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first time playing diablo 2, already used respec. is it over for me?

From our wiki archive:

There are two ways to perform a respecialization.

The first such way is to complete the Den of Evil quest, granting one respec per difficulty completed in 1.13. If this quest is completed before 1.13, one free respec will be given to players on Hell difficulty.

The second way to get a respec is to obtain the four essences as random drops from the Act Bosses.

  • Twisted Essence of Suffering from Andariel or Duriel
  • Charged Essence of Hatred from Mephisto
  • Burning Essence of Terror from Diablo
  • Festering Essence of Destruction from Baal
Combining these four objects in a Horadric Cube will create a Token of Absolution, granting the desired respec.
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