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Mar 13, 2019
Welcome to the time travel thread for the most unpopular patch ever!

In the old SPF there was no exact such thread but I'm hoping that new developments will drive people back to 1.09. First off here are RobbyD's 1.09 guide as well as his 'Rollcall' thread for 1.09 which is close to a 'News, Info and Gossip' Thread:

Here is a repost of the guide to the new forum:

Why is patch 1.09 relevant again? It turns out that there are Zod patterns at certain player settings in the sparkly chests of act 5! Albeit only at a chance of 1 in 327670 (=5*65534) this is still the most viable way of getting a Zod pre 1.10. For comparison the chance for a Hell Bovine to drop a Zod at p7 in 1.09 is only 1 in 39.936.216 according to ATMA.

A pre 1.10 Zod is the only known way to permanently turn armor indestructible in order to make ethereal indestructible RW bases. Pre 1.10 socketing an item with a Zod will overwrite its durability and if the Zod is removed via a cube recipe (available in 1.10a+) the item will remain indestructible. (Fruit tested a Monarch socketed in 1.09b with a Zod and then unsocketed it in 1.13d and it remained indestructible)

The good news is that there is potential for even more Zod patterns. The patterns mentioned above apply to sparkly chests opened with 0 MF. Each MF value has the potential to lead to different patterns and as a consequence one would have to look through all ten distinct playersettings (1,3,5,...,15,17 and 21) at all possible values of MF in order to find out whether there are additional Zod patterns hidden away. (Assuming up to 1k MF are definitely doable on a pure chest run this means at least 10k different configurations)

I will end this post with a spoilered discussion on the two known Zod patterns but before that here's a few ideas on what to do with ethereal indestructible armor (or weapons):
  • eth Spirit/Phoenix for 146 strength required instead of 156. This comes out to 255 defense in a perfect sup eth Monarch.
  • eth Enigma, e.g. in a perfect sup eth Dusk Shroud with a whooping 805 base defense and up to 1580 defense after the + Def from Enigma is applied. Basically as much as 1.07 Arkaine's.
  • eth Grief or other weapon runewords for those that are uncomfortable with the ATMA bug.
  • ... something that is not related to min-maxing endgame characters in 1.14d. Your imagination is the limit!

Now to the patterns themselves! All results are due to Fruit's pattern generator and Fruit himself verified the two Zod patterns ingame.
What follows are the number of certain HRs in act 5 sparkly chests at playersettings 3 and 17 respectively:
p3 and 0% MF
           12%   20%   30%   38%
   Zod:      0     1     0     0
  Cham:      1     1     1     1
   Jah:      0     0     0     0
   Ber:      0     0     0     0
   Sur:      0     0     0     0
    Lo:      0     0     0     0
   Ohm:      0     0     0     0
   Vex:      0     0     0     0
   Gul:      1     1     1     1
   Ist:      1     1     1     1
   Mal:      4     5     5     5
p17 and 0% MF
           12%   20%   30%   38%
   Zod:      0     1     0     0
  Cham:      0     0     0     0
   Jah:      0     0     0     0
   Ber:      0     0     0     0
   Sur:      2     3     2     1
    Lo:      0     0     0     0
   Ohm:      3     6     4     3
   Vex:      1     2     1     1
   Gul:      1     2     1     2
   Ist:      2     1     1     3
   Mal:      5     7     6     6

The percentages over the numbers refer to the individual chest cases while the numbers below are the number of that specific rune over ALL 65534 patterns in that case. (Each chest case has 65534 patterns)

Now to the more troubling part: Applying MF has a good chance of changing the patterns, here is an example:
p17 and 3% MF
           12%   20%   30%   38%
   Zod:      0     1     0     0
  Cham:      0     0     0     0
   Jah:      0     0     0     0
   Ber:      1     0     0     0
   Sur:      2     3     2     2
    Lo:      0     0     0     0
   Ohm:      3     6     4     3
   Vex:      1     2     1     1
   Gul:      1     2     1     2
   Ist:      2     1     1     3
   Mal:      5     7     6     4
So compared to p17 and 3% MF we gained a Ber pattern in the 12% case and a Sur pattern in the 38% case but lost two Mals in the 38% case.

I've looked through MF values ranging from 0 to 100 for p17 and certain patterns just seem to 'come and go', for example the Ber pattern disappears at 5% MF. Right now there is no quick way of finding out if there is another hidden Zod pattern at some obscure MF value. In fact due to the modulo arithmetic involved in calculating the drops it seems that brute forcing every possible combination and searching through them is the only way to do so.

So p17 not only has a chance at a Zod (faint) but also a huge chance at Sur, Ohm and Mal for beta runewords. Add the chance to get 5% FRW SCs and this is a viable running target. In fact a combined superchest/sparkly chest approach can be considered as well. These are the numbers of runes Mal to Zod for act 5 superchests in 1.09:
             U     L
   Zod:      0     0
  Cham:      0     0
   Jah:      0     0
   Ber:      0     0
   Sur:      1     1
    Lo:      0     0
   Ohm:      3     3
   Vex:      1     1
   Gul:      1     1
   Ist:      1     1
   Mal:      2     3
The U column refers to the unlocked case while the L column refers to the locked one. Again there's a lot of Ohms, a Sur and some Mals worth looking at.

Hopefully this will serve as a motivator for people to pick up 1.09 once more ;)
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If I had unlimited time I would probably be all over this...however, I can barely manage to keep up with some 1.14d chars...

Definitely neat information though and I hope a few of you can put it to good use!
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Turns out there's another pattern at a very specific MF value so chances would be 1 in 100k... still painful though :D


I compared all the 1.09 versions and when it comes to .txts they are the same, meaning they have identical 'excel' folders in patch_d2.mpq. So for example Sets, Uniques, Affixes, Monsters and similar things did not have their constants changed in that series of patches.

So far the only differences between patches I can see is that in 1.09d specifically CtC is sometimes broken while in 1.09b you can play with playersX where X goes up to 64.

Considering this I think the best patch to start is 1.09b since it offers more superchest patterns to choose from and it allows this interesting technique:

If you visit Mephisto at p14 you can sliver him with static and then finish him off with FO. He will drop 6 items then AND give a good chunk of XP. I leveled from 72 to 77 on Mephisto alone. This is particularly easy if you have plenty of 1.07 items amassed, especially three piece Tal's and Wizardspike are a huge boost. You can even tank his cold attack with high enough cold resist or some damage reduction.
@art_vandelay I have played 1.09b ages ago but Classic so no knowledge about LoD.. You talked about Zod. I'm interested about Itemz, racking and MF in general (how broken it is this time). Is there any short story about those? I read that RobbyD's guide and learned something. Excel sheet (Grail list =) of Uniques, for example?

And of course any viable builds would be nice to know. If I'll give this a try I'll rush chars in 1.07 and level them to 77-80 and equip them with 1.07 stuff.

If I got it right racking works the same like before but there is some stupid cap?


Edit: I checked quickly Uniqueitems.txt and it seems that there are no new uniques in 1.09(?)
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@m4ke I haven't checked that there are no new items in 1.09b but that might very well be the case. Here's what I see as the benefits of 1.09b:
  • Easy to achieve 99er characters (much faster than in 1.10+). For example I leveled in less than 1,5h from 91 to 92 on killing the minions next to Shenk, that would never happen in 1.10+.
  • You can get 5% FRW small charms, that's unique to 1.09. While you run for those in LK you can take advantage of the plentyful HR patterns (by 1.07/1.08 standards) there.
  • MF works like in 1.10+ (mostly) so you can farm items for a 1.10a Andariel runner here (Shako, Occulus, etc.) without having to rack something in an older patch.
  • You get that unique chance at a pre-1.10 Zod from a chest.
For builds check out the Amazon and Sorceress section of the Mat/Pat thread and look for the ones with (1.09) behind their names. Generally Bowazons with Buriza and Sorcs with Static/Nova/Meteor/FO (any combo of those I guess) are very strong. Fire Arrow converts 50% of physical damage to fire damage at lvl 1 and Guided Arrow can pierce and hit the same target 5 times.

Sadly I don't have Buriza yet but I use Witchwild String with Rattlecage/Goblin Toe for 50% CB. Since CB scales with playersetting it is a very strong build already. My Sorc is FO/Nova with a lot of points in Teleport/Static (she's from 1.07 and wasn't planned for 1.09b) is doing fine too although Meteor would sometimes help out a lot.

Area levels are weird in 1.09, somebody at Blizzard decided to let them max out at 75, so that's your ceiling for racked items. I can't tell you if racking itself was changed from 1.08.
Thanks! I'll give it a try. I'll rush 1x Sorc 1x Zon and 5x Sins (I have to test first the racking in 1.09 with one of my 1.07 Sins).

If those 5% FRW SC's are 1.09 thing why I got yesterday one in 1.08??

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If those 5% FRW SC's are 1.09 thing why I got yesterday one in 1.08??

What? I've never heard of 5% FRW charms in 1.08. Such a shame, they nerfed all the good SC affixes in 1.08 :confused: At least you're more likely to get a good one in 1.09 since in 1.08 the elemental damage prefixes are more likely to spawn and ruin the charm. But still that's a cool discovery!
How are Mercs in 1.09? A2 way to go yet? Leech? Regen? @art_vandelay did you test to forward a merc from 1.07? How's the level stuff? I forwarded A2 merc to 1.10s and he dropped something like 77 -> 55 IIRC.

IIRC: A2 is the way to go, leech works, regen was cut way down compared to 1.07. Quite annoying to level, available merc level does not scale with character level but with difficulty/act progression, so if you're already leveled from 1.07 and go to 1.09 to switch to an A2 merc it's going to take a while to level that A2 normal or A2 NM merc. I think there maybe was a penalty for level difference between monster and merc? I seem to recall I had to level my mercs in tombs when I went back to hire A2 normal mercs.
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I hired mine in 1.09b and I went with Act 2 as well. Seems like those were the best ones around in 1.09b, especially for Bowazon you want that Might Aura which from something I read is higher than it is in 1.10+. I saw somebody (RobbyD?) recommend a Hone Sundan with AmnAmnShael as a weapon.

I leveled mine on NM Shenk with the Amazon and Hell Shenk with the Sorceress (I mostly just kill the minions). He seems to gain good experience from that but there might be much faster places. The advantage of Shenk is that Sorc can static and Nova/FW/Meteor/whatever from a safe position while Merc doesn't have to tank much damage:
Hone Sundan if you can get it, otherwise Honor RW (Amn El Ith Tir Sol) is not bad
At what lvl NM A2 mercs start? I think I'll test and level A2 merc in 1.07 to ~80. If the drop is same as in 1.10s it might be faster way. Unless the whole Merc forwarding is f*cked up like in 1.08..

Sorc & Zon & 5 Sins rushed and everyone have needed waypoints and Cain and Sorc & Zon have completed all +something quests except that +20 to life. Next Moo Moo Corner =)

@art_vandelay I haven't actually played 1.09 since it was the live patch on the realms (did play it a lot though, much more than I have ever played SP). It's on my list of things to play after 1.07 :cool: Not sure about ATMA, RobbyD might have something about it in his thread on the old forum?

@m4ke Just copied (and deleted after) a level 88 character from 1.07 to 1.09b to test it and the highest I was being offered to hire in A2 NM was level 35.
Nah, RobbyD's thread doesn't mention it and I haven't read through the roll call thread yet. I might just test it later.

@m4ke Here's a list of all levels of all areas in all difficulties in all patches. It's in .txt format but you can easily turn it into an excel spreadsheet.


  • levels107to114d.txt
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Lots of MooMoos killed.. I leveled only the Sorc ATM. Need to study more Zon builds. Sorc 85, A2 NM Def Merc 85, test transfer done. Merc dropped to 54 and XP looks ok (not like in 1.08). Char deleted from 1.09b and now I pick some gear for Merc. I think I'll make him Honor in Partizan at first and Smoke into something. Maybe Sazabi's hat.


Edit: Now I do NM Shenk & Eldritch runs. Sorc statics and Merc kills em all =) First P1 now P8. Merc is now 58. Easy so far.

Got first gold !!
(and some others, no ss)

Edit2: Gear upgrade @66, Honor in eth Tresher & Smoke in non-eth Archon plate (how likeky rack drops eth 2os =) Hat is Tal's 10% LL. P14 now and level is 70. Sorc helps with Shenk with a couple FO's. Easy going but boring.

And ATMA vs 1.09 RW. No problems so far. I have moved them and stashed them and all.
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If you visit Mephisto at p14 you can sliver him with static and then finish him off with FO. He will drop 6 items then AND give a good chunk of XP
My Sorc leveled from 85 to 86 that way. I just put fire under him to finish. It took some time but it also gave me a good base of 1.09 Grail (26,78% coverage).

About new uniques. Some throwing weapons were added. Atleast Deathbit and The Scalper. Those are not in my 1.07/8 Grail sheets. Or were they earlier too, anyone?

@art_vandelay is there any other 'use pX when doing that' things you know? What would be good p setting when running Snapchat Chatter?


Edit: And oh yeah! Shift+belt works!
Those throwing weapons are probably new, but I don't feel like comparing the uniqueitems.txt for both, so much changed it would be easy to overlook something.

I now know that Shenk and Mephisto can be slivered at p7 already. In fact for Mephisto p3 is already enough but I feel like doing him on p7 gives better XP overall. According to diablo wiki the XP bonus you get per player is only 5% from p10 onwards so p7 should beat p14 hands down while being about 2x as fast for leveling as p3.
In the end you probably have to test each setting to see which bosses can be slivered at what level. The exact mechanism behind this bug is not known right now.
While you run for those in LK you can take advantage of the plentyful HR patterns (by 1.07/1.08 standards) there.
Is there some thread about LK running in 1.09? I'd like to know some p settings when I do my first LK runs.

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