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This is the Community Portal for DiabloWiki, and is a place for DiabloWiki.Net's community to find out what's been happening, what needs working on and what support is here for contributors.

If you are new to updating wikis just remember:

  • No coding skills needed - very simple wiki markup allows you to format your work, if it's needed.
  • Every contribution is valuable - Whether it's a single stat correction, an image, adding a link or an entire article it's all valuable.
  • You're not alone - There are plenty of ways to communicate with other contributors and there's always someone happy to answer a question or chew over an idea with you. Check the Support page.

Where to Start

Before you can do anything you need to register, it's quick and painless and you can register here.

If you're familiar with wikis and want to jump straight in and help where it's most needed then head to Stubs, those pages need filling out.

Current DiabloWiki Focus

Remember that the Diablo 3 Wiki also needs help.

If you know of any task that needs be done, edit here and add it. Don't remove anything unless you are Sysop.

Screenshot Extravaganza!

The Diablo2Wiki is beyond doubt the best source of Diablo II gameplay information, but when transferring the data from the old info pages into the wiki, we have lost a lot of pictures. In order to show the community of things actually look in the game, you can help by just taking screenshots in Diablo 2 and adding them to Diablo2Wiki! The primary areas right now is:

  • Monsters - Lots of monsters lack images, and almost all of them would be glad to have a mugshot!

Updating old Content

We really need to go through all old pages and make sure they are up to date, as well as continuing to fill in with the archived content of the old HTML site. As a regular visitor/editor you can read content pages and:

  • Add links to other articles that exist (priority).
  • Report (preferably on the Community Portal talk page) on areas with poor navigation for us to make navboxes.

Fact Improvement

While this wiki is about the best source of Diablo material on the net, once in a while you may come across a stat or a fact that could be clarified or changed to be correct. You do not need any previous wiki editing skills to help out with this.


Much of the Diablo 2 wiki has a working category structure, some of it does not. To fix this you need a lot of wiki experience, and you should be in contact with other editors as well as sysops when helping out.

How to create/edit articles

(Basic/Fast tutorial)

  • If you want to create a new article (page), look at other articles for inspiration.
  • Use categories! Each article Must be at least in one category.
    • How to add category? Type on bottom of article something like this: [[Category:Quests]]
    • If you don't know where which category your article should go in, add Category:Categorization requests and someone else will do it.
  • Organize your articles by using titles.
    • Don't use single equalled titles (=Your title=), single equal is reserved for top level title i.e article name which is automatically added when you create the article!
    • For highest title level use ==Level 1 title in article==
    • For lower level titles use more "=" (===Level 2 title in article===, ====Level 3 title in article====)
  • Use button Show preview before you save changes.
  • Enter short summary of what you changede
  • More info in the help section

Help & Support

  • Help Category for a list of help articles ranging from how to add images and tables, to how to indent and other markup (formatting).
  • An FAQ is full of answers.
  • Discussion pages which you can reach at the top of every page, right next to the Page tab where you can discuss that particular page. This page has its own discussion tab too where you can discuss DiabloWiki.Net as a whole.
  • Support Forum. If you have an account at Diablo: IncGamers and prefer a forum format then head there.
  • Admin contact. Lastly, you can contact any of the admins directly such as, Flux, Elly or Rush
  • If you need support there is a DiabloWiki support forum

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