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Mar 13, 2020
Welcome! This is the place for general 1.07 news, info, and gossip... A place where intrepid timetravellers to the primordial past of the Expansion can share their finds, characters, and projects...ask questions and share advice and ideas...or just share their experiences or ask about other's...

I thought I'd start off with links to several 1.07 resources/guides:
Repusz's 1.07 Guide
yuiman's addendum to the 1.07 guide
Note: both of these guides are full of good information, but unfortunately also have some outdated or just plain wrong info as well...if in doubt, ask

WoRG's 1.07 Crafting guide outdated, but I'm proud of how accurate I was with the incomplete information available at the time...v2.0 coming soon
Helvete's timetravelling guide has an excellent synopsis of desirable 1.07 items...and maybe one day he'll finish it ;)
The 1.07 thread on the old SPF ...not sure when/if someone will get around to archiving a thread with over 5300 posts, but LOTS of great info in there...

Note to mods: the last two links point to the old SPF...if that isn't kosher, I can remove them, and I plan to update the links once any/all of these threads get archived here...

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Time to fill this thread with (useful) info as well:

I'm 99% sure that 1.07 HLW was supposed to have Deadly Strike as well but ends up having 0% per level by mistake (which isn't displayed). In 'UniqueItems.txt' HLW in 1.07 and 1.08+ is assigned the mod 'deadly/lvl' which is Deadly Strike per level and accepts values in eighths (!). Now every mod has a 'parameter' as well as a 'min' and 'max'. Depending on how it's implemented it used one or the other or as happens most often only one of the two.

In 1.08+ the parameter is 3 while min and max are 0. Now 3/8=0,375 which is exactly what HLW gives per level. Now in 1.07 the parameter is 0 but the min and max are both 8... So not only did they want HLW to have DS/lvl but they wanted it to be 1% per level o_O (They probably thought that 'deadly/lvl' used min/max instead of parameter for the value of DS/lvl)
Great stuff, WoRG. I'm relatively new-ish to 1.07. Just got my first char to Hell LK, I have a second char parked at 26 for crafting LLD weapons.

I have a question which maybe somebody here can answer. What is the mechanism by which the prismatic/resist amulet/ring recipe can roll sets, uniques etc.? And is there any chance that this could occur with other recipes that generate magic items, such as the 3 chipped gems+socketed magic weapon recipe? Just a thought o_O
Basically there is a column in cubemain.txt (cube recipes are stored here) that determines the quality of the output. If it says 'mag' there the output is forced to be magic, similarly 'rar' produces rares. This is properly set for the 'amulet to ring' (and vice versa) recipe, the PSkull rerolls, the 3 PGem rerolls as well as the savage Bardiche, Long Sword of the Leech, Shield of Spikes and the 3os Sword recipe.

However for the resistance rings, the prismatic amulet, the '1 axe + 1 dagger = throwing axe' and the '1 spear + 1 arrow quiver = javelin' recipes they forgot to determine quality so the game goes through the process of assigning quality by another algorithm. (which can produce unique, rare, set instead of just magic)

The really interesting thing is whether this bug was already present in Classic 1.06b or earlier because it might be very easy to cube a resistance SoJ there. (just a wild thought, I have no hard evidence of this :D)
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Thanks so much! I really appreciate the thorough explanation!

So, just to be 100% clear, there aren't any other recipes for which the output quality is incorrectly set or absent?
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@WoRG I am shifting the guides above into the Strategy Compendium so they are safe. The first 3 are already done.
Awesome! I'll update the links...

@entwilighter No other recipes that incorrectly set quality, but while the 3Pgem formula correctly sets quality to magic, it incorrectly sets ilvl to 1, instead of the ilvl of the input item.

Since we're discussing it, I though I would share this table (credit to GalaXyHaXz) of odds for cubing set/unique rings & amulets in 1.07/1.08:
I needed an ilvl15 Cathan's for the Cathan's Grail, so during the first round of RFL(cows), I've been tossing all sub-flawless emeralds, sapphires, topazes, and rubies to the toon that sits in town and opens the portal...she is lvl24, so can only get a Cathan's if it happens to roll set quality....didn't take very long at all!

Cathan's Seal
Required Level: 11
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 15
Fingerprint: 0x60111863
Damage Reduced by 2
Poison Resist +27%
6% Life stolen per hit

***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
+10 to Strength
***Partial Set Item Bonuses***

Here's some info I posted in the old thread, mostly useful stuff (last one is kinda subjective since it's about racking strategies):
So I did the LK grid and even got a map that features all tiles which have racks (at least I think so, the 1.07 people might know about secret racks in LK ;) ). I had to take the screenshots in Classic which doesn't have the minimap option so it looks like a total abomination. :D
Note: there are exactly three distinct 2x2 tiles on this map and in fact those are ALL 2x2 tiles that can spawn in LK. Some of the 2x1 tiles featuring ruins and water can easily be mistaken for two 1x1 next to each other but actually constitute one tile.

You can have the leftmost tile immediately NE of the WP, the Campfire tile immediately SE or NW of the WP and the rightmost tile immediately east of WP. In 1.10+ these are the most stable racking configurations and everything that is further apart is super unstable.

On the topic of 'magic lines' it has to be said that Gripphon's 'magic line' from his 'LK vs. Trav. vs. Cows' thread is not the separator between two tiles. In fact Travincal consists of exactly four tiles and two of the 'borders' are at a 45° angle to the 'magic line'. So there is something 'beyond' tiles which plays into the randomness of racks and monster spawns.

31.03.2020 Addition: When it comes to rack stability one needs to split up the 2x1, 1x2 and 2x2 further into 1x1 pieces, called 'segments'. Crossing into a different segment can change what a rack drops.
The 1.09 affix calc is very very wrong for 1.07. The number thrown around for the chance to get an MPK/fcr ring at clvl 8 is 1 in 315. I went into the affix tables and looked up ring affixes of level at most 5. This is what I got for chances:

clvl\typempk falsempk rightmpk/fcr falsempk/fcr right
51 in 16,51 in 8,5--
81 in 22,51 in 171 in 3151 in 136

Those chances are way better than the old ones and definitively more in line with me getting a total of five mpk/fcr rings (and way over 20 mpks in total) in just a little over 400 cold res rings.
Inspired by the MPK chances I calculated I went and made affix tables for a bunch of items in 1.07. Mind you this is not complete since splitting off the tables for specific items is an absolute pain even with the filter options of Excel.
The MagicPrefix.txt and the MagicSuffix.txt are essentially just lists of ALL prefixes/suffixes possible. They are not ordered by item type since that would create tons of duplicates and make the file 10 times as large. Instead each affix has 7 columns of 'inclusions' and 3 or 5 columns of 'exclusions'.

The inclusion columns might contain the codes 'ring', 'amul' and 'weap' and the exclusion column could read 'orb' and 'miss'. That would mean the affix can spawn on rings, amulets and all weapons that are not missile weapons or orbs.

This is (imo) very slick and makes the file compact, but in return it makes it very hard to (quickly) make a list of all affixes on a given item. I had to use the filter functions of Excel and some of its logic functions to isolate the affixes without moving around single rows by hand.

The real problem in making these lists are the weapons where basically each weapon has a different affix pool with some of them only differing by one or two affixes (to my displeasure those were sometimes charges...). Also the inclusion-exclusion stuff is not as clear for weapons as it is for armor. For example an Amazon Javelin is an Amazon Item 'amaz', a javelin 'jave', a spear 'spea', a melee weapon 'mele', a combo weapon (throw and melee) 'comb', a throwing weapon 'thro' and of course also a weapon 'weap'.

The item types can be arranged into a graph for easier understanding. For armor it's even a tree:
For weapons it's way bigger and fails to be a tree because of the duplicitous nature of throwing weapons :rolleyes:

Items contained in this are all armor pieces and all jewelry (rings, amulets, charms and jewels):


I left the tables mostly as they were because making them was already a pain and maybe somebody wants to use this as raw data for something else. (not for a mod though, I deleted too much for that ;))

This means that the effects of the affixes are listed by their internal names, but it's actually easy to infer them from the context of the file. For one you have the affix names (which are not necessarily the ones you see ingame) to go by. So for example you might not know what 'move3' does for your grand charm, but then you look at the name in that row: 'of Inertia' and you're good to go.

For some effects there are 'parameters' and those can be really cryptic. For example all skilltab bonuses use the same effect 'skilltab' with the skilltab in question as the parameter. And of course that skilltab is refered by some internal ID instead of its name. Usually you can guess the tab (or skill if it's charges/CtC) from the name of the affix though.

Also lengths are specified in frames and charges have negative numbers in their 'min' and 'max' columns, don't ask me about those. :D Here's a short (and incomplete) list of what some of the columns do:

Whether it can spawn on rares.=alvlUnclear if used (will ask fruit)= rlvl =required character level= probably sets the rlvl for one class (class column?)= weight of the affix in question
On rares/crafts at most one of a group may spawn on an item
The effects the affix hasA parameter for the previous columnThe range of stats on that mod.
1.10a is beta-BKWB and fixed 10% Life Leech Nosferatu's Coil (1.10s+ +1 skill BKWB/ 5-7% LL Nosferatu) as well as 3 flawless/regular gem magic weapon rerolling with the chance at up to 6os. (item type permitting of course!)

Also 1.10a has the exact same RWs as 1.10s with the sole exception of CtA which in 1.10a doesn't require an Ohm (and so can't be brought forward). Really the only reason to go to 1.10s is CtA.
These are the steps the game takes in order to calculate the chance to pass Unique/Rare/Set/Magic/Sup/Normal quality tests.
  1. Chance = Rarity - [(mlvl-qlvl)/Divisor] ; Rarity and Divisor taken from itemratio.txt , e.g. Rarity = 90 and Divisor = 6 for exceptional/elite class-specific set items.
  2. Chance = 128*Chance
  3. Chance = Chance - [Chance*QualityFactor/1024] ; QualityFactor is in the U/S/R/M columns of TreasureclassEx.txt, e.g. 800 for Blood Raven.
  4. Chance = Chance-X*MF ; X is 1 for Normal, 4 for NM and 9 for Hell.
The final chance to pass the test is then 128/Chance or 1 if Chance is smaller than 128. So in order to always pass it (if it is reached) you need (Chance-128)/X MF rounded up.
I've been looking into the TC system in 1.07 because there's a lot of conflicting information on it in this thread. First off fruit told me that Bosses should not be able to drop higher than their normal TCs. I think GalaXyHaXz claimed the opposite and said there was a 1 in 3 chance for this to happen. Doesn't look like that's the case. (maybe @WoRG got an item from NM/Hell TC from an act boss once?)

Now in contrast to 1.10+ the Equip TCs don't just have an option to drop items and drop to the next lower TC but also a chance to drop to the (second) highest TC of the previous difficulty. To make matters worse this chance to drop down a difficulty is actually very big. For the Hell Equip TCs it is about 71-75% and for the NM Equip TCs it's about 43-47%.
As a consequence the lowest Equip TCs in NM and Hell are least likely and the chance for each TC plotted versus TC look like 'fins'. Here are the chances to drop from each TC for a Council Member Minion (assuming the Equip TC was chosen):
This means that roughly 65% of its drops are from TC27 to TC36.

The graphs will not look drastically different for other Equip TCs. (the above TC is 'Act 4 (H) Equip A')

Note: In 1.07 the armo and weap TCs always occur with the same weight in the Equip TCs so I merged them for the purposes of this statistic:
weapXX weight ; armoXX weight  =  TCXX 2*weight
In later patches the ratio of armor to weapons is 1 to 2 (except for a few exceptions). This 1 to 1 ratio in 1.07 is part of the reason why we see so many Gripphon Headdresses (qlvl 31) :D

WoRG's response concerning these findings:
WoRG said:
I'm pretty sure I have never gotten an item from an act boss that was from their NM/Hell TCs... When GalaXyHaXz posted that, I ran Hell Diablo w/556MF a couple hundred times paying close attention and DID NOT see anything above TC36.

Your graph matches my experience very well...I've run 1.07 council a lot, getting almost all of my exceptional unique items from them, and TC42 items were among the hardest to collect (Athena's Wrath, Stormrider, and Bartucs were among the last exceptional uniques I got for the grail (all TC42), and Silks of the Victor (also TC42) was the last normal unique that wasn't TC3)
When I first started reading about 1.07 I was under the impression that even the best racks are unstable and require lots of ticking and special routes taken towards them, but after racking for a bit I don't think that's how it has to be.

When I racked all the rackable set items (except one or two I think, but they drop elsewhere...) I basically just looked whether there were any racks in the immediate vincinity of the WP and then tested those for interesting items. I take a few possible routes (but only short ones) and try without hydra, with hydra on the rack and with hydra next to the rack. (and if I'm feeling desperate from all the rerolling I also try the TP approach but that has never yielded anything)
If after checking the racks around LK, KB and UK waypoints this doesn't produce any item I like, I just reroll and try again. I also ignore all racks on tiles on which monsters spawn. Those are instable and can be completely avoided in the Kurast areas(maybe not in HoV/P though). They're just a waste of time.

In KB and UK there's a special tile with two racks that are inside a long building surrounded by a moat. There I usually get 12 items that can be stably racked. I go through all of them in turn to see if they're any good. I get those four constellations:
  • teleport on tile with lower rack and use TK on it.
  • teleport on tile with lower rack and use TK on upper rack.
  • teleport on tile with upper rack and use TK on it.
  • teleport on tile with upper rack and use TK on lower rack.
This combined with hydra yields 12 stable (and fast) items for racking. One can combine the first list item with the third and the second with the fourth without changing the items that will drop.
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The really interesting thing is whether this bug was already present in Classic 1.06b or earlier because it might be very easy to cube a resistance SoJ there. (just a wild thought, I have no hard evidence of this :D)

I wouldn't be optimistic - I tried cubing a resistance ring once and got a literal Coral Ring. I'll be happy to burn some gems in Classic testing this, but I don't feel sanguine about ever seeing a rare/set/unique, or even a magic with two affixes. It's a pity since a rare Classic ring with a hidden resistance affix would have the possibility of being completely stellar - with e.g. Prismatic Ruby Garnet, you could have +95% fire resist before adding some of the more bonkers Classic affixes.

(EDIT 2020-04-05) Tested with Coral and Viridian, and you do indeed just get a plain ol' single-affix resist ring. Dreams of dual leech +90% resist rings will have to stay dreams.
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Maximizing unstable rack runs:
I have noticed over my 1000s of rack runs that the Hydra "formation" would occasionally get altered. And, I would know beforehand that a rack wasn't going to drop what I wanted because the Hydra looked different.

The Hydra "formation" is a reflection of the current map seed. Using this info, you should be able to work "unstable" racks into having multiple useful stable drops.
Scenario A: (my typical Russet Armor rack) will ALWAYS drop Russet Armor after 3x Hydra with this "formation".

Scenario B: (deviation from Scenario A) Because the formation of the first Hydra cast is different, I know that 3x Hydra will FAIL Russet Armor Drop. I kept seeing this same deviant formation, and eventually found out that 5x Hydra will also drop Russet Armor.

In my example, that rack is very stable, 80-90%. But, rather than waste those failed runs, I am able to work the rack into another useful drop, resulting in nearly 100% sucessful drops.
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Hi guys,

my Meteor Sorc is approaching lvl 72 and therefor Bul´s small sword for merc! I only have an ETH Rune and 1 Bul´s sword. Should I socket the ETH into the sword or wait/HFQ a SHAE?
I'm copying over fruit's and GalaXyHaXz's posts now. There are quite a few of those so I will split this up into multiple parts and do the rest when I feel like it.

This first part starts out on page 211 and ends on page 219 just before GalaXyHaXz makes the first discovery about 1.07 crafting which would eventually lead to fruit finding out about rune ilvls.

For context on these pages: Fruit had just started posting while GalaXyHaXz had been at it for a while. It's not 100% clear how the later got his insights at this point. Concerning fruit: He told me that up to a certain point all his discoveries were obtained by doing frame by frame analysis on gameplay videos and modifying game files and seeing what changed. (and of course editing chars to help the process along)

In this time period he also made an educated guess at how affix levels are determined for items. I won't copy these posts over since he later debugged the alvl calculation and posted the results which are as good as it gets when it comes to confirmation ;)

(Generally frame by frame analysis and changing txts is limited since there are plenty of unforeseeable things that might be hardcoded. Also what you see in the game is not necessarily what is actually happening: Lying Character Screen, 2 frame Strafe, ...)

There's not as many posts by GalaXyHaXz in this post partly since at the time of these posts he talked alot about the 1.07 beta which didn't end up being allowed.

Fruit (Sep 3, 2017 at 7:25 PM)

Well, figured I might as well share some findings on quad-immunes (Magic Resist), as well as some other resist-related stuff. It's not really important for playing the game, I just had an itch I needed to scratch :p Some of it, if not everything, is probably already known to the majority of 07 players. But it wasn't known to me, and I couldn't find it anywhere, so:
This thread, as well as the handful of guides that are still up, do mention most of the notable 07 things, but not everything is explained. The question marks I had around these "07 quirks" bothered me enough to go hunting for some answers.

The immunity stuff works similarly to later patches, as expected, but not quite the same:
  • Unique monster bonuses are applied in the order that they spawned in, from left to right as you see them in the monster's description. If the monster is Super Unique, those "hardcoded" bonuses will be applied first (and also in order).
  • If the monster already has two resistances above 75, no other bonus will have its resistance boost applied.
  • Monster resistances do not have a floor or a ceiling.
  • The only monsters that inherently have a negative resistance are Andariel (-50 fire on all difficulties), The Smith (-50 poison on all difficulties), and Haphesto (-50 poison on Normal and Nightmare).
  • No monster inherently has more than 100 to any resistance.
  • Conviction does not have a floor(or ceiling, depending how you look at it!)
  • Cold Mastery "ignores" the listed percentage of current monster's positive cold resistance. It's calculated after Conviction and Lower Resist.
  • Spectral Hit adds 20 to fire, lightning, and cold resistance.
  • Mana Burn adds 20 magic resistance. Even though it technically can do it, this will never turn a monster immune, because no monster has (80-99) magic resistance.
  • Magic Resistant adds 75 to fire, lightning and cold resistance.
  • Stone Skin adds 50 to physical resistance.

So what this means is, Bishibosh can not possibly have more than two immunities. Furthermore, he will always have 250 fire resistance, which would need a level 26 Conviction (-155) to break. Your Lower Resist wand alone will not suffice :p

To break it down for those interested, and to give some examples:
- Bishibosh spawns with [8]Magic Resistant and [9]Fire Enchanted.
His inherent resistances are Physical(50) and Fire(100). So MR will apply, boosting his F/L/C resistances to 175/75/75. At this point, he still does not have two resistances above 75, so his next bonus (FE) will add another 75 fire resistance, bringing him to 250/75/75.
He still does not have two resistances above 75, so if he randomly spawns with LE, CE or SS(Stone Skin), that would give him his second immunity (as well as his second resistance above 75, obviously). Any unique bonus after that would not add its resistance boost, because he already has two different types above 75 at this point.

- Coldcrow inherently has Physical(50), Lightning(100). Always gets [18]Cold Enchanted. F/L/C are now at 0/100/75.
Imagine she randomly spawns [9]FE, and then [8]MR: +75 from FE brings her to 75/100/75. MR checks resistances, and does not detect two resistances above 75, so she shoots up to 150/175/150.
From 1 immunity to 3. Just like that.

- Boneash. Physical(50), Poison(75). Gets [8]MR, [5]Extra Strong and [18]CE.
MR boosts resistances to 75/75/75. ES (afaik) gives no resistance bonus. CE turns resistances into 75/75/150. His only immunity right now is to cold, but he still gets two random bonuses.
If his first bonus was [27]Spectral Hit, then he would actually rob himself of a potential second immunity: +20 to F/L/C would boost him up to 95/95/170, giving him 3 resistance types above 75, so any additional bonus would not add its resistance boost. Nonetheless, he's already a total nuisance at this point.
If he would not get SH however, he still would not be able to get more than 2 immunities, because any of SS, LE and FE would give him that second resistance type above 75.

- Unique Oblivion Knight. Physical(50), Fire(60), Lightning(60), Cold(100), Poison(75).
If SH spawns first, he can not get any more than his inherent immunity (cold), since he'll end up with 80/80/100.
If not SH, then it will give him his second resistance >75. So at the most 3 immunities (if he gets MR before any other resistance-boosting bonus).

- Unique Horadrim Ancient. P(50), M(100), F(50), L(50), C(50), P(50). A recipe for disaster!
If he gets MR before one of the others, it's 4 immunities for this guy. It's even worse if he gets SH before MR, because in that case he will get +20 and then also +75, bringing him to 145/145/145. That's quite a bit of total resistance for ya.

- Unique Urdar. P(50), M(0), F(50), L(50), C(50), P(50). Another reason to just keep on walking. (Unless you're one of those people spoiled by Crushing Blow and Open Wounds, I guess!)
A similar story to the above one, except he doesn't even have one resistance above 75. If he, for example, gets SH, then SS, then MR, you're looking at 100 / 0 / 145 / 145 / 145 / 75. Time to get your Hammerdin!

Also, in case you, mister reader, didn't know yet how Cold Mastery works:
If a monster has 250 cold resistance, and you have your CM at level 20 (-85%): CM will evaluate his cold resistance(250) and ignore 85% of it(212,5), which means you'll be attacking the monster as if he only has (250-212,5=) 37,5 cold resistance. (I forgot if things gets rounded up or down here, or at all. I should make a note to note things.)
In the above (worst-case) scenario, you would need at least a level 7 (-63%) CM to be able to damage the unit with cold attacks:
level 6: 250-(250*0.59)=102,5 cold resistance
level 7: 250-(250*0.63)=92,5 cold resistance
This doesn't happen too often of course, but nonetheless it is a reason to get yourself a high level CM.
Fun fact: CM works with any cold attack, including Freezes Target and Frozen / Shiver / Chilling Armor.
Note that CM only works if a monster has positive cold resistance. If the monster has <=0 cold resistance, CM will be pointless.

This is also known, but: Static Field damage goes up as monster lightning resistance gets lower below 0.
Coupled with the "no floor" for monster resistances, makes for this fun fact:
Getting a monster's lightning resistance low enough (<-300) will make SF do >100% damage, which means insta-killing monsters with SF. Obviously, this is barely a real-life scenario. You'd need a necromancer with level a 31 Lower Resist (-66) and a paladin with a level 42 Conviction (-235), and that's assuming the monster has 0 lightning resistance to begin with.

The item attribute Damage Reduced by ..% is essentially physical resistance, meaning that Amplify Damage and Decrepify are direct counters. Its ceiling is reached at 95%, rather than at 75 or 50 like in later patches. If you would have DRb 145% and you get cursed with Decrepify, you will still be at 95%, meaning Decrepify was futile. I think this is the only resistance that's not affected by difficulty penalties.

As for "MSLE" or Multiple Shot + Lightning Enchanted, I couldn't help but wonder what's happening, and since I couldn't find specifics:
  • LE: Releases 8 "charged bolts" when hit, spawned with more or less 45 degrees between bolts.
  • MS: Adds 2 duplicates of the projectile that the monster shoots, fired in an arc that takes distance into account. (Similar to amazon's Multiple Shot or necromancer's Teeth.)
  • MSLE: Two Duplicates of the the LE enchantment are added as second and third projectiles, but are triggered when hit rather than on attack. This means 8 bolts make up left_projectile, and another 8 bolts make up right_projectile. The bolts forming these MSLE projectiles use the same pathing as the MS projectiles do, but obviously have their appropriate bolt-missile properties (damage, velocity, always-hits, etc).
  • This means that if you take damage at all, it will be from at least 8 bolts. Otherwise, from all 16.
  • The damage of a single LE bolt is 1+([mlvl/2]*2), for mlvl93 this is 95 damage per bolt. In this case, the damage of both MSLE projectiles would be 2*8*95=1520.
  • I assume the MSLE projectiles get released towards whoever the monster is targeting, who is not necessarily the attacker. Haven't tested.
Obviously, lightning resistance and MDR are fantastic here. 75 lightning resistance would negate 1140 of 1520 damage, leaving only 380. Then, any MDR you might have would get applied 16 times, to every bolt independently. 24 MDR would suffice in this case to fully negate the rest of the damage damage.

However, as is known, Conviction can change everything.
In case a level 11 Conviction (-80) brings you down to -5 lightning resistance. You could get smacked for 1596 lightning damage. Even with 50MDR, there would still be 796 damage left to take.
(I don't know what level auras unique monsters use, I just picked 11 as an example.)

If the MSLE projectiles are triggered when the unique has no target, the bolts spawn at N, E, S and W, moving in a straight line. This means that if the unique has no target and gets hit, there will be 4 blobs of 4 stacked bolts moving in 4 different directions.

I suppose the original 8 LE bolts also use these same 4 points as starting locations/numbers, but then get an offset, and pathing. The MSLE bolts will spawn at these default locations also, but pathing depends on the unique's target, and the bolts don't require an offset. I guess when no pathing is assigned, the bolts just move in the direction they were spawned towards.
(I could be totally wrong about this part, they're just some conclusions based on in-game observations.)

Obviously I'm nerding hard right now. I'm having just as much fun finding out in what ways 07 is different from the other patches, as I have fun playing it. And I wouldn't even have tried it if my 1.09b barb hadn't died! Happy accidents yo.
But yeah, Magic Resistant is obviously a fairly brutal unique bonus. If applied, it applies a fat 255 resistances. On the other hand, if spawned but not applied, it literally does nothing (except for showing up in the monster's description).

Anyway, if you spotted any mistakes/untruths, I'd appreciate corrections :)

Edit: Just editing to warn that the stuff about resistances is incomplete, and probably partly incorrect: Magic Resistant apparently has some bugs, and in my tests I was relying on the monster's description to tell me what he was immune to, but those descriptions also can't be trusted. Sorry!


pharphis (Sep 3, 2017 at 10:36 PM)

This does raise a question for me regarding an earlier post I made... sorry I don't know how many pages back it was but it was regarding a high res unique monster in the icy cellar or drifter cavern several months ago... I can't find the picture I took so maybe it was on my other PC or something. I'll try to dig it up later!

Basically the problem was that static field just stopped doing damage after awhile, which didn't make sense to me.

edit: here's the post...


Fruit (Sep 4, 2017 at 7:23 AM)

Hm, maybe there's still something I'm missing then :-/

Your Frozenstein right there should have 50/20/95/95/270/0, so presuming your LR was level 1, he should have 64 lightning and 239 cold resistance left. SF should do 9% damage at this point, and level 24 CM should bring his cold resistance down to 26 (assuming it gets rounded down).
He has a common damage regen of 2 (whatever that means - 2% per second?), and his health also is not especially high (1974-2369) times 8 (unique life boost) times.. whatever the player boost is in 07 :D

So, I don't know. You'd think that 9% damage per SF would be visible damage, and that your FO would easily damage him at his 26 cold resistance.
Does SF damage scale with players in 07? I remember reading that it does, but maybe I'm mixing up patches again :D
Maybe >250 cold resistance is a problem for CM somehow?
Maybe things change with >1 player? For all I know it multiplies damage regeneration, or decreases effectiveness of things like LR or CM.

I also totally forgot about that kind of scenario, where 100 inherent resistance gets slammed with +75 +75 and +20. Pretty nuts :D

Anyway, I guess the most obvious thing to try is to just copy the situation and see if I get similar results. I'll give it a try in single player, then with 2 players, then 3. I mean, at this point there's not much that would surprise me about 07 :p


Fruit (Sep 4, 2017 at 3:06 PM)

Either I overlooked something in my testing, or this is one hell of a ninja-bug.
Or was this known all along?

Early conclusion is that Magic Resistant bugs out lightning resistance:
At the time MR spawns, lightning resistance uses cold resistance to add the 75 from MR to. So in the case of your Frozenstein, 175 cold resistance was used as a base to add 75 to, for both cold and lightning resistance. So, after MR was applied, his F/L/C resistances were actually 75/250/250.
After applying level 1 Lower Resist, he would still have 219 lightning resistance. Obviously, this isn't reflected in his description.

This can go both ways however, meaning that this bug can end up in your favor:
If lightning resistance is higher than cold resistance before MR is applied, then it means the bug will make him end up with lower lightning resistance than he otherwise would have.
Geleb Flamefinger. Ph(50), L(100). Spawns with [5]ES and [9]FE, so an extra F(75).
Let's say he randomly spawns [17]LE and [8]MR, now his F/L/C resistances should be 75/150/75, but in stead, he actually has 75/75/75. His description will say "Immune to Lightning", but don't let him fool you!

This might still be a premature conclusion though, but so far everything has been checking out.
Also, +1 for onderduiker! :D

As for the description stuff, Conviction and Amplify damage do not seem to update monster descriptions either. I guess they figured the LCS wasn't enough. Decrepify and Lower Resist do seem to "work", but something tells me that we should not trust that :D

Edit: Magic Resistant also seems to weird out cold resistance in some cases. I had a monster with 100 inherent cold resistance spawn with MR -> CE, he stayed immune as expected. But when spawning CE -> MR, he was vulnerable to cold damage, despite "Immune to Cold".


Fruit (Sep 9, 2017 at 3:38 PM)

As for Travincal, some players mentioned that the entire Council is lightning immune by default, but in fact only Geleb Flamefinger plus his four minions are lightning immune, the other 6 members are fire immune.

And because pictures work better than plain text, in the next example, Geleb Flamefinger is not lightning immune! In stead, he is cold immune:

I posted a little bit about this bug with Magic Resistant earlier, and the above case is an example where it shows. The damage that he sustained there was done exclusively with lightning damage. He has 75 lightning resistance and 175 cold resistance, because their values were swapped before MR applied its resistances. Don't trust descriptions, folks!

(And don't mind the paladin's lack of gear, he's just a test rat.)
Fruit (Sep 6, 2017 at 11:07 PM)

And just gonna dump some redundant 07 Mana Burn data, examples at the bottom:
The bonus:
  • +20 magic resistance.
  • 400% of attack damage is applied as mana damage on successful hit.
  • Both ranged and melee attacks can apply mana burn.
  • Only physical attacks can apply mana burn.
The bad:
  • Difficulty level penalty to resistances applies to mana damage. This simply means (*1.4) on Nightmare and (*2) on Hell.
  • Monster will be healed for the amount of mana damage dealt.
  • Additional projectiles from Multiple Shot will apply mana burn.
  • If Extra Strong spawns before Mana Burn, mana damage will be doubled.
The good:
  • The item affix "Magic Damage Reduced by" reduces mana damage. (Therefore, this will also lessen the healing.)
  • Critical hits do not increase mana damage.
  • Fanaticism (Aura Enchanted) does not increase mana damage.
  • Might (Aura Enchanted) does not increase mana damage.
  • Minions do not apply mana burn.
The misc:
  • Energy Shield does not reduce mana damage.
  • Fade does not reduce mana damage.
  • Battle Cry does not reduce mana damage.
  • Weaken does not reduce mana damage.

Unique Hell Bovine on Hell with Extra Strong, Mana Burn, Extra Fast.
He rushes and smacks you for a high damage roll of 183, multiplied by 2 because of ES, then multiplied by 4 because MB, then multiplied by 2 because of difficulty penalty.
Luckily, you're carrying 2927 MDR, so only 1 mana damage is dealt. Good job!

Unique Flesh Archer on Hell with ES, MB, Multiple Shot.
Your lousy positioning causes you to get hit by all 3 projectiles. They all roll for maximum damage: (8+(5*7))*3*2*4*2=2064.
Luckily, you only have 5 mana left, so the Archer heals for only 5 points as she empties your globe. Good job!

Unique Misshapen on Hell with ES, MB, MS.
He hits you with his lightning ball.
Well, joke's on him; MB only works with physical attacks. Good job!


GalaXyHaXz (Sep 7, 2017 at 5:58 AM)

Actually it's 256x the intended amount. First the game shifts the base value (2^8). This makes it 100-150 mana. Then in the final calculation it shifts it again (2^8) which makes it ~25,600-38,400 mana. This was a 1.10 bug. :D


Fruit (Sep 7, 2017 at 9:26 AM)

Thanks for the insight!

Yeah I knew(read) about the *256 bug for melee, but it doesn't seem to apply to 07. At least, "my numbers" show there's no such bug going on. (So I assume you mean that it was introduced in 1.10, and non-existent before it.)

Weird that I've never seen this "aura bug" until this patch, after years of playing Diablo 2. FYI it even happens for me when teleporting straight towards an enemy, so leaving/returning is apparently not how it necessarily happens. Not really a game breaking bug obviously :p Just curious.

Also, wow, that list just showed me of how many bugs I was never even aware. It's actually pretty funny to imagine how Diablo would look if every single bug was fixed. (I always hated the Smite bug, lol.) Pretty nice that there are explanations, they do show how big a mess the code has always been :p


GalaXyHaXz (Sep 7, 2017 at 10:34 AM)

Mana burn was shifted one time before the 1.10 patch, then after that they broke it.

1.10+ bugs only (notice any of this when you play 1.07?)
- Unique monster packs no longer spawn purple, pink, or vivid green (they ****ed up the palette shift)
- Fireballs in the river of flame do not work right (the one's coming out of the lava)
- Baal's corpse explosion doesn't work right (there's no animation or explosion)
- Diablo's hose animation is broken
- Flayers don't cast their aura
- Fallen Shamans don't use the right resurrect animation
- Horadrim Ancient's don't use correct monster sounds
- Various other animations/sounds are broken
- New glitches in trade screen (I won't go into detail here ;))

There's a lot more but I'm to many drinks deep to type the rest xD

After this came a post in which fruit discovered that the barbarien masteries as well as the claw mastery do not give any Deadly Strike no matter what it says in the description. That's basically all of it, no need to quote 7 posts. Also the bug where masteries give 100% Deadly Strike on the first level is 1.09 exclusive.

Fruit (Sep 26, 2017 at 8:23 PM)
I took a look at Deadly Strike and amazon, and surprisingly, Critical Strike and DS stack in the sense that they quadruple damage. This applies to melee attacks, but not thrown javelins (see below). I haven't yet checked how things work with bows.

Bad news: +%Damage and +Damage that are on your javelin do not apply if you throw it. Deadly Strike also does not apply to thrown javelins (but Critical Strike does). So for Lightning Fury, it's pointless to have +%Damage or +Damage on your javelin. The base damage is used, so using a Matriarchal Javelin is still a good idea.
Strength increases the damage of thrown javelins, but dexterity does not.

(Or was this already known? It's a bit of a shame that we don't have an updated guide/thread :( Information is quite scattered, and sometimes even lost because of dead links.)

But yea.. I've seen some very nice javelins in this thread for LF amazons, but it turns out they are not as great as I thought. :x
Fruit (Sep 26, 2017 at 8:23 PM)
And something regarding racking..
Not sure if this was known, I could not find info on this specific thing.
A bit of a wall, so spoiler tags:
The orange circles below are points where you can cast a summon, but it can not spawn there. In stead, it will spawn at a near "valid" point.
The blue circle is just a regular point, nothing special about it.

To the rack, for some reason, there's a difference. If I'd cast a Decoy at blue, the rack will tick 1X, but if I'd cast a Decoy at orange, the rack will tick 1Y. For this particular rack, this means it changes from a Maul to a Throwing Axe, or from a Maul to a Military Pick.

As for the Hydra, since it spawns three separate "entities" or whatever, it will tick the rack three times.
If I would have casted the Hydra at blue, the rack would've ticked 3X, but since I casted in the corner, two of the heads were pushed from "invalid" to "valid" spawn points, which ticked the rack for 2Y. One head was able to spawn where it was "meant to spawn", so 1X from that one.

And for example casting a Golem at the spot where your current Golem is, will tick the rack for 1Y, and not 1X. This probably counts for all summons, except for..
Hydra seems to be an exception to this, I suppose because they have no collision.

Edit: Forgot to mention that you yourself are of course also an entity with a collision, meaning casting a Golem or whatever on your own location will tick the rack 1Y.

Note that the order does not matter: 1Y + 1X is the same as 1X + 1Y. While this limits possibilities, it does tell us a little bit more about what's going on.

This can open up quite a few extra possibilities, depending on your class/skills.


Below's a list of skills that I've tested that will tick racks. Blade Sentinel always ticks the rack 1Y for whatever reason, perhaps because it spawns on your own location.
Bone Wall specifically is awkward because it spawns between 5, 7 or 9 segments depending on slvl and, I guess because of how their spawns are handled, it's not very reliable from my experience.
I haven't tested summons that require a corpse :p

clay golem
blood golem
iron golem
fire golem
bone wall (each segment)
hydra (each head)
blade sentinel (always invalid)
shadow master
shadow warrior
traps from assassin
traps from shadow warrior / master
all druid summons
Fruit (Oct 13, 2017 at 10:24 PM)

just thought I'd share this since I saw @Grape mention in his 99 thread that he was using Laying of Hands on his Furyzon:
+% Damage to Demons (and +% Damage to Undead) does not apply to thrown javelins, nor to arrows. Only physical melee damage benefits from these stats.

I'll add, though, that these stats are significantly more powerful than in later patches, because they are a separate multiplier.
To give an example, I'll assume a sword attack that rolls for 200 damage, swung by a character with 200 strength and a slvl 7 Might aura (+100%), wearing LoH:
  • 1.14: 200 * (100 + 200 + 100 + 350 / 100) = 1500 damage
  • 1.07: 200 * (100 + 200 + 100 / 100) * 350 / 100 = 2800 damage
The stat works with Berserk, and also with Deadly Strike. Note that when you're using Whirlwind, +%DtD and +%DtU from off-hand will not apply.
The Bul-Kathos' set adds +200% DtD, so (if it works) that might actually be the highest damage for Whirlwind?
Fruit (Oct 13, 2017 at 10:24 PM)

Another small thing I might as well share:
In multiple threads I found a bunch of posts saying something about reaching a 4-frame hit recovery animation as a way of dealing with Baal's beam, but.. this really wouldn't do you any good.

Although it's true that the missile has a 4-frame delay, the skill is actually a regular one-shot. The only time you would really benefit from that delay is when both Baal and Baal Clone cast a beam within 4 frames of each-other, because in such a case, only one of them would apply damage.

It definitely looks like the plan all along was to make it a per-frame inferno-like skill, but I guess they just couldn't finish it in time.
Baal's beam on Hell does 512-544 (pure magic) damage, but because your magic resistance is -100 there, it will do 1024-1088. (You can not increase your magic resistance in 1.07, as far as I know.)
MDR does reduce the damage, but how much does the average character stack? 30? 50? 70?
Important to know is that this attack can crit like any other, which should be the reason for the reports of insanely damage (the most it can do is 2176).

(And if the beam actually functioned as a per-frame inferno, the moment you'd get out of a 4-frame hit recovery animation, you would most likely get put into a new one immediately after.)

As for the mana burn part of this attack: Whenever it hits, 50% of your current mana will be taken. MDR does not reduce this.
So if you'd have [3000/3000] mana, the attack will take 1500 of it. Or if you'd have [1000/2000] mana, the attack will take 500.


helvete (Oct 13, 2017 at 11:54 PM)

I know for sure that the magic attack death thing by Baal can be survived by a sorc using energy shield. The full rejuv is only taken after the hit, as I'm usually drinking when playing.

Are you sure that magic and/or physical resistance is lowered in NM/H diffs? Because I don't think I should be able to survive in that case....


Fruit (Oct 14, 2017 at 9:00 AM)

Good point, I didn't think of ES. That lowers the damage indeed.

Just a quick example to cover the mentioned things:
Let's say the attack rolls for the lowest 512 damage, against a player using an slvl 5 ES (-40%), who has 50MDR and a full mana pool of 1000.

First, -100% magic resistance will boost applied damage to 1024.
MDR works after resistances, but before ES, so 1024-50=974.
Unfortunately, the mana burn part of the attack is applied first, so this will reduce mana from [1000/1000] to [500/1000].
Next, ES could absorb "only" 250 of the remaining damage before mana would be depleted, so the char would take (974-250=)724 damage.

(Small note: Energy Shield absorbs damage based on [slvl at the time of taking damage]. It won't even help to have ES on switch. It's actually possible to have an slvl 0 ES up that doesn't do anything, except for showing graphics.)

Physical resistance is not lowered on NM and Hell, but magic resistance definitely is. Not a lot of attacks deal magic damage, though. So far, I only know of Baal's beam, Diablo's "cold hand" (1/3 cold, 2/3 magic), and Bone Spirit from Oblivion Knights.
(According to the patch notes, the difficulty penalty to magic resistance was removed in 1.09.)
Fruit (Oct 17, 2017 at 5:37 AM)

Maybe it's no good for you, but I made a list of uniques somewhere last month. It's a bit messy, but it works (at least for me) as a quick reference :j

The file is attached to the post in case you care to check it out.
(The forum converts tabs into spaces, so the list is not very readable when posted here.)

Some info about it:
It's a basic list of:
item_code, [qlvl of item], item_name, [Qlvl of unique], unique_name

It's categorized as:
  • Must be racked [everything above qlvl66]
  • Can drop from monsters on hell [up to qlvl66]
  • Can drop from monsters on nightmare [up to qlvl54]
  • Can drop from monsters on normal [up to qlvl39]

Quick list of [mlvl] and [maximum qlvl] on Hell:
[78] Andariel [15]
[**] Duriel [24]
[90] Mephisto [33]
[90] Diablo [36]
[95] Baal [39]
[93] Council (Unique) [33]
[90] Council (Minion) [63]

It's impossible to obtain: Windforce, Eaglehorn and Stormspire.

A couple of names in the list might contain typos or even be (partly) incorrect, because they were taken from the files (which have a few mistakes).
GalaXyHaXz (Oct 18, 2017 at 4:51 PM)

Any items forwarded will work as normal in that patch. For certain items however, people prefer to socket them in 1.07. Due to a bug, some items have a lower socket cap.

Here's the table for reference. This is the MAX sockets allowed for each item type based on ilvl. Some items however, specify more or less than the max. For example, shields specify 3os even though they can get 4os. Orbs and heads cannot get sockets, even though the actual item is set to be able to. These issues were fixed in 1.09 for everything except circlets (still capped to 1os) which was fixed in 1.10.

ITEM TYPE          ILVL (1.07/1.08)       ILVL (1.09+)                       NOTES               
                   1-25  26-40  41+    1-25  26-40  41+                                           
Shield              3      3      4     3      3      4                   No shields specify 4os in 1.07
Body Armor          3      4      6     3      4      6            No body armor specifies more than 4os
Scepter             3      5      6     3      5      6                                           
Wand                2      2      2     2      2      2                                           
Staff               5      6      6     5      6      6                                           
Bow                 3      4      5     3      4      6                                           
Axe                 4      5      6     4      5      6                                           
Club                3      4      6     3      4      6                                           
Sword               3      4      5     3      4      6                                           
Hammer              3      4      6     3      4      6                                           
Knife               2      3      3     2      3      3                                           
Spear               3      4      4     3      4      6                                           
Polearm             3      4      4     3      4      6             Max 4os is good for Infinity/Insight
Crossbow            3      4      6     3      4      6                                           
Mace                3      4      6     3      4      6                                           
Helm                2      2      3     2      2      3                                           
Assassin Claw       2      3      3     2      3      3                                           
Sorceress Orb       0      0      0     2      3      3                             Bugged at no sockets
Necromancer Head    0      0      0     2      3      3                             Bugged at no sockets
Paladin Shield      3      4      4     3      4      4                                           
Barbarian Helm      2      3      3     2      3      3                                           
Druid Pelt          2      3      3     2      3      3                                           
Circlet             1      1      1     1      2*     3*                        Bugged at 1os until 1.10
Amazon Bow          3      4      5     3      4      5                                           
Amazon Spear        3      4      4     3      4      6
GalaXyHaXz (Oct 23, 2017 at 6:32 PM)

As @Fruit mentioned a few pages back, ATMA's drop calc is not correct for 1.07 or 1.08. This is because:

a) ATMA looks for softcoded super unique drops--but they are hardcoded
b) ATMA uses all tiers for bosses--even though they only use one
c) ATMA thinks unique monsters can spawn in areas they cannot

All of these issues are fixed now. You can download the fix in the 1.08 thread or get it HERE. It applies to both 1.07 and 1.08 and should fix the incorrect results.

Edit: just as an FYI, super unique monsters drop from their base unique type. In other words, the Cow King will drop the same way as a Unique Cow. Bishibosh will drop the same way as a Unique Fallen Shaman, etc. One caveat about this is that Boneash (Inner Cloister) will drop from an Act 2 Unique monster, giving him higher level loot than Andariel!!
Fruit (Nov 1, 2017 at 8:54 PM)

The penalty is obviously very different in v1.14. For clvl76-83, v1.14 is actually more generous, but for clvl70-75 and clvl84+, v1.07 is more generous.
The difference for clvl98 is nuts: 20% in v1.07 vs 0.59% in v1.14. Honestly, I think they went way too far with the penalty in later patches.

The mlvl vs clvl penalty is the same, though. So at clvl98, you want to kill at least mlvl93 to avoid that penalty.

Izual actually has the highest base XP of any monster, but unlike most other unique monsters, he will not grant 500% XP. This is because he doesn't generate random affixes. And (because of the same reason) he will not get +3 to his mlvl, thus stays at mlvl90, thus will be affected by the mlvl vs clvl penalty.
And this applies to act bosses as well, which makes them all pretty lousy for XP runs. At clvl98, one Travincal run (160.296) already nets you more XP than killing Baal (155.552) would.
(It's even worse for Diablo and Mephisto, because they're both only mlvl90, and therefore grant only 43% of their XP to a clvl98.)

Hell Travincal runs are kinda tier 0 XP runs: Three guaranteed mlvl93 spawns with a high base XP, always together, always the same location, six minions as extra, and it's a pretty short walk to get there. Hell Cows just can't beat that.


GalaXyHaXz (Nov 1, 2017 at 5:44 PM)

Not sure what the best Clvl would be, but I'm assuming as early as possible would be fine. It only takes a few cow runs to power level into the 60's.

There has always been a global XP penalty except in the first three patches. In April/May of 2000, Blizzard decided to raise the max Clvl from 50 to 99 but they didn't yet implement a penalty.
They also capped regular monsters to mlvl 85 instead of 90 in 1.10, making it even harder. We can do runs of unique monsters (lvl 93) which give good XP even at 98.

1.00 - 1.02: No global penalty
1.03 - 1.09:
Clvl 76-80 -> 1/2 experience.
Clvl 81-85 -> 1/3 experience.
Clvl 86-90 -> 1/4 experience.
Clvl 91+ -> 1/5 experience.
70 -> 95.31% | 80 -> 48.44% | 90 -> 5.96%
71 -> 90.63% | 81 -> 43.75% | 91 -> 4.49%
72 -> 85.94% | 82 -> 39.06% | 92 -> 3.42%
73 -> 81.25% | 83 -> 34.38% | 93 -> 2.54%
74 -> 76.56% | 84 -> 29.69% | 94 -> 1.95%
75 -> 71.**% | 85 -> 25.00% | 95 -> 1.46%
76 -> 67.19% | 86 -> 18.75% | 96 -> 1.07%
77 -> 62.50% | 87 -> 14.06% | 97 -> 0.78%
78 -> 57.81% | ** -> 10.55% | 98 -> 0.59%
79 -> 53.13% | 89 -> 7.91%


Fruit (Nov 2, 2017 at 12:01 PM)

Edit: Removed the XP multiplier formula, since it isn't what's used in 1.07. Looks like the 1.09 table is used rather than the one from 1.08:
    1 = 1
    2 = 1.75
    3 = 2.5
    4 = 3.25
    5 = 3.75
    6 = 4
    7 = 4.25
    8 = 4.5

The monster health multiplier formula I posted was also wrong. I don't think any other LOD version uses this table:
    1 = 1
    2 = 2
    3 = 3
    4 = 3.75
    5 = 4.5
    6 = 5.25
    7 = 5.75
    8 = 6.25


  • Diablo II 2 07 qlvls and Qlvls unique items.txt
    10.8 KB · Views: 10
Last edited:
Ok, next batch including pages 219 to 229. There is about a window from late 2017 to mid 2018 in which fruit took a break from D2 so this post has a lot more GalaXyHaXz. Also Fruit told me that he first started looking into the code near the end of 2018 and accordingly this post contains all posts by him and GalaXyHaXz up to that point.

GalaXyHaXz (Nov 12, 2017 at 12:53 AM)

So I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that @Fruit is right, crafting is capped at alvl 65. However, the good news is that I think I finally figured out why 1.07 crafting is bugged...

The reason I was always getting alvl 99 on my crafts was that I removed the other items from the recipe. I.e. I could put a weapon in the cube and keep rolling without the other ingredients. This led to an unexpected discovery, that the ilvl of the last item in the sequence is used! The sequence for crafting is:

Item -> Jewel -> Rune -> Gem

In 1.09+, the first item in the sequence is where the ilvl comes from. However, in 1.07 it is the last item in the sequence. This means the game uses the ilvl of the gem for crafting. As you may or may not know, Gems do not store any item data. They are just a header and data code, they have no item level! This means when 1.07 looks for the ilvl, a "buffer overflow" occurs. It will read garbage data in memory, since the needed data does not exist. This "garbage data" contains random numbers. Occasionally, the random number in the ilvl position will be high enough to roll an item with alvl 99!!! When I removed the other items from the sequence, the ilvl of the actual item I was using was being used. Which explains why the ilvl was increasing every time I rolled.

Sadly, because this is a buffer overrun, we have no way of knowing for sure. Forcing alvl 99 probably isn't possible, unless you could see ilvl in game and wait until the memory on stack overflows so every craft will guarantee it. :(


GalaXyHaXz (Nov 12, 2017 at 1:09 AM)

By "sequence" I mean the order the game reads the ingredients. There are 7 ingredient columns in the cube recipes. The last item specified in this "sequence" is where the ilvl comes from. Unfortunately, this will always be the gem. The order you place items in the cube has no affect on the sequence, as the game processes each ingredient in that order.

This bug is easy to figure out. Basically in 1.09, it stores the ilvl of the first item processed, but in 1.07 it gets overwritten by all other items.

Edit: the item buffer the cube uses should usually be big enough that the remaining data will be all "zeros". This explains why 65 is the max, since only 2/3 of the clvl is used. However, the memory can be placed elsewhere, overwriting garbage data and thus boosting ilvl.


Fruit (Nov 12, 2017 at 2:25 AM)

Interesting development! :)

I think the problem might be the runes specifically, and not the gem or the order.
Because if you set numinputs to 3, and have the order to be wep -> j.ew -> gem, the gem will not overwrite the ilvl of the j.ew, and the ilvl of the j.ew will in fact be used to generate an ilvl of (0.66*ilvl)+(0.66*clvl). However, if you set numinputs to 3 and have the order to be wep -> j.ew -> rune, then ilvl=0 and thus you will end up with (0.66*clvl) as final ilvl.

Perhaps the game is supposed to simply skip simple items, and it successfully skips the gem while failing to skip the runes? Wrong flags assigned?

Edit: Good lord, censuring on this site.


GalaXyHaXz (Nov 12, 2017 at 2:47 AM)

I only did a couple tests and both gems and runes seemed to generate an ilvl of 0. Whenever I swapped it to Jewel -> Rune -> Gem -> Weapon, it "correctly" used the ilvl. I'll look into it more later, but it could possibly be the runes. Gems were already in the game and properly coded, but runes/runewords were bugged like hell in 1.07.


Fruit (Nov 12, 2017 at 9:07 PM)

Edit: ^ Something along those lines perhaps? Maybe they just forgot to assign the flag.
It kinda looks like runes are tried to be used in ways they can/should not be used.
Neither gems or runes seem to store an ilvl at any point. If you're saying that runes do generate one, that's probably part of the problem then.

If the first item is a gem, the recipe simply won't work (Transmute won't do a thing). Possibly because gems are flagged to be a simple items without an ilvl etc, and are not allowed to be used like that. If the first item is a rune however, the recipe will work, but as expected, none of the automods, nor an ilvl will be applied. Because the output uses the first item from the chain, and a rune will not receive any affixes, or an ilvl.

I guess the reason that (Jewel -> Rune -> Gem -> Weapon) works, is because the weapon will overwrite the "ilvl of the rune".
If you would change the order to (Jewel -> Rune -> Weapon -> Gem), then the jewel will use the ilvl of the weapon, effectively skipping the Gem. However if the order was (Jewel -> Gem -> Weapon -> Rune), then the rune overwrites the weapon and the formula uses ilvl=0 for calculations.

Looks like you're right that the runes in 1.07 are bugged pretty hard. I thought it was just runewords that were buggy, but it definitely seems like the runes are the reason why all the crafting recipes are broken. I also assumed that the itemlevel pct column was just disabled in 1.07, but now I see that it's actually functional.

Your theory that an overflow causes the ilvl bug probably doesn't change, if the problem is in fact the rune and not the gem?

And it most likely was an oversight, or perhaps a bug, that the next item in the chain overwrites the ilvl of the prior. Since the weapon or armor is always the first item in the chain for the crafting recipes, its ilvl would never actually be used; it would be the jewel's. The rune unfortunately sets ilvl to 0.

Edit: I said that the output uses the first item from the chain, but that's probably only true for the weapon recipes, and not for any of the others. But this has no impact on the ilvl situation of course.


GalaXyHaXz (Nov 13, 2017 at 12:59 AM)

@Fruit Yeah everything surrounding runes is pretty buggy. Apparently in 1.07-1.08 you could put "RalOrtTal" in a 4os paladin shield and it will still have Ancients' Pledge, but you get 1 free socket to put something in. I could not get this to work however. There are also more bugs out there.

Even if it is the rune instead of the gem, this will not change the overflow bug. There are three types of items:

Simple Items -> Runes, Gems, Potions, Books, Scrolls etc. (contains only item header--runes do however contain a fingerprint on the realms AND in 1.10 beta)
Extended Items Type 1 -> Weapons, Armor, Jewelry, Jewels (contains header, data, item level, properties)
Extended Items Type 2 -> Set Items, Runewords (contains header, data, item level, properties, runeword/set properties)

Note that extended items type 2 are bugged in 1.07/1.08, and do not correctly save the runeword properties. (Partial) set properties don't exist until 1.10, which is why set items brought forward do not have them on the inherent properties.
GalaXyHaXz (Nov 12, 2017 at 2:47 AM)

Also, regarding MPK rings and why they exist--in "Classic" D2 the "Cold Resist" prefix used group 121. In the expansion, group 121 was changed to "Triumphant". Therefore, the recipe bugs out because the game simply sees it as "oh we need 36 in group 121" so it then adds it to that group. The same bug exists for all the other recipes:

Prismatic Amulet -> Can merge with poison resist (group 120)
Cobalt Ring -> Can merge with Triumphant (group 121, does spawn on rings)
Garnet Ring -> Could merge with sockets (group 122, doesn't spawn on rings)
Coral Ring -> Could merge with Att/Dmg vs. Demons (group 123, doesn't spawn on rings)
Viridian Ring -> Won't merge with anything (group 124)

After this there is yet another attempt at the affix level formula and again I will not copy all of it since it is full of misunderstandings and fruit finds the real deal later on anyway. However there is one thing I want to emphasize because I feel it is important:
GalaXyHaXz said:
Here is our official crafting formula, reversed from D2Common.dll: (also applies to 1.08, except the unknown flag)
//From D2Common, calculate Affix level
if ( (unsigned WORD)v43 < 1 ) // unknown flag
  affix_lv = ilvl + 2;
Notice how at the beginning, it checks some flag and if it is less than 1 it uses ilvl+2. However, this was always 100 in my testing, and I tested jewelry, amor, etc. This unknown flag was removed in 1.08, which implies it was a reminiscent of classic or the beta. It could possibly be the "amulets get magic bonus ilvl + 2".

I consulted fruit about this and the fact of the matter is that this 'flag' is not some hidden magic level from Classic. Rather it tells the game whether the item is Classic or Expansion (Classic is 0 and Expansion 100).

Now why does the game set alvl=ilvl+2 for Classic Items? Well that's easy: This is how the game determines alvl in Classic 1.00-1.06b for EVERY item. The theory that amulets get a +2 to affix level via some hidden magic level is NOT correct. (@Helvete This is relevant for the repost of the 1.00 Guide I suppose :p)

GalaXyHaXz (Nov 16, 2017 at 7:04 AM)

Now, which one of you pip-squeaks is man enough to complete the 1.07 runeword grailer? @pharphis? Did I see you just raise your hand!?

Oh, and what's funny is all runewords are set to be server-only, and the beta ones are disabled. However, the game ignores both of these flags so they are still possible to make. Notice how some of them use the same runes (Wind-Sur El) and some have better runes (Enigma has a Cham--CBF). Also, the only Claw recipe (Shadow) is impossible to make since it requires 4 runes.
Beta Rune Words         Allowed Items                       Rune Order

Desire                  Helms                               Lo + Ort + Ith
Despair                 Melee Weapons                       Pul + Cham + Lum + Pul + Ort
Destruction             Axes/Clubs/Hammers                  Eth + Ral + Gul + Amn
Doom                    Axes/Clubs/Hammers                  Shae + Ber + Pul + Ith + Eth + Thul
Dragon                  Melee Weapons                       Um + Nef + Lum + Eth + Lo
Dread                   Melee Weapons                       Lem + El + Ko + Hel
Dream                   Helms                               Ral + Eth
Duress                  Body Armor                          Shae + Um + Thul
Edge                    Axes/Swords/Daggers                 Ber + Ort
Elation                 Helms                               Nef + Vex + El
Enigma                  Body Armor                          Cham + Ber + Ith
Enlightenment           Helms                               Thul + Eld
Envy                    Helms                               Ko + Tir
Eternity                Melee Weapons                       Pul + El + Tal + Lem + Ber
Exile                   Shields                             Tal + Nef + Tir + Thul
Faith                   Shields                             Fal + Cham + Um + Ral
Famine                  Axes/Clubs                          Eld + Vex + Eld + Tir + Lem
Flame                   Swords                              Pul + Eth + Tal
Fortitude               Clubs/Hammers/Maces/Scepters        Shae + Eth + Tir
Fortune                 Daggers                             Eth + Amn + Sur + Hel + Vex
Friendship              Shields                             Shae + Tal
Fury                    Melee Weapons                       Jo + Lum + Ist
Gloom                   Axes                                Gul + Ith + Shae
Glory                   Melee Weapons                       Mal + Fal + Tal + Eld
Grief                   Missile Weapons                     Lum + Ist + Eld + Eld
Hand of Justice         Maces/Scepters                      Ko + Eld + Zod + Sur + Um + Po
Harmony                 Body Armor                          Sol + Zod + Hel
Hatred                  Melee Weapons                       Ral + Thul + Pul + Po + Tal
Heart of the Oak        Staves/Clubs                        El + Nef + Eth + Hel
Heaven's Will           Scepters                            Mal + Hel + Ko + Shae + Amn + Ko
Holy Tears              Scepters                            Ist + Ral + Tal + Gul
Holy Thunder            Scepters                            Tal + El + Eld + Eth
Honor                   Melee Weapons                       Ith + Ort + Sol + Ral + Ral
Humility                Helms                               Ith + Shae + El
Hunger                  Swords/Daggers/Axes/Spears          Ral + Hel
Ice                     Swords/Daggers/Axes/Spears          Tal + Hel + Po + Nef
Infinity                Staves                              El + El + Sol + Tal
Innocence               Scepters                            Ith + Um
Insight                 Helms                               El + Nef + Fal
Jealousy                Weapons                             Hel + Po + Ort + Lem
Judgement               Melee Weapons                       Lem + Ort + Tal + El + Amn
King's Grace            Swords/Scepters                     Nef + Eld + Eth
Kingslayer              Swords/Axes                         Mal + Ort + Gul
Knight's Vigil          Melee Weapons                       Ral + Nef + Eth + Lum + El
Knowledge               Helms                               Ort + Lem
Last Wish               Shields                             Sol + Thul + Ral + Ith
Law                     Shields                             Um + Ral + Fal + El
Lawbringer              Melee Weapons                       Um + Lem + Ber
Leaf                    Staves                              Eld + Ith
Lightning               Melee Weapons                       Po + Hel + Sol + El
Lionheart               Body Armor                          Ort + Lum + Po
Lore                    Helms                               Amn + Thul
Love                    Shields                             Gul + Fal + Gul + Sur
Loyalty                 Shields                             Nef + Ral + Um
Lust                    Melee Weapons                       Sol + El + Ort + El + Lo + Eld
Madness                 Helms                               Gul + Ohm
Malice                  Melee Weapons                       Tir + El + Nef
Melody                  Missile Weapons                     Thul + Po + Eth
Memory                  Staves                              Jo + Ort + Nef + El
Mist                    Melee Weapons                       Amn + Ral
Morning                 Shields                             El + Vex + Tir
Mystery                 Staves                              Sol + Eth + Lem
Myth                    Staves                              Ohm + Zod + Hel + Ith
Nadir                   Helms                               El + Tir
Nature's Kingdom        Clubs                               Um + Eth + Um + Ral
Night                   Melee Weapons                       Ral + Ith + Gul + Amn
Oath                    Scepters                            Po + El + Nef + Ort
Obedience               Body Armor                          Po + Lum
Oblivion                Axes/Hammers/Maces                  Jo + Zod + El + Po + Hel + Sur
Obsession               Melee Weapons                       El + Sol + Ith + Tal
Passion                 Melee Weapons                       Mal + Tir + Po
Patience                Helms                               Amn + Sol
Pattern                 Weapons                             Tal + Ort + Tal + Tir + Eld
Peace                   Shields                             Um + Ith + Eld + Lem
Penitence               Melee Weapons                       Thul + Hel + Ith
Peril                   Weapons                             Fal + Tir
Pestilence              Weapons                             Tir + Ko + Tir + Sol
Phoenix                 Melee Weapons                       Amn + Sur + Ort + Hel
Piety                   Scepters                            El + Ber + Eth
Pillar of Faith         Scepters                            Pul + Lem + Ith + Tal + Ith
Plague                  Daggers/Swords/Spears               Pul + Shae
Praise                  Scepters/Maces                      Vex + Eth
Prayer                  Scepters                            Sol + Eth + Shae + Tir
Pride                   Melee Weapons                       Dol + Fal + Eth
Principle               Melee Weapons                       Zod + Nef + Mal
Prowess in Battle       Weapons                             Shae + Ral
Prudence                Body Armor                          Mal + Tir
Punishment              Melee Weapons                       Eld + Nef + Ral + Mal
Purity                  Melee Weapons                       Tir + Amn + Ohm + Ort + Ko
Question                Staves                              Sol + El + Ith
Radiance                Helms                               Eth + Tir + Tal
Rain                    Clubs                               Cham + Ith
Reason                  Helms                               Amn + Vex + Lem
Red                     Weapons                             Shae + Ort + Po
Revenge                 Staves                              Nef + Tal + Tir + Ral
Rhyme                   Shields                             Ort + Sol
Rift                    Axes                                Eld + Tir + Ort + Eld + Ko + Ith
Sanctuary               Shields                             Ko + Tir + Ral + Thul
Serendipity             Clubs/Maces/Scepters                Ith + Fal
Shadow                  Claws                               Lo + Ith + Ral + Thul
Shadow of Doubt         Helms                               Tal + Amn
Silence                 Weapons                             Lum + Ort + Fal + Lem + Po + Lem
Siren's Song            Melee Weapons                       Lo + Thul + Tal + Lem
Smoke                   Body Armor                          Hel + Tir
Sorrow                  Melee Weapons                       Tir + Nef + Shae + Gul + Nef
Spirit                  Weapons                             Mal + El + El + Ber + Shae
Splendor                Shields                             Eth + Lum
Starlight               Staves/Swords                       Lem + Nef + Tir
Stealth                 Scepters                            Eth + El
Steel                   Swords/Axes/Maces                   Nef + Tir
Still Water             Melee Weapons                       El + Thul
Sting                   Swords/Daggers                      Nef + Amn + Lum
Stone                   Maces/Hammers/Clubs                 Ral + Thul + El
Storm                   Axes/Hammers                        El + Tir + Hel + Nef + Tir
Strength                Melee Weapons                       Ort + Tal
Tempest                 Weapons                             Eth + Eld + Ral + Ist
Temptation              Helms                               El + Ko
Terror                  Weapons                             Ist + Ith + Fal + El
Thirst                  Melee Weapons                       Eld + Ort
Thought                 Helms                               Shae + Po
Thunder                 Hammers/Maces/Axes                  Hel + Ist
Time                    Staves                              Sur + Gul + Ber + Nef + Jo + Ko
Tradition               Scepters                            El + Ort + Nef + Ral
Treachery               Melee Weapons                       Sur + Ko + Vex
Trust                   Helms                               Amn + Eld + Cham
Truth                   Swords                              Fal + Um + Ohm + Vex + Nef + Lum
Unbending Will          Body Armor                          Ort + Cham + Tal + Tal
Valor                   Melee Weapons                       Nef + El + Lo
Vengeance               Weapons                             Ith + Amn + El
Venom                   Weapons                             Ort + Sol + Mal
Victory                 Melee Weapons                       Tal + Nef + Eld + El
Voice                   Helms                               Tir + Ith
Voice of Reason         Melee Weapons                       El + Ith + El + Ort + Eth + El
Void                    Melee Weapons                       Amn + El + Jo + Ral + Pul
War                     Weapons                             Gul + Amn + Nef + Tir + Nef
Water                   Melee Weapons                       Eth + Ohm + Zod + Po
Wealth                  Body Armor                          Tal + Pul + El
Whisper                 Melee Weapons                       Dol + Tir + El
White                   Wands                               Lum + Ith + Eld
Wind                    Melee Weapons                       Sur + El
Wings of Hope           Melee Weapons                       Thul + Tir + Lum + Tir + Ral
Wisdom                  Staves                              Ral + Jo + Ral + Ko + El
Woe                     Melee Weapons                       Tir + Nef + Ith + Ort + Dol
Wonder                  Wands                               Nef + Sol + Ist
Wrath                   Melee Weapons                       Ral + Eth + Lo + Hel + El
Youth                   Body Armor                          Ral + Hel + Tir + Lum + Pul
Zephyr                  Missile Weapons                     Tal + Ith
GalaXyHaXz (Dec 14, 2017 at 10:32 AM)

Nice amulets. Don't forget you can forward the gems to 1.08 for better Set/Unique odds.
(Note: This table doesn't take into account that in determining the quality the game substracts 1 from the rarity, e.g. the chance to roll a Nagelring at clvl between 16 and 30 is actually 1 in 999 in 1.07 and 1 in 799 in 1.08. Just a nitpick though, the chances are obviously similar.)
GalaXyHaXz (Dec 22, 2017 at 12:11 AM)

Back when I posted the 1.08 thread I planned to include an extensive section on racking, but ultimately kept it short since few people play that patch anyway. So here's a little more details on racking mechanics based on my testing.

How is a rack seeded?
Whenever you click on a rack, several steps are taken to determine what happens next.
1) First the area level is read to determine what can't drop. If the area level is higher than 10 or so, Staffs/Wands/Bows/Crystal Swords are excluded from the possible items. I think Blizzard allowed them in lower areas to increase the low variety early on. If the area level is higher, than those items and any item qlvl > alvl are excluded.
2) Now with the list of remaining items, an item is chosen based on the X/Y coordinates of the rack (which is based on the map seed). Diablo is an isometric 2D game, so in this case the Y position is skewed.
3) If a monster, minion, or other non-player "sprite" spawns nearby, the rack is reseeded. The seed is changed based upon the new X/Y locations of the monster in question.
4) In case of Hydra, Town Portal, Traps, etc. player based sprites have much less radius in reseeding a rack than monster spawning does. From my testing it seems monsters have a radius of ~1 screen where as player sprites are only 3-4 yards.

Sparse populate: 1.00-1.08 vs. 1.09
So why is it that racks are no longer stable in 1.09? Since we know monsters are what determines the rack, we look into the code responsible for spawning them. The sparse populate function is responsible for fetching a list of monsters, and putting them in the game. Prior to 1.09, they are spawned based on the following:
1) What monsters are specified for a given area?
2) Is the chosen monster enabled and set to be spawnable?
3) If so, spawn all monsters within a ~2 screen radius of the player. The map seed shall determine variants, pack size, and location.

I take it this was an oversight on Blizzard's part. Seeing as Pre-LoD drops from the Cow King and other monsters are the same, they planned to randomize it in the expansion. They fixed the drops for monsters, but overlooked the function which populates the area. This wasn't changed until 1.09. The difference is that in 1.09, step #3 is based on more variables such as time, game seed, RNG outputs, etc.

You will notice that in 1.07 unique monsters will usually be the same type of monster, and always spawn in the exact location. The new mechanics of 1.09 randomized this, which in turn changes the amount of monsters and the location of them. This makes it much harder to rack, although not impossible. There are still maps in 1.09+ which have fewer monsters by the racks, and usually churn out the same item.

Here is a crappy paint drawing to give you a better idea. The big "X" is the actual location determined to spawn the pack, which is randomized in 1.09. The dots around it are the different monsters in that pack.
link broken

Empircal testing
I performed a test awhile back. Upon removing all monsters from the game, each time every rack would spawn the exact same item. I could take different paths, wait a different length of time, etc. but the rack would never change until a monster or player sprite was introduced into the area.

I created a small custom map of a square area and filled it with tons of racks next to eachother. No monsters spawned in the map. Pretty much all racks had the same sequence, although a few racks that were close enough together seemed to influence the drops.
GalaXyHaXz (Mar 2, 2018 at 6:38 AM)

Well, to question the RNG we have to first understand how it works. Many computers do not actually have hardware to generate random numbers. Instead, they are pseudo random generated through either simple or complex algorithms (such as that of rand() used in the C library). In order to keep it from generating the same numbers over and over, time is often used as the rand seed.

Another common way to generate random numbers is by measuring CPU cycles/ticks. I.e. GetTickCount. Because the processor is regulated frequently, this will almost always return a different number. Diablo II happens to use both methods for its' RNG.

First when the game is opened, the random seed is set based on the current time. Whenever you actually create a game, a "game seed" is generated for that session. That helps keep things even more random within the already random map seed. The next part is going to depend on the patch. Prior to 1.09, it appears only the map seed is used in determining monster spawn points. As we've known for awhile, racks are only influenced by rack location and sprite spawn points. Every time a monster spawns in its' "active" radius, the rack gets reseeded or "refreshed" by the code responsible for updating the sprite table. Going back even further, prior to 1.07 it appears loot dropping was also only affected by map seed. This allowed for legitimate "dupe" items a.k.a monsters can sometimes drop identical rares if killed the same way (time+location).

Now in the current patch, I've noticed more calls in various loops to return the processor speed. It seems whenever you make a game, the game seed, map seed, and processor speed are all factored. The latter is the most random of the three, and is likely responsible for the unpredictable nature of monster spawn points. This amounts to changing racks more often, of course some racks will be semi-stable on occasion due to monsters being disallowed to spawn on certain tiles.

With that being said, I've had some maps where it takes 10 runs to see a gold, others thousands with nothing to show for. In the process of searching for racks, I often get one or two random unique items--usually useless although I did rack a random Arreats' before. That alone would convince me that rack quality is much more random than the rack itself. But it's no doubt that time is likely the biggest factor here. If you could "freeze" your computer's CMOS and the rack dropped more consistent, that would give us a big clue.

TLDR -> Quantum computers for the win!! They react to noise, perceiving decibels, frequency, bit rate, and patterns as machine processor instructions! They would use white noise to generate random numbers, which is basically impossible to predict and can be intercepted in practically an infinite number of ways. Imagine your girlfriend walks in to yell at you for spending too much time on D2. Then in that moment, her voice triggers an RNG change which happens to leave a Zod lying in front of you.

Sorry, but I'm busy playing video games hahaha!
GalaXyHaXz (Aug 17, 2018 at 1:32 AM)

Meant to post this almost a year ago, but forgot to so here goes.

There are actually two functions in the code responsible for adding sockets to an item per Larzuk. One is in the client (D2Client) and the other is the server (D2Game). First the client function is called and says "determine if this item can be socketed, if so, roll a random number of sockets". After which, the item quality and random socket # is passed to the server which then does basically the same thing again. Now, this is where things get interesting...
1.08 Patch Notes said:
- Fixed a bug where quests and horadric cube recipes could generate items with too many sockets.
"quests" is obviously referring to Larzuk. Specifically though, the first function (Client) was bugged. In 1.07, the function checks if the item can have zero sockets (<1) instead of at least one (>=1) like in 1.08. This allowed some items to be socketed client-side when they shouldn't have been, at the usual 3-sockets for crafts and 1-4 for magics. Problem was that some items couldn't get that many sockets, but it would try to do so anyway.

In 1.08 this bug was fixed, however a new bug was created as a side effect. They broke the client function which then ends up passing the wrong arguments to the server. What does this mean?

It means that ever since 1.08 the socket quest has been broken, and the server still tries to give 3 sockets to crafts and 1-4 to magic. As a matter of fact, when 1.10 allowed 2 sockets on rares, they even added that to larzuk's quest! Larzuk is supposed to give 1-2 sockets, AS PER THE SERVER CODE, but the code is always skipped thanks to the broken client, and thus they end up getting 1. Thanks Blizzard :p

If anyone doesn't believe me, check the server function in a decompiler (1.08 or 1.14) and you'll see something like this:
        case QUALITY_NORMAL:
            nSockets = random(1, 6);
        case QUALITY_MAGIC:
            nSockets = random(1, 4);
        case QUALITY_RARE:
            nSockets = random(1, 2);
        case QUALITY_UNIQUE:
        case QUALITY_SET:
            nSockets = 1;
        case QUALITY_CRAFTED:
            nSockets = 3;
Fruit (Sep 3, 2018 at 8:55 AM)

Prayer, Cleansing and Meditation are not synergized. The only synergies are the 3 Druid summons (and they do include softpoints).
Telekinesis also is not a synergy: Energy Shield takes 2 mana for every point of life it absorbs.

Baal's beam is a single missile that deals 512-544 magic damage on Hell. But since your Magic Resist is -100 there (caused by the difficulty penalty), it will deal 1024-1088 magic damage. Like anything else, this missile can crit for 2048-2176.
MDR will reduce its damage, but since it is only one missile, MDR gets applied only once to this massive damage.
After MDR has been applied, ES will reduce the remainder of the damage (but not before the beam takes 50% of your current mana!).

The stuff about Laying of Hands and 4-frame hit recovery were all myths unfortunately, none of that will help you.

The conclusion.. Avoid that beam. :p
Otherwise, your only options for protection, like pharphis and zemaj suggested, are high life, MDR, and ES.

And a quick note on ES: Whenever incoming damage "activates" it, it uses your current skill level, not the skill level from when you cast it. So if you cast ES with a +3 ES staff, and then switch away from that staff (or remove it), ES will lose those 3 levels. If ES is level 0, it will still display, but not actually do anything.

Finally during this period @PindleScratcher made an archive of the 1.07 News, Info and Gossip thread:
PindleScratcher said:
For reference, ease of search and archival purposes: this thread in a .txt file.
This thread has been converted into an audiobook.
Some other offline reference material here.
He also added a zip with a .txt version I attached. It needs to be noted that this does not include any images or the user names, just posts separated by *'s. Nevertheless it's a start if we ever lose the original thread.


  • 1_07_News_Info_and_Gossip.zip
    854.4 KB · Views: 2
After page 229 there are no posts by GalaXyHaXz and the vast majority of fruit's insights are gained via debugging. Over the pages 229 to 249 fruit unloads a staggering amount of game info which I will split up three ways. First I'll compile the crafting and affix level info in this post, then I'll put his superchest info into the new superchest thread (in progress) and finally post the remaining insights in here in a separate post. (The third item will probably be done before the second though)

Fruit (Feb 24, 2019 at 5:34 PM)

Well I've wiped hours worth of nerdy Diablo notes because I overwrote the text file I had them stored in. Perhaps that backups aren't such a bad idea after all. :p

But now that I'm going over a few functions again to get some stuff back, I thought it would be good to share a little bit of craft-related affix stuff. I remember there being a bunch of talk about it earlier in the thread, but I can't recall anyone posting the complete/correct thing. (Not that there's much to it.)

As usual I've failed to keep it short, so I'll spoiler it up, but I did want to point out to those who didn't know, that the ilvl thing is actually a bug. The new_ilvl = (clvl*66/100) thing is known, but it is supposed to be new_ilvl = (clvl*66/100) + (ilvl*66/100). The problem is that the rune bugs things out and ends up overwriting the "current ilvl" with 1, so you get (1*66/100), which ends up 0. So our juicy crafts were actually supposed to be much better, but this bug cripples them.

After the ilvl has been set to (clvl*66/100), the minimum number of affixes will be determined. The very minimum is 1, while the very maximum is 4. The minimum is bumped up at these breakpoints:
ilvl 31: 2 affixes
ilvl 61: 3 affixes
ilvl 91: 4 affixes
Because of the rune bug, 91 is impossible to reach for crafts. The random roll is done before the minimum is evaluated. There is a 40% chance for 1, and 20% for 2, 3 and 4. If the result of the random roll is less than the minimum, only then is the value bumped up to the minimum. This means that regardless of ilvl (because it's always less than 91), the chance for 4 affixes is always 20%.

Then, a few small formulas generate a value that will be used to evaluate which affixes are included in the (list for a) random roll. First, there's a temporary value, I'll just it temp, and I'll just call the level of the item_base qlvl, as I believe that's the norm. Initially, temp is simply set to the highest of ilvl and qlvl.

Then, if magic_level > 0, then this is already the final step:
eval_value = temp + magic_level
Otherwise, if magic_level = 0, then:
temp = temp - ( qlvl / 2 )
Lastly, if qlvl > 45 & magic_level = 0:
eval_value = temp + qlvl - 45
If qlvl is 45 or below, then the final step is skipped, and eval_value is set to whatever temp is at the time. The final eval_value gets low-capped to 1, or high-capped to 99.

This eval_value is then used to compare the affix_level to when making a list for the random roll. The evaluation is simply: if affix_level > eval_value, and when true then that affix is not added to the list.

Well, I think that should be the relevant stuff already. Hopefully my explanation wasn't too vague. Or too long. :p (Or too wrong!)
Fruit (Mar 1, 2019 at 7:00 PM)

pharphis said:
is anyone able and willing to make a list of the affixes of interest that could now be obtained by using this technique?
I'm willing to give it a shot. Not sure if I'm able to pull it off though as I'm very unorganized.

But I guess this is a start. blvl = the level of the item base, qlvl = quality level, the maximum possible affix level. Sorry to go against the stream with the abbreviations but it's becoming confusing for my poor brain to switch between different names all the time. :oops:
clvl = 99
ilvl =  1 ( rune )

blvl qlvl
   1 65 < Ring & Amulet
   2 64
   3 64 < Leather Boots
   4 63
   5 63
   6 62
   7 62 < Heavy Gloves
   8 61
   9 61
  10 60
  11 60
  12 59 < Bracers & Belt
  13 59
  14 58
  15 58
  16 57
  17 57
  18 56 < Breast Plate
  19 56
  20 55 < Light Plate Boots
  21 55
  22 54
  23 54
  24 53 < Plate Mail
  25 53
  26 52
  27 52
  28 51
  29 51
  30 50
  31 50
  32 49
  33 49
  34 48
  35 48
  36 47
  37 47
  38 46
  39 46
  40 45
  41 45
  42 44
  43 44
  44 43
  45 43
  46 43
  47 44
  48 44
  49 45
  50 45
  51 46
  52 46
  53 47
  54 47
  55 48
  56 48
  57 49
  58 49
  59 50
  60 50
  61 51
  62 51
  63 52
  64 52
  65 53
  66 54
  67 56 < Wyrmhide Boots
  68 57 < Luna
  69 59 < Vampirebone Gloves & Vampirefang Belt
  70 60
  71 62
  72 63 < Vambraces & Mithril Coil
  73 65
  74 66
  75 68 < Great Hauberk
  76 69
  77 71 < Mirrored Boots & Troll Belt
  78 72 < Aegis
  79 74 < Hellforged Plate
  80 75
  81 77 < Kraken Shell

Edit: No craftable bases above level 81.

So the above table shows the maximum possible affix level for when runes are ilvl 1 & clvl is 99.

If your rune is ilvl eighty-eight, so from Lower Kurast, you'd only need clvl 63 to get ilvl 99 crafts:
clvl = 63
ilvl = ** ( rune )

blvl qlvl
   1 99 < Ring & Amulet
   2 98
   3 98 < Leather Boots
   4 97
   5 97
   6 96
   7 96 < Heavy Gloves
   8 95
   9 95
  10 94
  11 94
  12 93 < Bracers & Belt
  13 93
  14 92
  15 92
  16 91
  17 91
  18 90 < Breast Plate
  19 90
  20 89 < Light Plate Boots
  21 89
  22 **
  23 **
  24 87 < Plate Mail
  25 87
  26 86
  27 86
  28 85
  29 85
  30 84
  31 84
  32 83
  33 83
  34 82
  35 82
  36 81
  37 81
  38 80
  39 80
  40 79
  41 79
  42 78
  43 78
  44 77
  45 77
  46 77
  47 78
  48 78
  49 79
  50 79
  51 80
  52 80
  53 81
  54 81
  55 82
  56 82
  57 83
  58 83
  59 84
  60 84
  61 85
  62 85
  63 86
  64 86
  65 87
  66 87
  67 ** < Wyrmhide Boots
  68 ** < Luna
  69 89 < Vampirebone Gloves & Vampirefang Belt
  70 89
  71 90
  72 90 < Vambraces & Mithril Coil
  73 91
  74 91
  75 92 < Great Hauberk
  76 92
  77 93 < Mirrored Boots & Troll Belt
  78 93 < Aegis
  79 94 < Hellforged Plate
  80 94
  81 95 < Kraken Shell

Edit: No craftable bases above level 81.

As for weapons, well, blvl varies from 1 to 76, so I guess we should first make a list of bases that are worth crafting at all, and then handle them individually.

I realize the tables above don't tell you which specific affixes are now available that weren't yet before, but that just has to be figured out and listed with the help of magicsuffix.txt and magicprefix.txt. Any affix higher than the value from the first table & equal to or lower than the value from the first table, is now available. Note that if the ilvl of your rune is higher or lower than eighty-eight, then you'd just need lower or higher clvl for your craft to end up ilvl 99, but the table stays the same.


Fruit (Mar 2, 2019 at 3:45 PM)

WoRG said:
I saw you posted a list of alvls for for different qlvls given an ilvl of 99...does this mean you worked out the 1.07 affix formula? Its not the same as the formula we know for v1.09+, and I'd dearly love to know what it is...
WoRG! Thank you so much for you awesome guide!

The formula is small and simple, but for some reason I'm struggling with the explanation. :( I'll try to be complete and clear about it:

First, the ilvl of the craft is (rune_ilvl*66/100) + (clvl*66/100). Both calculations are truncated after the division, before they are added up. After they've been added up, the minimum is 1, the maximum is 99. Then the actual affix formula starts.
if qlvl > ilvl, then: temp = qlvl
                else: temp = ilvl

if magic_lvl > 0, then: alvl = temp + magic_lvl

else if magic_lvl = 0 & qlvl < 46, then: alvl = temp - (qlvl / 2)
else if magic_lvl = 0 & qlvl > 45, then: alvl = temp - (qlvl / 2) + qlvl - 45
The (qlvl / 2) bit is truncated as usual. Final alvl is low-capped to 1 and high-capped to 99. That's all there's to it.

I think that this is also used for Magic & Rare items btw, but I'm not 100% sure on that. The only difference would be how ilvl is determined.

Shortly after fruit revealed the alvl formula, helvete inquires about the ilvl bug again, asking if it can be cancelled out by a different bug, this leads to this exchange:
helvete (Feb 24, 2019 at 11:29 PM)

Items have been known to get ilvl 99 or sometimes high 80's though. Perhaps some other bug can sometimes cancel out the rune bug?


Fruit (Feb 25, 2019 at 11:49 PM)

Not quite sure what to look for. Can't imagine that only specific runes are (un)affected, and it also doesn't look like it only affects specific bases or recipes.

Edit: As "simple items", runes don't really have/save an ilvl, but I wonder if they do have a "proper ilvl" in the game they were found in, which is then wiped when leaving the game? Or maybe the bug is that in some circumstances it's the qlvl of the rune that's used, rather than its ilvl. Hm. :D


helvete (Feb 25, 2019 at 12:27 PM)

If you can circumvent the bug by crafting in the game the rune is found... that will drastically change my muling frequency!


Fruit (Feb 25, 2019 at 5:35 PM)


Didn't even know that. But after a quick test, it does actually look like this is what's happening here as well. (Truth hurts, gentlemen.)

I got myself a rune from a monster, crafted an item, and hey... the ilvl of the rune is 28, equal to the monster (cow) that had just dropped it. Thus, final ilvl became (50*66/100) + (28*66/100) = 51, as my character was level 50. Maybe this is premature, but I already feel like I've wasted the majority of my crafts with ilvl 1 runes. :p

The ilvl dropping to 1 is intentional, and not related to ATMA. I don't have ATMA or GoMule installed to test, but it's possible that transferring an item with these programs may prevent this from happening.

I wouldn't be surprised if transferring a rune with one of these muling programs keeps the ilvl intact, otherwise it might mean that all those ilvl 66+ items were crafted in the game that the rune was found in. Not impossible of course, but I think most of us first bank materials, to then later do a batch of crafts, rather than just one craft at a time.

- Do ATMA and GoMule show the ilvl of runes at all? I figured they might not, since runes are "simple" items.
- What happens to the ilvl of items with one of 100+, when transferred with these muling programs? Did I correctly understand that they stay at 100+?

Well, might as well start narrowing down. I'll find out if runes dropped from chests as well as from monsters get a "normal" ilvl initially, but I suspect there is no difference. I'll also check if the ilvl of a rune drops to 1 when saving the character, or when joining a game. Because if it's when joining, then GoMule or ATMA should not be able to affect things. Though I bet it's at saving, not joining. :p


Then fruit responds to a deleted post by @zemaj


Fruit (Feb 27, 2019 at 5:22 PM)

Good ol' GalaXyHaXz drawing false conclusions because he manipulates the files too much. Sloppy guy. :p But yeah, it was already pretty close. It's just that nobody thought of the idea that maybe runes initially do get a "normal ilvl". I really just bumped into the "solution" by luck, because after helvete mentioned the bug, I checked the misc.txt file (where the runes are listed) to see if there's anything funky going on, and when I realized that the column is called "compactsave", it hit me that maybe the item is actually "normal" until it is saved. So one quick test with a cow and a craft was all it took to find out. :D (This compactsave column dictates which items are "simple", used for items that don't have any variable values.)

What I'm reading about ATMA confuses me at this point. :p Wasn't it so that when you hotmule an item, it immediately disappears from your inventory in-game, real-time? Because that sounds to me like the item is taken from memory, rather than from a save file.

Because saving your character file does not affect your character in-game. You could even verify this by creating a single-player game with the same character in 2 different instances of D2. Let's say you empty your inventory in one instance, then leave the game, thus saving the character file, it's not like that's going to real-time affect the in-game character in the other instance. So if ATMA would take an item from your save file, then it should not just disappear from your character in-game, even if ATMA saved the character file after taking the item. So you'd think that ATMA takes an item from memory directly, not from a file on disk.

Ja? Nein?
Fruit (Feb 25, 2019 at 8:06 PM)

Well I can at least confirm that the game wipes the ilvl when leaving the game. The game sees it's a simple item, and skips saving the ilvl. I don't know what happens when the game auto-saves, I assume that the ilvl gets wiped at that point as well, but that would not affect the item in-game in real-time, and therefore wouldn't go in affect until you leave the game. But I have no clue what happens when these muling programs swap items; are they taken from the save file, or the game? Do these programs save simple items as simple items, and thus remove the ilvl themselves? I'm clueless to how they work. :p

Thought I'd mention btw, that at first it is actually the jewel that overwrites the ilvl of the weapon/armor. The cube function simply reads the entry (from cubemain.txt) from left to right. So if the rune wasn't bugging things out, then we would have used the jewel's ilvl, and still not that of the weapon/armor. :p The gem is successfully skipped, as the rune also should've been.


Fruit (Feb 26, 2019 at 11:50 AM)

pharphis said:
Has it been confirmed that the auto-save feature is enough to overwrite the ilvl in-game?
I guess I was unclear as usual. :p Sorry!
Fruit said:
...but that would not affect the item in-game in real-time, and therefore wouldn't go in affect until you leave the game.
No, the auto save does not affect the item in-game. Saving just updates your character file on disk, but it changes nothing about the game you are in.

But what happens when you use ATMA or GoMule to hotmule the item, I wouldn't know, as I don't have/use them.
TeeDeeBoy said:
Interested to learn if time is the only trigger for the auto-save character function.
As far as I could tell the only other triggers are quest-related. But I didn't look for long, so I could easily have missed something. :p But the auto-save won't overwrite the ilvl of the item in-game, so if you use the rune in the game it was found in, it'll be good. :cool: No need to hurry, and no need to keep any save-triggers in mind.

Edit: Maybe good to mention that the ilvl of crafts gets capped to 99, so if your rune came from LK, the ilvl will already cap out when you're clvl 63, and there would be no benefit to being higher level (sorry pharphis!). I didn't mention it before because I thought that ilvl 65 was the maximum anyway. :p Oh the good ol' pre-99 days, eh?


A while after this @WoRG did some further testing on what does and doesn't wipe rune ilvl:


WoRG (Mar 21, 2019 at 7:00 AM)

Nope...selling a rune and buying it back won't give it an ilvl...or it gives it an ilvl of 1. I've not yet discovered any way to renew a rune's ilvl, only ways to wipe it. Transferring a rune via the in-game trade interface wipes its ilvl, just drop it and pick it up the way any sane person would anyway. Weirdly, if a character who has a 'fresh' rune (one with an ilvl) completes an act, when the new act starts, the rune is still there, but is now 'stale' (has no ilvl). I suspect it has something to do with the break for the cinematics...



fruit (Mar 21, 2019 at 11:36 AM)

That's interesting that trading and act completion wipe the ilvl, I suppose that must mean that your character is saved & loaded at these moments. I presume you concluded this @WoRG by trading or completing an act after finding a rune in that game, then use it for a craft and then check the craft's ilvl in ATMA later?

Just fyi, an ilvl can never come back once it's been wiped. It would be amazing if we could preserve the ilvl somehow, but I'm convinced there is just no way. Edit: Not to discourage new ideas, though! The rune sell & buy was a good idea as for all we knew it would get a new ilvl based on the vendor. @DiabloTwoinDC suggested this last month as well. :D You just can't predict what kind of funny quirks Diablo has in store for us.
Fruit (Mar 12, 2019 at 5:45 PM)

helvete said:
@Fruit gems don't get an ilvl ever, right? Thinking about reroll magic item which sets ilvl to 1.
This was kinda already answered by pharphis and WoRG, but just to clarify, the magic item re-roll recipe has it's own (silly) specific problem, because all three level-related columns are set to 0 in the cubemain.txt file, which means it skips using any ilvl, it skips using clvl, and it also skips setting a fixed level. So it just ends up 0, after which the cube function sets the ilvl to the minimum of 1. I'm afraid we can't get around this one. :p

But in case anyone was curious, gems do initially get an ilvl just like runes do, but I don't think it's ever used. (The cube function appropriately skips gems.)

Edit: And "fun fact", the rare item re-roll recipe that uses a SoJ ends up using the ilvl of the SoJ in stead of that of the rare item. :> The socketing recipe leaves the ilvl intact though (not that it matters in that case).

It has been confirmed that for a monster or chest drop the rune's ilvl is the lvl of whoever dropped it, here fruit gives the ilvl for other sources:
Fruit (Mar 26, 2019 at 2:10 PM)

Hellforge is indeed area level (27, 60, 93), and Qual-Kehk is clvl.

So NM and Hell Hellforge are very convenient as far as ilvl goes, Normal Hellforge is less interesting as you will end up with a craft of ilvl 82 at best, so no guaranteed 4 affixes. (If you have a ton of Jewels, you could still do it, I guess.) As for Qual's runes, I suppose one way to use them is to do Ancients on all difficulties for your rushees, to get them to clvl 52. Then to get a craft of ilvl 91+ for guaranteed 4 affixes, the crafter has to be at least clvl 87 (if the rune's ilvl is 52).

I'll check 1.08 later today, unless someone beats me to it. :p


Fruit (Mar 26, 2019 at 4:55 PM)

Forgot to post this earlier, but yes this is the same in 1.08. Qual's runes = clvl, Hellforge its runes = area level.
Fruit (Mar 15, 2019 at 12:17 PM)

It looks like for crafts it is indeed 10+(3*random_affixes)+highest_affix_rlvl. This can be overwritten if the rlvl of the item itself is higher, or by +skill bonuses on the item (there are 10 stats checked specifically, I suppose these are those automod stats from Wands, Staves, Bows, etc). There are some more evaluations in there, but I don't think any of them will ever change the result (unused stuff).

But yeah, the maximum possible rlvl for crafts should be 86+12+10 = 108. The alvl of of Freezing Arrows (on gloves) is 94 btw, so that's only possible to spawn on the Heavy Gloves recipe using a high ilvl rune, and the craft will need to be ilvl 97, so it will have 4 affixes for sure.
Note: In modern patches the level requirement for charge affixes is significantly lower for the class that has the skill the charges provide, so even though a pair of gloves looks like it has rlvl 108 to a Sorceress it might be much lower for an Amazon. It should be tested whether this is the same in 1.07, so don't throw away those rlvl 108 crafts just yet!


I talked to fruit about the alvl formula and double checked with him that this is equivalent to his description:

If magic level (mlvl) is non-zero:
        max(ilvl,qlvl)-[qlvl/2]        , if qlvl is at most 45
alvl =
        max(ilvl,qlvl)-[qlvl/2]+q-45   , if qlvl is at least 46
This formula determines the alvl of every magic, rare or crafted item based on its ilvl and qlvl.

What follows now is about items with mlvl=0. First a graph for alvl in terms of ilvl:
and for comparison the same graph for 1.10+:
The main difference here is that the 1.10+ formula is more refined and is actually scaled in such a way that an ilvl 99 item will have alvl 99 as well. The same is not true for 1.07 where for example a qlvl 45 item has a maximum alvl of 77 (at ilvl 99). The highest alvl possible on an item type is displayed in the value next to 99 at the upper right corner in all four graphs.

Now what alvls are we actually interested in? Since every item type has different affixes this can't be answered without looking at every item specifically, however there is one important piece of information about alvls:
There are only 4 affixes (all suffixes) of alvl 91 or higher:
  • 'of Vita', alvl 91, spawns on Grand Charms.
  • 'of Lightning Fury', alvl 92, spawns on Gloves.
  • 'of Freezing Arrows', alvl 94, spawns on Gloves.
  • 'of Vita', alvl 110, spawns on Grand Charms.
The two charm affixes are uninteresting for crafting purposes and the remaining two are generally avoided by crafters. So we can say that the highest alvl that could be of interest on a given item at all is 90. Incidentally '+2 Class Skills' has alvl 90 on amulets. This highest interesting alvl is of course different for other items and it's also subjective what is interesting or not.

A short calculation shows that every item of qlvl 19 or less AS WELL AS every item of qlvl 71 or more has alvl 90 (or higher) at ilvl 99 so for these items ALL affixes except potentially the four listed above are possible with the new way of crafting and a sufficiently high rune ilvl and clvl.

Furthermore the alvl formula shows that with ilvl 99 every item has at least alvl 77.


Finally for the sake of completeness a list of all items with non-zero magic level:
Anyone up for some orb rerolling at ilvl 1? :D
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Now for some fruit posts that are unrelated to crafting and affix levels:
Fruit (Feb 17, 2019 at 4:30 PM)

In this thread here, 1.07 mercenaries came up, and one thing in particular was act 5 mercenary damage as he has a one-handed sword equipped. I've taken a closer look, and thought I'd share:

If he uses Bash or Stun with a one-handed sword, his base damage is:
hireling_damage + item_damage + item_damage - 1
So, yes, his item damage gets doubled, and then 1 is subtracted.

However, when he does not use Bash or Stun, it actually gets even worse, because when he does not use these skills, then his damage from monstats.txt is added as well.
On Hell, this damage is a juicy 69-92, basically an extra weapon.

When using a two-handed sword, this doubling does not happen, and no monstats damage is added.

As for Bash and Stun, the reason they don't get any damage added from monstats is because these skills do "Attack 5", which (in monstats) deals 0-0 damage. His regular attack however does "Attack 4", so the game simply adds this damage from the monstats file.
(For your information, on Normal this damage is only 1-1, and on Nightmare it's is 37-49.)

His damage is then further increased by things like Strength and auras.

Bash unfortunately is bugged and does not add the flat +Damage that the skill description says it adds, because this +Damage is only added to the value that's used to calculate leech, and not to the actual attack damage that's dealt to the monster. This is also the case when the Barbarian uses this skill (sorry Bash enthusiasts!).

As for that hireling_damage, this is taken from hireling.txt, and assuming your merc was bought on Normal, this damage is calculated as:
level 42 and above:
Minimum: 27 + mercenary_level - 42
Maximum: 31 + mercenary_level - 42

level 28-41:
Minimum: 16 + ( ( mercenary_level - 28 ) * 6 / 8 )
Maximum: 20 + ( ( mercenary_level - 28 ) * 6 / 8 )
(As usual, the remainder is truncated after the division.)

To give you an idea, let's say you bought a mercenary on Normal that's now level 80, and on Hell he does a regular attack using a Hydra Edge that has something like +100% Enhanced Damage:

item_damage: 48-126
item_damage: 48-126
hireling_damage: 65-69
monstats_damage: 69-92
subtract: 1-1
base strength: 199

The damage added up makes 229-413, then multiplied by strength makes 684-1234, and that's with a pretty mediocre sword.
Bash will have a lower base damage because of the lack of monstats damage, but this skill does have +% skill damage to make up for some of that loss. Stun lacks +%, so that deals the lowest damage.

Lastly, the mercenary screen is way off about his damage. I wouldn't even bother using it as a reference. :p


Fruit (Feb 18, 2019 at 5:22 AM)

As @zemaj implied, two-handed damage is calculated "normally". In the hireling's case, that means hireling_damage + item_damage.
I don't have a Grandfather myself unfortunately so I'm not sure if the damage per level stat is applied correctly. I remember reading about some bug related to two-handed weapons here at diabloii, but I can't remember what patch or what particular stat it was about. Something about a stat not being applied to two-handed weapon damage at all. (Maybe it was the +%Damage / level from Hellslayer, but not the stat from Grandfather that was broken?)

I can see the +life argument though since monsters are pretty relentless in 1.07, and mercenaries don't have a lot of hitpoints. If Holy Freeze was reliable/permanent I certainly would've picked that merc over the A5 one.

Oh, and I've edited my prior post, as I had actually forgotten to double the item damage in the example calculation. :D The damage looks a lot better now.

But for reference, this would be the calculation with a Colossus Blade with +150% Enhanced Damage in similar circumstances:

item_damage: 42-267
hireling_damage: 65-69
base strength: 199

The damage added up makes 107-336, then multiplied by strength makes 319-1004. So, still not too bad. :) And this hasn't even included the damage/level stat, so if that works properly, it's good damage. For final DPS there is of course the attack speed factor as well, but without the botty bnet economy you can't just give your merc a bunch of 40/15 jewels. :p


Fruit (Feb 19, 2019 at 4:21 PM)

Well I can confirm now that the +Max Damage per level on Grandfather does work, both when the sword is used one-handed as Barbarian, or two-handed as Barbarian or mercenary. The +%Max Damage per level on Hellslayer does not work however, and the +30-50 on Kelpie Snare also does not work. But this same stat is also found on Bloodletter, and on that weapon it does work, so it looks like it's a problem with two-handed specifically, and not so much the stat per say.
I was hoping the Kelpie Snare thing was just a display bug, but alas. At this point I feel like items like the The Grandfather are actually the exceptions when their stats are working. :p
Fruit (Feb 19, 2019 at 4:21 PM)

And then some racking stuff. It was brought up on this page here, but it felt more appropriate to post this here for now. So far I've only checked the 1.07 weapon rack, but it's a start. (The idea is to find out the differences between 1.07 and 1.14 racks.)

OK, the weapon rack function will check every single weapon from the weapons.txt file, which in 1.07 has 305 entries. Every "eligible" item that is found is added to a list. If an item has spawnable set to 0, or quest set to anything other than 0, then the item does not get added to the list at all.
As expected, these are those items:
decoy dagger
Wirt's Leg
Horadric Malus
Hellforge Hammer
Horadric Staff
Staff of the Kings

If the weapon passed those checks, but its level is higher than (area_level - 1), it also is not added to the list.

If the weapon is not excluded at this point, then there's a small table that's accessed:
       39 then x = 0
40 -  74 then x = 1
75 - 102 then x = 2
103 - 108 then x = 3
109 - 132 then x = 4
133       then x = 0
This evaluates (area_level - 1), and sets x to the appropriate value. So if (area_level - 1) is 87 like in Lower Kurast, then x = 2. Or if for example (area_level - 1) is 107, then x = 3. If you're wondering why this goes all the way up to 133+, well I'm just the messenger. :p Maybe they had great plans!

But what is this value? Well, every item has a rarity in weapons.txt. The chance that an item has for it to be added to the list is essentially (100/divisor)%, so if the divisor is 4, then there's a 25% chance it will be added to the list. If the divisor is 1 or below, the chance is 100%.
Now, this divisor is simply (rarity - x), while that rarity value is anywhere between 1 and 5, depending on the item, so some items inherently have a 100% chance to be added to the list, while the lowest possible chance is 20%.

To clarify the above, first x is subtracted from rarity, and then a random roll is done based on the result. If the random number generator returns 0, then the item is added to the list. This means that by the time you hit Lower Kurast, all items with a rarity of 3 and below have a 100% chance of being added to the list, as long as their level is not too high.

At this point, the function makes sure that if you're playing Classic, that the item is not expansion-only. For this purpose there's an expansion column in weapons.txt. Figured I'd mention it before someone gets ideas. :D

So, after all 305 entries from weapons.txt have been checked, a random roll is done. This random roll is simply the size of the list, so if there were 123 items added to the list, it'll be a random(123). As expected, the result simply points to the number on the list, so if the RNG returns 10, then whatever item was added 10th, that is the one that's picked.

Then, one last check is done, according to a bitfield, which is another column in weapons.txt. I suppose you could refer to this as "material", since it's used for more things, like Iron Golem. I think it's fair to say that anything "non-metal" is not allowed to drop.

So when the game checks this bitfield value of the item, and its material is non-metal, then the entire process starts over from the beginning. So it will create a new list from scratch, and finally does a random roll based on that new list. It will repeat this process until the random number generator finally picks a metal item.

The following items are considered non-metal, and when "picked" will cause the function to start over from the beginning:
Rancid Gas Potion
Oil Potion
Choking Gas Potion
Exploding Potion
Strangling Gas Potion
Fulminating Potion

Spiked Club
Crystal Sword

Short Bow
Hunter's Bow
Long Bow
Composite Bow
Short Battle Bow
Long Battle Bow
Short War Bow
Long War Bow

Light Crossbow
Heavy Crossbow
Repeating Crossbow

Barbed Club
Dimensional Blade

Edge Bow
Razor Bow
Cedar Bow
Double Bow
Short Siege Bow
Long Siege Bow
Rune Bow
Gothic Bow

Siege Crossbow

Tyrant Club
Phase Blade

Spider Bow
Blade Bow
Shadow Bow
Great Bow
Diamond Bow
Crusader Bow
Ward Bow
Hydra Bow

Pellet Bow
Gorgon Crossbow
Colossus Crossbow
Demon Crossbow

Stag Bow
Reflex Bow
Ashwood Bow
Ceremonial Bow
Matriarchal Bow
Grand Matron Bow

Yew Wand
Bone Wand
Grim Wand

Short Staff
Long Staff
Gnarled Staff
Battle Staff
War Staff

Burnt Wand
Petrified Wand
Tomb Wand
Grave Wand

Jo Staff
Cedar Staff
Gothic Staff
Rune Staff

Polished Wand
Ghost Wand
Lich Wand
Unearthed Wand

Walking Stick
Elder Staff
Archon Staff

Eagle Orb
Sacred Globe
Smoked Sphere
Clasped Orb
Dragon Stone

Glowing Orb
Crystalline Globe
Cloudy Sphere
Sparkling Ball
Swirling Crystal

Heavenly Stone
Eldritch Orb
Demon Heart
Vortex Orb
Dimensional Shard

Which leaves us to these items as contenders. I've included their rarity and level for completion's sake:
Hand Axe              1        3
Axe                   1        7
Double Axe            1       13
Military Pick         2       19
War Axe               2       25
Large Axe             1        6
Broad Axe             1       12
Battle Axe            1       17
Great Axe             2       23
Giant Axe             4       27
Scepter               1        3
Grand Scepter         3       15
War Scepter           4       21
Mace                  1        8
Morning Star          1       13
Flail                 1       19
War Hammer            4       25
Maul                  1       21
Great Maul            1       32
Short Sword           1        1
Scimitar              1        5
Saber                 1        8
Falchion              2       11
Broad Sword           1       15
Long Sword            1       20
War Sword             1       27
Two-Handed Sword      1       10
Claymore              2       17
Giant Sword           2       21
Bastard Sword         1       24
Flamberge             3       27
Great Sword           4       33
Dagger                1        3
Dirk                  1        9
Kriss                 3       17
Blade                 3       23
Throwing Knife        1        2
Throwing Axe          1        7
Balanced Knife        1       13
Balanced Axe          2       16
Javelin               1        1
Pilum                 1       10
Short Spear           1       15
Glaive                1       23
Throwing Spear        1       29
Spear                 1        5
Trident               1        9
Brandistock           1       16
Spetum                1       20
Pike                  1       24
Bardiche              1        5
Voulge                1       11
Scythe                4       15
Poleaxe               1       21
Halberd               3       29
War Scythe            3       34
Hatchet               1       31
Cleaver               1       34
Twin Axe              1       39
Crowbill              2       43
Naga                  2       48
Military Axe          1       34
Bearded Axe           1       38
Tabar                 1       42
Gothic Axe            2       46
Ancient Axe           4       51
Rune Scepter          1       31
Holy Water Sprinkler  3       40
Divine Scepter        4       45
Flanged Mace          1       35
Jagged Star           1       39
Knout                 1       43
Battle Hammer         4       48
War Club              1       45
Martel de Fer         1       53
Gladius               1       30
Cutlass               1       43
Shamshir              1       35
Tulwar                2       37
Battle Sword          1       40
Rune Sword            1       44
Ancient Sword         1       49
Espadon               1       37
Dacian Falx           2       42
Tusk Sword            2       45
Gothic Sword          1       48
Zweihander            3       49
Executioner Sword     4       54
Poignard              1       31
Rondel                1       36
Cinquedeas            3       42
Stilleto              3       46
Battle Dart           1       31
Francisca             1       34
War Dart              1       39
Hurlbat               2       41
War Javelin           1       30
Great Pilum           1       37
Simbilan              1       40
Spiculum              1       46
Harpoon               1       51
War Spear             1       33
Fuscina               1       36
War Fork              1       41
Yari                  1       44
Lance                 1       47
Lochaber Axe          1       33
Bill                  1       37
Battle Scythe         4       40
Partizan              1       35
Bec-de-Corbin         3       51
Grim Scythe           3       55
Katar                 2        1
Wrist Blade           2        9
Hatchet Hands         3       12
Cestus                3       15
Claws                 4       18
Blade Talons          4       21
Scissors Katar        5       24
Quhab                 2       26
Wrist Spike           2       32
Fascia                3       34
Hand Scythe           3       36
Greater Claws         4       39
Greater Talons        4       41
Scissors Quhab        5       43
Suwayyah              2       54
Wrist Sword           2       59
War Fist              3       61
Battle Cestus         3       62
Feral Claws           4       64
Runic Talons          4       66
Scissors Suwayyah     5       67
Tomahawk              1       58
Small Crescent        1       61
Ettin Axe             1       64
War Spike             2       67
Berserker Axe         2       71
Feral Axe             1       61
Silver Edged Axe      1       64
Decapitator           1       67
Champion Axe          2       70
Glorious Axe          4       73
Mighty Scepter        1       58
Seraph Rod            3       65
Caduceus              4       69
Reinforced Mace       1       61
Devil Star            1       64
Scourge               1       67
Legendary Mallet      4       71
Ogre Maul             1       69
Thunder Maul          1       75
Falcata               1       58
Ataghan               1       67
Elegant Blade         1       61
Hydra Edge            2       63
Conquest Sword        1       65
Cryptic Sword         1       68
Mythical Sword        1       72
Legend Sword          1       63
Highland Blade        2       67
Balrog Blade          2       69
Champion Sword        1       71
Colossal Sword        3       72
Colossus Blade        4       76
Bone Knife            1       58
Mithral Point         1       62
Fanged Knife          3       67
Legend Spike          3       70
Flying Knife          1       58
Flying Axe            1       61
Winged Knife          1       64
Winged Axe            2       66
Hyperion Javelin      1       58
Stygian Pilum         1       63
Balrog Spear          1       65
Ghost Glaive          1       70
Winged Harpoon        1       73
Hyperion Spear        1       60
Stygian Pike          1       62
Mancatcher            1       66
Ghost Spear           1       68
War Pike              1       70
Ogre Axe              1       60
Colossus Voulge       1       63
Thresher              4       65
Cryptic Axe           1       61
Great Poleaxe         3       73
Giant Thresher        3       76
Maiden Spear          3       18
Maiden Pike           3       24
Maiden Javelin        3       24
Ceremonial Spear      3       39
Ceremonial Pike       3       43
Ceremonial Javelin    3       43
Matriarchal Spear     3       64
Matriarchal Pike      3       67
MatriarchalJavelin    3       67

Well, that should be the entire thing already. As far as I could tell, there doesn't seem to be a flaw in the function that would allow an illegal item to drop, which is probably why we haven't seen them yet in 1.07. (Right?)

And I realize not all of this is news, but I figured it should be posted somewhere for proper comparison to 1.14. :)


Fruit (Feb 20, 2019 at 5:58 AM)

To add to my prior post, armor stands are no different from weapon racks in 1.07, with the exception of the bitfield check. This is why items like Cap, Shako or whatever can all drop from armor stands, while weapon racks are restricted to metal. No surprises there I suppose.

And since this was for 1.07 versus 1.14 comparison, in 1.14 this loop is only done 6 times. After the sixth time, it just rolls with whatever item was picked last, allowing items like Bows to drop. No limit in 1.07, so I doubt we'll ever see invalid items. Give up your Windforce dreams!
Fruit (Mar 1, 2019 at 4:27 PM)

Grape said:
Necromance builds
Woops, didn't think anyone would be interested, otherwise I would've posted that here, as it should've been. :p

Hadn't really considered Necromancer for 1.07 before, but he can probably be a lot of fun to play. To add to that bit from the 1.00 thread, Revive is still bugged in 1.07 so that it's not affected by Skeleton Mastery, but rather it uses its own skill level to give revives bonus health and damage. Pretty convenient that you kind of get 2-in-1. And since they still scale with player number, they can become beefy as hell. If you multi-client for higher player numbers, you can exploit the Anya portal to quickly get a p8 army up, and 1.07 is the first patch that offers Teleport charges so that you can easily take your summons along with you.

Attract and Confuse weren't nerfed yet, in the sense that you still get experience from confused monsters killing other monsters, as well as from the confused monster getting killed, and Attract has no limit for how many monsters can be affected, so you can just spam it on a group to easily get a few corpses, while staying safe yourself. Otherwise, there's the Blood Golem + Iron Maiden thing of course. :p

Corpse Explosion does deal lower damage unfortunately, as it was 60-100% until 1.13 finally changed it to 70-120%. So after they changed CE in 1.03 so that it no longer scales with player number, for quite a while it was worse than it is now in 1.14.

Anyway, Revive looks pretty good to me in 1.07. Revives spawn with +(100 + (2*slvl))% Enhanced Damage, so at level 1 their physical damage is already more than doubled, and at level 20 it's +140%. Their health is calculated as (maxhp*3) + (7*slvl), based on the maxhp that the monster spawned with. Those values "2" and "7" are taken from Skeleton Mastery, but the skill level of Revive itself is used. I bet that the +%ED does not work on ranged revives though, as missile code was still very buggy in 1.07. The flat +(7*slvl) hp bonus is pretty insignificant, but it's free. :p And as I said, Curses are great in 1.07. I haven't tested Poison Nova or Bone spells, but I predict they're going to be very underwhelming on Hell. Real shame, as they're the coolest. :cool:
Fruit (Mar 1, 2019 at 4:45 PM)

Yeah, both Guided Arrow and Bone Spirit have Pierce set to 0 in missiles.txt, so they refuse to pierce. 1.09 is the only patch where this column is set to 1 for Guided Arrow. It's usually called a bug, but the change seems pretty deliberate to me. Maybe they just didn't realize how powerful it would be, and changed their minds about it in 1.10.
Fruit (Mar 1, 2019 at 5:33 PM)

You may also want to verify (if you hadn't already) if mercenaries can apply Crushing Blow at all. Gearing mercenaries was new after all, and quite a few things weren't working properly yet. I do know that missiles can apply CB, which is good to know imo because there are things that missiles do not apply, while melee does apply them, for example +%Damage to Demons, +%Damage to Undead, Open Wounds, and Deadly Strike.

pharphis said:
crushing blow (I forget if this works against PI in 1.07)
It does. :) It isn't applied as a damage type at all, so nothing reduces or increases it.
Fruit (Mar 2, 2019 at 12:40 AM)

Well, I have no clue how this works in 1.14, but this should be the chance for Elite and Exceptional on Hell in 1.07. Hopefully I got the math right:
clvl  Elite    Exceptional

  50  1.880 %  10.160 %
  51  1.896 %  10.272 %
  52  1.912 %  10.384 %
  53  1.928 %  10.496 %
  54  1.944 %  10.608 %
  55  1.960 %  10.720 %
  56  1.976 %  10.832 %
  57  1.992 %  10.944 %
  58  2.008 %  11.056 %
  59  2.024 %  11.168 %
  60  2.040 %  11.280 %
  61  2.056 %  11.392 %
  62  2.072 %  11.504 %
  63  2.088 %  11.616 %
  64  2.104 %  11.728 %
  65  2.120 %  11.840 %
  66  2.136 %  11.952 %
  67  2.152 %  12.064 %
  68  2.168 %  12.176 %
  69  2.184 %  12.288 %
  70  2.200 %  12.400 %
  71  2.216 %  12.512 %
  72  2.232 %  12.624 %
  73  2.248 %  12.736 %
  74  2.264 %  12.848 %
  75  2.280 %  12.960 %
  76  2.296 %  13.072 %
  77  2.312 %  13.184 %
  78  2.328 %  13.296 %
  79  2.344 %  13.408 %
  80  2.360 %  13.520 %
  81  2.376 %  13.632 %
  82  2.392 %  13.744 %
  83  2.408 %  13.856 %
  84  2.424 %  13.968 %
  85  2.440 %  14.080 %
  86  2.456 %  14.192 %
  87  2.472 %  14.304 %
  88  2.488 %  14.416 %
  89  2.504 %  14.528 %
  90  2.520 %  14.640 %
  91  2.536 %  14.752 %
  92  2.552 %  14.864 %
  93  2.568 %  14.976 %
  94  2.584 %  15.088 %
  95  2.600 %  15.200 %
  96  2.616 %  15.312 %
  97  2.632 %  15.424 %
  98  2.648 %  15.536 %
  99  2.664 %  15.648 %

No special reason the table starts at clvl 50, I just figured nobody shops on Hell at low levels.

In case anyone was wondering, the game does a random roll of 100,000 and then evaluates it as:
If ( random ) < (clvl+5)*16 + 1000, then upgrade base to elite
If ( random ) < (clvl+5)*128 + 5000, then upgrade base to exceptional

Of course the second evaluation is only done if the first one fails.


Fruit (Mar 2, 2019 at 3:45 PM)

helvete said:
Can troll belts and mithril coils be gambled? I remember reading something about some items upgrading to the wrong base or something?
Damn. That should be true if gamble inventory is upgraded the same way as regular vendor inventory is. In the armor.txt file, this is how normal belts are upgraded:
lbl Sash(L)     zlb Demonhide Sash  ulb Wyrmhide Boots
vbl Light Belt  zvb Sharkskin Belt  uvb Scarabshell Boots
mbl Belt(M)     zmb Mesh Belt       umb Boneweave Boots
tbl Heavy Belt  ztb Battle Belt     utb Mirrored Boots
hbl Girdle(H)   zhb War Belt        uhb Myrmidon Greaves
So they (should) upgrade fine to Exceptional, but upgraded to Elite they get transformed into boots, theheh. Hadn't learned from their pre-LoD Lance shenanigans. :p

Unless I've made a mistake somewhere, the only other gamble item that fails to upgrade properly is the Bardiche, which should be upgraded to an Ogre Axe, but in stead upgrades to a Champion Sword.

And, not a bug I assume, but both Circlet and Coronet are upgraded to Tiara as Exceptional, or Diadem as Elite. Makes sense, I guess.
Fruit (Mar 26, 2019 at 4:55 PM)

What I still don't understand is the one-shots on some act bosses. I've "run the numbers", and the table showed that Mephisto, Diablo and Baal would never have so little hitpoints that they'd be a one-shot, but I'm pretty sure I've had it happen with all those three bosses.

Edit: Here's that table:
                P1       P2       P3       P4       P5       P6       P7       P8
Andariel:   22,777   45,554   68,331   85,413  102,496  -48,192  -36,804  -25,415
  Duriel:   48,250   96,500  -23,022   13,166   49,352   85,540  109,665  -33,981
Mephisto:   59,213  118,426    9,867   54,277   98,686  143,096    4,931   34,537
  Diablo:   67,108  134,216   33,552   83,882  134,213   16,773   50,327   83,880
    Baal:   69,431  138,862   40,521   92,594  144,667   28,969   63,684   98,399

So, the only one-shots "should" be:
  • Andariel at P6
  • Andariel at P7
  • Andariel at P8
  • Duriel at P3
  • Duriel at P8

I can't think of anything I might be missing (but obviously I am missing something). A de-sync in TCP/IP? Doesn't sound so plausible. Any ideas?
Fruit (Mar 26, 2019 at 10:15 PM)

I really think it's a shame that they changed this skill's graphic, even though it makes sense since it now actually functions as an Inferno-like skill.



Looks like they originally went for the look from the intro cinematic, like it was his dangerous high-damage signature skill (at 3 minutes 14 seconds):

WoRG (Apr 11, 2019 at 4:20 AM)

@Fruit I saw that you posted that the superunique council members only ever drop from their normal TC in 1.07, does this have any impact on their rune drops?

Also, I was crafting and rolled this:
Ghoul Bar
Ogre Maul
Two-Hand Damage: 75 to 103
Durability: 47 of 60
Required Strength: 176
Required Level: 83
Mace Class - Slow Attack Speed
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 99
Fingerprint: 0x4e3512e7
+12 to Life
+14% Enhanced Damage
+253 to Attack Rating
Adds 1-7 lightning damage
2% Life stolen per hit
150% Damage to Undead
Just another crappy roll, right? I'm not so sure... the %ed is suspiciously low... blood weapons get 34-67%ed as an automod!

The ilvl (99) means it should have 4 affixes, and the rlvl (83) would suggest it rolled grandmaster's (its the only rlvl 61 affix...61+22=83) The +AR supports this (Grandmaster's gives 251-300 AR)

There are only two affixes showing...(the +life and LL automods are too low to be hiding an affix, I think)

I got to thinking...what if it rolled Cruel as well and what's happening is an overflow? I'm thinking that its possible that the game stores %ed in a 9bit field...even in modern, no rare or runeword can get more than 450%ed, so nine bits (0-511) would be enough. 1.07 crafts can get up to 580%ed, but if that value is limited to nine bits, then it would roll over to 0%ed at 512, 1% at 513, etc...

I'm thinking its a real possibility that this thing rolled 525%ed, but that it overflowed and so is only 14%ed :(

Does this sound plausible to you?



Fruit (Apr 11, 2019 at 2:54 PM)

Well... shit. What you're suggesting absolutely sounds plausible. Though, I have gone over this stuff, and didn't find the possibility of an overflow. But of course I may have missed something. (I assume this craft was done in 1.07, and not 1.08? Just making sure. :p)

How I understood it was:
  • Initially, there is no limit; it can exceed 511. The item's description will display "511", but that is a display bug. The value can go all the way up to 580.
  • When you leave the game however, the value will be truncated to 511, similar to how the ilvl of items gets capped to 99. If I recall correctly, this was simply done by "if value > 511, then value = 511".
  • There are "AND 511" bitwise instructions in the code, which would indeed cut off the top 23 bits while leaving only the bottom 9, essentially causing an overflow like you described, but these instructions did not seem to be used for item stat values.
  • When I went over this, I debugged an actual craft (a Grand Matron Bow) as verification, and it was in fact working as I had read it. So perhaps that things are handled differently for bows (or ranged weapons in general), compared to melee weapons.
So I don't know! My own craft showed that there is no overflow possible, but rather that there's a simple truncation when the item is saved/loaded. I'll take a look again this weekend and see if melee is handled differently. If not, maybe this is another annoying bug we'll have to deal with. We didn't have enough of those yet. :cool:

Edit: Looking at your item again.. let's say it had rolled Grandmaster's + Cruel, that would explain the rlvl and the Attack Rating. Then the lightning damage would be the third affix. The hitpoints and life leech are automods. But where's that fourth random affix? o_O So I guess that's another possibility; a specific stat that somehow screwed up the Enhanced Damage value. (Edit: Or it may just have rolled sockets. :rolleyes:)
WoRG said:
@Fruit I saw that you posted that the superunique council members only ever drop from their normal TC in 1.07, does this have any impact on their rune drops?
Si, they can only drop up to Thul. Minions however can drop up to Cham.


Fruit (Apr 13, 2019 at 6:47 PM)

Taken a look at +%Enhanced Damage for two-handed melee weapons, but it's no different from bows. Initially, there is no cap, the value can for sure go beyond 511. In my test case (shown below), it ended up +563%. The base damage was 67-92, so the (real) damage ended up being 444-609. Obviously, the description says otherwise:

(just a test craft that I won't be keeping)

Then when I left the game, two things happened. Firstly, the +%ED was truncated to 511, and the 1-1 bonus to the base damage was lost. So now the (real) stats looked like: 66-91 base with +511%, giving it 403-556 damage. The description remained the same, so that had in fact become accurate after leaving & joining.

So whatever happened to your craft there, it must have been some special thing. (For anyone reading this who doesn't know what I'm on about, see these posts for context: one & two.) Perhaps it was a stat "merge" we're not aware of yet.


Fruit (Apr 15, 2019 at 12:53 AM)

Shuffleblast said:
What happens if you ohm this?
Not much. The handle is made out of wood, so it's not very conductive anyway.

Sorry, couldn't help myself. :'>

But damn, good call, I didn't think of sockets at all.

The stats of items in sockets are not merged with those of the item they are in, as items in sockets are still actual items with their own stats, and those stats have their own caps. Again this is just a test craft, but this was after leaving the game the item was crafted & socketed in. These stats are correct:


(Well, except for "on striking", which is actually "on attack". Good ol' 1.07 display bugs.)
Fruit (Apr 7, 2019 at 12:15 AM)

* But yeah, on Whirlwind, I can now confirm after going through the function (rather than just testing) that the "number of attacks" is simply set to however many weapons you have equipped, but other than that, nothing changes. It doesn't swap the weapon or anything. So going dual-wield basically means twice the procs from things like CB, which is a pretty good reason to go that route. :D

I can't say for sure what does and what does not get included from off-hand, because I know for a fact that there are some bugs going on with dual-wielding. For example I was checking dual-wield skills (Frenzy & Double Swing), and whether you attacked with main- or off-hand, the Eth rune(s) from the main hand were always applied, whether you attacked with main or with off. The Eth rune from off-hand however was never applied, even if you attacked with the weapon the rune was in! No clue if there are more stats that are bugged like that. The bug may be with Eth rune specifically for all I know. Anyway, perhaps that there are also stats that you'd expect to get included from off-hand when using Whirlwind, but aren't. Worth checking out, I think!

Edit: I don't think that CB from off-hand is applied while Whirlwinding, though! That's what my notes are saying, at least. :) Then again, "Cast on Attack" apparently is applied. (Or maybe that is meant to say "Cast on Striking".)


Fruit (Apr 7, 2019 at 3:42 AM)

pharphis said:
Wait.. so I should have equipped lightsabre for immunity to Toorc MSLE conviction rather than the extra (~1k?) life from a second GF?
Not sure if %Absorb is really that significant, since it's calculated after regular resistances and integer reduction. It would never make you immune. Integer Absorb should be way stronger than %Absorb in 1.07, but I think the only item that has integer lightning absorb is Blackhorn's Face, which unfortunately would have to replace Guillames, or whatever other cool helm you got on your head.

Edit: Didn't see you mentioned Conviction, but that does change how effective %Absorb could be. Can't remember how much -% resistance that Conviction is or how much damage those bolts deal. Worth finding out. :p It might actually be better to just stack regular lightning resistance; I wonder how much lightning resistance you could stack on a single weapon. (Wizardspike Barb!)

I do wonder if that "Ignores Target's Defense" from Lightsabre would work from off-hand, that would be interesting. Though, if ITD works, then I think any Eth runes will not be applied (because that part will be skipped, I believe). And since Eth sets DR to -25% (or lower if you use more than one rune), ITD is actually weaker. Because if DR gets below 0, then it will be increased to 0, and the difference is added to your AR. So if a monster has 100 DR and is attacked by an Eth-runed attack, his DR will first drop to -25, then increased to 0, and the difference (25) is added to your AR. ITD however just sets DR to 0.

Aaanyway, you may not want to equip Lightsabre at all while whirlwinding:
Beoron said:
Also, for anyone interested, the chance to cast on hit from Lightsabre does seem to be bugged. I can WW around with a Baranar's Star and the meteor cast is not a problem, but the chain lightning on Lightsabre makes my barb stuck in place.
At this point I can only guess what the issue is. Lightsabre and Banana use the same stat. Maybe the problem is that Chain Lightning is a sequence-animation skill. (I wonder if it makes a difference if Lightsare is main- or off-hand.)
pharphis said:
wait but Lo gives DS iirc. Is that even useful if you hve maxed masteries? I can't remember if it's bugged or not
Iirc Barbarian Masteries are indeed bugged, unfortunately not to apply 100%, but 0%. Deadly Strike works independently though, so they wouldn't clash anyway. A melee Amazon with Deadly Strike and Critical Strike can actually hit quadruple-damage hits. The same would be true for a Barbarian had his Masteries not been bugged. The Assassin mastery doesn't give any chance for a critical hit either, but this may not be a bug, since the skill description doesn't mention it.


Fruit (Apr 7, 2019 at 9:34 AM)

pharphis said:
TBH I'm pretty sure it was you who did the math on MSLE bolt dmg in 1.07 about 1.5 years ago.
Oh.. well, too late. :p (Maybe I should've done a search first.)
pharphis said:
Also, I suspect conviction doesn't take away a flat percentage, which is why stacking like 50% more res doesn't help (much?). I believe it takes a percentage of your total away. It'd be worth looking at exactly what it does.
Nein, the resistance debuff is flat in 1.07.

The slvl of Conviction is (mlvl/4), so at mlvl 93 that's slvl 23. From then on it uses the Paladin skill, which is 30+(slvl-1)*5 for the resistance part. There's no cap to the resistance debuff in 1.07, but no monster in the game can reach a slvl high enough to exceed 145.

Conviction from a unique Council Member on Hell ends up being a -140 resistance debuff, so if you want to stay at 75 lightning resistance, you'll have to stack it up all the way to 215.

Those LE bolts deal (mlvl/2*2-1) lightning damage each, which at mlvl 93 is 91 damage per bolt, with a 5% chance to crit as usual. Each MSLE stack is 8 bolts, so you can easily get hit by 16+ bolts per hit as a melee character.

So let's say you have 15 MDR and exactly 75 lightning resistance, 16 bolts will deal 124 damage total (assuming none crit). But if you were affected by the -140 debuff, then 16 bolts will suddenly deal at least 2,162.375 damage total.

It's likely of course that you'll have a bit over 75 lightning resistance (pre-debuff), as well as some leech to counter the damage, but if you rapidly hit with a skill like Zeal or Whirlwind, the incoming DPS will just destroy you. You can potentially get hit by 18+ bolts for each of your attacks that hits (if you also catch a few bolts from the "normal" retaliation ring), and you can expect 1 in 20 bolts to be a crit.

So Wizardspike with +95 is not even such a bad idea. :p Though even that will not be enough to counter a 140 debuff. I think I'm just gonna hang on to charms with lightning resistance from now on.


Fruit (Apr 23, 2019 at 5:20 PM)

For Whirlwind attack speed, you only have to worry about the weapon that's used to attack with, which should be slot I in your inventory. The inherent weapon speed, as well as any IAS from off-hand are not included (so there is no averaging of weapon speeds). The weapon speed bug also does not apply to 1.07 Whirlwind, so lifting the weapon from slot I and putting it back will not mess with the attack speed.

So yeah, slot II is basically just a stat stick. The only exception that I can think of (I think @Helvete mentioned this a good while back) is when slot I needs the +dex or +str provided by the weapon in slot II, then slot II will in fact be the weapon you'll use to attack with. (You can see that the weapon from slot II remains in the right hand of your character, while normally it'll be put in the left hand.)

As for which stats are (not) applied from off-hand, I don't have a complete list yet. The general idea is if the stat is attack-related, then it is excluded. But as we know there are some exceptions, so we/I will have to look closer.
zemaj said:
Elemental damage from offhand is at least graphically applied (little flash of fire/spark of lightening/turns green on hit).
That's interesting! And certainly proves that it's not so straight-forward as "no attack-related stats", assuming it's not just graphical.

I'll take a look for sure, but can't make a promise on when. Most likely before the weekend has ended.


Fruit (Apr 25, 2019 at 5:26 PM)

zemaj said:
Elemental damage from offhand is at least graphically applied (little flash of fire/spark of lightening/turns green on hit).
I don't see this happening in the code nor in the game visually. What was your gear setup at the time?
In case you were doing tests with runes/gems, there's a bug when you first put something in a socket. For a while all the stats of the weapon will be included in your attacks. So if you have an off-hand with +300%ED and you put some gem or rune in it, then for this +300%ED (and all other stats on the weapon) will also apply to Whirlwind. The same's true for main hand, so any +%ED that was already applied to the base damage, will then be applied again later.

This bug fixes itself soon enough though, it's not persistent/permanent. But just be aware of it when you test stuff.

Anyway, the only attack-related stat I've found to be applied from off-hand is Cast on Attack (which displays as "on Striking" in-game). Other than that, I don't see anything getting included. Things related to death should all get included though, so Gold Find, Magic Find, Mana per Kill, etc. But things like Deadly Strike, Crushing Blow, Hit Blinds Target, Prevent Monster Heal, none of it gets applied as far as I can tell. But +skills are, even specifically +Whirlwind.

I guess it might still be worth it to make a proper list for easy reference, but there are quite a few stats that can be present on melee weapons. :confused:

zemaj said:
I have a kicker somewhere in late Norm/early NM and a BF build in mid NM that got backburnered...
Is that Blade Fury you're talking about? I think it's fair to say that this skill is not worth it in 1.07, as it doesn't include any weapon damage, or any stats from gear. A kicker might be fun though, as I believe an Eth Rune applies to kicks, and Crushing Blow works as well. One thing to keep in mind is that monsters still have the 4x AR like in pre-LoD patches, so prepare to get hit often.


Fruit (Apr 26, 2019 at 12:21 AM)

maxicek said:
Currently I'm running 2x Grandfather. I'm assuming the AR & Stats all benefit? At least the LCS says they do.
The %Bonus to Attack Rating from the off-hand weapon is not applied to Whirlwind unfortunately. But the Strength, Dexterity, +%Max Mana, +%Max Life and +Life all work. So you do gain a tiny bit of defense, damage and AR from the str and dex.

There don't seem to be a lot of interesting options for an off-hand. :/ GF is probably one of the better ones, and I honestly think Wizardspike may not even be so bad if a Council Memba spawns with Conviction. There also are not a lot of interesting options for socketing the off-hand weapon, I think. But perhaps I'm just not thinking of some cool items. Hopefully. :D


Fruit (Apr 26, 2019 at 10:44 PM)

helvete said:
Why not just forego the off hand, and use a shield instead? That certainly solves a lot of resistance issues, leaving room for improvement to other gear?
Well if you use a shield, you'll attack only once per "breakpoint". That's pretty much the trade-off. Whether a shield provides more survivability, I'm not even sure. For decent block chance, you'd have to pump Dexterity very hard. The formula* for blocking is nasty in 1.07, you need even more dex than you do in 1.14. On top of that, all the dex you pump = vit you can't pump. Also, two attacks means more life leech, possibly making up for the loss of blocking. Or if you meant using a shield more so for the resistances and not so much for blocking, why not Wizardspike?

As for offense, I'm not much of a theory crafter so I don't really know what ultimately is better. My hunch is that dual-wield is the best, mainly because Crushing Blow is so good, which will potentially be applied twice when dual-wielding. It's also much harder for most two-handed weapons to reach the higher Whirlwind attack speed breakpoints. Maybe if you have some insane craft like WoRG does then you don't have as much a need for all the Crushing Blow, and you can just stack some Shae runes in it to reach a nice breakpoint. I can imagine that with a weapon like that, the physical DPS outshines CB.

Maybe I should also bring up the fact that the +%Damage to Demons from the BK set is not considered an off-hand stat, thus works with Whirlwind. An amazing stat in 1.07 as it is applied separately from other sources. (I'll add that this stat can theoreticlly cause a damage overflow, but I've never investigated what kind of numbers would actually cause one, so I'm not sure if this is something we'd actually need to worry about.)

Anyway, the BK set is basically the "1.07 budget/starter set" for awesome Whirlwind damage because of the relative ease of racking set items. Whether it's actually the best possible DPS, I don't know. (I hope it isn't, I hate knockback. :D)

* : base_block_chance*(dexterity-15)*2 / (clvl*5)


Fruit (Apr 27, 2019 at 12:04 AM)

helvete said:
So that's why my BK swords work so well....

How about LoH, does that demon damage work? Or should I just swap them out?
Si, LoH works just fine, an absolute godlike item for a melee/Whirlwind character. I kind of wish it was a bit harder to obtain. Like, a Unique item in stead of Set at the least. :p (+%DtD doesn't work with missiles, though! So for Lightning Fury you may want to use something crafted, or rare, or whatever.)

Note: The formula for lightning damage per Bolt from a LE monster looks a bit confusing, what fruit meant is thateach bolt does 2*[mlvl/2]-1 lightning damage.
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And for the final installment (50k char limit sucks!)

WoRG (Apr 12, 2019 at 2:45 AM)

Lightning Fury does carry physical damage from the jav with each bolt...but unfortunately its only the base damage of that type of jav, %ed, +min, +max do not apply. However, with high levels of pierce, that still really stacks up, and it gets exponentially better the more targets there are on screen. My personal experience is that you do more herding and less throwing in 1.07, and when you do throw it's one at a time, not several at once (if you've herded up a big group, just one toss is quite spectacular...so much so it very frequently glitches the graphics and can cause desync...)

Your javs are still decent, as they do have +5javskills, MDR, FireRez, but they would have been better for LF if they'd gotten IAS instead of high ed%...but the ed% does apply when you poke things with them, at least.



maxicek (Apr 12, 2019 at 2:20 PM)

Sent to me by @frozzzen

Max you are running SC char? In that case you want something like 100IAS / 100% CB setup with as much frw as you can get.
Just couple tips; don't bother with javelin skills, lightning damage is worthless. Don't bother with maxers in inventory, they don't work with LF. Only thing worth having in inventory are frw charms. And you will need them as your overall frw with setup I recommend is rather low.

Head: guil's face (35CB 15 IAS jewel)
Amulet: cat's eye (20 IAS 30 frw)
Weapon: crafted javelin with 10 IAS min and as much damage as you can get or stack/rep combo (damage isn't even that important)
Armor: rattlecage (25% CB 15 IAS jewel)
Shield: tiamat's rebuke (4 x elemental damage 10-20 damage that works on LF, 15IAS jewel)
Gloves: 20IAS/15CB craft (or 20/10 lesser craft, forget javelin skills)
Belt: mav's
Boots: goblin toes (25% CB)
Ring1: RF
Ring2: mpk, random craft, anything goes

You can and don't have to bother with switch where you can have cruel crafted elite bow with shaenefshae and 1 point GA to kill remaining cows. Check breakpoints for bow base choice.

Max LF, pierce, 1 point GA and do whatever you want with rest of the skills. Decoy, valk, stronger GA, whatever you fancy.
With setup above you will rock 100IAS/95-100CB on your zon. Gear has only 70 frw, but you can use your inventory to ramp it up with plain 3 frw scs. Spare javelin is also good choice.

Since your zon will be pure physical damage, watch out for cow king. Avoid that area completely since she can oneshot him with some good pierce/CB procs.

CB scales with high psettings in 1.07 so she will be effective in MP games as well. It might not be worst idea to get ctc amp damage on your javelin if you are lucky, but it's far from necessary. It would help you picking remaining few cows with your bow. Knockback is also nice, but needed for HC only.

I think this is single best setup you can come up with. Shield is also not relevant. Only thing you want to do it get as high cb as possible, hit either 55 or 95 IAS brakpoints, have CBF and cold damage source and have enough sustain with ml,ll,mpk and spare javelin


Fruit (Apr 12, 2019 at 2:53 PM)

Pretty sure that the physical damage from Tiamat's is not included, actually. :/

I disagree that +skills is not useful though. Every skill point is 1 extra maximum Lightning Fury bolt. So if you herd big groups like WoRG described then you will greatly benefit from having more points in LF. If you herd 30 cows but you are capped to 23 LF bolts, you miss out on some very good damage, especially because a successful pierce will then again get capped. I would probably fill my entire inventory with Javelin skillers for the sole purpose of getting more LF bolts per impact. So the +5 on helvete's javelin imo is an awesome stat.


Fruit (Apr 12, 2019 at 2:57 PM)

maxicek said:
I don't have Tiamat's in 1.07, but isn't it for the elemental damage?
Well the quote from frozzzen says "10-20 damage that works on LF", so I figured I'd mention that that's a no. So yeah, Tiamat's is only for the elemental damage. It's still one of the best choices for a shield imo. WoRG had a nice crafted Luna that I'd probably pick over it. He has all the gear, man.
Fruit (May 29, 2019 at 1:59 PM)

regardless of clvl you can receive any item she has to offer, which according to my oldy notes are:
[58] Spider Bow
[60] Blade Bow
[61] Shadow Bow
[64] Great Bow
[67] Diamond Bow
[70] Crusader Bow
[72] Ward Bow
[74] Hydra Bow
[61] Pellet Bow
[65] Gorgon Crossbow
[70] Colossus Crossbow
[76] Demon Crossbow
[64] Matriarchal Bow
[67] Grand Matron Bow
[64] Matriarchal Spear
[67] Matriarchal Pike
[67] Matriarchal Javelin

(Number is just the qlvl of the item.)
Fruit (Apr 23, 2019 at 3:19 PM)

Here's a quick and dirty 1.07 unique list. I didn't know how to format/sort it so it more or less follows how they are listed in uniqueitems.txt. I wouldn't mind sorting it another way, just let me know. Ctrl+F is your friend until then. Rings and Amulets are at the bottom, they're all blvl 1 of course.
blvl                       ulvl                             rlvl

   3  Hand Axe                7  The Gnasher                   5
   7  Axe                    12  Deathspade                    9
  13  Double Axe             20  Bladebone                    15
  19  Military Pick          28  Skull Splitter               21
  25  War Axe                36  Rakescar                     27
   6  Large Axe              11  Axe of Fechmar                8
  12  Broad Axe              19  Goreshovel                   14
  17  Battle Axe             26  The Chieftain                19
  23  Great Axe              34  Brainhew                     25
  27  Giant Axe              39  Humongous                    29
   2  Wand                    7  Torch of Iro                  5
  12  Yew Wand               19  Maelstrom                    14
  18  Bone Wand              27  Gravenspine                  20
  26  Grim Wand              38  Ume's Lament                 28
   1  Club                    4  Felloak                       3
   3  Scepter                 7  Knell Striker                 5
  15  Grand Scepter          23  Rusthandle                   17
  21  War Scepter            31  Stormeye                     23
   4  Spiked Club             7  Stoutnail                     5
   8  Mace                   12  Crushflange                   9
  13  Morning Star           20  Bloodrise                    15
  19  Flail                  28  The General's Tan Do Li Ga   21
  25  War Hammer             36  Ironstone                    27
  21  Maul                   32  Bonesnap                     24
  32  Great Maul             39  Steeldriver                  29
   1  Short Sword             3  Rixot's Keen                  2
   5  Scimitar               10  Blood Crescent                7
   8  Sabre                  14  Skewer of Krintiz            10
  11  Falchion               18  Gleamscythe                  13
  11  Crystal Sword          18  Azurewrath                   13
  15  Broad Sword            23  Griswold's Edge              17
  20  Long Sword             30  Hellplague                   22
  27  War Sword              39  Culwen's Point               29
  10  Two-Handed Sword       16  Shadowfang                   12
  17  Claymore               26  Soulflay                     19
  21  Giant Sword            31  Kinemil's Awl                23
  24  Bastard Sword          35  Blacktongue                  26
  27  Flamberge              35  Ripsaw                       26
  33  Great Sword            39  The Patriarch                29
   3  Dagger                  6  Gull                          4
   9  Dirk                   15  The Diggler                  11
  17  Kris                   26  The Jade Tan Do              19
  23  Blade                  34  Spectral Shard               25
   5  Spear                  11  The Dragon Chang              8
   9  Trident                16  Razortine                    12
  16  Brandistock            23  Bloodthief                   17
  20  Spetum                 30  Lance of Yaggai              22
  24  Pike                   36  The Tannr Gorerod            27
   5  Bardiche               11  Dimoak's Hew                  8
  11  Voulge                 19  Steelgoad                    14
  15  Scythe                 26  Soul Harvest                 19
  21  Poleaxe                34  The Battlebranch             25
  29  Halberd                38  Woestave                     28
  34  War Scythe             39  The Grim Reaper              29
   1  Short Staff             7  Bane Ash                      5
   8  Long Staff             12  Serpent Lord                  9
  12  Gnarled Staff          24  Spire of Lazarus             18
  17  Battle Staff           28  The Salamander               21
  24  War Staff              38  The Iron Jang Bong           28
   1  Short Bow              10  Pluckeye                      7
   5  Hunter's Bow           18  Witherstring                 13
   8  Long Bow               20  Raven Claw                   15
  12  Composite Bow          27  Rogue's Bow                  20
  18  Short Battle Bow       34  Stormstrike                  25
  23  Long Battle Bow        35  Wizendraw                    26
  27  Short War Bow          36  Hellclap                     27
  31  Long War Bow           38  Blastbark                    28
   6  Light Crossbow         12  Leadcrow                      9
  15  Crossbow               24  Ichorsting                   18
  24  Heavy Crossbow         36  Hellcast                     27
  33  Repeating Crossbow     38  Doomslinger                  28
   1  Cap                     4  Biggin's Bonnet               3
   5  Skull Cap              20  Tarnhelm                     15
  11  Helm                   19  Coif of Glory                14
  15  Full Helm              23  Duskdeep                     17
  22  Bone Helm              28  Wormskull                    21
  23  Great Helm             34  Howltusk                     25
  29  Crown                  39  Undead Crown                 29
  19  Mask                   27  The Face of Horror           20
   1  Quilted Armor          10  Greyform                      7
   3  Leather Armor          16  Blinkbat's Form              12
   5  Hard Leather Armor     19  The Centurion                14
   8  Studded Leather        22  Twitchthroe                  16
  11  Ring Mail              19  Darkglow                     14
  13  Scale Mail             20  Hawkmail                     15
  15  Chain Mail             23  Sparking Mail                17
  18  Breast Plate           27  Venom Ward                   20
  20  Splint Mail            30  Iceblink                     22
  24  Plate Mail             35  Boneflesh                    26
  28  Field Plate            38  Rockfleece                   28
  32  Gothic Plate           39  Rattlecage                   29
  37  Full Plate Mail        38  Goldskin                     28
  40  Ancient Armor          38  Silks of the Victor          28
  35  Light Plate            39  Heavenly Garb                29
   1  Buckler                 3  Pelta Lunata                  2
   5  Small Shield           12  Umbral Disk                   9
  11  Large Shield           18  Stormguild                   13
  19  Bone Shield            27  Wall of the Eyeless          20
  11  Spiked Shield          20  Swordback Hold               15
  15  Kite Shield            23  Steelclash                   17
  22  Tower Shield           26  Bverrit Keep                 19
  30  Gothic Shield          35  The Ward                     26
   3  Leather Gloves          7  The Hand of Broc              5
   7  Heavy Gloves           12  Bloodfist                     9
  12  Chain Gloves           20  Chance Guards                15
  20  Light Gauntlets        31  Magefist                     23
  27  Gauntlets              39  Frostburn                    29
   3  Boots                   7  Hotspur                       5
   7  Heavy Boots            12  Gorefoot                      9
  12  Chain Boots            20  Treads of Cthon              15
  20  Light Plated Boots     30  Goblin Toe                   22
  27  Greaves                39  Tearhaunch                   29
   3  Sash                   10  Lenymo                        7
   7  Light Belt             16  Snakecord                    12
  12  Belt                   27  Nightsmoke                   20
  20  Heavy Belt             36  Goldwrap                     27
  27  Plated Belt            39  Bladebuckle                  29
  31  Hatchet                44  Coldkill                     36
  34  Cleaver                47  Butcher's Pupil              39
  39  Twin Axe               51  Islestrike                   43
  43  Crowbill               53  Pompeii's Wrath              45
  48  Naga                   56  Guardian Naga                48
  34  Military Axe           43  Warlord's Trust              35
  38  Bearded Axe            47  Spellsteel                   39
  42  Tabar                  49  Stormrider                   41
  46  Gothic Axe             50  Boneslayer Blade             42
  51  Ancient Axe            53  The Minotaur                 45
  31  Burnt Wand             41  Suicide Branch               33
  38  Petrified Wand         43  Carin Shard                  35
  43  Tomb Wand              44  Arm of King Leoric           36
  49  Grave Wand             49  Blackhand Key                41
  30  Cudgel                 42  Dark Clan Crusher            34
  31  Rune Scepter           45  Zakarum's Hand               37
  40  Holy Water Sprinkler   46  The Fetid Sprinkler          38
  45  Divine Scepter         50  Hand of Blessed Light        42
  32  Barbed Club            46  Fleshrender                  38
  35  Flanged Mace           47  Sureshrill Frost             39
  39  Jagged Star            50  Moonfall                     42
  43  Knout                  53  Baezil's Vortex              45
  48  Battle Hammer          51  Earthshaker                  43
  45  War Club               56  Bloodtree Stump              48
  53  Martel de Fer          53  The Gavel of Pain            45
  30  Gladius                38  Bloodletter                  30
  43  Cutlass                39  Coldsteel Eye                31
  35  Shamshir               41  Hexfire                      33
  37  Tulwar                 43  Blade of Ali Baba            35
  37  Dimensional Blade      45  Ginther's Rift               37
  40  Battle Sword           47  Headstriker                  39
  44  Rune Sword             49  Plague Bearer                41
  49  Ancient Sword          50  The Atlantean                42
  37  Espandon               50  Crainte Vomir                42
  42  Dacian Falx            51  Bing Sz Wang                 43
  45  Tusk Sword             52  The Vile Husk                44
  48  Gothic Sword           53  Cloudcrack                   45
  49  Zweihander             54  Todesfaelle Flamme           46
  54  Executioner Sword      55  Swordguard                   48
  31  Poignard               40  Spineripper                  32
  36  Rondel                 44  Heart Carver                 36
  42  Cinquedeas             46  Blackbog's Sharp             38
  46  Stiletto               49  Stormspike                   41
  33  War Spear              39  The Impaler                  31
  36  Fuscina                41  Kelpie Snare                 33
  41  War Fork               43  Soulfeast Tine               35
  44  Yari                   45  Hone Sundan                  37
  47  Lance                  47  Spire of Honor               39
  33  Lochaber Axe           49  The Meat Scraper             41
  37  Bill                   50  Blackleach Blade             42
  40  Battle Scythe          50  Athena's Wrath               42
  35  Partizan               51  Pierre Tombale Couant        43
  51  Bec-de-Corbin          52  Husoldal Evo                 44
  55  Grim Scythe            52  Grim's Burning Dead          45
  30  Jo Staff               36  Razorswitch                  28
  35  Quarterstaff           39  Ribcracker                   31
  38  Cedar Staff            43  Chromatic Ire                35
  42  Gothic Staff           47  Warpspear                    39
  47  Rune Staff             49  Skull Collector              41
  30  Edge Bow               36  Skystrike                    28
  33  Razor Bow              39  Riphook                      31
  35  Cedar Bow              41  Kuko Shakaku                 33
  39  Double Bow             44  Endlesshail                  36
  43  Short Siege Bow        47  Whichwild String             39
  46  Large Siege Bow        49  Cliffkiller                  41
  49  Rune Bow               51  Magewrath                    43
  52  Gothic Bow             54  Goldstrike Arch              46
  34  Arbalest               40  Langer Briser                32
  40  Siege Crossbow         44  Pus Spitter                  36
  47  Ballista               49  Buriza-Do Kyanon             41
  54  Chu-Ko-Nu              57  Demon Machine                49
  34  War Hat                36  Peasant Crown                28
  37  Sallet                 39  Rockstopper                  31
  42  Casque                 43  Stealskull                   35
  45  Basinet                46  Darksight Helm               38
  51  Winged Helm            52  Valkyrie Wing                44
  55  Grand Crown            57  Crown of Thieves             49
  48  Death Mask             49  Blackhorn's Face             41
  50  Grim Helm              49  Vampire Gaze                 41
  34  Ghost Armor            36  The Spirit Shroud            28
  36  Serpentskin Armor      37  Skin of the Vipermagi        29
  37  Demonhide Armor        39  Skin of the Flayed One       31
  40  Trellised Armor        41  Iron Pelt                    33
  42  Linked Mail            43  Spirit Forge                 35
  43  Tigulated Mail         45  Crow Caw                     37
  45  Mesh Armor             46  Shaftstop                    38
  47  Cuirass                49  Duriel's Shell               41
  49  Russet Armor           50  Skullder's Ire               42
  52  Templar Coat           53  Guardian Angel               45
  55  Sharktooth Armor       56  Toothrow                     48
  58  Embossed Plate         59  Atma's Wail                  51
  61  Chaos Armor            61  Black Hades                  53
  64  Ornate Plate           63  Corpsemourn                  55
  60  Mage Plate             59  Que-Hegan's Wisdom           51
  34  Defender               36  Visceratuant                 28
  37  Round Shield           39  Moser's Blessed Circle       31
  42  Scutum                 43  Stormchaser                  35
  45  Dragon Shield          46  Tiamat's Rebuke              38
  50  Pavise                 52  Gerke's Sanctuary            44
  56  Ancient Shield         58  Radament's Sphere            50
  48  Grim Shield            49  Lidless Wall                 41
  42  Barbed Shield          43  Lance Guard                  35
  36  Demonhide Gloves       37  Venom Grip                   29
  39  Sharkskin Gloves       39  Gravepalm                    32
  43  Heavy Bracers          44  Ghoulhide                    36
  49  Battle Gauntlets       50  Lava Gout                    42
  54  War Gauntlets          55  Hellmouth                    47
  36  Demonhide Boots        27  Infernostride                29
  39  Sharkskin Boots        40  Waterwalk                    32
  43  Mesh Boots             44  Silkweave                    36
  49  Battle Boots           50  War Traveler                 42
  54  War Boots              55  Gore Rider                   47
  36  Demonhide Sash         37  String of Ears               29
  39  Sharkskin Belt         39  Razortail                    32
  43  Mesh Belt              45  Gloom's Trap                 36
  49  Battle Belt            49  Snowclash                    42
  54  War Belt               55  Thundergod's Vigor           47
  65  Shako                  69  Harlequin Crest              62
  78  Spired Helm            77  Veil of Steel                73
  70  Wire Fleece            85  The Gladiator's Bane         85
  77  Balrog Skin            85  Arkaine's Valor              85
  68  Luna                   67  Blackoak Shield              61
  78  Aegis                  77  Stormshield                  73
  67  Decapitator            71  Hellslayer                   67
  70  Champion Axe           75  Messerschmidt's Reaver       70
  64  Devil Star             70  Baranar's Star               65
  71  Legendary Mallet       83  Schaefer's Hammer            79
  75  Thunder Maul           91  The Cranium Basher           87
  61  Elegant Blade          66  Lightsabre                   61
  71  Champion Sword         75  Doombringer                  71
  76  Colossus Blade         85  The Grandfather              81
  58  Bone Knife             69  Wizardspike                  61
  70  Archon Staff           78  Stormspire                   70
  70  Crusader Bow           77  Eaglehorn                    70
  74  Hydra Bow              80  Windforce                    74
  43  Slayer Guard           50  Arreat's Face                42
  43  Hierophant Trophy      50  Homunculus                   42
  43  Ceremonial Javelin     50  Titan's Revenge              42
  43  Ceremonial Bow         50  Lycander's Aim               42
  43  Ceremonial Pike        50  Lycander's Flank             42
  43  Swirling Crystal       50  The Oculus                   42
  40  Gilded Shield          50  Herald of Zakarum            42
  41  Greater Talons         50  Bartuc's Chop Chop           42
  43  Totemic Mask           50  Jalal's Mane                 42
  69  Vampirefang Belt           Nosferatu's Coil             61

                             10  Nagelring                     7
                             20  Manald Heal                  15
                             39  The Stone of Jordan          29
                             66  Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band     58
                             53  Dwarf Star                   45
                             53  Raven Frost                  45
                             14  Nokozan Relic                10
                             20  The Eye of Etlich            15
                             34  The Mahim-Oak Curio          25
                             58  The Cat's Eye                50
                             73  The Rising Sun               65
                             58  Crescent Moon                50
                             80  Mara's Kaleidoscope          67
                             60  Atma's Scarab                60
                             73  Highlord's Wrath             65
                             55  Saracen's Chance             47


Fruit (May 19, 2019 at 12:34 PM)

WoRG said:
@Fruit I'm making a 1.07 grail tracking spreadsheet, and the list of 1.07 uniques you provided has been VERY helpful. Could I trouble you to provide a similar list for set items?
Sorry for the late reply, I missed that mention.

Well, not sure if something like this suffices, it's a slightly modified list of a simple excel sheet I had. It includes the qlvl of the set and the level of the item base so that you can easily figure out where to find or rack the items.

Some notes:
  • For all but one of the "Classic sets", the rlvls of all individual items are the same, so in those cases I just put the rlvl in front of the complete set's name in stead of putting the same value in front of each individual item.
  • The list has already accounted for when the rlvl of the base is higher than the rlvl of the set quality (by using the higher of the two).
  • The number between parentheses is the qlvl of the set; all individual items of a set use that same value.
  • As for the rarity at the bottom; the higher the value, the better chance it has of getting picked. In most cases it's an even split.

rlvl                                blvl

   9  Civerb's Vestments (13)
      Civerb's Ward                   11  Large Shield
      Civerb's Icon                    1  Amulet
      Civerb's Cudgel                 15  Grand Scepter

   3  Hsarus' Defense (4)
      Hsarus' Iron Heel               12  Chain Boots
      Hsarus' Iron Fist                1  Buckler
      Hsarus' Iron Stay               12  Belt

   4  Cleglaw's Brace (6)
      Cleglaw's Tooth                 20  Long Sword
      Cleglaw's Claw                   5  Small Shield
      Cleglaw's Pincers               12  Chain Gloves

  15  Iratha's Finery (21)
      Iratha's Collar                  1  Amulet
      Iratha's Cuff                   20  Light Gauntlets
      Iratha's Coil                   29  Crown
      Iratha's Cord                   20  Heavy Belt

   8  Isenhart's Armory (11)
      Isenhart's Lightbrand           15  Broad Sword
      Isenhart's Parry                30  Gothic Shield
      Isenhart's Case                 18  Breast Plate
      Isenhart's Horns                15  Full Helm

  14  Vidala's Rig (19)
      Vidala's Barb                   23  Long Battle Bow
      Vidala's Fetlock                20  Light Plated Boots
      Vidala's Ambush                  3  Leather Armor
      Vidala's Snare                   1  Amulet

  17  Milabrega's Regalia (23)
      Milabrega's Orb                 15  Kite Shield
      Milabrega's Rod                 21  War Scepter
      Milabrega's Diadem              29  Crown
      Milabrega's Robe                40  Ancient Armor

  11  Cathan's Traps (15)
      Cathan's Rule                   17  Battle Staff
      Cathan's Mesh                   15  Chain Mail
      Cathan's Visage                 19  Mask
      Cathan's Sigil                   1  Amulet
      Cathan's Seal                    1  Ring

  20  Tancred's Battlegear (27)
      Tancred's Crowbill              19  Military Pick
      Tancred's Spine                 37  Full Plate Mail
      Tancred's Hobnails               3  Boots
      Tancred's Weird                  1  Amulet
      Tancred's Skull                 22  Bone Helm

   6  Sigon's Complete Steel (9)
      Sigon's Visor                   23  Great Helm
      Sigon's Shelter                 32  Gothic Plate
      Sigon's Gage                    27  Gauntlets
      Sigon's Sabot                   27  Greaves
      Sigon's Wrap                    27  Plated Belt
      Sigon's Guard                   22  Tower Shield

   5  Infernal Tools (7)
      Infernal Cranium                 1  Cap
      Infernal Torch                  26  Grim Wand
      Infernal Sign                   20  Heavy Belt

   3  Berserker's Arsenal (5)
      Berserker's Headgear            11  Helm
      Berserker's Hauberk             20  Splint Mail
      Berserker's Hatchet             13  Double Axe

   6  Death's Disguise (8)
      Death's Hand                     3  Leather Gloves
      Death's Guard                    3  Sash
      Death's Touch                   27  War Sword

  12  Angelic Raiment (17)
      Angelic Sickle                   8  Sabre
      Angelic Mantle                  11  Ring Mail
      Angelic Halo                     1  Ring
      Angelic Wings                    1  Amulet

      Arctic Gear (3)
   2  Arctic Horn                     27  Short War Bow
   2  Arctic Furs                      1  Quilted Armor
   2  Arctic Binding                   7  Light Belt
   3  Arctic Mitts                    20  Light Gauntlets

  15  Arcanna's Tricks (20)
      Arcanna's Sign                   1  Amulet
      Arcanna's Deathwand             24  War Staff
      Arcanna's Head                   5  Skull Cap
      Arcanna's Flesh                 35  Light Plate


      Natalya's Odium (22)
  59  Natalya's Totem                 50  Grim Helm
  79  Natalya's Mark                  67  Scissors Suwayyah
  73  Natalya's Shadow                72  Loricated Mail
  25  Natalya's Soul                  43  Mesh Boots

      Aldur's Watchtower (29)
  36  Aldur's Stony Gaze              37  Hunter's Guise
  78  Aldur's Deception               86  Shadow Plate
  42  Aldur's Rhythm                  39  Jagged Star
  45  Aldur's Advance                 49  Battle Boots

      Immortal King (37)
  47  Immortal King's Will            24  Avenger Guard
  80  Immortal King's Soul Cage       **  Sacred Armor
  29  Immortal King's Detail          54  War Belt
  30  Immortal King's Forge           54  War Gauntlets
  31  Immortal King's Pillar          54  War Boots
  76  Immortal King's Stone Crusher   69  Ogre Maul

      Tal Rasha's Wrappings (26)
  53  Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth     43  Mesh Belt
  67  Tal Rasha's Adjudication         1  Amulet
  65  Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye         43  Swirling Crystal
  76  Tal Rasha's Guardianship        84  Lacquered Plate
  66  Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest      48  Death Mask

      Griswold's Legacy (44)
  73  Griswold's Valor                81  Corona
  45  Griswold's Heart                64  Ornate Plate
  69  Griswold's Redemption           69  Caduceus
  68  Griswold's Honor                67  Vortex Shield

      Trang-Oul's Avatar (32)
  70  Trang-Oul's Guise               78  Bone Visage
  49  Trang-Oul's Scales              61  Chaos Armor
  54  Trang-Oul's Wing                40  Cantor Trophy
  45  Trang-Oul's Claws               43  Heavy Bracers
  69  Trang-Oul's Girth               77  Troll Belt

      M'avina's Battle Hymn (21)
  59  M'avina's True Sight            60  Diadem
  73  M'avina's Embrace               81  Kraken Shell
  32  M'avina's Icy Clutch            49  Battle Gauntlets
  45  M'avina's Tenet                 39  Sharkskin Belt
  70  M'avina's Caster                67  Grand Matron Bow

      The Disciple (39)
  30  Telling of Beads                 1  Amulet
  63  Laying of Hands                 67  Bramble Mitts
  29  Rite of Passage                 36  Demonhide Boots
  58  Dark Adherent                   66  Dusk Shroud
  65  Credendum                       72  Mithril Coil

      Heaven's Brethren (55)
  68  Dangoon's Teaching              61  Reinforced Mace
  81  Taebaek's Glory                 82  Ward
  44  Haemosu's Adamant               47  Cuirass
  70  Ondal's Almighty                78  Spired Helm

      Orphan's Call (41)
  34  Guillaume's Face                51  Winged Helm
  42  Wilhelm's Pride                 49  Battle Belt
  37  Magnus' Skin                    39  Sharkskin Gloves
  29  Whitstan's Guard                37  Round Shield

      Hwanin's Majesty (28)
  45  Hwanin's Splendor               55  Grand Crown
  30  Hwanin's Refuge                 43  Tigulated Mail
  35  Hwanin's Blessing               12  Belt
  28  Hwanin's Justice                37  Bill

      Sazabi's Grand Tribute (34)
  73  Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer        68  Cryptic Sword
  69  Sazabi's Ghost Liberator        77  Balrog Skin
  43  Sazabi's Mental Sheath          45  Basinet

      Bul-Kathos' Children (50)
  76  Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge       76  Colossus Blade
  72  Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian     72  Mythical Sword

      Cow King's Leathers (20)
  25  Cow King's Horns                34  War Hat
  18  Cow King's Hide                  8  Studded Leather
  13  Cow King's Hooves                7  Heavy Boots

      Naj's Ancient Vestige (43)
  78  Naj's Puzzler                   64  Elder Staff
  71  Naj's Light Plate               79  Hellforge Plate
  28  Naj's Circlet                   24  Circlet

      Sander's Folly (20)
  25  Sander's Paragon                 1  Cap
  20  Sander's Riprap                  7  Heavy Boots
  28  Sander's Taboo                   7  Heavy Gloves
  25  Sander's Superstition           18  Bone Wand


  7  Civerb's Icon
  7  Iratha's Collar
  7  Vidala's Snare
  7  Cathan's Sigil
  7  Tancred's Weird
  7  Angelic Wings
  1  Arcanna's Sign
  1  Tal Rasha's Adjudication
  1  Telling of Beads

  7  Hsarus' Iron Stay
  7  Hwanin's Blessing

Light Gauntlets:
  7  Iratha's Cuff
  7  Arctic Mitts

  7  Iratha's Coil
  7  Milabrega's Diadem

Heavy Belt:
  7  Iratha's Cord
  7  Infernal Sign

  7  Cathan's Seal
  3  Angelic Halo

  7  Infernal Cranium
  3  Sander's Paragon

Heavy Boots:
  7  Cow King's Hooves
  7  Sander's Riprap
Fruit (May 19, 2019 at 12:34 PM)

As for the IAS stuff; the standard calculation (low cap of 15, high cap of 175, diminishing return formula) is the same between 1.07 and 1.13d. But as you already pointed out, there are some differences for certain skills. Though, to know for sure, those skills would have to be looked at case-by-case. For example rollback skills like Zeal and Strafe are not handled entirely the same. Fury is busted in 1.07 (not sure this has even been fixed). Whirlwind of course works differently. As for Lightning & Chain Lightning, these are not increased by either IAS or FCR in 1.00-1.07. Not sure where this idea came from; maybe it is a 1.09 thing?

I wouldn't mind taking a look at things, but which skills are even worth looking at? In 1.07 the majority of skills don't seem to be used by anyone; we have casters, javelin throwers, and whirlwinders. :D

Edit: I was confused by your claim that 142 IAS is a 7fpa attack, but I see now that 1.13d has Matriarchal Bow at -10 speed, while 1.07 has it at 0, so unfortunately you're still at the 8fpa breakpoint with 145 IAS. But perhaps that just makes your gear choice easier, as you could fall back to 105 IAS and focus on damage (because I doubt that going for 200 IAS is a good idea). Otherwise, a Grand Matron Bow with 147 IAS would also be 8fpa.

I wanted to share this "technique" for dealing with MSLE. However, I recommend that you use with caution.. :LOL:

My merc will often bite the dust when facing MSLE, which means the baddies walk directly towards me. I've come to realize that if you stand perfectly still, you can actually allow them to come pretty close to you while still not getting hit by the lighting blobs. Here she is, playing "chicken" with Geleb.
Poisoned? Check. Cursed? Check. MSLE? No problem. :D
Nerves of steel. :D
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I wanted to share this "technique" for dealing with MSLE. However, I recommend that you use with caution.. :LOL:

My merc will often bite the dust when facing MSLE, which means the baddies walk directly towards me. I've come to realize that if you stand perfectly still, you can actually allow them to come pretty close to you while still not getting hit by the lighting blobs. Here she is, playing "chicken" with Geleb.
Poisoned? Check. Cursed? Check. MSLE? No problem. :D
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Nerves of steel. :D
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Recently I was looking through my stashes for damage charms for LLD use... There are 2 levels of 'of Maiming' on GCs, the lower is +15-17max and has rlvl29, while the other is +18-20max and has rlvl37, which is no good for LLD. I noticed I had VERY few of the lower affix, and NONE in my Trav/Cows/Racking stashes, despite having a LOT 'of Maiming' GCs

So, last week while I was unable to play, I did some research and I'm pretty sure I know what's going on... @art_vandelay had posted affix tables for 1.07, and he noted that there was a field for 'maxlevel' which he was unsure if it was ever used, and that he would ask @Fruit about it... Well, turns out the ONLY affixes that have a value for 'maxlevel' are +maxdam suffixes and @rez prefixes on Grand and Large charms! 🤪

And here I thought I'd just been lucky that my skillers 'of maiming' and my shimmering GCs always got the high affix... :rolleyes:

I looked through my stashes and they certainly bear this out...

Note: the 'maxlevel' only pushes to the highest level of a given affix... 'of Craftsmanship' doesn't become 'of Quality', but it does push to the highest level of 'of Craftsmanship,' likewise, 'of Quality' doesn't become 'of maiming'... however, because all the @rez prefixes are 'Shimmering,' they do always push to the highest level on high level charms!!

Note2: the +maxdam prefixes do NOT have 'maxlevel' values

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