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Deleting content from DiabloWiki should be considered very carefully as you are deleting someone elses work. If it's incorrect or out of date then that is fine, if you simply don't like it then it might be better to hit the discussion tab at the top and discuss it with others first.

How do I delete content from DiabloWiki?

Content can be deleted from the wiki by going to edit and then deleting and saving the page. If you do delete content be sure to explain why in the Summary box just above the save page button.

Help, I deleted content by mistake!

Firstly, naughty you for not double checking your work first. Secondly, panic over, it can be easily restored.

If you hit the history tab at the top of the page you will see a list of all edits ever made to that page. You will see undo at the end of each entry. If you hit undo next to the erroneous deletion it will undo that and restore the page to what it was before that edit was made.

How do I get a page deleted?

Only Administrators can delete pages, so if you wish to delete a page, add the {{Delete}} template to a page, and it will be deleted.

Can a deleted page be restored?

Yes, an Administrator can restore a page.

How do I see which pages have been deleted from DiabloWiki?

A log of all pages ever deleted from DiabloWiki can be found in the Deletion Log.

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