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This is the policies of DiabloWiki that all contributing members are expected to follow. Most of these policies work exactly like other wikis.


Make sure any article or category you create fits nicely into the DiabloWiki category structure.


Headlines are used as normal. The main headline look like this: "== Headline ==", and all subheaders add one equal sign on each side to create a headline structure.


  • Almost all titles in a wiki adhere to the general principle that all words are written with minor letters, and only use capitals in titles (example: media coverage versus High Heavens). DiabloWiki itself transform the first letter of any title to a capital letter, which is unimportant for the naming. It's the equivalent of the first word of a sentence. This holds true with articles, boilerplates, categories and templates. If in doubt, check with other contributors.
  • Disambiguations (cases where two articles or two categories with the same name mean completely different things) use a space and a parenthesis with a clarification like this: Barbarian (Diablo III class) or this: Category:Locations (lore). The word in the parenthesis is always minor letters.
  • Articles are almost exclusively used in singular ("Barbarian" instead of "Barbarians" etc). If it is at all possible to use singular form, do so.
  • Category titles use a similar logic to articles, where a two-worded category title uses a minor letter for the second word like this: Category:Art books. Categories are almost exclusively used in plural ("Category:Maps" instead of "Category:Map").

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