Is Atma bugged Beast BA worth it for PvM?


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Jun 24, 2020
I have found a Ber and I would wait for Enigma, but maybe a Beast in a atma-bugged BA is good too?

Maybe a zeal Barbar can use it? That would be one way to have zeal on the right and still an aura^^

How does it compare to a second Grief on a WW barb?

I'm open for suggestions what to do else with the Ber.


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Mar 13, 2020
Enigma is infinitely more useful – zero doubt about that, I would hardly consider using a Ber for anything else before making it.

As for ATMA bugged Beast BA, personally I'd never use items that were never in D2 at any point in the history of the game, but it is allowed and of course it is a good use of a Ber if you want to go for such items. Indeed WW Barb would be the main practical/farming build that can make good use of it. It seems to be a little stronger than G+G when including Baal himself (not just Lister) when leveling a Barb past 95. G+B can be used for Travincal WW Barb as well, although I'd still go G+G there, at least when comparing ATMA bugged stuff with the higher BA range for both setups. Then of course there are countless casual/fun builds that can use it.