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A Stub is a page in the DiabloWiki that for one reason or another needs polishing or content added.

What is a Stub?

Any page where there is content, formatting, grammar fixing or fact checking needed is a Stub. This is usually shown by a contributor adding a {{stub}} template on the page. If you find a page that is in dire need of more work you should add a {{stub}} tag.

What to do with a Stub?

The best thing to do if you come across a stubbed article is to find out more about the subject and fill out the article. In some cases the need might be of illustrations, so upload images (but don't forget to categorise them!) and add them to the page.

It's not always a good idea to {{stub}} an article. In some cases the article might be meagre, but it still contains all known information on a given subject. In those cases, the article should not be stubbed. Remove the stub if that's the case.

The Stub Template

There are two ways to add a {{stub}} template:

  • {{stub}} - simply adds the page to the stubs cateogry
  • {{stub|the article needs pictures, and more information about potions}} - adds the page to the stubs category but also lets others know why it's a stub and what data it's needing.


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