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MFO Winter 2005 Results [by Gabriel74]

Mar 19, 2020
This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @Gabriel74 on Feb 9, 2005.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

MFO results!!!!!!!!

First, sorry for the delay. When different guys live in different time zones, there can be some delay.

Second, I would like to give one more big thanks to Ricrestoni, Cryist, and Sunbearie for all of their help with the MFO.

Finally, thanks to everyone for a great experience. I hope you all had fun and have a little MFO fever that will spur you on to wait for the next one.

So, here we go.

The winners of the Magic Find Olympics are.


1st Place DriveC - 193.6

Griswold's Redemption - 97.7
Death Cleaver - 76.8
Head Hunter's Glory - 7.4
Frostwind - 6.1
Arachnid Mesh - 5.6

2nd Place vajurewi - 173.8

Crown of Ages - 93.9
Natalya's Mark - 38.7
Dragonscale - 19.5
Halaberd's Reign - 11.0
Giant Skull - 10.7

3rd Place jjscud - 130.5

Soul Cage 39.8
Natalya's Mark 38.7
BK Tribal Guardian 32.6
Cerebus' Bite 10.6
Alma Negra 8.8

*ron - 99.1
*LprMan - 73.4
*Slartibartfast - 56.6
*Gabriel74 - 40.6
*Shermo - 38.1
*necrolemming - 30.2
*Bammy - 26.9
*Masas - 24.7
*kabal - 11.7
salvo - 11.0
*Farting Bob - 0.0
*Corax - 0.0
*Tweety - 0.0
*factory - 0.0


1st Place Masas with 174.1 points with items
Arkaine's Valor - 54.1
Horizon's Tornado - 47.4
Firelizard's Talons - 36.1
Naj's Light Plate - 23.2
Boneshade - 13.3

2nd place Silospen with 156.4 points with items
Eaglehorn- 39.6
Azurewrath- 26.4
Arkaine's Valor- 54.1
Sazabi's Ghost Liberator- 23.0
Demonhorn's Edge- 13.3

3rd place Chase_encode 112
Ondal's Wisdom
Alma Negra
Firelizard's Talons

4. Illiana 109.3
M'avina's Caster, Naj's Light Plate, Naj's Light Plate, Demonhorn's Edge, Cerebus' Bite

5. Caspervc 102.4
Eaglehorn, Sazabi's Ghost Liberator, Boneshade, Boneshade, Ondal's Wisdom

6. Shade 97.2
Firelizard's Talons, Firelizard's Talons, The Redeemer, Alma Negra, Wolfhowl

7. Aideenz 82.1
Eaglehorn, Boneshade, Alma Negra, Cerebus' Bite, Cerebus' Bite

8. Cormallon 72.2
Horizon's Tornado, Nosferatu's Coil, Nosferatu's Coil, Steel Shade, Blood Raven's Charge

9. DNT 62.9
Demonhorn's Edge, Demonhorn's Edge, Demonhorn's Edge, Boneshade, Cerebus Bite

10. Supersavage 59.3
Demonhorns Edge, Demonhorns Edge, Ondal's Wisdom, Alma Negra, Cerebus Bite

11. RTB 50.6
Sazabi's Ghost Liberator, The Redeemer, Wolfhowl, Spike Thorn, Steel Shade

12. Vajurewi 50.1
Demonhorn's Edge, Boneshade, Alma Negra, Andariel's Visage, Wolfhowl

13. Gew 33.9
Cerebus' Bite, Verdungo's Hearty Cord, Blood Raven's Charge, Naj's Puzzler, Stoneraven

14. Gaz 32.4
The Redeemer, Soul Drainer, Nosferatu's Coil, Naj's Puzzler, Naj's Puzzler

15. Armis_11x 25.1
Andariel's Visage, Naj's Puzzler, Viperfork, Eschuta's Temper, Rune Master

16. DontFret points 18.3
Redeemer, Credendum, Dinjin Slayer, Ethereal Edge, Dark Adherent

17. Meataxe 14.1
Marrowwalk, Credendum, Djinn Slayer, Dark Adherent, Laying of Hands

Act V superuniques

1st Place Kabal 76.45
Astreon's - 27.8 Darkforce - 19.3 Halaberd's - 10.3
Redeemer - 9.75 Gargoyle's - 9.3

2nd Place mad.as.a.meat.axe 75
Stormlash 34.0 Dragonscale 14.5 Stormspire 9.3 Alma
Negra 9.1 Spirit Ward 8.1

3rd Place Boddab_khan 66.75
Death's Web, The Redeemer, Griffon's Eye, Death Cleaver, Alma Negra

4) farting_bob 51.2 (Mang Song's Lesson, Stoneraven,
Andariel's Visage, Wolfhowl, Dracul's Grasp)

5) Tweety 49.3 (Templar's Might, Steelrend, Gargoyle's
Bite, The Cranium Basher, Windforce)

6) Frosty 33.4 (Cerebus' Bite, Halaberd's Reign,
Verdungo's Hearty Cord, M'avina's True Sight, Razor's

7) DX-crawler 31.3 (Nightwings Veil, Shadow Dancer,
Ondals Wisdom, Ormus Robes, Bloodmoon)

8)TenYearsGone 31.3 (Boneflame, Soul Drainer, Soul
Drainer, Verdungo's Hearty Cord, Nord's Tenderizer)

9) HDcrash 29.1 (Boneshade, Steel Shade, Tomb Reaver,
Leviathan, Lacerator)

10) ricrestoni 22.9( Rune Master, Verdungos, Wraith
Flight, Horizons Tornado, Widowmaker)

11) Gouda 16.3(Leviathan, M'avina's Caster, M'avina's
Embrace, Naj's Light Plate)

Level 85 Areas

1st Place Corax 64.2 points

Darkforce Spawn - 19.3
Spirit Keepr - 14.2
Cerebus' bite - 11
Halaberd's reign - 10.4
The Cranium Basher - 9.3

2nd Place Yashugan 48 points

Death's Fathom 16.8
The Cranium Basher 9.3
The Grandfather 9.3
Steel Shade 6.6
Stoneraven 6

3rd Place Factory 46.6

Templar's Might 12
Gargoyle's Bite 9.3
Stormspire 9.3
Spirit Ward 8.1
Boneshade 7.9

4th Cattleya 41.6
Cerebus' Bite, Griswold's Honor, Death Cleaver, Spike Thorn, The Gladiator's Bane

5th grimfeng 32.0
Templar's Might, Steel Carapace, Thunderstroke, Sandstorm Trek, Taebek's Glory

6th Shermo 31.0
Spirit Ward, Arkaine's Valor, Dracul's Grasp, Messerschmidt's Reaver, Messerschmidt's Reaver

7th jjscud 25.7
Spike Thorn, Stone Crusher, Eaglehorn, Cranebeak, Flamebellow

8th Bammy 10.1
Arkaine's Valor, Bonehew

9th Ricrestoni 10.0
Dangoons Teaching, Ethereal Edge, Naj's Light Plate, Naj's Puzzler,

10th Boddah_Khan 7.9
Dangoon's Teaching, Verdungo's Hearty Cord, Wizardspike

11th Aramis_11x 2.3
Mavina's Embrace

Congrats to the winners. Now, for prize allocation. Those in first place have first pick. You can pick five items from anyone in your category. Post the requests here. If you are only taking a couple items, or are not taking any items, please post that here as well so the next person knows when they can pick.

If an item of yours is picked please send it in a timely manner to the winner. When 1st has picked, 2nd gets 3 items, then 3rd place gets 2 items.

For the Baal category, Ric will post the lists of items from the competitors that you can pick from.
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Mar 19, 2020
Only fifth place in the Pindle category :(. 6 TC 87 uniques is still not enough if you don't have the high scoring ones. I found only 2 grailers (Hotspurs and Giant skull), which was a bit of a dissapointment as well, but for the rest I had some pretty good items. 122 qualifiers, if the winners have some specific request outside my top 5, most of the other items are also available, including Wolfhowl, Demonhorns Edge, 2x IKSC, 3x Bul Kathos CB, Bul Kathos Mythical sword, 2x Natalyas Mark, Tals plate, Griswold Corona,

Congratz to all the winners!! :)
Mar 19, 2020
So that's how they got those high scores :)

I'll be having words with Meph next time about triple-durability Crusader Gauntlets...

Congrats to the winners!

If any of the Meph winners want a look at my other qualifiers, feel free to ask (although to get those items you've probably found most of what I've got - anyone want a Dangoon's Teaching? No? How about a Dark Adherent? :) )
Mar 19, 2020
yay. I was worried about how the halfing of my CB's points would affect me but it appears Yashugan had the same problem.
Thanks to Gabriel, Cryist, Ricrestoni and Sunbearie for organizing the whole thing and their respective categories.

Now for the loot.*sticks on an eyepatch and a parrot* Yarrr
I think i'd like

Yashugan - death's fathom
Factory - Gargoyle's bite
Factory - Boneshade
Cattelya - Death cleaver
Grimfeng - Templars might

thanks everyone
Mar 19, 2020
I knew the Mighty Scepter halved points was going to hurt me. Congratulations to Kabal and Mad.As.A.Meataxe on first and second place! You deserve it! Thanks for running my categories, Sunbearie and Gabriel. Anyways, heres a list of all my finds for those interested. I have no problem if you want to take items from other then my top 5. Most o it is going to a giveaway anywho. Cheers!

Alma Negra | Arkaine's Valor | Credendum | Dangoon's teaching X2 | Dark Adherent X 2 | Death Cleaver | Death's Web | Demon Limb | Demonhorns Face | Doombringer | Eschutas Temper | Ethereal edge | Firelizards Talons | Fleshripper | Giant Skull | Griffons eye | Hellrack | Hellslayer | Immortal Kings Soul Cage | Jade Talon | Marrowalk X3 | Messerschmidt's Reaver X2 | Shadow Killer X2 | Taebaeks Glory X2 | The Reapers Toll | The Redeemer
Mar 19, 2020
Second as well! Damn! Congrats to Kabal. I thought with an average score of 15 I'd go close which I guess I did but not close enough. I was only running Pindle for fun ahead of my main target of Meph and found the damn Stormlash about an hour into the MFO and then became obsessed with trying to hold onto it (and as it turns out I'll probably lose it anyway - go figure!). Kabal, you're welcome to anything from my list, like Tweety I've got IKSCx2, Natalya's Mark x2, Wolfhowl, etc, etc (though I would think with 122 qualifiers he should have a wider range than I). I'm away from my computer till Saturday (probably Friday your time) and can send you a full list/your picks then.

As to those below me, your items are safe from my ravages (though were I not self-found I would have been eying up Tweety's Windforce assuming Kabal didn't get there first) as previously stated so good luck with keeping your goodies from Kabal and Boddah. So just to be crystal clear I am not taking any items from other participants.

Lessons from the MFO:

1) If you're going to do an MFO check with your wife first so they see it coming :D
2) If you haven't got most of the items from a given run target already they're probably not a great target for the MFO - reason being you'll find that you'll want to keep everything that you find and in the case of some items you may lose the only copy of an item that you're ever likely to see!
3) While the xp is very nice running at p8 is silly. Sadly I only realised this in the last hour and a half of the MFO.
4) Need to build me a Blizz Sorc to try to keep up with Tweety (122 qualifiers!!!!!!)

Once again, thanks to all the organisers. It's been an interesting experience for my first MFO.
Mar 19, 2020
Darn, I didn't manage to scrape my way back into third. I'm still happy with the results, given she was on the low end MF wise (and still hasn't even rescued Cain.) Well, according to Ulrick's guide, Anala has 1400 Countess runs to perform to fix up her Ali Baba for next time.

@Corax: Mule Sent

Mar 19, 2020
Wow! I am the first looser (4th) in the Meph category! 👏 I'm pretty pleased I must say. Once again I'd like to say that I play hardcore... If someone is going to pick one (or two) of my items, I would like to include the complete list:

M'avina's Caster
Naj's Light Plate x2
Demonhorn's Edge
Cerebus' Bite
Soul Drainer x2
Spike Thorn
Naj's Puzzler
Stormshield x2
The Gladiator's Bane x4
Blackoak Shield x3
Viperfork x3
Eschuta's Temper x2
Thunderstroke x2
Shadow Killer x2
Harlequin Crest x2
Rune Master x2
Sandstorm Trek x4
Demon's Arch x2
The Reaper's Toll x3
Baranar's Star
Razor's Edge x3
Credendum x2
Natalya's Shadow x5
Djinn Slayer x2
Jade Talon x4
Gimmershred x3
Demon Limb x2
Windhammer x3
Arioc's Needle x3
Dark Adherent x6
Laying of Hands x2
Dangoons teaching x4
Immortal King's Stone Crusher x6

So, if you would like to try out hardcore, I'd imagine the Harlequin crest and Reapers toll etc are much more interesting then the top 5 items... I also found extra's of almost the exceptional class specific uniques, so those are available as well. :D Please, help me get rid of the 5 extra Arreats faces I found!
Mar 19, 2020
Finally I placed!

I wasn't going to pick any items unless I saw an azurewrath. Since there aren't any, I wasn't going to pick any items until Illana pointed out that those items are HC. I was thinking of starting one and tweaked sounds interesting. But 1st and 2nd go first.

I've got duplicates of my top 5, so pick away. Otherwise they are going to be given away or rot in my stash.

Thanks Gabriel for the show, and cryist for looking after this category. 👏

edit:pM me if you want stats on the top 5.
Mar 19, 2020
i knew i was a bit short of doing some serious damage or to simply kick butt this time, damn it was close indeed, but hey it was a fun. corax, gg on the victory there and since u decided to strip me naked, here you go, i'll send you the items in the next five minutes. good work on this one gab, thnx.

peace, NSK factory, and don't forget biscuits for smut
Mar 19, 2020
Wow, talk about a photo finish! I thought meataxe had the A5SU category in the bag when Boddah and I both lost points with the Mighty Scepter/Spired Helm scores being halved. Going into the last day of the MFO, I was ranked third with a score of 74.5 so I spent 10 hours that day running Pindle in an attempt to save my Astreon's. Turns out I only ended up adding 1.95 points to my score which I didn't think would be enough to climb into second, but it seems like Lady Luck was on my side. Now I feel like a kid in a candy store with all the uber items laid before me; despite feeling a bit guilty taking these items away, some of them are simply too good to pass up, so please forgive my selfishness. :eek:

meataxe - Stormlash
Boddah - Death's Web, Griffon's Eye
farting bob - Mang Song's Lesson
tweety - Steelrends

My email is [email protected], send the items whenever it's convenient.

Finally I'd just like say congratulations to all the winners, GG to all the competitors, and a huge thank you to Gab, ricrestoni, subearie, and cryist for running the competition. Who would have thought that 3500 pindle runs could be so fun? ;)
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