Random Tournament 2021 D2R edition!


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Mar 22, 2020
Athena keeps on rolling on, Act3 is down, but it did take a fair bit longer then Act 2. I continued on with Lawbringer as a weapon and I keep on liking it more and more, the knock back interupts the Undead Stygian Dolls which made it easier for me to disengage them onto the merc.

The biggest threat through Act 3 was really the fetishes in the jungle, they could surround and kill the Merc pretty quickly so I spent a fair bit of time going slowly to lure them in small manageable amounts. Still revived the merc something like 10 times through the jungle area.

Got a few more screenshots this time

This was my third set of Fana Thorned Hulks. These guys weren't too bad due to the obvious bottleneck I could use

Spiders, why'd it have to be spiders? I think there ended up being 3 elite spiders all confined in this area. didn't get a good screenshot of all their mods, but I lost the merc a couple of times here

a useable unique and a pretty good one at that. Only thing is I get pretty decent resists from my belt and I already have DR from fade, so not sure I really need it. Still a nice find for an Untwinked Random character

and finally death to Meph

I pushed on through Act 4 a little bit, but only as far as the first waypoint. Izzy is dead though.

Ended up having to deal with Gloams in the early part of Act 4 and I was taking a lot of damage initially (much more than in Act 3), until I realised that fade had warn off (doh). After that it wasn't too bad.

Athena, Level 83, Skill Set 44+51+90, Hell Act 4 River of Flame
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Oct 14, 2021
How better to start this update than to show you....
The 5th Isenhart's breastplate found by MrDevaStation.

Didn't manage to get any screendumps by Izual battle, the concentration it took me to alternate between lifetap charges on switch wand and poison nova every 2 seconds made the 10 minutes battle fly -.-'

A useful gamble, upping both MF and resists before Diablo.

Tried entering Chaos Sanctuary at p/8 three times, resulting in three NDEs and severeal merc ressurections.
Ended doing CS+diablo at p/3 to progress at all.

Then it was only a Tango lesson with the clients former dancing teacher, Mr. Diablo, who made it clear; Tango is a dance for two, and quickly removed Jemali from the scene.

Thus MrDevaStation ended circling Diablo and his red cape:

Outlasting diablo after 10 minutes of running and spewing lvl 5 poison Novas (happy he was not p/8)

MrDevastation, Level 33, Skill Set 32+63, Normal Act 5
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Mar 22, 2020

Extremely extremely annoyed with my self, I managed to separate all the ancients and took down 2 of them. Was up against Talic as the last one and had him down at a sliver of hp. Got ready to take the screenshot and boom, he used whirlwind cursed me and killed me in about half a second .... gah so frustrated for it to end this way.


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Mar 5, 2021
@Grisu Congrats!

@Jcakes RIP Athena, dying at hell ancients is the absolute worst.

On a lighter note, have a progress update for Odin. After killing Duriel Odin cleared the rest of the false tombs. The highlight was:

While I really hope to find a better source of CBF (c'mon Duriel's Shell), it's nice to know he will at least have one option. The only other screenshot I had from the false tombs was giving @D4di56lu3 a run for his money.

Act III saw a change in game play a bit. No longer was double swinging flails an acceptable form of damage. So, rather than try and do something about it, I shopped some mana after kill and mana leech flails and Odin began his life as a horker. I regret naming him Odin, should have been Horkippopotamus. I pumped Find Item up to level 14 (47% chance) and spent the whole act chasing Waheed and chugging blue pots. The first great (albeit unusable) find was:

Only 30% MF, so more of missing out on the %GF. One of the council members in Trav dropped a Sol rune, which seemed extremely early to find it. Meph was taken down on /p8, and didn't drop anything usable.

As I've previously complained about Act IV, I'll keep it brief. At this point Odin had to switch to Berserk, the flails just weren't cutting it in the damage department. Diablo was killed on /p3 and dropped an interesting weapon. A rare Halberd with ctc Amp and 104% ED. I saved it, thinking that may be as good as he finds for quite a while. At this point, he was using a cubed Savage Halberd with 30% IAS, so more of a sidegrade as opposed to an upgrade in the weapon department.

Act V was more of the same. Pumped up Berserk, so it was doing respectable damage throughout. No great item finds, but he did find a bunch of runes, including several Amns and Shaels. I did have to throw in the towel on magic finding and equip a 49 mana ring instead of my MF one. It just became too tedious all the town trips to buy blue pots to fuel Find Item. The ring made questing much smoother. Ancients were done on /p1. Lister and Baal were done on /p3, Baal pushing him just above level 47. Baal's drop was quite phenomenal in terms of quality, though Odin can't use any of it.

After Baal, I killed Nihl and cows on /p1, really just to complete all the quests/waypoints and kill the cow king. And with that, went back to Akara and used a respec. I did a little bit of gear gambling. I did score a very nice belt (potentially endgame), which was upped, and I also upped the Halberd that Diablo dropped. The readouts are below if anyone is interested

Glyph Spike
Two Hand Damage: 26 - 173
Durability: 42 of 55
Required Level: 30
Required Strength: 133
Required Dexterity: 91
Fingerprint: 0xdb0f7f39
Item Level: 40
Version: Resurrected
5% Chance to cast level 1 Amplify Damage on striking
104% Enhanced Damage
+129 to Attack Rating
Required Level +5

Glyph Cord
Battle Belt
Defense: 38
Durability: 9 of 18
Required Level: 30
Required Strength: 88
Fingerprint: 0x163f54b7
Item Level: 48
Version: Resurrected
+24% Faster Hit Recovery
+51 to Life
Cold Resist +23%
Fire Resist +6%
Poison Resist +5%
Attacker Takes Damage of 4
Required Level +5

With that, his skills are currently:
6 Howl
20 BO
6 Find Item
10 Berserk
1 Frenzy

Probably will pump Find Item a little bit, then Berserk.


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Mar 5, 2021
Odin has cleared Act I and started a bit on Act II. Only a couple of screenshots taken for Act I, and some (a unique ring) turned out to be utter disappointments (manald heal). The countess provided Odin with three decent runes.

Amn is always very useful, and Dol is 1/3 of the Hel runes I never find. Somewhere in Act I he also found a 4os Halberd, which is one of the weapon types he can use. So I went ahead and made Insight. Pretty poor roll, so a bit of a downgrade in terms of damage, but the FCR and no more mana issues is a worthwhile tradeoff (and he could use two MF rings again!). I believe it was Act I (though could have been sewers), this unbelievable amulet dropped, almost certainly his end game amulet.
Once I have access to War Cry in Hell, that amulet is going to be very nice indeed.

Nothing else too noteworthy until Andy, who was killed on /p8, and also dropped phenomenal quality items (and even one he could use, the Heavy Belt!).

So far in Act II he has hired a Might merc, killed Radament and grabbed the Dry Hills WP. After Radament I did go back to normal to buy a 3os Breast Plate and stuffed it with PTopazes. I know full plate mails can get 4, but I haven't found any I could socket (though found an eth 4 socket...) so I didn't want to waste any more time and just went for the 3. If I do find one, I will upgrade and give the breast plate to the merc. I also tried my luck on socketing a Partizan, luckily I had an ilvl 40 one, so it had a 50% chance at 4 sockets, and it got 4, so I made an Insight for the merc as well.
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Mar 5, 2021
Continued on with Odin in Act II nightmare. My first screenshot is from a giant welcoming committee immediately upon descending down stairs in the Halls of the Dead.

This was taken after several laps around the entrance spamming Howl nonstop, once it was moderately safe. There were ~6 groups of Hollow Ones and skeletons. Taunt would have been extremely useful, but he made do with just Howl. Further down in the Halls, this drops:

Definitely not worth having Falchion for a weapon type, even with two of them. Even without the extra MF from it, Odin continued finding a lot of runes and uniques in Act II, though most were normal and weren't item types he could use. The first decent rune he found:

Coldworm's room in the maggot lair was absolute hell. I forgot about putting it on /p1 before level 3. Attacking mobs one at a time in his room full off spawners was quite a challenge. Eventually I realized there were two options, A) just grab the staff and TP out, or B) try and work my way through constantly being surrounded (with negative poison resist) and target the mothers down. I opted for B, and thankfully the potions didn't run out.

Nothing too exciting until clearing out tombs, another bout of uniques and a Lum rune. Duriel was taken on /p3 and didn't pose much issue. Drop was useless.

Immediately in Act III, Odin had a very fortunate rune drop.

A Fal will let Odin make an Obedience Thresher once he finds one. The bigger debate is going to be whether to use it himself or give it to the merc. Probably will give it to Gulzar, since I quite like the FCR from Insight and in Hell I suspect Odin will be doing a lot of casting War Cry while Gulzar is doing the attacking. Speaking of Insights, Odin found a white Bec-De-Corbin late Act II or early Act III (can't recall exactly) and gave socketing it with the cube a shot. 4!! So Odin was able to upgrade weapons. The best drop he's found to date (which will never see use :cry:) :

Would have been great on Odin or Gulzar! He also found set Demonhide Boots (which he can use!) though I don't foresee they will be used. Nothing else too exciting until the Durance. I cleared ~75% before finding the WP and level 3 (actually would be a great map to run, they're right next to each other) and just threw in the towel on the rest of it. Meph was kill at /p8 and dropped another useable set!

Obviously not going to use it, but I suspect it's a fairly rare drop from him. Odin is currently at level 64 and really no serious NDEs so far. I'm debating dropping the players down for Act IV, my last character (pally) deeded there to a unique venom lord type monster, so I don't want a repeat. Not sure if I'll do Act IV with Odin next, or switch back to my zon in the damnation tournament. Decisions!


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Mar 5, 2021
Another Act to report, probably will be switching characters now. Two things happened in Act III I forgot about yesterday and remembered about today. The first was a skiller with 12% FHR dropping right after the Flayer Jungle! The bad news was it was an amazon passive skiller... I also used my NM imbue on a barb helm, but it wasn't any good.

Shortcuts were taken all throughout Act IV. Always starting an area out on /p3 or /p1 until I knew what the spawns were. Killing speed was phenomenal on /p1 and still very respectable on /p8. Outer Steppes was done largely on /p8 since it didn't have maggots or spawners. Plains of Despair was /p1 because it had Gloams, Venom Lords, and... Spawners! Fun... Just found Izual and the exit and skipped the rest, same with the City of the Damned. River of Flame the spawns were much better, Urdars, the venom lord type, and knights. Odin's fantastic rune luck continued at the hellforge:

Most likely going to get socketed in the armor/helm once I figure those out. Duress would be pretty good for Frenzying, but I really only Frenzy act bosses. If I never find a Lem, I may make Duress and give it to the merc as well. Then, finally another set/unique Odin can use that is somewhat useful dropped, bringing the total so far this playthrough up to a whopping 2!

50% slow is great to have when needed. Other than that, nothing else except killing Diablo on /p8.

Not an exciting drop. Odin is now level 66, probably a few behind since I missed out on a good chunk of xp this act. At this point, he's maxed BO and Berserk. Find Item is back at 14, where it's going to stay, since spending 2 points per 1% increase in item drop is just such bad value, I can't bring myself to do it. Howl is at 9, which is where it will stay for the rest of NM, that should be high enough to send any mobs running and the duration is already a little longer than I'd prefer. The rest of the points will probably just go in Frenzy, until I respec for hell.
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