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Aug 5, 2005

Welcome to The SPF​

The Stickies

Single Player Rules

The SP(T)F is based on trust so, before you go any further, please re-read the rules. If in doubt, contact the Moderator. You need to understand the implication of what you are doing before you start, it makes it easier going forward.

SPF Community & Links

This thread provides supporting information and links to support the rules, and helps explain what makes the SPF a bit different. It is open to the community for suggesting new guides or edits. It also contains links to all the approved utilities for Single Player on this site.
  1. About the Forum - The main threads you will see in the SPF
  2. Links for Utilities - Approved links for the utilities we permit in the SPF
  3. PureDiablo Links - Links on this site
  4. External Links - Links to other useful information
  5. Time Travel - Information for those interested in playing previous patches of the game
  6. Abbreviations - List of the most common abbreviations used by the forum
  7. Credits and Change Log

SPF Mat, Pat & Guardian Compilation

The history of the SPF is written in it's Matriarchs, Patriarchs and Guardians. With over 2000 build write ups, this is a great resource if you are planning a build.

Tournament Listings

One of the SPF's unique features, these come in two main types:
Item Find Tournaments - Find items is a set time period and score points based on item rarity. The main events of the year are the Magic FInd Olympics (MFO) and the Rune Finding League (RFL).
Tourneys: Normally hardcore playthroughs of the game with additional item and/or skill restrictions. If you are after a challenge, this is where you should look.

Build Guides

The SPF builds have often had a bit of a different flavour to those on BNet. Even in these post 1.13 days of high rune wealth, the dogma of BNet often is contradicted in the SPF.

SPF Technical Support

Post here and the membership will try and help you with any problems relating to installing D2, accepted mods, ATMA, GoMule, previous versions or hosting via TCP/IP.

The Sub-Forums

The Single Player Forum Archives

The SPF's X-Files. Older threads that have been archived or moved from elsewhere.

Single Player Trading Forum

Providing you follow the SPF Rules , you can also trade in Single Player.
SP trading has a very different slant than realm trading. Values differ widely, especially since the SPTF is fairly quiet these days. There is a stickied Price Check Thread where you may get an up to date evaluation of your items. The SPTF is also the place to look for giveaways.

The Main Page

Here is an overview of the threads that you will see regularly on the main page.

Introduction threads

If you have just joined, or re-joined after an extended break, please (re)introduce yourself. Let us know what characters you like, how you came to the game and maybe a bit about yourself in RL (Real Life). As much or as little as you like. And then make sure you've got some shin protectors. Shin kicking is part of the SPF initiation ceremony.

The Daily Thread

Once upon a time there was a fresh Daily thread almost every day, but these days we are running a rolling Daily Thread. Post about what you are up to in D2, RL and OVG (Other Video Games).

Etdlahq Memorial Bar

Wander over to the EMB, prop yourself against the bar and grab a drink and a meal. The place for chit chat and drinks. Have two, they're on Durf's tab. Etdlahq is no longer with us, but his memory lives on here. The previous thread ran to over 100K posts.

The Item Find Thread

This is where you can post all the readouts of your greatest finds and link to screenshots. New IFT's are made periodically usually when a really high end runeword or three are made or a very rare set/unique is found.

Anything Goes D2 Lounge

The place to go if you want to ask a quick question that doesn't really warrant a new thread. Old post containing useful information are archived here.

Mat, Pat and Guardian Threads

Whether you have just finished the game with your first character or have completed your 49th Guardian, make a thread and tell us about it! You can find loads of great examples here.

The Single Player MP Thread

Single player doesn't mean 'alone'. We MP and PvP through LAN or TCP/IP and it is a fairly important part of the SP experience.
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Links for Tools and Utilities​

Please ensure you have read the rules before downloading any of these files and understand the implications of your choice. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, message the moderators if in any doubt. Only the files linked in this post are considered legitimate.

Two links are provided for most files as a backup in case one is not available. The files are identical.

ATMA - Hakai_no_Tenshi’s original muling program for Windows
PureDiablo ATMA page

ATMA IV Link1 / Link2
ATMA V Link1 / Link2
ATMA V for 1.13+ Link1 / Link2
ATS (To transfer 1.10a characters to 1.10s) Link1 / Link2

DropCalc - Silospen’s Drop Calculator
Drop Calculator Link1 / Link2

Excel Calculators
The following calculators and reference sheets are in Excel 2003 format, so should open in most spreadsheet applications.

Calculators by maxicek

Attack Rating - Calculates actual AR and chance to hit.

Assassin IAS Tables - Weapon speed calculators for all Assassin attacks.

Block - Calculates chance to block based on inputed values, or returns dexterity required for maximum block.

Damage - Weapon damage calculator. You need your weapon damage details and ED from skills and equipment.

FHR FCR FBR - Excel version of the Faster Hit Recovery, Faster Cast Rate and Faster Block Rate tables. Nothing to calculate here, just a list taken from the Strategy Compendium.

FRW - Calculates your actual walk and run speed based on armour types and FRW on items or skills.

Lightning Fury - Damage calculator including the effect of Facets

Magic Find - Enter your MF and it calculates the actual improved chance of finding rares, sets and uniques. Also includes a graph showing just how bad that diminishing returns is.

OW CB DS - Shows how much damage is done by open wounds, crushing blow or deadly strike.

Runewords - A list of runewords ranked from cheapest to most expensive in cubed El equivalents. Also has the properties of each runeword handily hyperlinked.

Smite - Damage calculator based on TienJe’s work.

Weapon Damage - Calculates weapon damage for the most popular unique weapons, including the 1.07 Ethereal bonus

Calculators by TienJe

Hammer Optimization Calculator - Returns the proper skill point allocation for BH, Conc, BA, and Vigor for maximum damage, given your equipment setup and number of available skill points.

FoH Optimization Calculator - Returns proper skill point allocation for FoH and HS for maximum damage, with same parameters as previous calculator.

Sorceress Skill Optimization - (extended by Zharous) - returns proper skill allocation for maximum damage for all important sorceress skills (in all three elements), using the same parameters as mentioned above.

Other Spreadsheets

Complete 1.10 Hireling Stats by RTB

Monster Immunities Complete list of monster immunities by act - Posted by onderduiker

Glide Wrapper
Can help the appearance and FPS on modern graphics cards. Particularly good for people with larger monitors who run in windowed mode (you can resize the window).

gl32ogl14e.zip - Link1 / Link2
glide3x.zip - Link1 / Link2

GoMule - Cross platform muling application by Silospen (requires Java)
GoMule version 4.2 - Link1 / Link2
GoMule Instructions - Link1 / Link2

MFO - Scoring system files
A85.txt - Link1 / Link2
Act5.txt - Link1 / Link2
Baal.txt - Link1 / Link2
MFO Calulator (Excel) - Link1 / Link2

Multi-Instance dlls
All the Trenshadow Version Switcher files also contain multi-instance dlls

Classic 1.00 - Link1 / Link2
Classic 1.06 - Link1 / Link2
LoD 1.13c - Link1 / Link2
LoD 1.13d - Link1 / Link2

No CD Pack 1.00 to 1.11b by GalaXyHaXz
Allows earlier versions for modern computers without an optical drive - Link1 / Link2

Various PDF files of D2 Information - Link1 / Link2

Note - These are to be used to versions 1.10f to 1.12 only.
Red Rune Mod only - Link1 / Link2
Red Rune Mod with Runeword Mod - Link1 / Link2
Installation instructions for RRM - Link1 / Link2

Silospen’s Coloured Rune - ModLink1 / Link2

Run Counter Advanced
Silospen’s Advanced Run Counter - Essential for the serious MFer - Link1 / Link2

RWM - RTB’s Ladder Runeword mod
RWM for 1.11 to 1.14d - Link1 / Link2
Installation instructions for RWM - Link1 / Link2

RWM for Mac 1.14d - Link1 / Link2

Trenshadow Version Switcher
The (Hopefully) Definitive TrenShadow Guide (2.00) by Vildecor

Classic Patches
1.00 - Link1 / Link2
1.03 - Link1 / Link2
1.04b - Link1 / Link2
1.04c - Link1 / Link2
1.05 - Link1 / Link2
1.05b - Link1 / Link2
1.06 - Link1 / Link2
1.06b - Link1 / Link2

LoD Patches
1.07 - Link1 / Link2
1.08 - Link1 / Link2
1.09 - Link1 / Link2
1.09b - Link1 / Link2
1.09d - Link1 / Link2
1.10a - Link1 / Link2
1.10s - Link1 / Link2
1.10 - Link1 / Link2
1.11 - Link1 / Link2
1.11b - Link1 / Link2
1.12a - Link1 / Link2
1.13a - Link1 / Link2

Guide for Trenshadow Version Switcher by mattinm - Link1 / Link2

Singling - Single Player modification package by Fearedbliss
Please read the rules carefully and the change logs for the versions if you download from Fearedbliss' Github site. Remember it is your responsibility to ensure you are rules compliant, this is only permitted for 1.14d. The version linked here is cleared
Link1 / Link2

Bliss Version Switcher by Fearedbliss
If possible, we would prefer that you use Trenshadow. Bliss Version Switcher 1.6.4 is provided here.
Note that the newer version switcher by Fearedbliss is not permitted. Link1 / Link2

Original Patches
Official Blizzard Patches for PC - Link1 / Link2

Official Blizzard Patches for Mac. Also included are RRM and RWM variants. Not that these are not compatible with the 1.14 Mac installer, they are Rosetta / OS9 only. Preserved for reference - Link1 / Link2
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PureDiablo Links​

All these guides are hosted on this site.

Gameplay and General Guides

General gameplay guides, damage optimisation, everything you need to know to get through the game.

DiabloWikiN/ARestored version of the DiabloWiki.
Single Player vs Battle.net content@maxicekIf you have just arrived from BNet, this will answer your questions on the Keys, Ubers, Runewords and DClone.
Build Guides Compilation@maxicekCurated selection of the best build guides, covering the common builds and the not so common.
Skill census/analysis of the SPF Mat/Pat/Guardian build compilation@SwamigoonLooks at the 2000+ builds written up by the SPF and compares the skills used. A great resource if you are considering using a skill and want to know people’s thoughts on it.
The Shrining - Shrines Revisited@ResTTeInformation on where to find Shrines, focussing particularly on Gem Shrines
SPF Speedrunning@skiffczNot just for the speed freaks, also includes lots of useful information about low level twinking.
Sorc Damage Opimization@ffsSpreadsheet and instruction for optimising various sorceress skills.
Merc damageOwlieSpreadsheet containing detailed calculations for Act 2 Might Merc in various setups.
Facts and Formulae ArchiveDracoy & CoFBR, FCR, FHR breakpoints, Weapon Damage explained, DS, OW, CB explained, to hit and to block formulas, 1.10 area levels and a lot more.
Calculating Poison DamageonderduikerA nice compilation of how the various sources of poison damage work together
Murios Project - The pursuit of 10KD2DCIf making different builds is your thing, join the Murios Project. The goal is 10,000 total levels of Mats, Pats & Guardians.

The Quest for 99

A quest only for the most determined players - It takes as long to get from level 1 to 98 as it does 98 to 99. That hasn’t stopped a select band of nutcases achieving it, some even multiple times. In Hardcore. Or even un-twinked.

SPF 99er Compendium@PhineasBIf you are considering getting a character to level 99, this compilation draws together the knowledge from those that have done it.
The Hall of Legends@jjscudArchive of those characters, and the players, that have reached 99
The Quest for 99 Progress Thread@jjscudTrack progress if you are running for 99. Mainly twinked builds, both HC and SC.
The Untwinked Level 99 Progress Thread@KittehA great challenge if you are starting from scratch. Get to 99 with finds only from the one character.
SPF Hall of Experience@art_vandelayCompare and discuss levelling performance and strategies


Guides related to how items are generated and in-depth guides for specific item types.

Item Generation Tutorial for Patch 1.11 (v1.0)Warrior of LightAn item generating overview covering socketing Items, cube Recipe, rerolling strategies and staff mods
Skill Granting Items 2.1 tables of oskills, auras, ctc and moreKijyaList of all the items that give bonuses to specific skills, especially those useable cross-class.
A Guide to Charms in 1.10/1.11CoraxWhat constitutes good, great or fantastic charms, and how to go about getting them.
Sockets listPureDiabloIncludes the number of sockets you will get on all items by item level.
Uzziah's Guide to Altering Items In GameUzziahGuide to cubing, re-rolling and crafting items

Magic and Rune Finding

How to optimise your chances to find those elusive Unique items and Runes.

MF Guide@art_vandelayNew MF Guide coming Soon!
Build Efficiency 101@ffsEfficiency underpins all item finding, not just MF. This guide explains how to optimise the time you spend hunting for those elusive items.
SPF Hall of Records@GripphonGauge your efficiency at running several different targets against others in the SPF. Optimise your build and your play style.
From rolling ancient tunnel maps to completing the Grail@AlbatrossExplains how AT maps are generated, how to build a Blizzard Sorceress and use her to find every item in the game.
MF efficiency calcsOwlieUpdated version of Fabian's original Magic Finding Efficiency Spreadsheet.
The Super- and Sparkly Chest Reference@art_vandelayGuide to the chest drops for all versions from 1.07 onwards.
LK vs. Trav vs. Cows RUnefinding Guide@GripphonCompares efficiency and strategies for three of the most popular places to find the rarest runes
SPF Elite RunnersHrusIf you have a personal project running for something, join the support group. You can pick any target or goal, it is up to you.
Updated Countess Rune Drop Chances@LuhkohProbability for 1.13 or later for various players settings.


The original Grail is a complete collection of all the Set and Unique items in the game. Since then we have a multitude - Ethereal, Runewords, Perfect Items - If you want to collect it, there is a thread to measure your progress against others.

Grails - The Main Ones​

These are the ones which are more active with regular participants.

1.10+ Holy GrailHrusThe original Grail for Set and Unique items.
Runeword Grail@jjscudCollect all 78 rune words.
Ethereal GrailSir Lister of SmegThere are 317 Unique items that can be Ethereal. Collect them all.
Ormus' Robes GrailpurplelocustAll the different staff mods that can be found on Ormus Robes Unique Dusk Shroud (25 total)

Grails - The Weird Ones​

These are the ones with a more select group of participants.

Perfect GrailEasyGIf the normal grail is too easy, collect all unique and set items in the game as perfect as possible.
Jewel Collectors Grail@D2DCCollect all the different jewels in the game, prefixes and suffixes (There are over 1000…)
Cathan's Seal Graildune6836Find a Cathan’s Seal ring with every possible ilvl (85 maximum)
Staffmod GrailpurplelocustFInd all the staff mods available on items, they have to be +3
Failed GrailsirpoopsalotTrack all the items that could have been a set / unique but are not. Unfortunately the spreadsheet is missing.
Grail of Steel@skiffczMake the Runeword Steel in the 81 different possible bases.
Title GrailpurplelocustGet an untwinked character of every possible title, from Guardian (LoD HC) down to Sir (Classic SC male.)
The Zod God@AlbatrossFind a perfect Ethereal item and socket with a Zod rune. The person with the most is the Zod God.
The El Mortal@D2DCFind perfectly bad uniques and socket with an El rune
The Grail GrailpurplelocustCollects all the various grails into one gigantic grail.


Additional links for people playing tournaments, also includes useful information for un-twinked play.

SPF Tournament Hosting GuideSint_NikolaasIf you have a great Tournament idea but have never hosted one before, this guide will help you get started.
Single Pass Tourney Guide@jiansonzIf you are playing in a Tourney and wonder why everyone else has better gear than you, the Tourney master will explain all.
HC Single Pass GuideHC GuntherAn essential read for Tourney players and a great resource for those new to HC.

Player vs Player

If you really want to test your skills, it has to be PvP. We have not been so active lately due to a smaller player base, but we always welcome fresh interest.

PvP Thread@nulioContains all the rules we use and lots of discussion about builds and equipment. If you are interested in PvP, post here
PvP Thread '12 Edition (old posts)@art_vandelaySelected posts with useful information preserved from the old PvP Thread.
The LLD Nursery@entwilighterDiscussion thread for level 30 low level duelling
The PvP Guide@Colony & coThis was written a while ago specifically for SPF duelling, but has been a bit outdated by increased wealth and rune drops. Still lots of useful information though. Opens as a Google Doc.

Technical Issues and Bugs

Technical support topics and details of known Diablo bugs.

Fixing Load/S&E/Act Transition times@AlbatrossLoading can be a significant part of short runs, learn how to optimise it.
D2 and Macs@maxicekMacs have had patchy support for Diablo over the years, this tells you how you can play the game whatever OS and hardware you are running.
D2 on Wine@maxicekA guide for installing D2 using Wine on a Mac, should also be applicable to Linux users.
Gamebreaking Bugs and Crashes@art_vandelayAll known issues from 1.00 Classic to 1.14d
The MDR BugSSogExplanation of the MDR bug, very important for low level duelling.
Failed Pindle Nerf@LuhkohExplains how Pindleskin was supposed to have his drop quality reduced but didn’t.
Data Recovery Tips@skiffczIf you have had a HD crash and you are worried about losing your stashes; or even if you haven't and want to prevent it; read this.

Off Topic Threads

We permit a few off topic threads in the Single Player Forum, the site also has a separate Off Topic Forum.

Etdlahq Memorial BarEnjoy a drink and have a chat at the bar.
What Are You Reading?@VildecorWhat are you currently reading? What books/series do you highly recommend? Share with the rest of the community. Unsurprisingly Fantasy features strongly, but not exclusively.
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External Links​

These links are hosted on external websites and are not maintained by PureDiablo

General Diablo Sites​

Arreat SummitBlizzardOfficial Blizzard resource for D2
The Amazon Basin WikiThe Amazon BasinA great Wiki with lots of information on how the game works.


Weapon Speed calculatorTitanSealplanetdiablo.eu are still moving the calculator
Weapon Speed CalculatorTitanSealMirror of the official calculator above
Skills calculatororbanplanetdiablo.eu are still moving the calculator
Affix Calculatorplanetdiablo.euAffix calculator for 1.11, applicable to later patches too.
All Calculatorsplanetdiablo.euplanetdiablo.eu are still moving the calculators


Pathfinding GuideKnoofleThis is written for a Diablo Mod, but is still one of the best sources we have on maps
Armour Appearance by ClassPDF file of how all the different armours look on each class for versions before Diablo 2 Ressurected
BB CodeXenforoBB Code is the format that the posts are written in. Explains code blocks, spoilers and all the other features supported by the forum software.

Old Links​

These links are all from the previous site, we do not plan to move them over but maybe they are still useful to some people
Morons for DummiesAlterEgoPossibly out of date due to 1.13 Merc Levelling changes
Project KAshmer Amadeus
Drops Breakdown: Baal vs. Pits vs. Ancient Tunnelsbcoe
1.11 HF RushingJantia
Ultimate Merc Guidegaza0469
Running the HF(Quest for a Ber)dune6836
LK FAQMuddyWatersCovered by the Superchest thread by @art_vandelay
MF OddballsNightfish
Nightfish's 3 hour sorceressNightfish
Max block v Max vitNightfish
TC 3 Hunting FAQpurplelocustIncluded in the new MF Guide by @art_vandelay
Quietus Map GuideQuietus
Rune Finder's Guide v2.0Urlik_SkarsolOutdated and better covered by other rune finding guides.
Low Level Twinking/Fast levellingTiminator
1.09 Classic HF RushingZaliqai
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Guides for Time Travellers​

In the SPF you can play whichever version of Diablo II you want. Fancy playing against players64 monsters? You can do it in a previous version. Want a Bul-Katho's Wedding Band with +2 to skills? You can in a previous version!

How to play different versions

You have a few options for playing older versions:
  • Fresh install of the old patch. Works quite nicely if you use a Virtual Machine to run an old OS (Windows 2000 for example). This is probably the best option for Mac users.
  • Trenshadow version switcher. The original SPF time travelling machine.
  • Bliss Version Switcher (BVS). Works with 1.14 too. (Important note: Only the version linked in this thread is allowed in the SPF!)
No matter what method you choose be careful when managing your save files. A character may only travel forwards in time by the SPF rules, so be sure to remember which character is in which patch. (An excel sheet is a good idea here!)

Why to play different versions

Playing older patches can be a very different experience if you started playing D2 in 1.10 or later. Forget much of what you thought you knew and enjoy the experience. Of course finding items which are different to the later patches is part of it too.

What follows in this post is a short overview of highlights for each patch as well as an index of interesting posts concerning that patch. A more detailed overview is given in @Helvete 's excellent guide:
The Time Traveler's Vortex - Part 1 - General Guide to SPF Time Travel

Specific Patch Information

While there are around 25 versions of Diablo II available for your enjoyment only a small subset of those has captured the interests of the SPF. Here we give a short overview of the most popular patches and why people play them.
One more thing before we start: Nowadays each popular patch has a "News, Info and Gossip" thread which is a place where you can share your experiences and discuss the patch with other time travellers.

1.00-1.06b News, Info and Gossip
The definite reference for these patches is @Helvete 's Time Traveler's Vortex part 2, an absolute must read. For 1.06b specifically you should read @Ragnarod 's Guide to Classic 1.06b and the outstanding post by @Fruit on the third page of that thread.

Classic 1.00 is the version of the game as it was on release, complete with gambled SoJs, overpowered Whirlwind and infinite maggot baby leveling. This is where the most dedicated time travellers start their journey. Conversely 1.05b is the most mature version of pre-LoD Diablo II and fixed many of the bad bugs present in earlier versions.

With the introduction of Diablo Clone for single players in D2R 1.00 has become the easiest source for SoJs aplenty.

These versions have a wide variety of bugs, some of which can ruin your characters permanently. The most dangerous ones are collected in a general thread on gamebreaking crashes and bugs.

1.07 News, Info and Gossip
The most popular time travelling patch by far and accordingly we know a staggering amount about it. Weirdly enough there is no up to date guide on it available at the time. Most information is spread by word of mouth and some of it is stored in the News, Info and Gossip post. For a general overview check out @Helvete 's guide linked earlier in this post. The "Key Posts" spoiler also contains a link to five posts of advanced 1.07 information provied by @Fruit and @GalaXyHaXz which is a must read.

Among the many things to look out for are insane crafts, charms with high damage (up +40 max damage on a GC!) and uniques with better stats than their modern counterparts such as a Wizardspike with 95% to all resistances.

For a modern account on crafts consult the crafting guide which covers most questions about 1.07 crafting. For crafting check out the racking guide and finally visit the cubing miniguide for a list of available cube recipes and some analysis of them. If you are unsure what spear and polearm bases to farm for use in later patches check out @ziambe 's miniguide on those.

If you are mad enough to go for a 1.07 grail you will find @Derklord 's grail sheet very handy. It even lists the best farm spot for every item. To get the right amounts of magic find for your target items you should consult the MF caps calculator made by @Derklord and @m4ke .

1.08 News, Info and Gossip
Here the definite resource is the first post of the News, Info and Gossip thread compiled by @GalaXyHaXz.

Not a lot of people play this patch but it has its upsides, such as small charms with 5% faster run/walk, caster amulets with up to 25% faster cast rate, the infamous 1.08 Highlord's Wrath and rare jewels with up to 6 affixes. For success stories on the latter two read up on @jimsfriend 's meph runs which netted him the coveted 1.08 HLW as aswell as @WoRG 's Mythical Jewels of Power from the Ancient Past.

Crafting in 1.08 is somewhat nerfed compared to 1.07 but to make up for it amulets can have up to 25% faster cast rate and there's a belt craft which gives deadly strike and crushing blow. See the crafting guide for more information.

For racking and cubing you can see the 1.07 section of this post which contains links to both guides which are valid for 1.07 and 1.08. Specifically for 1.08 there is an excellent rundown on deadly crafts by @ziambe with plenty of examples.

1.09 News, Info and Gossip
This patch was live for a few years and arguably the prime of D2. SPF member @RobbyD wrote an extensive guide on it (which despite some inaccuracies is still the best resource around) and started the 1.09 Roll Call thread which is as close to a News, Info and Gossip thread as you can get without actually calling it that.

Some highlights of 1.09 are easy 99ers, players64 (1.09b only) and 5% Faster Run/Walk small charms. This patch is balanced in such a way that runewords are not the most powerful items around, instead uniques are the best items, a breath of fresh air for any 1.10+ player!

Once upon a time 1.09 was also popular for Hell Forge rushes but it has since been made obsolete by faster 1.00/1.07 HF rushes. Still here is the best resource on 1.09 HF rushing:

1.10a/s News, Info and Gossip
As with 1.08 the definite resource on these patches is the first post of the News, Info and Gossip thread.

These patches are already very close to current day D2 but still contain exciting things (1.10a moreso than 1.10s) such as the beta runewords (1.10a/s) and the +2 to all Skills Bul-Katho's Wedding Band (1.10a).

For some success stories you should read up on these two excellent threads by @purplelocust :
1.10a beta +2 all skills BK ring seekers miniguide
1.10s beta runeword miniguide
As with all historic resources take the information provided with a grain of salt.

What happens in between 1.10s and 1.14d?

As you may have noticed no patch between 1.10s and 1.14d has been specifically mentioned and this is for good reason. Here's a short breakdown of the history of these patches.
  • 1.10: This patch was live for only a short time and for the most part only has negatives. A deadly bug concerning FE monsters and no ladder runewords in the offline game files, so no RWM for this version. The only good thing about it is the charge bug: If you have level n charges of skill X, no hard points in X and X synergizes skill Y, then the charges will synergize Y as if you had invested n hard points into X. Most notable offender are the Marrowwalk boots with Bone Prison charges.
  • 1.11-1.12: The first of these patches introduced the ladder runewords into singleplayer (without actually activating them!) while the last one was a no-cd patch. They are identical in gameplay except for a small bug which was fixed in 1.11b.
  • 1.13a-1.13d: These patches are notorious for introducing respecs, buffing a variety of skills and upping the rune drop rates by an insane amount. The last increase in rune drop chance was in 1.13c. This alone makes any version 1.10-1.13b unattractive by comparison.
  • 1.14a-1.14d: These are identical in gameplay to 1.13d but solve compatibility problems of Diablo II with modern systems.
For these reasons people either play a version before 1.10 if they time travel and stick to 1.14d for the modern patches.


Legacy Links:

1.07 LoD
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This is a list of most of the common abbreviations used on the forum, but certainly isn't all of them.
5% - generally relates to +5% all resistances small charms
7% - usually refers to a 7% magic find small charm
1.07/1.09/1.10/1.13 - Patches. Many changes have varied the way the game has been played. The SPF FAQ has a good explanation of version differences
1H - one-handed weapon
2H - two-handed weapon
3/20/20 - small charm that adds 3 to maximum damage, 20 to AR and 20 to life
3PD Shield - A socketed shield with 3 perfect diamonds in it giving you 57%resistance to all.
A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 - Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Act 4, Act 5
AB (Abasin) - Amazon Basin. An online community of knowledgeable players spanning many games.
AC - armour class
afaik - As far as I know
afk - Away From keyboard
alvl - Affix Level or area level
Ama/Azn/zon - Amazon.
Amp - Amplify Damage. Necro curse to reduce enemies' resistance to physical damage. Also available as charges on some items
Amu /Ammy - Amulet
Ancients - The Three Ancients in Act 5.
Andy - Andariel. Act 1 super unique monster.
Anni - Annihilus (the one and only unique small charm)
AoE - Area of Effect. A spell that targets an area.
AoKL - Arm of King Leoric tomb wand
AR - Attack Rating.
Arach - arachnid mesh belt. Unique belt that gives +1 skills
Arkaine's - Arkaine's Valor Elite Unique Balrog Skin.
Arreat's - Arreat's Face Unique Slayer Guard.
AS - Arreat Summit. Battle.net's/Blizzard's official website for D2.
Atm - At the Moment.
ATMA - Single player muling utility, that includes a very useful drop calculator
Atma's - Atma's Scarab Unique Amulet.
AW - The Ancients' Way in Act 5.
B.net (Bnet) - Battle Net. Blizzard's game server for Diablo II.
BA - Bone Armor (necromancer skill)
BA - Blessed Aim (paladin skill), also available on Desert Mercenaries
Barb - Barbarian.
Bartuc's - Bartuc's Cut-Throat Unique Greater Talons.
BBL - Be Back Later
BBS - Be back soon
BC (BCom) - Battle Command. A Barbarian warcry to increase skill levels.
BC (BCry) - Battle Cry. A Barbarian warcry to decrease an enemy's damage and defense
BF (BFury) - Blade Fury. An Assassin Trap Tree skill.
BF - Bloody Foothills
BH - Blessed Hammer (paladin skill)
Big D - Diablo
BK - Bul-Kathos (unique ring/barbarian set)
Blk - Block.
BM - bad manners. Indicating a PvP ruleset
BO - Battle Orders
BoI - Blades of Ice.
boost - rush
BoS - Burst of Speed
Bp - Breakpoint. A mark at which something improves.
BP - Bone Prison (necromancer skill)
Brb - Be right back.
Brt - Be right there.
BS (BSentinel) - Blade Sentinel. an Assassin skill on the Trap tree.
BS (BShield) - Blade Shield. an Assassin skill on the Trap tree.
BS (BSpear) - Bone Spear. A Necromancer attack skill.
BS (Bspirit) - Bone Spirit. A Necromancer attack skill.
btw - By the way
Burrito (Buriza) - Buriza-Do Kyanon Exceptional Unique Ballista
BvB - Barbarian Versus Barbarian Dueling.
BvC - Barbarian v Caster (pvp)
BW - Bone Wall. A Necromancer skill on the Poison and Bone tree
C/C - Claw/Claw. Refers to an Assassin wielding dual claws
C/S - Claw/Shield. Refers to an Assassin using a claw and shield.
CA - Chilling Armor. A Sorceress skill on the Cold tree.
CB - Crushing Blow.
CB - Colossus Blade. Elite Sword.
CB - Charged Bolt (sorceress skill)
CBF - Cannot be frozen.
CBS - Charged Bolt Sentry. Assassin Trap Tree skill.
CE - Cold Enchanted.
CE - Corpse Explosion. A Necromancer attack skill on the Poison and Bone tree.
CG - Clay Golem.
grats - Congratulations.
Char - Character.
chippies - chipped gems
CI - Cold Immune.
CL - Chain Lightning. Sorceress lightning tree attack skill.
clvl - Character Level.
CM - Claw Mastery.
CM - Cold Mastery. Sorceress Cold tree skill.
CoA - crown of Ages unique item
CoH - Chains of Honor
Conc - Concentrate/ion (paladin aura/Barbarian skill)
Conv - Conviction. A Paladin offensive aura to reduce enemy resistances.
CoS - Cloak of Shadows.
CoT - Claws of Thunder
CP - Crystalline Passage in Act 5.
CR - Cold resistance.
Shako- Harlequin Crest Elite unique Shako
Crit - Critical Strike.
CS - Crystal sword
CS - Critical Strike.
CS - Colossus Sword.
CS - Cobra Strike
CS - Chaos Sanctuary in Act 4
CtA - Call to Arms (runeword)
CtC - chance to cast
CTH - Chance to Hit.
Cube - The Horadric Cube
CV - colossus voulge
cya - See you.
D - Diablo
D/A/E - Dodge/Avoid/Evade. Trio of Amazon defensive skills from the Passive and Magic skill tree.
D2 - Diablo II
D2C - Diablo 2 classic.
D2M - Damage to Mana
D2R - Diablo 2 Ressurected
D2X - Lord of Destruction Diablo 2 expansion.
Dam - Damage
DC - Dragon Claw. A skill on the Assassin's Martial Arts Tree.
DC (D Clone) - Diablo Clone, not available in Single Player.
Decrep - Decrepify. A Necromancer curse that slows and weakens.
Def - Defense
Desynch - refers to desynchronizing with the server. That way, you appear to be somewhere other than your actual location on the opponent's screen. It is usually done by some form of very rapid movement, such as a paladin constantly charging around. Note that instant movement (such as teleport) won't do this.
Dext - Dexterity.
DF - Dragon Flight. A skill on the Assassin's Martial Arts Tree.
dii.net / D2.net - The site where we started before moving to PureDiablo
ding - Player announcing they've just leveled
Dmg - Damage
DPA - Damage Per Attack.
DPS - Damage Per Second.
DR (%DR) - Damage Reduced. Items with this mod reduce physical damage.
DS - Deadly Strike.
DS - Death Sentry. A skill on the Assassin's Traps Tree.
DT - Dragon Tail. A skill on the Assassin's Martial Arts Tree.
dupe - an item which has been duplicated. This forum doesn't permit them so don't ask
Durance - Durance of Hate
dweb - deaths web unearthed wand
eBotD - Ethereal breath of the dying
ED - Enhanced Defense. A mod that increases defense on an item.
ED/IAS - Enhanced Damage/IAS. Typically refers to a rare combination of mods on a jewel.
EF - Extra Fast.
EIAS - Effective Increased Attack Speed.
ENE (ENG. ERG) - Energy.
ES - Extra Strong.
ES (e-shield) - Energy Shield. Sorceress lightning tree defensive skill
ETF - European Trade Forum.
Eth - Ethereal.
exp - Experience
Eye (EoE) - Eye of Etlitch Unique Amulet
EZPK - easy player kill, killing another player usually by ambushing them
FA - Freezing Arrow. An attack skill on the Amazon Bow and Crossbow skill tree.
FA - Frozen Armor. A Sorceress skill on the Cold Tree.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.
FB - Fireball. Sorceress fire tree attack skill.
FB - Fire Blast. Assassin Trap tree skill.
FBR - Faster block rate
FC - Fire Claws. A Druid shape shifting skill
FCR - Faster cast rate.
FE - Fire enchanted
FHR - Faster Hit Recovery
FI - Fire Immune.
FI - Find Item. A Barbarian War Cry Skill.
Fishy(mancer) - Summoner necro. Nightfish wrote the guide.
Flavie - Single player reporting system that uses ATMA information and reports what sets/uniques/runes/gems the player has. Built into GoMule
FM - Fire Mastery. Sorcerees Fire Tree skill.
FN - Frost Nova. Sorceress cold tree attack skill
FO - Frozen Orb. Sorceress cold tree attack skill.
FoF - Fists of Fire. An Assassin attack skill on the martial arts tree
FoH - Fist of the Heavens. An attack skill on the Paladin Combat tree.
Forge - Hell forge quest in act IV. Hell can drop up to a Hel to Gul
Fpa - Frames per Attack
FPS - Frames per second (command needed /fps)
FR - Feral Rage. A Druid shape shifting skill.
FR (FRes) - Fire Resistance.
FRW - Faster Run/Walk.
FTW - for the win
FW - Firewall. Sorceress fire tree attack skill
FWIW - For what it is worth.
FYI - For your information.
GA - Guided Arrow
GC - Grand Charm
GF - Grandfather (sword)
gg - good game. Standard response to your opponent after a PvP duel. Can also mean good gear. Anything good really :D
Gheed's - Gheed's Fortune Unique Grand Charm
GM - Golem Mastery.
GMB - grand matron bow
Grail - players attempting to get one of each set/unique in the game. Usually associated with single player because of ATMA
GS - Glacial Spike. Sorceress cold tree attack skill.
GSA - Goldstrike Arch Exceptional Unique Gothic Bow
GW - Grim Ward. A Barbarian War Cry Skill.
H - Hell. Third and last difficulty of Diablo 2.
Harley - Harlequin Crest Elite Unique Shako
HB - Holy Bolt. A Paladin combat skill.
HC - Hard Core. One death and game over
HCMTF - Hit Causes Monster to Flee.
HF - Holy Freeze. A Paladin offensive aura to chill enemies.
HoJ - Hand of Justice. A v1.10 Runeword.
Hork(ing) - Using the Barbarian skill Find Item on corpses of slain enemies can yield items, dubbed horking.
Hot - Warning that a portal is dangerous to enter
HotO - Heart of the Oak. A v1.10 Runeword.
HoW - Heart of Wolverine. A Druid summoning skill
HoZ - Herald Of Zakarum Unique Gilded Shield.
HP - Hit Points.
HR - high rune - definitions vary, depending on the realm
HS - Holy Shield. A Paladin combat skill to boost shield characteristics.
HS - Holy Shock.
IAS - Increased Attack Speed
IBS - Invisible Bone Spirit. Bone spirit no longer becomes visible if off screen. Hazard in duels. Contact your local Necro for more details.
ID - Identify.
IG - Iron Golem
IIRC - If I recall correctly
IK - Piece of Immortal King's Set. Made for Barbarians.
ilvl - Item Level.
IM - Iron Maiden. A Necromancer Curse.
IMHO - In my humble/honest opinion.
IMO - In my opinion
Inv - Inventory.
ITD - Ignore Target's Defense
Izzy - Izual. Act 4 super unique monster.
j/k - Just kidding.
k - Okay
kk - ok
KB - Knockback
LA - Leap Attack.
LC - Large Charm
LCS - Lying Character Screen. When the Character screen shows you incorrect statistics
LD (LDam, LDmg) - Lightning damage.
LE - Lightning Enchanted.
Leech - Life or Mana steal.
LF - Lightning Fury. A skill on the Amazon Javelin and Spear tree
LI - Lightning immune
LK - Lower Kurast. Good for gems/skillers and runes.
LL - Life Leech.
LLD - Low level dueling
LM - Lightning Mastery. Sorceress Lightning Tree skill.
LoD - Lord of Destruction. The Diablo II expansion.
LoH - Laying of Hands Disciple Set Bramble Mitts
LOL - Laughs out loud
LR - Lower Resist. Necro curse to reduce enemies' Cold/Fire/Lightning/Poison resistance.
LR - Lightning resistance
LS - Lightning Strike. A skill on the Amazon Javelin and Spear tree
Lvl - Level
MA - Martial Arts. Usually a description for an Assassin type of build, or reference to one of the Assassin skill trees.
Mara's - Mara's Kaleidoscope Unique Amulet.
Mat - Matriarchal bow
Mat - Matriarch
Mav's - Piece of M'avina's Battle Hymn set. Made for the Amazon.
Max - Maximum
MB - Mana Burn.
MB - Mind Blast. An Assassin Shadow Disciplines Skill.
MB - Molten Boulder. A Druid Elemental tree skill.
MD - Magic Damage.
Meph - Mephisto. Act 3 super unique monster.
Merc - Mercenary.
MF - Magic Find.
MFO - Magic Find Olympics
MI - Magic Immune.
Min - Minimum.
ML - Mana Leech
mlvl - Monster Level.
Mod - Modifier. Adds a characteristic to an item such as a weapon or charm.
Mod - Moderator. A member responsible for moderating a forum or channel.
Mod - Modified game version of diablo 2. (allowing varied game play of an old favorite)
Moron - Mercenary
MP - Multi -Player.
MPK - Mana per kill
MR - Magic Resistant.
MS - Multiple Shot. An attack skill on the Amazon Bow and Crossbow tree
MS - Multi-Shot. A mod available to boss monsters
MSLE - Multi -Shot Lightning Enchanted.
Mules - characters on the realms to hold additional items
Muling - moving items from one character to another for storage or onto a character to be used.
N00b - Newbie. Newcomer to the game. Generally used as an insult, we don't do this in the SPF.
Nat's - Piece of Natalya's Odium set. Made for the Assassin.
NDE - Near Death Experience (when a character JUST manages to escape a very dangerous situation, mainly in Hardcore)
Necro - Necromancer
Nerf - Generally refers to spells or weapons that have their effectiveness reduced in a patch.
NM - Nightmare. The second level of difficulty in Diablo II.
nvm - Never mind.
Norm - Normal. Usually refers to the first level of difficulty in Diablo II.
Untwinked - The character only uses items found by the character. Items found by other characters are not used.
NP - No Problem.
NPC - Non-Player Character. Charsi, Gheed, Larzuk etc.
NR - Natural Resistance. A Barbarian mastery to increase resistance to magic damage
Oak - Oak Sage. A Druid summoning skill
OK - Oblivion Knight
Occy - The Oculus Unique Swirling Crystal.
OMG - Oh my god
orb - frozen orb
os - open socket
OT - Off Topic
OW - open wounds
P&B - Necromancer's Poison and Bone skill tree.
PB - phase blade
PA - perfect amethyst
Pallyy - Paladin
Parked/parking - having a monster follow you to a certain point and then runing away fast enough to leave it there
PC - Price Check. This means they want to know how much something is worth
PC - Poison Creeper. A Druid Summoning Tree skill.
Pcombat/Pcomb/PC Skiller - Paladin combat skill charm
PDagger - Poison Dagger. A Necromancer skill on the Poison and Bone tree.
PD (PDam, PDmg) - Poison Damage.
PDR - Physical Damage Reduction
PE - Poison Explosion. A Necromancer skill on the Poison and Bone tree.
PG (PGems) - Perfect Gems
PI - physical or poison immune
Pindle - Pindle the monster accessible through the Portal next to Anya in Act 5
Pits - The Pit in The Tamoe Highland in Act 1. Start from Outer Cloister and follow the road.
PJ (PoiJ) - Poison Javelin. An Amazon skill on the Javelin and Spear skill tree.
PMH - Prevent Monster Heal
PN(ova) - Poison Nova. A Necromancer skill on the Poison and Bone tree.
poof - have an item disappear
Pots - Potions
PP - Party please.
PR - perfect ruby
PR (PRes, PsnRes) - Poison resistance.
PS - Phoenix Strike.
PS - Perfect Skull.
PSa - perfect sapphire
Psn - Poison.
PT - perfect topaz
PvM - Player versus Monster.
PvP - Player v Player. Agreed duelling. Not to be confused with PK.
qlvl - quality level
r - Ready. This is the standard signal among players in a group before triggering a monster urn/shrine or entering a particularly treacherous area.
RA - Resist All
Regen - Regeneration.
Rejuv - Rejuvenation Potion.
Req - Requirement.
Res - Resistance.
RFL - Rune Finding League
RL - Real life
rlvl - Required Level
RoF - River of Flame in Act 4.
ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
RS - Raise Skeleton. A Necromancer summoning skill.
RWM - Rune Word Mod - Single Player utility that enables Realm only runewords
run - to repeatedly kill monsters in a certain area or boss
Rushing - A low level character getting pushed through levels of the game by a much higher level character, where the lower character could not play effectively alone.
S&E - Save and exit. Usually to avoid an untimely death. Considered poor form in some circles, usually Hardcore
SA - Shiver Armor. A Sorceress Cold skill.
SC - Small charm.
SC - Soft Core
Sec - Hang on a second
Shako - Harlequin Crest Elite Unique Shako. (Technically, a Shako is the entire class of elite Shako helms, but the term almost always refers to its Unique version.)
Sin - Assassin.
Single Pass - going through the game without re-running an area
Skiller - Grand charm with +1 skill tree
slivering - taking a moster down to the bare minimum of health before killing. Usually using static in normal
Slow - Slows Target. Item mod that slows enemies
Slvl - Skill Level
SM - Skeleton Mage. A Necromancer summoning skill.
SM - Slow Missiles. A skill on the Amazon Passive and Magic tree
SM - Shadow Master
SoE - String of Ears Exceptional Unique Demonhide Sash
SoJ - Stone of Jordan Unique Ring.
Sorc - Sorceress.
SP - Single Player. Usually refers to single -player mode of Diablo II
SPF - Single Player Forum
SPTF - Single Player Trade Forum
Spirit packs - Tal, Thul, Ort, Amn plus (normally) Hel runes. To make the Spirit Runeword.
SS - Stone Skin.
SS - Stormshield Elite Unique Monarch Shield
SS - Shape shifting (druid skill)
STR - Strength
String - String of Ears Exceptional Unique Demonhide Sash
SW - Shock Wave. A Druid shape shifting skill.
SW - Shock Web, an Assassin Trap Tree skill.
SW - Shadow Warrior, an Assassin Shadow Tree skill.
Synch - refers to synchronizing with the server, thus going back to normal. Can be done through instant movements (teleportation, waypoints, portals).
Tal's - Piece of Tal Rasha's Wrappings Set. Made for Sorceresses
TC - Treasure Class
Tele - Teleport. A Sorceress Skill on the lightning tree.
tft / t4t - thanks for that or thanks for trade
TGods - Thundergod's Vigor Exceptional Unique War Belt.
thx - Thanks
TK - Telekinesis. A Sorceress Skill on the lightning tree.
TP - Teleport. A Sorceress skill on the lightning tree.
TP - Town Portal
Trang's - Piece of Trang -Oul's Avatar set. Made for the Necromancer.
Trav - Travincal in Act 3.
Trolling - Making provocative, controversial or offensive remarks, intended to create a confrontational response.
TS - Tiger Strike.
Twinked - Items are muled onto the character that have been found by other characters
ty - Thank you.
Untwinked - The only items used by the character are those the character finds themselves
Upped (Up'd. Upd) - Upgraded version of the item. Achieved with the Horadric Cube. Normal ->Exceptional ->Elite
Valk - Valkyrie. A skill on the Amazon Passive and Magic tree.
Valk - Valkyrie Wing Exceptional Unique Winged Helm
Gaze - Vampiregaze Exceptional Unique Grim Helm.
Vanilla - Single Player term means without mods
VIT - Vitality.
Vlld - Very low -level dueling.
W8 - Wait.
WB - WereBear. A Druid shapeshifting skill.
WB - Weapon Block. An Assassin Shadow Disciplines Skills.
wb - Welcome back
WC - War Cry. A Barbarian warcry
WF - Windforce
Wizzy - Wizardspike Elite Unique Bone Knife.
WoF - Wake of Fire.
WoI - Wake of Inferno
Woot - w00t. Yippee!
WP - Waypoint.
WSK - Worldstone Keep in Act 5.
WSM - weapon speed modifier or base weapon speed
WW - WereWolf. A Druid shapeshifting skill.
WW - Whirlwind. A Barbarian and assassin combat skill.
WWS - Witchwild String Exceptional Unique Short Siege Bow.
Xbow - Crossbow.
XP - Experience.
y - Yes
Zerk - Berzerk. A Barbarian combat skill. (also berserker axe)
zerker - Berserker axe or Berserk barbarian skill user
zod'ed - an item socketed with the Zod Rune to make it indestructible
Zon - Amazon
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I am leaving this as is for now until we get more threads setup. I don't think all threads will still be needed, so it may get a bit slimmer too.
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I didn't see it here, does anyone have a copy of Monster Resistances.xls by Onderduiker? I was unable to find a working download anywhere on internet search engines.
Thinking of converting to GoMule after many years!

Gomule is so much better! :giggle::coffee:
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Just noticed that many of the maps didn't make it over from the old forums. (and the links are broken on the few that are still available over on the old pages.)

This is the most complete map guide that I've seen lately (I claim no credit for its creation - author info is on top of the document
Thanks for that @MageChick , nice resource.

Links are on my list to update, most of the important stuff is moved over now.
Phew, I think I'm done. All links now moved to this site and the thread re-written. Thanks to @art_vandelay for handling the time travel for me.
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