassin            Shadow Disciplines  24      A3
Fuyuki              Assassin            Martial Arts        24      A3
Vegetação           Amazon              Jav & Spear         24      A3
Decíduo             Amazon              Passive & Magic     24      A3
Folhedo             Amazon              Bow & Crossbow      24      A3

"Single" Tree Project:
This is to be my version of the 21 Single-Tree builds, inspired by @TheNix. There isn't a lot of information contained in his thread. Perhaps he will pop in and elaborate? :😉: :😉: But, I was particularly impressed with the use of +0skills. His use of Maelstrom, on a Summoning Necro was such an elegant work-around to the lack of CE/Curses. It really motivated me to see what other "solutions" could be found.

Skills Granted by Items: Staffmods/Oskills/Charges/Auras/CtC
So, I did a lot of research, utilizing all of my nous about skill-granting items, and this is what I've come up with: (most useful "granted" skills, like Static + Tele for a Fire Sorc)

These are going to be skills belonging to their native class, but certainly low-ish level (maxing around 10-15 through +skills), and mostly without synergies. So, they would be akin to "one point wonders". For example, getting Zeal on a Paladin by using 'Passion', or Vengeance by using 'Kingslayer'. What would still be viable/useful? Here were my analyses.
There aren't many Amazon skills out there to be had, being that there are no +staffmod options. What's up with that? :rolleyes:
Every class specific item has individual skills as automods (ex. +3 to Frozen Orb), EXCEPT Amazons who get +1-3 to an entire tree. Blizzard just loves Amazons or what... Not that I'm complaining, lol. :p
I guess when you put it that way...
Jav & Spear:
  • Impale - Would rather have Jab/Fend, however I think they are not available from any item?
  • Lightning Bolt - converts physical dmg, without synergies this may be the best option?
  • Plague Javelin - combined with Venom it's not too bad
Passive: many of these would be useful even at low levels, but most are not available
  • Inner Sight/Slow Missle
  • Valkyrie
  • Critical Strike - I will check, but is crit granted from 'Insight' or 'Peace' the actual Amazon skill? and could be boosted further?
Bow & Xbow:
  • Freezing Arrow
  • Guided Arrow - low dmg skill anyway, not aiming is nice though
  • Immolation Arrow - gonna be weak w/o synergy..
  • Strafe - maybe to proc CtC effects, just remembered you can get charges of MS on gloves/bows but Strafe is probably still better

Assassins are the other class I feel got slighted in the skill granting dept. Basically, Venom/Fade and charges of CoS are the only S/U + RW options. Are there any restrictions on +staffmod skills available?
Martial Arts:
  • DTalon - still applies CB, CtC etc
  • Cobra Strike - do you need 300% LL/ML? or can you live with 100-150%? :rolleyes:
  • Blades of Ice - just for the freeze effect
  • DFlight
Shadow Disciplines: much like Zon Passives, many of these should be useful
  • BoS/Fade/Venom
  • Cloak of Shadows/MB
  • Shadow Warrior/Master
  • Weapon Block - diminishing returns anyway
  • Death Sentry - CE still works
  • Blade Sentry/Fury

Barbarians have many skills that fit the bill. But, he is going to be a bit tricky, as all except 1 of his "attack" skills come from the same tree..
Combat Skills:
  • Leap/Leap Attack
  • Bash/Stun - w/o synergy they will be weak, but usable on normal
  • WW - No synergy, and can get a quick +6 WW at lvl 30 with Bloodletter
  • Berserk - PIs
  • Double Throw - perhaps you want to proc amp with Lacerators
Masteries: basically everything is useful here..
  • Natural Resist
  • Increased Speed
Warcries: again, everything would be useful here
  • War Cry - this is the only one really handicapped w/o it's synergy, but it would still be useful as some crowd control

I think Druids have some of the most interesting options out there. Cool Uniques, charges of Spirits, and in case you're unfamiliar..
5 Socket Axes/Scepters/Hammers
Ber + Tir + Um + Mal + Lum
Level 9 Fanaticism Aura When Equipped
+40% Increased Attack Speed
+240-270% Enhanced Damage (varies)
20% Chance of Crushing Blow
25% Chance of Open Wounds
+3 To Werebear
+3 To Lycanthropy
Prevent Monster Heal
+25-40 To Strength (varies)
+10 To Energy
+2 To Mana After Each Kill
Level 13 Summon Grizzly (5 Charges)
Werebear, Lycanthropy, and a decent Grizzly all on one item which doesn't even occupy the class-specific item slot. By the way, here's some free Fanaticism as well.. :rolleyes:
Elemental: these will all be hampered by a lack of synergies, but a lot of the fire skills are nice to have as CtC effects
  • Arctic Blast/Hurricane - no damage, but still has cold
  • Cyclone Armor
  • Fissure/Armageddon - will be low damage, but it's something
  • Werewolf/Bear - HP
  • Feral Rage/Hunger - LL + FRW
  • Shockwave - stun length
Summoning: I'd probably rate the 3x pets, then the 3x spirits, then 3x creepers

A whopping 13x Auras when equipped are available to Paladins. But, many of those are granted by high lvl RWs, and there isn't a lot available through charges/CtC gear. So, I'm focusing more on skills that would be granted through +staffmods.
Combat Skills:
  • Zeal/Smite - even at low level would be useful to apply CB/CtC effects
  • Vengeance - PIs
  • Holy Shield - diminishing returns on blocking anyway
Defensive Auras: too bad the passive bonus to Resist Fire/Cold/Lite is only from hard points
  • Cleansing - diminishing returns on duration reduction
  • Defiance - "obtainable" with 'Exile'
  • Vigor - nice to have, available from Tearhaunch
  • Meditation - from 'Insight', perhaps on switch
  • Salvation - would need 'Phoenix', or a Scepter on switch
  • Redemption - very steep diminishing returns
Offensive Auras: NINE of these are available as Auras when equipped, but there aren't many I would choose as my primary aura having been granted through an item
  • Holy Freeze/Sanctuary - Cold/Knockback effect
  • Conviction - to break immunities

Basically, Necros get 2x "class-specific" items. As they can get +3 to three skills on a Wand, and +3 to three skills on a Head. Combine that with some charges items or CtC curses, and that is quite the arsenal you have at your fingertips! Also, happen to have some insane S/U options: 'White', Maelstorm, Ume's Lament, AOKL
Summoning: the skellie skills are going to be difficult to get to a decent enough level..
  • Any Golem + Golem Mastery - I've used Clay/Iron Golem through items before and it's managable
  • Revives + Skeleton Mastery - only # of monsters increases through levels, so should be effective
  • Summon Resist - diminishing returns anyway
Poison & Bone: without synergy, poison/bone attacks will be pretty weak
  • Bone Armor/Wall/Prison
  • Corpse Explosion
  • PNova - at least it would provide AoE prevent monster heal
Curses: everything is viable here, rarely do you drop more than 1 pt into a curse anyway

She is probably the class most reliant upon synergies. Going without could be a bit underpowered. However, she does have some nice S/U/RW options. Unfortunately many of them are on Staves instead of Orbs..
Fire Skills:
  • Warmth/Enchant - nice to have
  • Fireball - even w/o synergy it's viable early on, 'Leaf' anyone?
  • Firewall/Hydra - not too synergy dependent
  • Meteor - won't be huge damage, but can be respectable if you go Trang-oul's route
  • Mastery
Cold Skills: any of the Armor skills, just to have something
  • Frost Nova - for the AoE chill effect
  • Glacial Spike - fixed radius, that's all we need
  • Orb/Blizzard - these would be my 2 pics for viable 'attack' skills
  • Mastery
Lite Skills:
  • Telekinesis
  • Static Field
  • Teleport
  • Energy Shield
  • Nova or Tstorm + Mastery? - not sure how potent this would be..

Generally, I tried to focus on getting skills that:
  1. Had diminishing returns
  2. Provided some AoE and/or Cold effect
  3. Gave an increased speed / number of attacks
  4. Didn't require synergies (or their synergies came from a different skill tree)

So, I built my "wish list" of skills that I would like to obtain (through items) for each of the classes. I would like to make use of 2+ skills (from the 2x unusable trees) for each of these builds. And, I aim to change (or add to) those skills on each difficulty level. For example, a Summon Necro may get to use Amplify Damage on Normal, then Corpse Explosion on NM, and finally Bone Prison on Hell.

Character Names:
I have quite a system when it comes to actually naming my characters. I use a different language for each class, and there are rules to follow.. Many members here on the forum come from all around the world. And, having to come up with unique tree-related names in 5 different Latin based languages was no easy task.. So, I thought I would post this as well to see if anybody may have better suggestions!

Single-Tree Builds:
I don't usually make much use of respec's. So, for this project I will make a "build" for each difficulty and respec in A1 each time through. Meaning, my Fire Tree Sorceress will be an Inferno Sorc on Normal, FB on NM, and Meteor on Hell. "Normal" builds will be mostly restricted to lvl 1-12 skills, NM to lvl 18-24, and Hell lvl 30. I'm hoping to force myself to utilize some of the not often used skills. And now finally, on to the actual builds. I've also included some of the key items which I intend to use.

Amazon: (Portuguese, name must end in "o")
Zons are a bit limited in +skills options, so I'm gonna need to find some [charge] items. I gave the best attack skills (Kuku, Endlesshail, T-gods) to the Passive Zon since she has no actual attack skill in her repertoire.

1. Vegetação (vegetation) - Javelin & Spear only
  • Normal build - Jab (20) + Poison Jav (10-15) - 30+ sec duration.. :rolleyes:
    • Rare [lvl 2 Inner Sight 25/25] - lvl 42 (need < lvl 24)
      Wraith Claw
      Leather Gloves
      Defense: 42
      Durability: 11 of 12
      Required Level: 42
      Fingerprint: 0x254850e1
      Item Level: 58
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +40 Defense (Based on Character Level)
      Cold Resist +18%
      Fire Resist +7%
      20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
      Level 2 Inner Sight (25/25 Charges)
  • Nightmare build - Impale (20), Poison Jav (20), Plague Jav (20)
    • Hone Sudan - Ethereal?
      Hone Sundan
      Two Hand Damage: 104 - 212
      Durability: 28 of 28
      Required Level: 37
      Required Strength: 101
      Fingerprint: 0xf8c2ace2
      Item Level: 88
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      192% Enhanced Damage
      Adds 20 - 40 Damage
      45% Chance of Crushing Blow
      Repairs 1 Durability in 10 Seconds 3 Sockets (0 used)
    • Magewrath (+3 Guided Arrow) - lvl 43
      Rune Bow
      Two Hand Damage: 59 - 137
      Durability: 40 of 48
      Required Level: 43
      Required Strength: 73
      Required Dexterity: 103
      Fingerprint: 0x815b7136
      Item Level: 85
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +1 to Amazon Skill Levels
      149% Enhanced Damage
      Adds 25 - 50 Damage
      +236 to Attack Rating
      15% Mana stolen per hit
      +3 to Guided Arrow (Amazon Only)
      Hit Blinds Target +1
      +10 to Dexterity
      Magic Damage Reduced by 9
  • Hell Build - Lightning Fury (20) + Synergies (70+)
    • 'Peace' (+4 Critical Strike)
      Mage Plate
      Defense: 259
      Durability: 30 of 60
      Required Level: 29
      Required Strength: 55
      Fingerprint: 0x6145506a
      Item Level: 79
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      4% Chance to cast level 5 Slow Missiles when struck
      2% Chance to cast level 15 Valkyrie on striking
      +2 to Amazon Skill Levels
      +20% Faster Hit Recovery
      +2 to Critical Strike
      Cold Resist +30%
      Attacker Takes Damage of 14 3 Sockets (3 used)
      Socketed: Shael Rune
      Socketed: Thul Rune
      Socketed: Amn Rune
    • 'Sanctuary' [lvl 12 Slow Missile 60/60]
      Defense: 302
      Chance to Block: 44
      Durability: 48 of 82
      Required Level: 49
      Required Strength: 127
      Fingerprint: 0x8258f59a
      Item Level: 88
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +20% Faster Hit Recovery
      +20% Faster Block Rate
      20% Increased Chance of Blocking
      +138% Enhanced Defense
      +250 Defense vs. Missile
      +20 to Dexterity
      All Resistances +67
      Magic Damage Reduced by 7
      Level 12 Slow Missiles (60/60 Charges) 3 Sockets (3 used)
      Socketed: Ko Rune
      Socketed: Ko Rune
      Socketed: Mal Rune
2. Decíduo (deciduous) - Passive tree only
  • Normal build - Inner Sight (17), Critical Strike (7), Dodge (6)
    • Rare [lvl 7 Multishot 56/56] - lvl 25
      Storm Loom
      Short Siege Bow
      Two Hand Damage: 13 - 50
      Durability: 31 of 40
      Required Level: 25
      Required Strength: 65
      Required Dexterity: 80
      Fingerprint: 0x369def49
      Item Level: 87
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +20 to Maximum Damage
      +49% Damage to Demons
      +100 to Attack Rating against Demons
      Adds 80 Poison Damage Over 4 Secs (100 Frames)
      5% Mana stolen per hit
      Level 7 Multiple Shot (23/56 Charges)
    • Rare [Charged Strike]
  • Nightmare build - Decoy (20), Penetrate (20), D/A/E/Crit (20)
    • Kuku Shukaku (+6 Immo Arrow) - lvl 33
      Kuko ShakakuCedar Bow
      Two Hand Damage: 27 - 79
      Durability: 22 of 28
      Required Level: 33
      Required Strength: 53
      Required Dexterity: 49
      Fingerprint: 0xa6a8b694
      Item Level: 80
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +3 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)
      Fires Explosive Arrows or Bolts
      Piercing Attack
      175% Enhanced Damage
      Adds 40 - 180 Fire Damage
      +3 to Immolation Arrow (Amazon Only)
    • Endlesshail (+5 Strafe) - lvl 36
      EndlesshailDouble Bow
      Two Hand Damage: 34 - 80
      Durability: 27 of 36
      Required Level: 36
      Required Strength: 58
      Required Dexterity: 73
      Fingerprint: 0xeb5fa4ad
      Item Level: 59
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      211% Enhanced Damage
      Adds 15 - 30 Cold Damage Over 3 Secs (75 Frames)
      +3 to Strafe (Amazon Only)
      +50 Defense vs. Missile
      +40 to Mana
      Cold Resist +35%
  • Hell build- Valk (20), Pierce (10), Decoy (20), Penetrate (20), D/A/E/Crit (20)
    • Thundergod's Vigor (+3 LF) - lvl 47
      Thundergod's VigorWar Belt
      Defense: 149
      Durability: 13 of 24
      Required Level: 47
      Required Strength: 110
      Fingerprint: 0xccef910f
      Item Level: 88
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      5% Chance to cast level 7 Fist of the Heavens when struck
      Adds 1 - 50 Lightning Damage
      +3 to Lightning Fury (Amazon Only)
      +3 to Lightning Strike (Amazon Only)
      +183% Enhanced Defense
      +20 to Strength
      +20 to Vitality
      +10% to Maximum Lightning Resist
      +20 Lightning Absorb
3. Folhedo (foliage) - Bow & Xbow only
  • Normal build - Magic Arrow (20), Multishot (10)
    • Rare [lvl 2 Inner Sight]
  • Nightmare build - Fire Arrow (20), Exploding Arrow (20), Strafe (20)
    • Impaler (+5 Impale, +3 Power Strike) - lvl 31
      The ImpalerWar Spear
      Two Hand Damage: 26 - 96
      Durability: 17 of 30
      Required Level: 31
      Required Strength: 25
      Required Dexterity: 25
      Fingerprint: 0xe08d4f8
      Item Level: 62
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +20% Increased Attack Speed
      161% Enhanced Damage
      Ignore Target's Defense
      +150 to Attack Rating
      40% Chance of Open Wounds
      Prevent Monster Heal
      +5 to Impale (Amazon Only)
      +3 to Power Strike (Amazon Only)
  • Hell build - Freezing Arrow (20), Cold Arrow (20), Immolation Arrow (20), Exploding Arrow (20), Fire Arrow (10)
    • Thunderstroke (+7 Lite Bolt) - lvl 69
      ThunderstrokeMatriarchal Javelin
      Throw Damage: 103 - 195
      One Hand Damage: 88 - 159
      Quantity: 76
      Required Level: 69
      Required Strength: 107
      Required Dexterity: 151
      Fingerprint: 0xd4a9085c
      Item Level: 86
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      20% Chance to cast level 14 Lightning on striking
      +4 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)
      +15% Increased Attack Speed
      196% Enhanced Damage
      Adds 1 - 511 Lightning Damage
      -15% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
      +3 to Lightning Bolt (Amazon Only)
Assassin: (Japanese, name must end in "i")
I guess I have the basic builds planned out for the 3x Sins. But, still don't really know which items/+skills they will want. Good news is that they get up to 6x different skills from dual wielding claws.

1. Mori (forest) - Traps only
  • N - Fire Blast (12), Shock Web (18)
    • Rare/White (+3 FB, +3 SW) < lvl 15
    • Rare/White (+3 Psychic Hammer, +3 BoS, +3 Claw Block) < lvl 15
  • Nightmare Build - Wake of Fire + Synergies (60)
  • Hell build - Lightning Sentry (20), Death Sentry (20) + Synergies (50+)

2. Hayashi (forest, copse) - Shadow Disciplines only
(Hammer, MB, Shadow)
  • Normal build - Psychic Hammer (20), Claw Mastery (10)
  • Nightmare build - Cloak of Shadows (20), Mind Blast (20), Shadow Warrior (20)
  • Hell Build - Shadow/Venom

3. Fuyuki / Fuyugi (a barren tree, in winter) - Martial Arts only
  • Normal build - Fists of Fire (20), Dragon Claw (10) (FoF, CoT, BoI/PS)
  • Nightmare build - Claws of Thunder (20), Dragon Claw (20), Phoenix Strike (20)
  • Hell build - Phoenix Strike (20), Synergies (70+)
Barbarian: (German, name should be a compound word)
Combat skills is a bit odd, as some of the synergies are from the other trees. Masteries has no attack, so I'll give him Bloodletters then 'Passion', and probably a helm with some more Combat Skills. Warcries will obviously be a singer, hoping to pair WC with Frenzy/Double Throw.

1. Baumgruppe (copse, group of trees) - Combat Skills only
  • Normal build - Bash (10), Double Swing (20)
    • Fanged Helm (+3 Mace Mastery) - lvl 3 => 'Lore' - lvl 27
  • Nightmare build - Bash (20), Stun (20), Concentrate (20)
    • Bonesnap - lvl 24
      Two Hand Damage: 119 - 171
      Durability: 35 of 60
      Required Level: 24
      Required Strength: 69
      Fingerprint: 0x6ccdeee5
      Item Level: 82
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      299% Enhanced Damage
      +200% Damage to Undead
      40% Chance of Crushing Blow
      Cold Resist +30%
      Fire Resist +30%
    • 1.07 Dark Clan Crusher - lvl 34
      Dark Clan CrusherCudgel
      One-Hand Damage: 17 to 61
      Durability: 21 of 24
      Required Strength: 25
      Required Level: 34
      Mace Class - Fast Attack Speed
      Item Version: Expansion
      Item Level: 90
      Fingerprint: 0x28c1f087
      +195% Enhanced Damage
      +1 to Barbarian Skill Levels
      200% Damage to Demons
      150% Damage to Undead
      +200 to Attack Rating against Demons
  • Hell build - Whirlwind (20), Leap (10), Leap Attack (20), Frenzy (20), Double Swing (20)
    • Bloodtree Stump (+5 Mace Mastery) - lvl 48
      Bloodtree StumpWar Club
      Two Hand Damage: 169 - 248
      Durability: 39 of 100
      Required Level: 48
      Required Strength: 124
      Fingerprint: 0xd982e3df
      Item Level: 88
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +2 to Masteries Skills (Barbarian Only)
      219% Enhanced Damage
      +150% Damage to Undead
      50% Chance of Crushing Blow
      +3 to Mace Mastery (Barbarian Only)
      +25 to Strength
      All Resistances +20
      +40 Maximum Durability
    • 'Call to Arms' (+BC, +BO, +BC) - lvl 57

2. Laubabwerfend (deciduous) - Masteries only
  • Normal build - Weapon Mastery (20), Increased Speed (10)
  • Nightmare build - Weapon Mastery (20), Throwing Mastery (10), Iron Skin (20), Increased Speed (10)
    • Bloodletter (+3 Whirlwind)
      One Hand Damage: 31 - 97
      Durability: 54 of 54
      Required Level: 30
      Required Strength: 25
      Fingerprint: 0xf9631f4b
      Item Level: 75
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +20% Increased Attack Speed
      140% Enhanced Damage
      Adds 12 - 45 Damage
      +90 to Attack Rating
      8% Life stolen per hit
      +3 to Whirlwind (Barbarian Only)
      +4 to Sword Mastery (Barbarian Only)
      10% Slower Stamina Drain
      +30 Maximum Durability
  • Hell build - Weapon Mastery (20), Throwing Mastery (20), Iron Skin (20), Natural Resist (20), Increased Speed (10)
    • 'Passion' (+1 Berserk) - lvl 66 (Polearm, or Mace?)

3. Waldflache (forest) - Warcries only
  • Normal build - Taunt (20), Shout (10)
  • Nightmare build - Battle Cry (20), Battle Orders (20), Shout (20)
  • Hell build - War Cry (20), Synergies (60), Battle Orders (10)
    • 'Delirium' (+Frenzy/+Double Throw) or 1.07 (+3 Warcries/+Double Throw)
      Prefix 1163 Lion Helm of the WolfDefense: 73
      Durability: 18 of 35
      (Barbarian Only)
      Required Strength: 73
      Required Level: 24
      Item Version: Expansion
      Item Level: 88
      Fingerprint: 0x2f0e91d5
      +15 to Life
      +1 to Double Throw (Barbarian Only)
      +3 to Battle Orders (Barbarian Only)
      +2 to Warcry Skills (Barbarian Only)
      Prefix 1164 Savage Helmet of the Fox
      Defense: 97
      Durability: 34 of 50
      (Barbarian Only)
      Required Strength: 103
      Required Level: 32
      Item Version: Expansion
      Item Level: 87
      Fingerprint: 0x5eeadfee
      +7 to Life
      +2 to Double Throw (Barbarian Only)
      +3 to Warcry Skills (Barbarian Only)
Druid: (Breton)
I didn't quite piece this together while I was conceptualizing this project. But, apart from 'Beast', the only source of WW/WB and Lycanthropy is going to be from a Druid Pelt. So, that is going to be difficult to make use of any further skills from Shape-Shifting tree.

1. Delienn (leaf) - Elemental only
  • Normal build - Firestorm (15), Fissure (15)
  • Nightmare build - Cyclone Armor (20), Twister (20), Tornado (20)
  • Hell build - Armageddon (20), Synergies (70)
    • Pelt (+Werewolf/Lycanthropy, +Fireclaws)?
    • Earth Shifter (+7 Elemental) - lvl 69
      Earth Shifter
      Thunder Maul
      Two Hand Damage: 126 - 687
      Durability: 46 of 60
      Required Level: 69
      Required Strength: 253
      Fingerprint: 0xc9340301
      Item Level: 88
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      25% Chance to cast level 14 Fissure on striking
      +7 to Elemental Skills (Druid Only)
      +30% Increased Attack Speed
      +10% Faster Cast Rate
      282% Enhanced Damage
      +150% Damage to Undead
      33% Chance of Crushing Blow
      Level 14 Volcano (30/30 Charges) 1 Sockets (1 used)
      Socketed: Shael Rune
2. Gwezenn (large, woody plant) - Shape-Shifting only
  • Normal build - Werewolf (20), Lycanthropy (10)
    • Rare Pelt (+4 Heart of Wolverine, +4 Carrion Vine) - lvl 20
      Bone HornAntlers
      Defense: 39
      Durability: 16 of 20
      Required Level: 20
      Required Strength: 24
      Fingerprint: 0x7ee811c2
      Item Level: 88
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +1 to Summoning Skills (Druid Only)
      +30 to Attack Rating
      +1 to Rabies (Druid Only)
      +3 to Heart of Wolverine (Druid Only)
      +3 to Carrion Vine (Druid Only)
      +58% Enhanced Defense
      +14 to Life
      Cold Resist +29%
      +3 to Light Radius
  • Nightmare build - Werebear (20), Lycanthropy (20), Maul (20)
  • Hell build - Werebear (20), Lycanthropy (20), Maul (20), Shockwave (20), Hunger (20)
3. Koadeg (forest, dense collection of trees) - Summoning only
  • Normal build - Poison Creeper (10), Spirit Wolves (20)
    • Rare Pelt (+3 Werewolf, +2 Lycanthropy) - lvl 3
      Beast HornWolf Head
      Defense: 13
      Durability: 20 of 20
      Required Level: 3
      Required Strength: 16
      Fingerprint: 0xae8d650d
      Item Level: 6
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +2 to Lycanthropy (Druid Only)
      +3 to Werewolf (Druid Only)
      +10% Enhanced Defense
      +1 to Energy
      +5 to Life
      Lightning Resist +5%
      Poison Resist +5%
      Repairs 1 Durability in 33 Seconds
  • Nightmare build - Heart of Wolverine (10), Dire Wolves (20), Spirit Wolves (10), Poison Creeper (20)
    • Pelt (+WW/Lycanthropy)
    • Plague Bearer (+5 Rabies) - lvl 41
    • Islestrike (+2 Fury, +2 Maul) - lvl 43
      IslestrikeTwin Axe
      One Hand Damage: 37 - 110
      Durability: 17 of 24
      Required Level: 43
      Required Strength: 85
      Fingerprint: 0x2df8455b
      Item Level: 87
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +2 to Druid Skill Levels
      190% Enhanced Damage
      25% Chance of Crushing Blow
      +1 to Fury (Druid Only)
      +1 to Maul (Druid Only)
      All Stats +10
      +50 Defense vs. Missile
  • Hell build - Grizzly (20), Dire Wolves (20), Spirit Wolves (20), Heart of Wolverine (10), Poison Creeper (20)
Necromancer: (Latin, name must end in "us")

1. Boscus (forest) - Summoning only
  • Normal build - Raise Skeleton (15), Skeleton Mastery (15)
    • Maelstrom (+3 CE, +3 Amp) - lvl 14
  • Nightmare build - Raise Skeleton (20), Skeleton Mastery (20), Skeletal Mage (20)
  • Hell build - Raise Skeleton (20), Skeleton Mastery (20), Clay Golem (10), Iron Golem (20), Fire Golem (20)
2. Botanicus (botanist) - Poison and Bone only
  • Normal build - Teeth (20), Bone Armor (10)
  • Nightmare build -
    • Ume's Lament (+2 Decrepify, +3 Terror) - lvl 28
  • Hell build -
    • 'White' or Boneshade

3. Herbarius (Herbalist) - Curses
  • Normal build -
  • Nightmare build -
    • Undead Crown (+3 Skeleton Mastery) - lvl 29
    • Arm of King Leoric (+5 RS, +5 SM, +4 Mage) - lvl 36
  • Hell build -
    • Marrowwalk (+2 SM) [lvl 33 Bone Prison 13/13] - lvl 66
Paladin: (French, name must end in "e")

1. Canopée (canopy) - Combat Skills only
  • Normal build - Sacrifice (15), Zeal (15)
    • White Scepter (+3 Might, +3 Cleansing) - lvl 12
      Grand ScepterOne Hand Damage: 8 - 18
      Durability: 34 of 60
      Required Level: 12
      Required Strength: 37
      Fingerprint: 0xb2f53cb8
      Item Level: 18
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +150% Damage to Undead
      +3 to Cleansing (Paladin Only)
      +3 to Might (Paladin Only)
  • Nightmare build - Smite (20), Holy Shield (20), Sacrifice (20)
    • Tearhaunch (+2 Vigor) - lvl 29
  • Hell build - Vengeance (20), Zeal (10), Sacrifice (20), Smite (20), Holy Shield (20)
    • Scepter (+Fanaticism, +Conviction)
    • 1.07 Scepter (+Holy Shock, +Fanaticism)
      Prefix 869 War Scepter of MeasureOne-Hand Damage: 42 to 67
      Durability: 70 of 70
      Required Strength: 55
      Required Level: 30
      Mace Class - Fast Attack Speed
      Item Version: Expansion
      Item Level: 67
      Fingerprint: 0x372f3860
      +298% Enhanced Damage
      +3 to Minimum Damage
      +2 to Charge (Paladin Only)
      +2 to Holy Shock (Paladin Only)
      +1 to Fanaticism (Paladin Only)
      150% Damage to Undead

2. Fourré (forest/brush) - Offensive Auras only
  • Normal build - Might (20), Holy Fire (10)
  • Nightmare build - Concentration (20), Holy Shock (20), Sanctuary (20)
    • 'Harmony' (lvl 10 Vigor) - lvl 39
  • Hell build - Fanaticism (20), Conviction (20), Holy Freeze (20), Holy Shock (20), Sanctuary (10)
    • 'Passion' Caduceus (+3 Zeal, +3 Holy Shield) - lvl 66
      Sans-Zele's Passion Caduceus
      One Hand Damage: 112 - 131
      Durability: 70 of 70
      Required Level: 66
      Required Strength: 97
      Required Dexterity: 70
      Fingerprint: 0x4ccf875c
      Item Level: 87
      Version: Expansion
      +25% Increased Attack Speed
      205% Enhanced Damage
      63% Bonus to Attack Rating
      +225% Damage to Undead
      +50 to Attack Rating against Undead
      Adds 1 - 50 Lightning Damage
      +3 to Holy Shield (Paladin Only)
      +2 to Vigor (Paladin Only)
      +2 to Zeal (Paladin Only)
      +1 to Berserk
      +1 to Zeal
      Hit Blinds Target +10
      Hit Causes Monster to Flee 25%
      75% Extra Gold from Monsters
      Level 3 Heart of Wolverine (12/12 Charges) 4 Sockets (4 used)
      Socketed: Dol Rune
      Socketed: Ort Rune
      Socketed: Eld Rune
      Socketed: Lem Rune

3. Verdure (greenery) - Defensive Auras only
  • Normal build - Prayer (10), Resist Fire (20)
    • Kinemil's Awl (+6 Holy Fire) - lvl 23
  • Nightmare build - Prayer (20), Defiance (20), Resist Lightning (20)
    • 'Holy Thunder' Scepter (+3 Zeal, +6 Holy Shock) - lvl 24
      Holy Thunder
      War Scepter
      One Hand Damage: 16 - 37
      Durability: 70 of 70
      Required Level: 24
      Required Strength: 55
      Fingerprint: 0x73db679f
      Item Level: 43
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      60% Enhanced Damage
      +10 to Maximum Damage
      -25% Target Defense
      +150% Damage to Undead
      Adds 5 - 30 Fire Damage
      Adds 21 - 110 Lightning Damage
      Adds 75 Poison Damage Over 5 Secs (125 Frames)
      +3 to Holy Shock (Paladin Only)
      +3 to Holy Shock (Paladin Only)
      +5% to Maximum Lightning Resist
      Lightning Resist +60%
      Level 7 Chain Lightning (60/60 Charges) 4 Sockets (4 used)
      Socketed: Eth Rune
      Socketed: Ral Rune
      Socketed: Ort Rune
      Socketed: Tal Rune
  • Hell build -
    • 'Kingslayer' (+1 Vengeance) - lvl 53
Sorceress: (Spanish, name must end in "a")

1. Arborista (arborist) - Fire Spells only
  • Normal build - Inferno (20), Warmth (10)
    • 'Leaf' Battle Staff (+9 Inferno, +8 Warmth) - lvl 19
      Leaf Battle Staff
      Two Hand Damage: 6 - 13
      Durability: 33 of 40
      Required Level: 19
      Fingerprint: 0xa1f9516f
      Item Level: 19
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +3 to Fire Skills
      Adds 5 - 30 Fire Damage
      +3 to Inferno (Sorceress Only)
      +3 to Warmth (Sorceress Only)
      +3 to Fire Bolt (Sorceress Only)
      +3 to Ice Blast (Sorceress Only)
      +3 to Inferno (Sorceress Only)
      +2 to Warmth (Sorceress Only)
      +160 Defense (Based on Character Level)
      Cold Resist +33%
      +2 to Mana after each Kill 2 Sockets (2 used)
      Socketed: Tir Rune
      Socketed: Ral Rune
  • Nightmare build - Inferno (20), Warmth (20), Fire Wall (20)
    • Warpspear (+6 Energy Shield, +6 Teleport, +6 Telekinesis) - lvl 39
    • Snowclash (+2 Blizzard, +2 Chilling Armor, +3 Glacial Spike) - lvl 42
  • Hell build - Meteor (20), Synergies (50), Fire Mastery (20)
    • Volcanic Sparkling Ball (+6 Meteor, +3 Glacial Spike) - lvl 59
      Volcanic Sparkling Ball of the SentinelSparkling Ball
      One Hand Damage: 13 - 32
      Durability: 34 of 40
      Required Level: 59
      Fingerprint: 0xe824e450
      Item Level: 85
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +3 to Fire Skills (Sorceress Only)
      +1 to Chilling Armor (Sorceress Only)
      +3 to Meteor (Sorceress Only)
      +3 to Glacial Spike (Sorceress Only)
      +65 to Mana
      Magic Damage Reduced by 2
    • Ormus' Robes (+3 Meteor, +13% FSD) - lvl 75
      Ormus' Robes
      Dusk Shroud
      Defense: 407
      Durability: 11 of 20
      Required Level: 75
      Required Strength: 77
      Fingerprint: 0x12104451
      Item Level: 87
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +20% Faster Cast Rate
      +11% to Cold Skill Damage
      +13% to Lightning Skill Damage
      +13% to Fire Skill Damage
      +3 to Meteor (Sorceress Only)
      +20 Defense
      Regenerate Mana 10%
2. Silvicultora (silviculturalist) - Cold Spells only
  • Normal build - Ice Bolt (20), Frost Nova (10)
    • Sacred Globe (+3 Warmth, +3 Fire Bolt, +3 Charged Bolt) - lvl 1
      Gemmed Sacred GlobeSacred Globe
      One Hand Damage: 3 - 8
      Durability: 30 of 30
      Required Level: 1
      Fingerprint: 0x104d9f52
      Item Level: 9
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +3 to Charged Bolt (Sorceress Only)
      +3 to Warmth (Sorceress Only)
      +3 to Fire Bolt (Sorceress Only)
      +5 to Mana
      Lightning Resist +11%
      21% Extra Gold from Monsters 1 Sockets (1 used)
      Socketed: Camphor Jewel of Avarice
  • Nightmare build - Glacial Spike (20), Synergies (40)
    • 1.07 Crystalline Globe (+2 Cold Skills, +2 Fire Wall, +2 Thunderstorm) - lvl 30
      Prefix 1127 Crystalline GlobeOne-Hand Damage: 10 to 26
      Durability: 29 of 30
      (Sorceress Only)
      Required Dexterity: 20
      Required Strength: 20
      Required Level: 24
      Orb Class - Fast Attack Speed
      Item Version: Expansion
      Item Level: 88
      Fingerprint: 0x11de8c3f
      +72 to Mana
      +2 to Thunder Storm (Sorceress Only)
      +2 to Fire Wall (Sorceress Only)
      +2 to Cold Skills (Sorceress Only)
    • 'Memory' Gnarled Staff (+9 Energy Shield, +6 Chilling Armor, +5 Static Field) - lvl 37
      Memory Gnarled Staff
      Two Hand Damage: 13 - 14
      Durability: 35 of 35
      Required Level: 37
      Fingerprint: 0x1c4663a7
      Item Level: 47
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +3 to Sorceress Skill Levels
      +33% Faster Cast Rate
      +9 to Minimum Damage
      -25% Target Defense
      +3 to Energy Shield (Sorceress Only)
      +2 to Static Field (Sorceress Only)
      +3 to Chilling Armor (Sorceress Only)
      +3 to Energy Shield (Sorceress Only)
      +50% Enhanced Defense
      +10 to Vitality
      +10 to Energy
      Increase Maximum Mana 20%
      Magic Damage Reduced by 7 4 Sockets (4 used)
      Socketed: Lum Rune
      Socketed: Io Rune
      Socketed: Sol Rune
      Socketed: Eth Rune
  • Hell build - Blizzard (20), Synergies (60), Cold Mastery (10)

3. Dendróloga (dendrologist) - Lightning Spells only
  • Normal build - Charged Bolt (20), Lightning (10)
    • Bane Ash (+5 Firebolt, +2 Warmth) - lvl 5
  • Nightmare build - Nova (20), Lightning (20), Lightning Mastery (20)
    • The Iron Jang Bong (+5 Frost Nova, +4 Blaze, +4 Nova) - lvl 28
  • Hell build -
    • Ormus' Robes (+3 Warmth, +15% LSD) - lvl 75
      Ormus' Robes
      Dusk Shroud
      Defense: 450
      Durability: 20 of 20
      Required Level: 75
      Required Strength: 77
      Fingerprint: 0xf34ce1f1
      Item Level: 99
      Version: Expansion 1.10+
      +20% Faster Cast Rate
      +15% to Cold Skill Damage
      +15% to Lightning Skill Damage
      +11% to Fire Skill Damage
      +3 to Warmth (Sorceress Only)
      +12 Defense
      Regenerate Mana 12%

Game-play Restrictions:
These characters will be fully twinked, as some pretty obscure items will be needed, and several of the builds would be unbearably under-powered without making certain that they gain access to these +0skills. However, they won't be allowed to "use" skills from other classes. I don't want to have every character using 'Passion' to get Zeal or Berserk. If an Amazon happens to have CtC amp or a melee character has CtC Frost Nova, I am going to look the other way though.

Also, if you read much about the Pando tree, you may have seen that it doesn't reproduce through the dissemination of cones or seeds. The root system grows underground and sprouts up saplings directly. Therefore, I will try to complete this project in the same vein. All twenty-one characters must remain within 1 act of each other at all times. :oops:
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Sorceress - A1 Normal
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Arborista           Sorceress           Fire Spells         18      A2
Silvicultora        Sorceress           Cold Spells         18      A2
Dendróloga          Sorceress           Lite Spells         18      A2

First batch is through A1. I think I will have to do this in 3x intervals, interspersed with my other D2-ings. Otherwise, this will drive me insane! I don't think that I can do much play through anyway, not without forgetting what is going on with each of the characters. :rolleyes:
I messed up the screen grabs, so all I have are post-A1 pics. But, there wasn't much to see anyway.
Arborista (fire only) got this staff. Very nice to have Frost Nova, even if it doesn't do any damage. Frost Nova and then switch to Khalim's Flail.
View attachment 53197
Silvicultora (cold only) got my lvl 1 Orb. This got used quite a bit, as Charged Bolt has much better AoE, and Fire Bolt is much faster than Ice Bolt. However, once she got Frost Nova going, it was again Fnova + Khalim's Flail.
View attachment 53198
I was disappointed in Dendróloga's (lite only) use of Bane Ash. Didn't do the item justice. By the time she could use it (lvl 5), Charged Bolt was already much more powerful. Kept it equipped more than the other 2 builds though, because she didn't melee hardly at all. Straight up Charged Bolt and use of +Warmth on Bane Ash.
View attachment 53196

Winner: Dendróloga (lite only)
Frost Nova was becoming quite powerful by late A1 for Silvicultora. But, Charged Bolt just dominates from the outset. Also, it costs like zero mana..
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Paladin - A1 Normal
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Canopée             Paladin             Combat Skills       18      A2
Fourré              Paladin             Offensive Auras     18      A2
Verdure             Paladin             Defensive Auras     18      A2
Working backwards through the alphabet with this project since I'm doing Zon, Sin etc with my other builds. It felt like Paladins made much better use of the +0skill items than did the Sorcs. I've also added a "Winner" of each act to add a bit of documentation in my assessment of which single-tree builds are deemed the best/worst.
Burned a couple +5 max dmg jewels on this scepter for Canopée (combat only). Usually, I just go elemental damage in A1. But, I figured with the damage bonus of Sacrifice/Zeal, along with Might aura, this could win out. It was slightly better than Khalim's Flail, but much slower. Also no mana leech, so I just switched back and forth between the two.
View attachment 53392
Can't recall finding many rare jewels of Envy (req lvl 0). Might be useful in a future twinking project!
View attachment 53393
I forgot to take pics again for Fourré (offensive only).. Here he is, post A1 with his Scepter. Charge and Zeal were quite nice, again barely out damaging Khalim's. Same story though, swapping back and forth to leech. I don't want to deal with mana pots when all you have is 30-40 mana..
View attachment 53394
Simple +3 Holy Fire scepter for Verdure (defensive only). I have another one with +3 Zeal/+1 Holy Fire, but the extra skill levels are more important. Khalim's didn't even get used after lvl 6 with Verdure. Extra ~50% damage with this wep, plus the pulse damage. No need to chase Carvers around. Just target the Shaman's/Skeletons etc. And, by the time they are dead, most of the Carvers have dropped to pulse damage!
View attachment 53397
I've been forgetting to twink these lvl 15 ammys. Can be quite useful for some of these builds. Each point in Resist Fire only added 2-4 to Verdure's damage. But, each level of Holy Fire gave a nice boost of 10-12!
View attachment 53398

Winner: Verdure (defensive only)
He's been the biggest powerhouse so far. We will see how long that holds true. Again, no mana issues is nice as well.
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Necromancer - A1 Normal
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Boscus              Necromancer         Summoning           18      A2
Botanicus           Necromancer         Poison n Bone       18      A2
Herbarius           Necromancer         Curses              18      A2
I realized that if I want to get everyone "somewhere into NM" by the end of the year, then I need to finish 3+ Act-sets of 3x characters each month. That's not terribly difficult, but I'll aim for 4-5 sets per month to start. With so many characters it would be easy to fall behind if RL gets in the way!
Boscus (summoning) got my best LL twink gear. All points straight into RS/SM got powerful pretty quickly. Amp and Bone Armor from items were nice to have.
View attachment 53513View attachment 53514
I didn't want to just use the same LL gear for all 3 of these guys. These gave Botanicus (PnB) a bit of everything, Skele/Mage/Amp. I knew teeth would by far be the big killer. So, expecting mana to be an issue, I gave him a +20 mpk ring. Didn't know this ahead of time, but you don't get mpk "credit" for a skeleton kill. They were basically just taking away Botanicus' chance to refill mana. So, we ditched that plan and just went with Khalim's and a simple +Teeth head.
View attachment 53515View attachment 53516View attachment 53517
He even managed to find a pretty decent LL head. :)
View attachment 53518
I figured that Herbarius (curses) would be the most difficult. I gave him this lvl 12 setup so that he could just wail away with Khalim's for the first 12 levels. I know that always works. Nothing skill wise was particularly great, although Gumby was nice to have around for the Andariel fight. ;)
View attachment 53519View attachment 53520

Winner: Botanicus (PnB)
Much like Charged Bolt, Teeth just lays waste to entire rooms of monsters at a time.
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Druid - A1 Normal
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Delienn             Druid               Elemental           18      A2
Gwezenn             Druid               Shape-Shifting      18      A2
Koadeg              Druid               Summoning           18      A2
Not much D2 time over the next week or two. But, managed to get another class-act finished. So far, I think Druids overall win A1 normal. Wolf/Bear helps out a lot with slow RW and attack speed which makes early game so annoying.
This pelt for Delienn (elemental) is about as good as it gets. So, I went ahead and burned a couple of damage jewels on it.
View attachment 53720
Elemental tree could have been slow early on, but that pelt easily carried him to ~lvl 15 or so, when Fissure started to kick in. Used a +3 Fissure pelt, and then switched to this for some summons.
View attachment 53721
Gwezenn (shifting) was probably the weakest of the three. And that is saying a lot, because he was still a breeze. +3 Werewolf Pelt to start with.
View attachment 53722
He even managed to find a decent one.
View attachment 53723
Lvl 12 he got to equip his summons pelt. Although, I didn't even bother switching him to Werebear.
View attachment 53724
Koadeg (summoning) played as a Bear since the other two were Wolves.
View attachment 53725
If you haven't tried it, give Poison Creeper a go. It does very respectable damage for A1, and will actually poison quite a few enemies at once.
View attachment 53726
Everyone got a +1 Tree amulet at lvl 15, but this one just seems like it should be higher req lvl.. :oops:
View attachment 53727

Winner: Delienn (elemental)
All three Druids were pretty easy with even low level Shape-Shifting. But, as with all my melee characters, they tend to fade a bit into late A1 (I should probably twink a weapon upgrade). But, for Delienn Fissure just took over at that point.
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Barbarian - A1 Normal
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Baumgruppe          Barbarian           Combat Skills       18      A2
Laubabwerfend       Barbarian           Masteries           18      A2
Waldflache          Barbarian           Warcries            18      A2
Been a while.. falling behind on this project already! I knew Barbs were going to be a slog, and sure enough they were. None were particularly difficult, just slow. single. target. attack..
I messed up the pic for Baumgruppe (combat), but he just used a simple +3 Mace Mastery Fanged Helm. Laubabwerfend (masteries) got a bit more elaborate +skills, but really only used Taunt. It is nice to have to cast on all the Shamans and Skeleton Archers.
View attachment 54163
The plan for Waldflache (warcries) is obviously a singer, and I figure Frenzy/DS or throwing weps would be a good additional attack while enemies are stunned. This Jawbone Cap seemed perfect, but low lvl throwing axes don't do any damage.. So, just basically Taunt + Khalim's flail like the others.
View attachment 54164

Winner: Baumgruppe (combat)
I was hard pressed to choose a winner here. They were all equally slow. Taunt was the best skill utilized from the group. But, he at least had a higher dmg attack in Bash. I'm not convinced that it actually beats out normal attack with it's KB and all. However, it was nice to have stun against the bigger targets (Griswold, Smith etc.).
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Assassin - A1 Normal
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Mori                Assassin            Traps               18      A2
Hayashi             Assassin            Shadow Disciplines  18      A2
Fuyuki              Assassin            Martial Arts        18      A2
I was a bit disappointed to find out that there is no way to gain +0skills with Sins until lvl 30 when staffmods become available. So, these ladies were literally single-tree only. Didn't even bother with pics. They were pretty much just whack away with Khalim's.

Winner: Fuyuki (martial arts)
Mori's shock web was pretty nice, and even Hayashi's Mind Blast wasn't terrible. I didn't make use Fuyuki's Fists of Fire until very late because I hadn't bothered to twink her claws. But, once in use FoF was clearly the biggest damage dealer that you can get in A1.
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Amazon - A1 Normal
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Vegetação           Amazon              Jav & Spear         18      A2
Decíduo             Amazon              Passive & Magic     18      A2
Folhedo             Amazon              Bow & Crossbow      18      A2
That's it for A1 Normal, only 14 more acts to go!! :rolleyes: Again, disappointed that I didn't get to use any other tree skills. But, there is plenty of time for that later. And, I always enjoy playing Zons early, because I always go with Spear / Bow depending on the build-to-be.
Vegetação (jav/spear), 18 skill points straight into Jab. I've enjoyed maxing out some of these seldom used skills.
View attachment 54241
Decíduo (passive) was bored, so she decided to see if she could get Cain killed (or at least trapped). Unfortunately, he can wade through crowds just like Morpheus in the Matrix. :p
View attachment 54242
Folhedo (bow/xbow) 16 pts Magic and 2 pts Multi. Again, enjoyed another skill that I almost never utilize.
View attachment 54243

Winner: Folhedo (bow/xbow)
Jab + Vegetação's twink spear got damage up (+25% or so) over Khalim's. But, most things drop in 1-2 attacks from Khalim's anyway. So, the additional attack(s) and slower speed with the spear didn't really help that much. It was hard to assess Decíduo's performance, but she had Crit above +50%, so must have been significantly better. However, Folhedo's twink bow + Magic arrow got damage +40% over Khalim's, and it's ranged.. and then there was Multi-shot..
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Amazon - A2 Normal
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Vegetação           Amazon              Jav & Spear         24      A3
Decíduo             Amazon              Passive & Magic     24      A3
Folhedo             Amazon              Bow & Crossbow      24      A3
I'm falling behind on this project, but A2 goes pretty quickly for me. It's where my twinking really kicks into gear.
I know everyone usually does max os with +max dmg jewels. But, I tend to like elemental dmg.
Re-socketed Death's Death's Touch with a rare -15% req/envy jewel.
Found one of my 1.07 ammys that grants IS charges slightly before the lvl 23 gloves I was waiting on..
Decíduo even found a rare envy jewel to replace the one she just used.

Winner: Folhedo (bow/xbow)
All three Zons got up to around 500 dmg on their various attacks. But, that much damage on multi-shot is just insane at this stage.
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Assassin - A2 Normal
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Mori                Assassin            Traps               24      A3
Hayashi             Assassin            Shadow Disciplines  24      A3
Fuyuki              Assassin            Martial Arts        24      A3
Trying to take care of a few of these before RFL round 2..
Just some simple +1 Traps, and +1 MA claws.
Still looking for that triple, or even quadruple +15 shield. :LOL:

Winner: Fuyuki (martial arts)
This was my most difficult decision so far. Fuyuki has the best AoE damage, but her attack speed is the slowest. I kinda preferred Hayashi with basically nothing but Death's set and some BoS. However, since that basically depends on the strength of your twinking options, I gave the nod to Fuyuki.
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Barbarian - A2 Normal
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Baumgruppe          Barbarian           Combat Skills       24      A3
Laubabwerfend       Barbarian           Masteries           24      A3
Waldflache          Barbarian           Warcries            24      A3
I'm spending waaaay too much time searching through all my stashes to find gear I would like to use on these guys.. I'm putting together an ISO for this project over on my trade thread. So, if you have any cool rares languishing in your stashes, head on over!
I was pretty happy finding these throwing axes in my stashes, not too shabby for lvl 19!

Winner: Baumgruppe (combat skills)
I wish I had placed a point in double swing in A1.. Click + Hold > Point + Click
Just got some time to properly go back and read through this thread, awesome work! Keeping 21 chars within 1 act certainly is quite something, I found it annoying enough with just 3 in the TWD! :p

Awesome job, and some really great research in there too. Very cool project, I will be following it closely. :)
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Druid - A2 Normal
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Delienn             Druid               Elemental           24      A3
Gwezenn             Druid               Shape-Shifting      24      A3
Koadeg              Druid               Summoning           24      A3
Gotta make some progress here while @Pb_pal is distracted by RFL..
Delienn got a new Fissure pelt, soon to be upgraded to 'Lore'.

Winner: Delienn (elemental skills)
No contest. He quickly got fissure up to 200, 300, 400 dmg. Tight quarters of Maggot Lair and Arcane Sanctuary slows him down a bit, but other than that it's just cast and run.
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Necromancer - A2 Normal
Name:               Class:              Build:              Level:  Act:
---------------     --------            --------------      -----   ----
Boscus              Necromancer         Summoning           24      A3
Botanicus           Necromancer         Poison n Bone       24      A3
Herbarius           Necromancer         Curses              24      A3
@TheNix any tips for Curses-only? He looks like he is gonna be quite a pain. 😓
Gotta make use of Maelstrom, which was a big inspiration for this project!
A +3 Unraveller Head got CE up to a respectable lvl 6 for Boscus (summoning).
Had to burn a socket reward and LL rare jewel on this beauty. :love:
Bramble Cry
Yew Wand
One Hand Damage: 2 - 8
Durability: 15 of 15
Required Level: 16
Fingerprint: 0x20408458
Item Level: 23
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Poison and Bone Skills (Necromancer Only)
+10% Faster Cast Rate
6% Mana stolen per hit
+2 to Raise Skeleton (Necromancer Only)
+4 to Dexterity
+15 to Energy
+30 to Mana
Poison Resist +16%
+5 to Mana after each Kill
6% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: Plague Whorl
Plague Whorl
Required Level: 16
Fingerprint: 0x881c36ae
Item Level: 88
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+4 to Dexterity
Poison Resist +16%
+1 to Mana after each Kill
6% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Mages died pretty quickly to lite/psn damage, but Gumby was pretty durable.

Winner: Botanicus (poison n bone)
Botanicus may very well be the most enjoyable build of the entire lot so far. Teeth ~50 dmg with 20+ shots for AoE, and Spear ~100 dmg for the tight quarters that annoy some of the other builds. He feels like a superstar on a pee wee football team. :LOL:
any tips for Curses-only? He looks like he is gonna be quite a pain. 😓

A strong merc. And lots of patience.

If you haven't already read it, bladejj had a playthrough of a Mojomancer (with golems though) in the Passive Aggressive Tournamnt back in 2015 in which he made Guardian and a full-game clear. Here is his final post with a rundown of his character and some notes to go along with it. There would be valuable insights in his progress posts as well if you track back to them.

Good luck!
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