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Ruined Fane

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The Ruined Fane is one of two near identical dungeons in the Kurast Causeway of Act III.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Ruined Temple.jpg
Ruined Fane
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl # # #
Flesh Archer, Serpent Magus, Blood Diver, Bone Scarab
# # #
Fill out Fill out Fill out
Fill out Fill out Fill out
Gold-chest Fill out
Waypoint No
Kurast Causeway
Quests None

This Disused Reliquary is the one of the two similar dungeons you will come across in the Upper Kurast surface area. They are both just one level deep, and contains monsters and treasure.

In the Lam Esen's Tome quest, Alkor tells you to look in the temples found below Lower Kurast, the Kurast Bazaar and in Upper Kurast, and this is one of those temples. However, the tome is always to be found in the Kurast Bazaar in the Ruined Temple there.

Basically, this temple is not necessary to explore unless you're looking for additional experience and treasure.

Level Information

Notable Characters

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