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The Diablo 2 Wiki archive is available for anyone looking for information on Diablo 2. All information here is pre-D2R but contains a lot of useful information that is still relevant. Updated sections for new D2R features can be found on the PureDiablo Diablo 2 section

Help:New article

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There are two ways to create new pages in any wiki.

Method One

  • Enter the URL of the article you want to create in the address bar of your browser. (i.e
    • Once the new page has loaded, you will notice it's like a regular article, but with no content on it at all.
    • Hit the 'page' tab at the top left of the page or the link in the page saying 'edit this page'.
    • Fill whatever content you want, and save. A new page is created.

Method One- Typing in a non-existant URL

Method Two

  • Make a link in an existing article to the page you want to make.
    • Once you have saved that link, a red coloured link will appear, that indicates no one has filled out that page yet.
    • Click the red link, and you appear in an empty edit window for the page.
    • Fill whatever content you want, and save. A new page is created.

Method Two- Following a Red Link

The initial input in an article does not need to be more than a few letters to save it, and then you can keep editing it until you are satisfied with the result. Use the markup help page to get an idea of how you can format the text, adding images and things like that.

If you are just starting your wiki editing, and feel a bit unsure, use the Sandbox test area before you start on existing articles.

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